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ARBOR Technology unveils medical tablet PC

The brand new M1040 portable medical tablet PC from ARBOR Technology aims at the Mobile Clinical Assistant (MCA) application. The device has really some very good features. The M1040 is powered with Intel Atom N450 1.6 GHz processor and ICH8M chipset, it has also DDR2-667 SO-DIMM memory that can go up to 2 GB. It gets power from an internal Li-battery, which provides backup up to 3.5 hours. It has a 10.4 inch touch panel with great support from resistive touch and electromagnetic digitizer as well.

The interface is also user-friendly and the panel is very seamless and resistant to any chemical or grease. The design makes the panel very easy to be cleaned and wiped. It weighs around 1.3 kg and has a thickness of 26mm. The design is slip-free and makes it easy to carry and operate anywhere.

The ARBOR M1040 provides two storage device options that include 120GB SATA HDD and 32GB SSD. Consumers can choose any of them as per the requirements. Main features that can be useful in medical profession is its ability to  integrate with many devices to retrieve data such as 2D barcode scanner, smart card reader, RFID reader and 2 CMOS cameras etc. Clinicians can use this device to access patient records and medical history. It will shorten time spent in checking data, besides all these mobile capabilities described above.

There is a useful application in the M1040, but the main application focuses on the healthcare markets. The device has been mechanically designed that makes it shock proof. M1040 also comes with all the medical certifications and standards like IP54 and EN60601-1, EN60601-1-2 and UL60601-1. So, it is very secure and perfect for healthcare and clinics. Overall we can rate this device with well-considered design and complete functions which can be applied to various medical circumstances. It will be really useful for clinicians to eliminate human error, reduce workload, and it will enhance efficiency by providing high quality healthcare services to patients.

Computex: Ambitious Intel® Atom™ Processor Plans, Products Outlined

On June 1st at Computex, Taipei, Intel launched the new products and features of Intel Atom’s processor. At the launch Intel also said that they are planning to differentiate the Netbook category altogether and develop products which are suitable for Netbook devices. Its only around 50 days since Intel has launched the new Atom products and it has got involved in various projects for building devices powered by this new processor. Intel in collaboration with other smart device manufacturing companies is working in developing platform for Smartphones and smart TVs. They already have partnered with Google, Logitech, and Sony for manufacturing such Smart Television sets.

In recent past Intel has also launched its new Atom product called Tunnel Creek which is a processor based system on chip. This allows other manufacturers to attaché their processors to the Intel’s Atom and design custom products. Intel’s Atom family of processors has opened possibilities for developing a whole new range of Microprocessor controlled devices. Anything which is electronic can add Intel Atom to have more functionalities and intelligence. At this occasion Intel also unveiled the worlds slimmest Netbook which is powered by Intel mobile dual core processors. This Netbook is just 14 mm thick and the technology used by Intel keeps it 50% cooler than other Netbooks available in the market. They also showed other Intel Atom powered devices like power saving blade servers, and various other Tablet PCs. By developing and promoting the Atom processors Intel is opening Avenues for the development of many smart devices which we will see in the market in coming days.

Intel also announced that Asus is going to launch the first Netbook which will have Asus’s Chip running on Intel Atom. Acer again is developing similar kind of Atom powered Notebooks and they will be soon available in the market. Intel Atom processor is designed for portable devices and it focuses on reducing the power consumption and better performance. The Atom cuts the battery drainage to almost half and thus makes it self the most suited processor for portable smart device. Intel has many processors in the pipeline and they will soon be launched this year. Some of them are Intel Atom N455 and N475 which support DDR3 memory and are designed specifically for Netbooks, Intel Atom D525 and D425 are designed for Personal computers. Intel’s Soc Atom platform will also be available soon and with the advent of this device others would be able to attach their chips which will be powered by Intel. After introducing these products to the market Intel has started getting numerous queries for developing smart devices. Logically the Intel’s Atom processor can be fitted into any device to for increasing its intelligence. This certainly is a breakthrough product released by Intel and will play a role in revolutionising the smart devices of today. Atom is sleek and consumes very less power thus increasing the battery life; what else is required by any smart portable device which runs on battery power.

Apple iPad fans Maybe in the Wrong line for the Ultimate Tablet PC—WePad

Already sweating while in line for the iPad release today? Too bad you missed this one. From a German manufacturer Neofonie, WePad truly trumps iPad in more ways than one. Packed with features that made you doubt iPad’s vivacity, Neofonie’s Wepad would have turned heads if this one got a fair share of publicity buzz that iPad received.

Some would think that the 120g added weight (170 g for the 3G version) to this device is definitely a letdown, but with the added features not found in iPad, WePad should make up for it. Armed with a bigger 11.6” display, it also offers a much power-packed processor using Intel’s 1.66 GHz Atom 450 Pineview-M. It also offers versatile connectivity by adding USB support, a card reader, and a SIM slot to name a few. Social Media advocates will be thrilled with the built-in camera, a feature not included in iPad but sells as an additional adapter. It also supports Flash formats, a feature that Apple clearly considers as not suitable for their iPad.

Although Intel Atom can be a disappointment when it comes to handling video intensive apps, WePad boasts of having multi-tasking features. This is something that many critics have pounded iPad for. Running on an Android OS on a Linux environment, this serious contender grants its users more flexibility with Android apps and Adobe Air programs from Neofonie. This also means applications can be loaded after being purchased. WePad has its own WePad AppStore and can access Google Android Marketplace.

It also supports all open formats for eBook reading and also WePad’s own WeBook format. Something that seems to be a strong suit for the European publishing industry that refuses to be strangled by Apple’s App Store control.

The battery seems to be WePad’s caveat promising only 6 hours of running time.

Unfortunately there is still no official news about the price of WePad. Hopefully though, it will be on the market for a more competitive, if not a much lower, price. But hey, you are willing to shell out as much as $730 for iPad’s seriously lacking tablet PC. One thing for sure though, it’s not even a PC without having multi-tasking options. In that alone, WePad takes the crown. But, it is an Apple, you say. This one is a Neofonie WePad, a name that just might topple down iPad.

On a side note, ever wonder why Europeans prefer to start with WE than I?

Samsung N210 a Netbook with a Classic Flair

Samsung N210 is neither the most flamboyant or glitzy netbook around. It doesn’t offer the most jazzed up computing features either. What it does provide is a classy but sturdy aesthetic to its design with its matte-finish 10.1” non-reflective display. Available in black in white, this elegant piece of delight is just right for those who are not confused about what they want with their netbooks.


• 10.1-Inch 1024 x 600 Display (Non Glossy / matte)

• Intel Atom N450 / 1.66 GHz CPU
• 250 GB SATA Hard Drive
• Intel GMA 3150 Graphics
• 1 GB DDR2 SDRAM – 800 MHz (Upgradeable to 2GB)
• 3 in 1 Card Reader
• 0.3 Megapixel Webcam
• Bluetooth 2.1 EDR
• 802.11b/g/n/ Wi-Fi, Ethernet
• 2.5 x1.6-in Multi-touch Touchpad
• 3x USB 2.0
• 11.2 Hour Battery Life
• 26.5 cm x 18.9 cm x 2.9 cm, 1.34 kg
• Dual boot between Windows 7 Starter Edition (32-Bit) and Linux based OS
• 2.82 lbs or 1.72 kg

Samsung N210 is powered by 1.66 GHz Intel Atom CPU. Although this one is not exactly a leap to the moon in terms of computing, the CPU exhausts less battery. This gives users almost 11.2 hours of battery life; something that a person with an active lifestyle would definitely need. It does offer a modest capacity to perform multi-tasking such as working with a publishing tool simultaneously with an e-mail client.

At first glance, the Samsung N210 seems to be Spartan in its design. But looking closely, the textured little squares in a white background give texture and offer a novel surprise. Like other glossy surfaces, it does attract sticky fingerprints. But because it’s a smooth gloss finish, the smudges are a bit lessened compared to those with a full gloss finish. A chrome rim runs at the edge of the laptop lip–something that breaks the monotony of white plastic giving the N210 a clean professional look.

What really might be the killer for N210 is its TFT matte-finish non-reflective screen. Breaking from the mold of laptops today, Samsung elected to use a non-reflective surface for N210. This is an endearing feature for those who prefer to work outdoors or are constantly working under bright lights. It also boasts of a wider viewing angle. This is perfect for sharing the display with someone else and a sure letdown for those who enjoy their privacy while working.

The new keyboard that makes full use of the laptop’s expanse still has the springy feel. The wider space between the keys is perfect for less typos for those with big hands. Although, the right hand smaller keys will certainly take time to get used to.

The 2.5 x1.6-inch touchpad allows more control over the mouse. However, the mouse bar feels a little constrained for those with big hands. Inevitably, as in the case of most netbooks, you will find yourself more comfortable in using an external mouse.

Another captivating feature of the N210 is its dual-boot option. Not a fan of Windows and its security flaws? The Samsung N210 comes out-of-the-box with HyperSpace, a Linux derivative platform, aside from the pre-installed Windows 7 Starter Edition. Boot-up in HyperSpace and you won’t have to go through the hassle of installing apps for your Internet needs. Samsung also announced that it ships with a trial version of Failsafe, a program that lets you keep track of your computer should it be lost. It also lets you manage security features such as encrypting, managing and retrieving files.

Bottom Line

Available at Best Buy, Samsung N210 sells for $379.99. Still a bit pricey compared to Acer, Asus and HP netbooks which sell almost $30 cheaper than the N210.

With the elusive non-reflective display and the competitive battery life however, N210 redeems itself. Also the killer option to dual-boot to HyperSafe, a Linux platform, will level up your computer security if you frequent unsecure hotspots. Something you wouldn’t need to think about since it already comes pre-installed with Samsung N210.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003