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Top 5 Windows® Phone 7 based smartphones

With rapidly changing technology, several new smartphones have been launched. Remember the launch of color mobile phones? It was really a great thing to talk while moving along. After that it has been a long time and there are different gadgets that have made it possible for you to get the picture of the person you are talking. Since then has been getting more advanced in terms of specifications. There was a time when mobile phones were used to make call and receive calls, sending SMS and receiving as well. Now it is time of mobile phones that are really great because they are able to execute all the work you do on your personal computer. It is all possible because of the advent of the Nano technology. Now phones are coming with Windows operating system. Microsoft has launched the Windows Phone 7 operating system for mobiles.

First in the list is Dell Venue Pro. This cell phone has all the features that make it possible for you to work on all the office documents. It is all possible because of its unconventional keyboard. It also has a 5 MP camera in it. It has a sliding QWERTY keypad, which makes it easy to type documents.

Next is HTC 7 Mozart. The USP of this cell phone is the 8MP camera. There is an additional feature that makes photography more convenient and like never before. It has a stylish design that makes it a stand apart. It has all the features like 1 GHz processor for multitasking. There are the connectivity options like GPRS, EDGE, 3G, HSDPA, Bluetooth, Google and Bing maps.

The next one is HTC HD7. It is again a cell phone with a 5 MP camera, 480×800 pixel resolution for better picture quality, a 4.3 inch large screen, 1GHz processor, 576 MB RAM and 16 GB internal memory.

The next one is Samsung Focus. This cell phone is just similar to the Samsung Omnia. It has a 5 MP camera and an internal memory of 8GB. The name it has been given is Focus because it has auto focus lenses with a LED flash. There are other features like GPRS, EDGE, 3G and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth as well.

The next one is HTC 7 Pro. This is a really cool choice from the house of HTC. With its killer look it is possible for you to experience a never before mobile telephony.

Top 10 Smartphones of 2010 that stole the show

Smartphones were the most popular gadgets in 2010 and here we discuss the top 10 smartphones of 2010.

The number one slot is of course reserved for Apple iPhone. Despite the slight ups and downs, the market value and share never went down. The 4G version iPhone is the biggest seller to date. Here we are describing its specifications and features. It has some nice features like it is one of the thinnest smartphones, has retina display, stainless steel band, Apple A4 chip, Gyro plus accelerometer for advanced motion sensing, two microphones and perhaps the best of them all is its multi-touch display with pinch to zoom.


It was one of the most sought after phones in the US. Its popularity can be understood in the reviews it gets. Every square millimeter of the EVO serves (or seems to serve) a purpose, nothing is there simply for the sake of design. It has noticeable features like hot-spot that lets you to connect up to eight devices, a 4.3-inch touch-screen display, two cameras, 4G, Sprint TV and speakers.

Samsung Galaxy S

Samsung also tops the chart with the sales of its Galaxy tablets. It has some amazing features like it has the Android 2.2 operating system, Li-Ion 1500Mhz battery, with a Samsung Hummingbird processor of 1 GHz, 16GB memory and many more. Some of the noticeable features are Super AMOLED display, multimedia powerhouse and TouchWiz 3.0 interface.

Motorola Droid

When Motorola launched it became an instant hit in the US. It is also powered with Android 2.2, 1GHz Tl OMAP3630-1000 processor, 512 MB RAM, 8 MP camera and long battery life with 480 talk time on 3G.

HTC Droid Incredible

HTC Droid has amazing features and it does not fall behind in the list of the top smartphones. This device is receiving positive comments for its distinct features. It has Android 2.2, 8GB flash memory, AMOLED display, 8MP camera and also it has the Verizon network.

Blackberry Torch

Blackberry was once the king of smartphones, but got affected by other products. Around 64 percent smartphone users express their satisfaction with Blackberry Torch.

Google Nexus One

It is powered with some stunning features but it lacks behind due to poor marketing. It is incredibly fast with an amazing display screen and long battery life.

Nokia N8

Nokia is one of the largest manufacturers in the world and they are very famous among cell phone users. Nokia sold 4 million of its Nokia 8 device. It has also nice features including the 12 MP camera, USB port, 5-band 3G support and 16GB storage.

In this list there are also HTC Desire and HTC HD7 phones with Windows Phone 7. HTC HD 7 has an excellent touch display screen with Windows Phone 7 and HTC desire is powered with the Android operating system.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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