HTC’s ideas for the second half of the year have revealed the US as a strong target. T-Mobile Emerald’s probable international version, HTC vision, should be sent to Europe by October and could launch in November a bit before, its counter part is released in North America in November. T-Mobile will add to this phone another android phone, known as Vanguard, and an unnamed windows 7 device. A report revealed that a company from Taiwan would introduce the android phones in Europe by October. Since AT&T is officially the partner of Windows Phone 7, it will also give it a HTC phone; however, it would not probably launch as quickly as expected.

Android phones unleashed

According to the Taiwan’s Commercial Times newspaper, it will not be exported until November. It is not clear yet whether the phone is Mondrian, however, a similar phone known as Mozart is in process of its development. The leaked news suggests that 24 million phones would be shipped by HTC this year. However, it has been predicted that 8.5 million handsets would be shipped in just the fall quarter. Although this is not enough to beat the big rival Apple, it would bring a lead over Motorola as the biggest producer of android phones.

T-Mobile’s plans shows that seven new android handsets will be released before the end of the year. This includes the Motorola Charm and Samsung Vibrant, which have already been released, both on the same date, July 21.The other five handsets are likely to be under code names.

HTC’s launches

Debut of the HTC handset, Vanguard, will take place on September 9. Two other devices will be released on the same date; however, LG’s android phone will come soon after that. The HTC vision to launch Emerald could take place on November 5.According to an anonyms source, the features of the Emerald includes a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED display Android 2.1, Snapdragon processor of 1GHz and, which would probably give a candy shaped look. Moreover, there will be 16 BG of memory storage and T mobile’s life style applications.
No information has been provided about these devices. However, the names of the devices are most likely to change before the launch.

According to the road map, Motorola would probably update Cliq and Cliq XT to Android 2.2.Since both the devices have “TBA” beneath; therefore, there will be something to see in near future. Another model known as Charm will be shipped with android 2.1 and a same software as Cliq in September.