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How to Listen to Music in Windows Media Center

Windows Media Center is a versatile, stylish and intuitive application that was first introduced in Windows Vista. Here, you can browse your collection of movies, images and others with ease and comfort. What is great about the Windows Media Center is that you can play music with ease and enjoy an amazing experience. There are several functions and utilities that you can do to personalize, organize, present and play music in this application. You will certainly love to hear your favorite rhythms in style. If you have the media remote, you can wirelessly control what you are hearing as if you have your own visual music player right across the room.

Ease of Use

The Windows Media Center was designed for ease of use. It is also very detailed with its features for all the things you want to do with music. The format of accessing music from playlist, to song, to song detail is flawless and very intuitive. If you take a wrong turn, you just have to use the arrow keys or hit back to the point where you want to head. Using directional buttons, accessing music in Windows Media Center has never been this fun a process!

Finding and playing music

If you want to find music, all you have to do is to scroll up and down the startup menu of Windows Media Center. Once you have highlighted the music, a selection of controls will appear underneath that you can access from left to right. Hit on Music library and you can now select from a variety of categories. You can choose per artist, per composer, per year and so much more with ease.

Play and rate favorites

If you want to easily get the list of songs, all you have to do is select the song category. Once you hit on one of the songs, there will be a list of things you can do with the song details. Click on Edit info and from there you can choose the rating you want for your song. Save it and then play your music. That is how intuitive Windows Media Center is.

Multimedia experience

With music, one can also input a slideshow to create an amazing slideshow. All you have to do is click on the Play Slideshow button to play your images while the music is playing.

Editing and viewing a song list

If you are playing from a playlist, you can edit the arrangement of the music and arrange them or even delete the ones that are not representative of your taste.

Some Features:

Play your music with visualizations and use a variety of preinstalled visuals to fit your ambiance.

You can shuffle the music so the effect is different and unexpected when you play your playlist.

You can use Windows Media Center to buy new music and the intuitive design provides you so many options for your needs.

All in all, Windows Media Center is a complete package of intuitive fun and an exciting music player where you can do everything and never get tired of doing it.

How to use Themes in Windows 7

Themes are an integral part of every Windows operating system but with Windows 7 it just got better. You have the freedom to create a slide show without using any 3rd party applications. You can also use your personal images or Windows default images to create your own personalized theme.

Using your own pictures

1. Search for the images that you want to include in your personal slide show. You should place all the in the same folder before you begin.
2. Open Control Panel, find desktop background, and then click Change desktop background.
3. Now you have to click the Picture location list to view all categories. You can also browse to search your PC for your personal images.
4. You have to then select the check box for all pictures you want to include in your own slideshow.
5. By default, all images in a particular folder will be selected and will be part of the slide show. You can however customize it by doing the following:
a. Remove the check from the check box for every image that you don’t want in the slide show.
b. You can also press the Ctrl key, and then select every image that you want to remove. Only the checked images will appear in the slide show.
6. If you want to create a slide show of images on your desktop, you have to select more than one image. If you want to set a single image as your desktop background then you have to select only 1 image. You can also do the any of the following steps according to your visual need.
a. You can click an option in the Picture position list to crop the images either to fill the Desktop, fit the desktop, stretch to fit the desktop, tile the images, or even center the pictures on the Desktop.
b. You can also click an option in the Change picture every list to set the time interval between two changing images.
c. Depending on your requirement you can select the Shuffle check box to have the images appear randomly.
d. After you are done you have to save the changes.

Using Windows default pictures for Theme

1. Open Control Panel and then click Personalization.
2. Here you can select a theme under Aero Themes, and then apply it to the desktop. All Aero themes include a desktop background slide show except the Windows 7 default theme.
3. You can change the theme’s default slide show images or settings.
4. You have to select Desktop Background and then put a check on the check box for every image that you want to include.
5. By default, all images that are already a part of theme will also be a part of the slideshow. You can however add pictures from other themes by following steps:
a. Select the picture that you want to be a part of your slide show.
b. You can also press the Ctrl key, and then select every image that you want to remove. Only the checked images will appear in the slide show
6. If you want to create a slide show of images on your desktop, you have to select more than one image. If you want to set a single image as your desktop background then you have to select only 1 image. You can also do the any of the following steps according to your visual need.
a. You can click an option in the Picture position list to crop the images either to fill the Desktop, fit the desktop, stretch to fit the desktop, tile the images, or even center the pictures on the Desktop.
b. You can also click an option in the Change picture every list to set the time interval between two changing images.
c. Depending on your requirement you can select the Shuffle check box to have the images appear randomly.
d. After you are done you have to save the changes.

A TV and Video Search battle from Bing and Google

Google and Bing are two of the most renowned search engines in the world that have been a choice to many users recently. Both the search engine provide excellent services to all the Internet users in order to get to the information that they want. This consisted of websites, images, videos, and a lot more then that only.

The start

The competition was certainly started when with the news coming from Google about the introduction of Google TV somewhere in the last quarter of this year. The video service has been working fine and people from Google are pretty satisfied with the services that they are rendering in the sector.

This statement has aroused in a new sensation in the Microsoft world as well. Microsoft officials have stated to enhance the capabilities of Bing and to redirect it to the entertainment section as well. This would certainly enhance the search engine in order to get the appropriate information about the entertainment world that includes movies, television, music as well as online games available around the world.

Official Statement

The official statement from Microsoft has come from the West Hollywood in presence of some of the American Idol characters. The announcement made was a promise to bring serious updates from around the world of entertainment. Bing would certainly consult even major figures from around the entertainment world to help them through this process.

The reports state that the developers are working on integration where you can easily search all the details for your favorite serials from around the world. Program listing as well as the programs themselves can easily be watched from within the browser through streaming.

Possible outcomes

The first possible outcome of this integration would certainly be a competition between Microsoft’s services related to entertainment and Google TV. This would definitely give users with an excellent experience giving them the type of content that they actually want. Though both the service providers are excellent in whatever they have been producing but still the sense of competition would certainly enhance the product quality by many folds.

Entertainment lovers from all around the world would have certain platforms to help them through grasping information from the world of entertainment. A huge class of people would be attracted towards the announcement’s implementation for it would certainly let them have relaxation from all the work that they do.

One could even expect the integration of Xbox Services in future as both the services are closely related. This prediction could even be made with respect to the statement being released by officials that included the online gaming in the entertainment section as well.

The whole lot of features promised by Google TV and the upcoming fight back from Bing promise to be quality features therefore  promising to bring a whole new sensation attracting great deals of people from around the world in order to get them updates from the entertainment world. In addition, you would certainly not regret that you missed your favorite TV show once you get both these services launched.

How To Speed Up Your Broadband Connection

In the current cyber world, Broadband Internet is considered as the modern standard for internet services. For people today, time and speed are the two influential decision making factors that are followed closely for all types of services. Slow traditional dial-up connections are gone thus paving the path for faster internet services and new technologies. These new innovations are either the DSL connections that connect using the telephone lines or the simple cable wires that connect using the same connection as that of the Cable TVs. If the need be, you can also subscribe to the range of wireless internet technologies such as WiMax, 3G, etc.

Having a broadband connection at your workplace or home is extremely convenient for downloading files, movies, images, etc. or even transferring important files to your clients and friends. In the initial stage, your internet speed will be simply amazing but with the passing time, you will see a sudden decline in its actual speed. Just as more and more people start using the same connection with the same bandwidth, your internet speed will slow down drastically. Usually, people using the cable internet connection are more susceptible to this speed issue. Similarly, when a large number of people use the internet under the same sub-network and consume huge amount of bandwidth, your broadband speed will surely face a great dip. Well, if you are also facing a similar problem, here are a few points to help you improve your broadband internet connection speed.

  • Keep a check on your speed: Comparing the speed as promised by your Broadband provider against the actual speed you are receiving is extremely essential. As a result, it gets essential that you check your actual internet speed before making a complaint. Usually, the speed is measured in MBPS (Megabits per second) or KBPS (Kilobits per second). When you compare the two speeds, you will notice that the actual speed is a lot lower than the provided speed.
  • Reset IP address: Usually, the slowdown in the speed is caused due to the rising number of total people using the similar subnet connection. In such conditions, resetting the IP address will help you to automatically retrieve a fresh IP from the system. All you need to do is simply click through your network settings and then click on “Renew DHCP Lease”.
  • Check other active background applications: Apart from the problem with your connection, it is also possible that your own computer is the culprit. Hence, it is necessary that you check out the OS for enabled Automatic Updates which will keep downloading new files for your softwares, movies, songs, etc. without your knowledge. If the system is enabled, it is better that you disable it.
  • Secure your wireless internet network: A similar problem with you internet speed is caused if your wireless connection is not protected and is intruded by other users. Hence, it is better to have your network protected using an encrypted protocol.

Make sure that you check all of these points if you are also facing issue with your broadband speed.


There was a time when Napster and Gnutella were used for file sharing but then came Kazaa. Formerly capitalized as KaZaA. The plus point for Kazaa is that it not only allows its user to share simple files but also videos, television shows, and many other types of digital information. And because of its worthy features, it soon became popular among millions of people as one of the largest file sharing site. But it had to face the same problem as Napster had to face, because many film industries started criticizing it because of its unlimited video sharing feature.

Main idea

Kazaa is a decentralized Internet peer-to-peer file-sharing program owned by Sharman Networks, developed in March 2001 by programmers Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis of the Dutch company Consumer Empowerment. It is a file sharing program, which allows you to download audio, video, images, documents and software files. Kazaa has had problems with people contacting viruses from their software but Kazaa are trying to sort the problem out. Unlike the file-sharing program Napster, this used a centralized server to index files, Kaaza users share files directly from each other’s hard drives. A computer’s owner can decide during Kazaa setup which files on their computer will be available for sharing.

Working Criteria

When a user wants to find files, the user’s ON sends a query with keywords over the TCP connection to its SN. For each match in its database, the SN returns the IP address and metadata corresponding to the match. Each SN also maintains long-lived TCP connections with other SNs, creating an overlay network among the SNs. When a SN receives a query, it may forward the query to one or more of the SNs to which it is connected. A given query will in general visit a small subset of the SNs, and hence will obtain the metadata information of a small subset of all the ONs.The peer-to-peer searches occur through users with fast connections, called Supernodes. Once located, the file is sourced for downloading directly from the user who has it. When a user installs the Kazaa software on his or her computer, it comes coded with a list of supernodes. Every time the user launches the Kazaa application, his or her computer registers with the central server and then chooses from a list of currently active supernodes. When the computer sends out a request for files the user wants to download or upload, the request is funneled through the supernode. The supernode communicates with other supernodes, which in turn connect to regular nodes that in turn connect to even more regular nodes, to fulfill the request until the Time to Live of 7 runs out — this means that the search request will extend seven levels into the network before it stops propagating.


Kazaa is actually a legal program but because of the way it’s used, its developing company and several users have already been sued for copyright violation. Uploading or downloading works protected by copyright without the authority of the copyright owner is an infringement of the copyright owner’s exclusive rights of reproduction and/or distribution. Due to it being used primarily for this purpose, the creators of Kazaa have been sued for being a sort of “enabler” for piracy. Since 2008 there has been a new owner of Kazaa who made unlimited, unrestricted, and safe downloads at a monthly phone bill fee. But Kazaa has a lot of spyware in it which makes it use a bit unsafe.

Facelift for Google

Anybody trying to ‘Google’ some information from the Internet must have noticed the recent change. Yes, I am talking about Google’s site redesign. Though, the new design can’t be compared to a drastic botox lift, but surely the little nip and tuck procedure has given it a new look and feel. For Google, it is a spring metamorphosis. To the million users, using Google, the homepage is barely going to look different. Superficially, one may feel that the logo has been tidied up to lend it a refreshing look. But there’s more to it. The subtle changes are in response to the increasing powers of a search engine. Google has been constantly striving to roll out small changes and updates, trying to make it easier for the users to find out what they want. Let’s find out what’s new and what has changed?

It is an uncontested fact, that Google is one of the world’s best and the most popular search engine. Till now, whenever we looked for any information the results page displayed a list of pages related to our query. With the new changes things are different. The ‘logo tweak’ for Google means a substantial change in the results page. With the new interface, if you type a query, along with the list of pager, a new bar will appear on the left hand side. This left hand panel is powered by three new search technologies—Universal Search, Search Options panel and Google squared. Google is trying to think ahead of its users. It knows what you are specifically looking for and also suggests or compares entities related to the search query. Now, you can easily explore not only specific pages but also topics related to your query.

Suppose you want to find about the ‘ozone hole’, the crisp results page will not only display specific pages but also news, videos, images, books on the left panel. If you are looking for ‘jewelers’, the new pane will display the option ‘shopping’. The options keep on changing with a particular search. If the search is related to ‘string theory’ the new search result may also suggest quantum mechanics.

Many people feel that Google’s new look is very similar to ‘Bing’ the Microsoft search engine. Microsoft’s Bing and Google look very similar. This has brought it at par with Bing. Google is revamping its image to compete with Bing. You can now find the best of Bing features in Google.

The changes have been brought about to make your search faster and to specifically pinpoint what you are looking for. Team Google is constantly striving to improve and evolve. Google has plans to roll out these changes long time back and any tweak with the original Google formula is supposed to work well with its users. After months of testing the new design with the users Google has launched the new design today. With the little change in design Google sports a refreshed look with new functionalities, to make your search easier. So, just click on and start Googling…!

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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