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Windows® Phone 7 update

It is true that nowadays most of the people who are going for purchasing phones whether it is Nokia or Samsung, they always want the phone to have the most updated hardware and along with that the OS would be updated too. In several cases it was seen that most of the phones manufactured by Nokia were actually being run by the Symbian OS. This was a major problem with the phones because then most of the phones did not support applications and stuffs, which could be done over the computer and on the Internet. This problem was solved by the sudden movement of the introduction of the Windows Phone 7 OS, which made them a powerful gadget.

Most of the people who missed things like instant webpage development and HTML support in their phones were now stunned to find the difference in the speed and managing capabilities of the new phones, which were available in the market with the new Windows updates. However, this fact is absolutely true that only ninety percent Windows Phone 7-based mobiles are updating fine while others are facing issues regarding the updating.

In most cases it was seen that these phones which supported the Windows Phone OS had several new applications like the background web applications which were to be hiding when not in use. However, they provided all the current notifications and they supported several applications as well. The constant running of the background applications supported instant caching of the web pages and instant loading as well.

Besides, there were several other updates which were included in the phones that were the usage of the social networking sites. Another great feature of most of the phones supporting Windows Phone was the updated versions of the Internet Explorer, which provided HTML support. Updating problems persist in 10 percent of the phones. But it is good to know that the problem won’t last for long and steps are being taken to fix the issues as soon as possible.

14-Year-Old Designs Apple® App that Knocks “Angry Birds” Off Its Roost

A fourteen year old enthusiast of iPod Touch is consistently making headways after his first design of a game for Apple App Store. Robert Nay introduced his debut of the app “Bubble Ball”. This simple game has knocked down “Angry Birds” the app which had been keeping the highest spot for several months.

“Bubble Ball” in Apple Store has been described as a fun new physics game which took Nay nearly a month for launching and designing it. He outlined how to make it subsequently reading some of books in the library regarding many programs he needed for constructing an app. He incidentally has plans for designing more applications in the days to come, though it is apparent that they will not be free for downloading similar to “Bubble Ball”. Nay is considered in the list of young hard working people achieving unexpected results. Two weeks earlier, it was declared that ten year old Kathryn Gray who is a Canadian citizen, was the youngest girl for discovering a supernova. Her finding was checked by other two amateur astronomers residing in the United States proceeding to the news being shared with other people of the world. Her discovery termed as supernova, situated in the galaxy called as UGC-3378, is two hundred forty million light years away from the Earth.

However, it is a case of mere a month earlier that a group of eight to ten year old students of British origin were the youngest persons communicated in the Biology Letters, a science journal. The pupils had made a research for the foraging nature of bees.

The game “Bubble Ball” is a puzzle related to physics. Nay wrote four thousand lines of codes which contain Corona SDK. He got some sort of help from his mother, Kari, who did some graphics related to this project. Though Robert Nay studies in the eighth grade only, he is attached with programming jobs for long six years and presently remains engaged in coding of languages which includes Java Script, PHP, HTML and AJAX.

Nay seems to be proceeding in the direction consisting of an entrepreneurial approach in the matter of his Apple app, and ultimately may be the turning point for something which began merely from a challenge offered from friends. Kari, his mother, had to assist him in the matter of some portions of the designing for the “Bubble Ball” and since launching of his discovery being downloaded on millions of occasions in the recent past, he may step forward further in his own way.

How to Password-Protect a Web Page

If you want to protect the web page from visiting too many users then you can password-protect the web page. By using this method you can manage the users of the web page. To password- protect a web page is not a difficult task to do. If you are familiar with java script or plain HTML, you can easily protect the web page. Our article will help you to do the changes and password-protect the web page.

There are several methods to password-protect the web page, you just have to follow the following instructions:

Step1: you can place a link from an unprotected page to protected page

At first you just have to open the unprotected page in a basic text editor and place the cursor where you can see the links. Now just type the following to substitute your own text or graphics: type click here to access the password protected page. After doing this, upload the respective file to the current directory.

Step2: you can create a script for the web page

The very first thing you have to do is to open the text editor and begin typing the opening tag. Now just type the title of the page and close it with end tag. Now close the scripted section of the page and add a body section for browser that does not read scripts. You can view this page only in Firefox, if you have earlier version then please upgrade the browser. Now close the web page by typing: save the web page.

Step3: you can also password-protect the web page by creating error page.

The first step is same as above two methods: open the text editing program and type opening tags. Now the second line is the error message such as: I am sorry, the password you have typed is incorrect. Now you can give the user the option to type password again, you can type: click here to try again. When user will click there, he will return to the password script. You can also give users the option to back out and return to the main page now close the page by typing the close tag.

Step4: if you are more comfortable with java script, you can test the password script.

To test the password script open the web page, now select open from file menu and locate the page that links to the protected page. Now click open to view the page, click on the link to the password protected page. You will get the password prompt, enter the correct password and gauge the result. If it is not working then go back and try to check the password you have entered.

Step5: you can also fine more complex and powerful password-protection script

You have to visit the page that offer java script and search for the password. Now hire a web developer to protect the extremely important data or ISP to customize the password scripts. Many ISP give free references to the password script, you need to get permission to use this script.

HTML5- A New Venture into Apps Design

Hypertext Markup language standard which has been used for constructing web pages has shaped its latest version known as HTML 5. Since its previous versions are not successful for a decade, some of the conscious developers have created new features like 2D Graphics, built-in video etc. in HTML 5. HTML 5 is somewhat imprecise, however it is much convenient than HTML.

HTML 5 which is a little bit complex can be easily managed only by a few talented programmers. This has created a success for the marketing departments. They have started to develop tasteful packages that can make “HTML 5” comprehensible.


Apple’s launch of Safari 5 has given a crystal clear action that HTML 5 has been snatched from the developers by the marketing folks. Apple has created a HTML 5 demo site which was created with most up-to-date web standards supported by Safari. Hence it has obstructed other browsers from it. You’ll be welcomed to download Safari which is free for PC and Mac. It will take just a few minutes. Apple doesn’t say that HTML 5 can’t be viewed by other browsers. But it is marketing Safari.

Christopher Blizzard, Mozilla’s evangelist has criticized that Apple’s messaging is not conveying their love since they are blocking the other browsers from their demo site and it is a intellectually dishonest matter. Bruce Lawson touting HTML 5 at Opera have also criticized the dishonesty of Apple.

On seeing the message “You’ll need to download Safari to view the demo” you may think that other browsers are not supporting it. But it is not true. It’s the trick played by Apple simply to market Safari. If you want to view the demos without the aid of Safari, a developer version of Apple’s HTML5 demo site will be useful for you.  Apple’s demo is creating a image that the marketers have snatched the label of HTML5. But not all of its demonstrations are really of HTML 5.


Some of the following Web changes are not a part of HTML 5. Geolocation uses only HTML and not HTML 5 which helps the user to enter his physical location to a website. Only Microsoft IE9 has made Scalable Vector Graphics standard more relevant and only Apple has made the Cascading Style Sheets Standard more relevant.

Not all Web technologies have the fortune of universal buy-in.  Though IndexedDB allows the Web applications to accumulate data locally on a computer, Apple is using a different technology for it. Even though for 3D graphics on the Web, some prefer WebGL, Microsoft has not consent with it. While Web M from Google is preferred by Opera, Google and Mozilla, Microsoft and Apple prefer H.264. Adobe Systems Flash has been functioning as a mock-up for a lot of happenings with Web standards.

HTML 5 fans are now enthusiastic to make it popular.  Apple is now trying to make an impact on the world by means of HTML 5.

How to Speed Up Firefox by Running It in RAM

Browsing the Web is so interesting so that you can spend the whole day doing so. That’s why you need to choose the browser that makes you feel the beat in each single moment. A wide range of users all over the world chose Firefox to be their web surfing captain, and its not for nothing , Firefox has the most stunning  , speed ,and overhauled rendering engine “the code that interprets HTML into Webpage format” among all available Web browsers in the market.

Ready for more

Usually, Firefox functions through your hard disk same as any installed desktop application, the new thing is, it can function through the system’s main memory, ” RAM in another colloquial term”, which for sure pushes it to function extremely faster than operating from the hard drive. If you are thirsty for more, pay attention to the following as we will guide you to the “Into Action Scene where you can do it your self.

1-     Make a directory “create a Folder” in a specific place onto your HD as later you will download components and extract them inside it, let’s name it as SPEED and place it on the C: drive “C:\SPEED”.

2-      Download the Portable version of Firefox to your computer and pose it inside the SPEED folder.

3-      Download the RAMDisk application to SPEED as well, but start extracting “installing” it into an insider folder, let’s name it INSTALL.

4-       From Windows Control Panel, double click on ‘Add New Hardware’. Once a window shows up, click the “Next” button so that Windows searches for new hardware recently attached to the computer. By the time of finishing so, choose Yes, I have already connected the hardware, and then click on the “Next” button again. And Down there in the showed list Scroll to the Add a new hardware device, click “Next” again and choose “Install the hardware that I manually select from a list” (Advanced) and proceed by clicking “Next”.

5-      Select “Show All Devices” and hit “Next”.

6-      Hit the “Have Disk” button; a window will show up demanding the installation disk of the manufacturer. Hit the “Browse” button and navigate till you reach the INSTALL folder.

7-      Move the selection to RAMDisk.inf and hit Open, then Ok in the following window.

8-      Hit “Next” In the main window and on the “Ready to install window as well. If any troubles occurred just hit Continue Anyway and click finish.

9-      In this step we will configure the RAMDisk application, first go to Control Panel, double click on “System”, hit the “Hardware” tab, then the “Device Manager” button.

10-   Scroll down all the devices installed on your machine till you reach RAM Disk, expand it by hitting + sign to show its contents then right click on Ramdisk (Q-Soft ), then hit Properties.

11-   Hit the Ram Disk Properties tab. set the drive letter you desire to be emulated by RAM Disk, let’s name it as B: determine the size you want to specify for the drive, the file system … etc. Once it’s all done hit OK.

12-   Tow files are demanded, one is to copy Firefox to the RAM disk once the operating system restarts, and the other to save settings. It works by copying everything in C:\SPEED to B:\FireFX then copying it all back from B:\ to e C:\… operation will be as following”

  • Open Notepad and write XCOPY C:\SPEED\*.* B:\FireFX\ /E /Y /C
  • Save the file as Load_firefox.bat in C:\SPEED directory
  • Repeat the previous operation but write this line instead of the previous one XCOPY B:\FireFX\*.* C:\ SPEED \ /E /Y , and save the file under Save_firefox.bat

13-  insert the link of the 1st batch file in the Startup folder of Start Menu

14-  Double click the Load_firefox.bat so that all contents of C:\SPEED get copied to B:\FireFX

15-   Make your self a shortcut on desktop of the PortableFirefox.exe and start surfing like an eagle

So after what we have shown in here, we can assure you that Firefox will be your intimate mate especially after the enhancements started from Firefox 3 edition of no more memory hogs which makes it fast exactly all day long with No restarting required. Simply live it or leave it, Enjoy.

How to Stream Video Sales

Owners of online businesses are quite aware that the most valuable element of their entrepreneurial endeavors is their website visitors. Being around the World Wide Web for quite a long time now somehow limits your visitors. The main reason for this is probably related to the human nature of exploring the new and skipping the old.

This is why, if you are not much of a beginner in the online entrepreneur industry, you have to make sure that you have the necessary tools that can certainly grab the attention of virtually anyone who stumbles to your website. In order to be drawn further to your site, they have to get a highly unique experience as their vision is stimulated. So, when you finally find the necessary tools for making them not want to take their eyes off of your homepage, then you are good to go.

Stationary advertisements or banners are just not enough, especially in today’s highly technological world. In fact, majority of those who even reward your ads with a couple seconds of their time, they will just end up speed reading what your ad has to say. If you really want to pique your site’s visitors’ curiosity, then you need some streaming videos. The videos can give your site that needed extra touch. They also boost your trustworthiness.

Now, the only thing you need to do is to figure out precisely how you can stream video sales to your web surfers. For sure, when you are able to do so, you will then be able to endorse your business much more effectively.

  1. The first step is to grab your camcorder. You need to make a unique video sales offer. In underlining your offered services or products, you need to be highly creative and innovative. Although you are not forgetting the creativity, you have to keep things straightforward and not longer than forty five minutes long. Most of those who implement this strategy decide to use themselves as the person in the video. So, when you are taking a video of yourself, use a voiceover or any text that tells the public about your merchandise.
  2. You also have to download your video. With the use of your camcorder’s cable, easily download the video on the hard drive of your computer.
  3. You can also edit your video if, after you have fully seen your video, you realize that it is not up to par with regards to your liking. You can make use of different video editing software such as iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, or Adobe Premiere. With these types of software, you can easily add any pictures or text that you want to be seen on your video as well. But, of course, if you do not have such software, you do not have to hassle yourself since you can simply leave out this step, instead of fretting about it.
  4. When you like how everything is already, you can then upload your video. Just go to or to and click the button marked Upload. This automatically uploads your video to the aforementioned websites. However, you may only do so if you have an account with the corresponding websites. So, before anything else, register and log in.
  5. Insert into your webpage the sales pitch that you have come up with. You can make use of HTML codes. In no time at all, your video will start streaming every time a web surfer stumbles to your page.
  6. The purpose of the video is to endorse your online business or your website. So, you email your site’s link to your buddies and family members or send the link to You can also share your newly developed website to the whole world through various social networks.

Here are the actual advantages of being able to stream your video sales to your site visitors:

  • It gives you an opportunity to have a wider scope when it comes to any potential clients.
  • Every single person who stumbles to your webpage receives a possibility of a sale.
  • Since you show yourself in your streaming sales pitch, more will feel much more encouraged to avail of your merchandise or services, as they now know the people who are behind the company.
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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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