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Microsoft® Plans for Windows® Phone 7 Update

Already the rumor on the net is that the first update firmware Windows 7 Phone should take place on Monday, February 7. However, this new wave of speculation hardly goes beyond what Microsoft has publicly announced regarding the revision of the current firmware, or what other sites have said – and tried to guess – since mid- December. In the end, someone has to guess exactly when the update of Windows Mobile 7 will be available! According to the American blogger Paul Thurrott, a RTM (Release to manufacturing) nicknamed “Nodo” made its appearance at this conference. One of the major anticipated improvements is copy/paste and a lot of patches for the operating system.
Users will have to wait until early February 2011 to perform this update. It would appear that the first “real update” of the mobile operating system will take place later, at a date still unknown. It would be the code name “Mango” should include the version 9 of internet explorer and will support the HTML 5.

Faster applications and games:

Nobody likes waiting, Microsoft plans at its next update, optimize the startup and recovery applications. This is one of the key concerns of Microsoft’s mobile operating system: the speed and ease of use.

– Better research on the Marketplace:

It will now be easier to find specific applications, games or music. It just press the search button in the current section of the Marketplace for the keywords that refine the results thereof. For example, just press “search” in the music category for music catalogs only for certain keywords and not all applications, games and music correlate with those keywords.

How to upgrade?

If you have not disabled the notification system, with the release of this update, your phone will automatically offer to perform it via a pop-up message (like a push notification). If you disabled it, go to “Settings> Update” and check “Notify me of the availability of new updates.” Depending on your connection method, the updating may be done via the USB cable (with Zune), using the Internet or your network 3G/3G + usual.

A first level of support multitasking?

The code changes, finalized in January by Microsoft, or should soon pass the testing stage in mobile operator, which will then allow them to offer the new version for download to mobile service. According to some sources, we can expect mostly copy-paste software patches and support for a new Qualcomm processor, plus, perhaps some improvements in memory management in order to load applications faster. Some sites also say that the code changes delivered in February will bring some level of support for multitasking and important changes in Windows phone browser, including adding the Trident rendering engine 5, HTML5, Silverlight support and sign the Internet Explorer.

But others, like Paul Thurrott, a blogger site, say, that these additions will be incorporated into a major update of Windows OS Phone, due out later in 2011.

Electronista rumors indicates that  February 7  is due for the possible update of Microsoft’s mobile OS is related to the fact that one week later, Steve Balmer, Microsoft CEO must take place on the Mobile World Congress (in which event Phone Windows 7 was unveiled a year ago).

IE9 Gets Privacy Protection Feature from Microsoft

While Microsoft has been facing an erosion of about 11-12 % of the consumer demand for their product Internet Explorer due to the competition from Mozilla, Google and others, they have strived to chalk up the demand with a plan to release I E 9 in 2010 – 11. Although the new I E version 9 is creating big waves, the browser will not support Windows XP which is an all time favorite.

In March, Microsoft announced the support of HTML 5 for I E 9. Although the launch of I E 9 took place in September 2010, the features have been recognized in 2011. Microsoft Corporation has improved their Internet Explorer, with a new perspective in privacy protection and has brought out the new version I E 9, as was announced. The new feature of privacy protection will enable users to prevent hacking from 3rd party websites and keep them off their activities, when online. This feature is integrated in the new I E 9. As a default option, the tracking protection is available in off mode only. You need to create a list of websites that you want to prevent tracking. This has been introduced in view of the US FTC who is now going on record to be voicing their demands for a protection in on – mode too.

While Internet Explorer is the most widely used browser in the US, the version9 was released in September, 2010 and pretty soon added the protection feature. Other browsers in fair competition are Google`s Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and Safari. The new version, I E 9 has an uncluttered interface, with more screen area for the website browsing of users. A new feature is that one click icons are available on it for often visited websites. There are also tear – off tabs function which is a long overdue feature. The new I E 9 does not support some key features of the HTML5 like support for playing audio and video without a plug-in and the drawing features called the canvas. However, to compensate Microsoft has promised an update every 8 weeks for I E 9 and a version of I E 9 would be developed specially for Windows XP.

The new browser of the IE9 is set to include the protection feature of tracking and monitoring which allows a master control where users can keep track of the hacking done to their activities on the web. This means that websites they visit can be defined by the user and kept off track of the third party access.

The feature will include in addition, users, private filtering of websites, so that they can select the sites required for tracking protection without disclosing any details. The I E continues to be a favorite of many and has a usage rate of 17 %.

New Features of Internet Explorer 9

Ever since Google Chrome’s release, last year, various Internet browsers have been scrambling to stick to their market share. Chrome has significantly reduced the loading of pages and the navigation in between the websites in the browsers tab. Besides Google chrome stands for simplicity, as the basic navigation toolbar remove other icons that are present on top of most browsers.

Microsoft has also now gone full swings by introducing enhanced features of HTML 5 and incorporating basic browser design similar to the chrome setup.

Some of the new features of the new IE 9 can be seen as follows:

  • CSS 3 selectors
  • Enhanced JavaScript Performance
  • Embedded ICC v2 or v4color profiles support via Windows Color System.
  • Hardware-accelerated graphics rendering using Direct2D
  • Imaging support provided by Windows Imaging Component
  • Supports HTML5 video
  • Web Open Font Format

These are just some of striking features that differentiate the IE 9 from its previous features. However the enhancement of the JavaScript performance has been mainly attributed to its new engine called Chakra.  The new engine has enabled IE 9 to maintain a credible performance in terms of loading pages.

Adobe Becomes Part of Apple/Google War

Google, Verizon and Motorola have gone up to the stage on the 23rd of June for announcing next generation of the Droid Smartphone which would be having the hanger on Adobe in tow. The Droid X is also expected to be seen really soon. It has a touch screen which is like the 4G and has a display of 4.3 inches. The camcorder of this is also very powerful and has high definition. The Droid 2 is also expected which is a sequel to the greatly popular original featuring the QWERTY keyboard which slides out. On Thursday it was the turn of Apple when the iPhone 4 hit the stores and the mailboxes throughout the U.S. and four of the other countries.

Not like the Copa Mundial, this cup would not be decided by the mid of July instead the war of the Smartphone have continued for another one or two years, by the time when the conception of the iPhone would have gone completely out of the window. Still, the decision of Google, Verizon and Moto for launching the next Droid on the day which was just before iPhone 4 came to the streets for talking to the stakes in the play for everyone at the table.

Adobe – leading the market

The player in the market is considered to be Adobe. Neither Apple, Google, AT&T nor Verizon is at any place in the market. The mobility division of Motorola was actually given a second chance by the rise of the Android mobile operating system of Google. In spite of failing to turn the triumph of the iconic RAZR into any sustainable strategy which could stay for the long term basis, is now back into the business behind the stable of the Droid. Actually, the plans have been announced recently by Motorola for spinning the handset division off in the cash infused, debt free, stand alone company which is called the Motorola Mobility by the start of the coming year.

Talking about Adobe – Shantanu Narayen, who is the CEO, would be joining the execs from Motorola, Google, and Verizon at the launch of the Droid on the 23rd of June. But usually one would think that Adobe is a software company and what it has to do with the game of the Smartphone. The answer to this question is quite simple and it would move down to the war of Flash and Apple-Google. The difficult answer hinges on the factors as wide ranging as the developer agreements, emerging standards of the web, Google TV and also the war of the Apple and Google.

Apple VS Google

Apple and Google both are moving over the mobile phones as well as the mobile advertising markets and the battle is probably going to extend soon to the sales of the online music and the web enhanced TV also. It is being thought that Adobe is the player or the pawn? Over the previous few months Apple has proclaimed that Flash is a dead technology which has already been replaced by the emerging standards of HTML 5.

Google Releases iPad’s Refreshed Email App

Most of the apps that are used in iPad are made by Apple itself but one of the best applications which is available in the market is not created by Apple. The best of all applications for iPad is created by Google. This app is actually the new version of  Gmail which has been made by Google and is specifically designed for  the Safari browser of iPad. This is a wonderful browser and is baked in the goodness of HTML 5. It is considered to be almost as powerful as the complete web version of this application. There were already many great things that were a part of this but now it has become a bit better. Users would be able to browse in a better manner and would be able to enjoy their browsing even more.

Email Composition Screen

This is not thought to be one huge leap in the forward direction but this Safari version of Gmail contains the improved sort of the composition screen for the emails. Before the introduction of the improvement, the composition screen for the email was broken into the inbox as well as the compose view. It used to work in a fine manner but had been a little cramped in the previous times. The introduction of the new window has been done to this which allows the users for composing their emails. The screen is much bigger as compared to the previous screens and the users would be able to compose on a bigger screen and would be able to see more text on them than it was ever visible to them.

Google’s Comment

It has been said by Google that it would make some of the minor fixes for the bugs to this which would include a really annoying sort of the bug which would prevent the users from scrolling up and down in those email messages that are longer than the usual ones. There were observed some scrolling problems in those emails which were lengthy and to view them usually used to irritate the users. After the fixing of the bugs which is done by Google, the users are now able to scroll upwards as well as downwards without any sort of disturbance or without the hiccup in the scrolling. It has been further said by Google that all of these changes in the Safari of Gmail are made only for the English version.

Changes for the good

These changes are considered to be nice and are appreciated too but still Google needs to pay more attention to the mobile version of the Google Docs. The users of this are not able to edit the Google Docs from iPad’s browser. It is a great drawback and it is just hoped that Google would be trying to make some changes to this also. The Google Calendar also requires some help and it wants to default to the mobile version of this when the usage is done through the iPad. The working of the mobile version is fine but can not be compared to the full featured normal desktop version.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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