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Apple® iPad 2 review

Apple iPad 2 has a higher resolution screen compared to its predecessor while still not incorporating retina display density of the ppi. Apple called the new screen as Retina Display as it showed up a number of pixels compared to the human eye. This increase will require a big leap in the processing power in both of the components, the CPU and the graphics module. The reason for not having a higher resolution or retina display is that it would need a quasi retina of 260 ppi or more and this would need greater power, making the model more expensive to manufacture.

The super tablet has four times the resolution of the present iPad version. This will able to display 1024×768 pixels on a 9.7 inch LCD screen. Using this resolution is not going to make much difference. High resolution fonts and pictures are relevant to a certain extent. After which these become difficult to work with when on the move or when downloading.

Text on the web will appear tiny and the users will have to zoom down to be able to read. Finally the resolution is not a problem; the screen size is which needs to be able to pack 80 % of pixels on a 27 inch iMAC display. The iPad 2 has a new graphics interface POWERVRSGx543 which was launched way back in 2009. iPad 2 has the system on chip A5. A patent has been granted to Apple for how small nodes that are conductive could be used to shave off at least a fraction of a mm of thickness of an iPad as in iPad 2. Apple iPad 2 also has an HDMI output and an SD card slot.

Microsoft launches Windows Messenger for Mac 8

Windows Messenger is a software of Microsoft that was included in the Windows XP operating system. It was originally designed for the use by the corporate users as well as home users to streamline and integrate MSN Messenger.  After its initial release in 2001, it was later upgraded in 2004, when it was made available for Windows 2009 and Windows Server 2003.

In October 2001 Windows Messenger was introduced with the release of Windows XP, and it was installed and enabled by default. It had a variety of features, such as instant messaging, presence awareness, and also support for (SIP) Session Initiation Protocol, which enables file transfer, application sharing and white boarding. Later versions added “ink” support and integration with Office Communications Server. These features were also exposed for applications to be used through a COM API called the Real Time Communications (RTC) Client API.

The release OF Windows Messenger for Mac 8 was officially announced by Microsoft. The company also stated that the software will be available as a free download or can be bundled in with Office for Mac 2011 making it easily available for its users and future clients.

The group program manager for Windows Live has given an statement saying that Messenger for Mac 8 provides a real-time collaboration between Mac users and their Messenger friends, whether those friends are using Messenger on a their laptops, phone, through Hotmail, or on another Mac. The user can use instant messaging, audio calls, and video calls to communicate with their Messenger contacts by signing in with Windows Live ID.

The software paves a foundation for real-time collaboration between Mac users and their contacts on Messenger. The drawback of this software is that it does not have support for social views and games, which are features present in its Windows version. The Messenger software is now available in Microsoft’s Web site.

Windows Messenger is one of the few outstanding releases expected from the largest software company Microsoft. The company had earlier launched the Office 2011 for Mac, which contains same features as software’s version for Windows. Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac will be accustomed with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Messenger and Outlook.

How to Defragment an iMac

The process of disk optimization and Defragmentation in Mac OS collectively represent an issue and a matter of debate over repairing the disk permissions. According to Apple’s advice, there exist two scenarios in which you may need defragmentation of your drive. These two conditions determine the extent of defragmentation needed by your iMac PC. First you may have many numbers of large files and the second one is that your disk may low on disk space i.e. it may be more than 90% full of the total hard drive space. If these are your only concerns, then there are some remedies for you which may help you out to get out of trouble.

In the case you have myriad large files then you can easily create a back up of your important data. Basically everything except the files of operating system, then you have to re-install the Mac OS and then restore files from your backup. It seems somewhat tedious but actually this would result in a faster access to your large files. If you don’t like to do all this, you can use simple utilities like Super Duper! To make a exact clone of your startup drive, then you have to simply format the hard drive using the Apple’s Disk Utility that is located in Applications or Utilities and then you can copy your files back.

Steps to follow up while defragmenting a hard disk drive on iMac Pc:

Open Disc Utility program, located in “Utilities” folder of “Applications” directory. Highlight hard drive from list and have program repair. This is quite an easy and common way to correct some of common errors which may slow down your hard disk drive.

Now look for the program to defragment your computer hard disk drive. Also there are some absolutely free utilities that can run on Mac hard disk drive but you should take care of a program or utility, you are going to buy. You should keep in mind about the stability and support of the program that comes along with your purchased product. Some commonly used Defragmentation programs include the Disc Warrior and iDefrag.

Go to the previous steps to make a back up of your data before you go to defrag a hard disk drive of Mac OS. The chances of Data loss is negligible with well-known and respected programs but still defragmentation process takes a long time as it is a extensive process.

After defragging the Mac hard disk drive, the performance of your computer and the hard drive will be improved. Opening of the applications and large files would be much faster than before. If the hard drive of your Mac pc is occupied more than 75 percent, then the increase in performance will be more noticeable.

Consumer lookout on planned new version of iMac

Many IT companies have been competing on their way for improvements and quality of products they will render for their consumers in the last few decades.

Because of this, companies like Apple are looking forward to making a more innovative and quality based products that could compete and sustain consumer needs.

The iMac

The iMac has been the main product in line with the computer desktop that was created by  Apple. It has been one of the greatest products of the Apple. Since its first creation in 1998 up to the present, the iMac is still widely loved by all the Mac followers.

It has evolved and has improved through time in accordance with eh consumer’s needs.

But now, the latest version – 21.5-inch, 3.06GHz iMac, will then be replaced by another much newer and improved version.

Recent Update

The Company has announced their ceasing of the current version of iMac to give way to a much improved version. In this connection, many enthusiasts are waiting for the final release of features on the most waited version.

Although there was no final information yet coming from the Company, many speculations regarding improvements on some of the previous version will be out.

These improvements include upgrading to Intel’s dual-core processor Core i5 model as well as quad-core i5 and Core i7 model. There are also some reports of using the USB 3.0 – the ten times fast compared that of the current version USB 2.0. Another thing also includes FireWire 1600 and 3200 data transfer options.

Furthermore, Apple has been into major plans for the new version and still on the lookout for proper improvements that they will be doing. There is no update release too regarding the above feature improvements, whether it will be actually applied on the planned new version.

Indeed, many people are still on the wait for final release from the Company. Whatever will it be, they know it will be of another best computer in line products.


As a Company well known from its great style and approach when it comes to technology innovation, many consumers are expecting a greater iMac edition. A more improved when it comes to features, style, application offers and convenience.

Even if it is still on the process, resellers are now slowly updating their inventories and clearing the stock of the previous version iMac to pave way to the new version.

Now, with its new planned version of iMac, competitors of the Apple Corporation have to make their new moved to compete the new product version.

Apple is now leading their way to technology upgrades and much more to expect for the next couple of years. They will never fail their die hard Mac users and will continually engage into more improvements as necessary in order to match up with the current growing needs.

The All in One PC: Future of the Desktop?

The ever changing trends in the PC industry can be attributed to the needs of the dynamic business world. First came the desktop, then the laptop and now the all in one PC. This latest invention has given a fresh breath of life to the gradually diminishing market for desktops.

Let us go back a few years. Owning a laptop was rare as it came with a high price tag. Slowly, this trend changed with laptops getting cheaper and affordable for many. This caused a serious problem for the desktop market. The desktop was bulky and took too much space, compared to the sleek laptop design. However, with the introduction of Apple’s iMac, people started seeing the desktop in a new light. It finally came with the much needed change the desktop segment was looking for. As of today, most computer manufacturers have come out with their own versions of the all in one PC and the market looks very promising for these systems.

Nowadays, most computer manufacturers offer touch screen PCs which is slowly becoming a norm for the all in one computer segment. These systems are sleek and consume a very small space compared to the traditional desktop. The designs are very modern and manufacturers give a lot of importance to the overall appearance of the system. Most of these screens can be wall mounted and substituted for a second television! Advanced models offer multi touch screens, taking the computing experience to a whole new level!

Though the all in one PC has taken the market by storm it cannot compete with the traditional desktop in terms of performance. Their compact size, which makes the product so appealing, creates great heat and power limitations. Another important factor to be considered is that these PCs usually cannot be upgraded like a desktop to increase its life span. There are a few models with big screens offering upgradeability but they come at a high price! The common man’s all in one usually lacks the power and entertainment extras and run on windows XP instead of Vista, but the cheaper cost makes it an attractive buy!

The all in one PC is good for entertainment and other less demanding tasks. This small form factor PC segment is growing rapidly. IDC, the market intelligence company, has predicted that these systems could have a 38 % market share of desktop computers by 2013! These systems are available in different price ranges and one can get a good deal within $1000.

Manufacturers are advertising this product as a second TV which makes the whole deal seem very reasonable. The battle for the top position is all heated up and the PC market has never looked so positive. All this, coupled with the number of manufacturers entering this domain, leaves the buyer spoilt for choice in this new segment of computers. The personal computer sure has come a long way since its inception. So, if you’re looking to buy an all in one PC, the time is just right to take the plunge!

Samsung’s all in one Touch Screen PC

Samsung has been a reputed consumer electronics manufacturer for a number of years now. They have continuously evolved and have come up with some world class products! They recently ventured into the dynamic market of personal computers. Samsung’s most recent launch has been the all in one, multi touch PC which was on display at this year’s CES. This is Samsung’s first entry in the home PC market of the United Kingdom.

The ultra slim computer comes in two variants: U200 and U250, which have a screen size of 20 inches and 23 inches respectively. The models come with Windows 7 as the operating system along with 4 GB of RAM, Nvidia Graphics, integrated card reader and a 1.3 mega pixel camera. The U250 comes with an LED full HD screen whereas the U200 has a 1600-by-900-pixel resolution. The design is sleek and the whole look of the system is very classy. The colors and optical sensitivity look good but the keyboard has similar issues such as the P580 laptop. However, that is a small worry as it can be easily replaced for a better one!

They advertise themselves as a complete family entertainment hub and definitely have the potential of being one. However, big players like Apple and HP will make things pretty difficult for them. One has to face stiff competition in this field and the mass will always prefer to go for a trusted brand for. A Samsung product definitely comes with great brand value but it will take some time to become a preferred computer manufacturer. The Apple iMac and the Hp Touchsmart are big names in the market already and Samsung has a long way to go to attain the position enjoyed by such products!

Pricing, as always, will play a key role in deciding the fate of this product. In order to survive in the market they should offer the PC at slightly lower rates than the market leaders. This will definitely give them an edge over the well established players. However, there has been no indication of the prices at which the PC will be offered at. Advertising will also have to be done very strategically but knowing Samsung, there will be no lag in this area! Feedback from technical experts has been good and the PC looks all set to arrive in UK later in May. The rest of the world may have to wait some more before getting their hands on this much talked about product.

Samsung has surely come a long way in the past few years. They are one of the most respected brands in today’s times and hence are one of the few companies that can expect to succeed in the world PC market. The all in one PC looks good and is ready to hit the stores pretty soon. There is a lot of ground to be covered if Samsung wants this to be a commercial success. Meanwhile, competitors should closely monitor their sales figures which might take a toll once the PC is launched!

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