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HP’s new laptops provide easy self-repair

In the last week of the month of February 2011, HP made public some very useful information about is new business laptops. These laptops will now be loaded with features that would make the task of swapping components or fixing the PCs much easier. These business laptops, the new EliteBook and ProBook, will be having Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 processors. They will be shipped worldwide in the month of March 2011.

The most striking feature of these laptops is the panel they would have at the bottom that can be separated with ease to uncover the fan, hard drive, memory and networking modules. What makes this feature so striking is that in the previous models the screws had to be taken out to remove the panel. Now this task would be as easy as just removing the panel and replacing it with the most updated components to keep your system in tune with time.

According to the officials of HP, if a person wants to upgrade the memory, swap the hard drive, add a wireless WAN card, the new models make the tasks very simple for them. For instance, in the previous models where it was required to remove a keyboard to upgrade memory; it was very tough to remove a fan. In the new models, with the placement of the substitutable components at the bottom, the replacement of a part won’t put others components at risk.

Many experts are worrying about the cutting down of the size of the components in the laptops. They tend to give second priority to the accessibility. But the squeezing of the components will benefit HP in terms of the benefits and the reduced cost that its customers will enjoy with the easy accessibility. What makes the benefit of easy accessibility all the more alluring is the fact that this kind of option was till now was the privilege of the users of desktops.

To add to it, the laptops will also have an advanced version of QuickWeb, a quick-boot supporting environment, which enables the user to boot or start the system in flash of seconds. It will make the task as easy as checking the  e-mail. Moreover the laptops are all set to be more rugged. In the EliteBook we can have the luxury of choosing from the two new models of laptops. The first model, 8460p  priced at US$999, comes with a 14-inch screen and 4.57 pounds (2.07 kg) weight. The second model 8560p, priced at US$1.099, has a 15.6 inch screen. Both of them have a nine-cell battery and provide 8 hours standby.

The ProBook series flaunts four models and the screen size ranges from 13.3 inches to 17.3 inches. They boast of having a USB 3.0 and HDMI (high definition multimedia interface) ports.

Intel® six-core i7-990X processor

Intel six-core i7-990X Extreme, the successor to its previous version Core i7-980X running on 3.33 GHz of raw speed, is the latest chip from Intel. The Intel Core i7-990X  promises 3.73 GHz speed running on Intel Turbo Boost Technology also featuring six-cores and a mind boggling 12 processing threads with Intel Hyper-Threading technology. Even while boasting a clock speed of 3.46GHz, it also has over clocking features that allow users to manipulate and increase speeds according to their requirements and multitasking requirements. The chip features 12MB of Intel’s famous L2 Intel Smart Cache, with supporting 3 Channel DDR3 10266 RAM all together drawing 130 Watts of power. This raw unstoppable power is for hard core multi taskers with enough juice to simultaneously run 3D games media editors and HD movies.

The Core i7-990X is Intel’s best foot forward in the long ensuing battle with AMD for the fastest and best performance in computer processors. The components behind this awe inspiring performance include Intel Turbo Boost Technology to maximize speed and performance for applications that demand more, automatically accelerating speed and computer performance to match your needs, Intel HT Technology enabling applications requiring multiple threads to get the job done with the threads running parallel. It offers a total of 8 threads to the operating system, Intel Smart Cache, Intel QuickPath interconnect designed to provide higher bandwidth and lower latency providing data transfer speeds reaching up to 25.6 GB per seconds. Intel HD boost provides considerable improvement in multimedia and highly computer intensive programs. The six-core i7-990X extreme chip is derived from old Westmere architecture utilizing the 32nm fabrication technology and is free from the recent chipset flaw that Intel had announced.

According to the information on Intel’s webpage the Core i7-990X would provide the user the option to wield the ultimate in gaming technology for a enchanting 3D experience, revel in the experience of smoother and more realistic gaming using Intel’s revolutionary technique of distributing AI, Physics, and rendering across its 6 cores and 12 threads bringing 3D to real life. This is the ultimate in a total 3D experience bringing never before speed and performance to a desktop.

Intel hasn’t currently released an official price quotation on there new Core i7-990X chips however a retailer NewEgg has priced the chip at $1049, the same price for which previous flagship processing chip called Core i7-980X was being sold.

Apple® MacBook® with new chips

With the disclosure coming from Intel that it is about to initiate its regular shipment of the Sandy Bridge processors, the question arises as to how much time will Apple take to shift the MacBook to the latest Intel chips? It has to be remembered that earlier with the start of the shipments of the Intel Core i5 and i7 processor technology, Apple had started incorporating the processors in its laptops and PCs pretty soon.

It is believed that Apple is sure to upgrade 15- and 17-inch versions of MacBook Pro to the new Sandy Bridge chips as soon as possible. When Intel introduced Intel Core i5 and Core i7 in the market, the processors were very successful. Apple needs to move its MacBook laptops to the latest Sandy Bridge chips and that too very fast. The best thing that can happen after Sandy Bridge is believed to be a chip code named Ivy Bridge. This is likely to be made available by the mid of 2012. In the mean time, Apple therefore needs to upgrade its Mac products with the Sandy Bridge silicon to stand competition with the lighter and sleek versions of the MacBook as produced by other companies.

Apple® boosts MacBook® Pro speed

Apple with its MacBook Pro is all game to set standards in design and features which are sufficient to attract lots of customers. With its simple and smooth texture, the Apple MacBook Pro is lovable. Apple has launched its laptops with the new Sandy Bridge chips. This ultra fast chip has made it all possible for you to get the data transferred at a never before speed of 10 Gbps. With this never before speed, it is possible for you to enjoy high quality video streaming. It will be great to have a computer like this.

Apple MacBook pro comes at an entry level price of $1199 and has a 13-inch screen. The price varies as the size of the screen increases. The 17 inch screen Apple MacPro comes with a price tag of $2499. The Apple MacPro computers run on the Intel Core i5 or i7 processors. With these high end devices you can enjoy multitasking at a smooth speed.

Apple MacBook Pro is a product of rigorous research and development. Talking about the keyboard, it is all set to give you a smooth gliding experience of typing. Now come to the graphics features, Apple MacBook Pro is a great buy because of good visuals. With its crystal clear picture quality, it is a good experience to view pictures and videos you like. It is because of its NVIDIA graphics can, you can experience a never before picture quality. Apple MacBook Pro has 256 graphics RAM and it has a hard drive of 500GB and 750 GB. Its 2.3 GHz processor is very fast. It means that you are geared up to enjoy multitasking. There are all the connectivity options as there is Bluetooth, 3G, Wi-Fi, all at the same time. It also has a webcam for clicking photos and videos.

Intel Wins Against NVIDIA over Core i7 Spat

What a mess! This is exactly what happens when a group of engineers try to outperform rivals via means of mass media, without consulting marketing strategists of the company. Although it is not obvious as to why such a lame statement was produced at the International Symposium on Computer Architecture (ISCA), a back fired marketing approach to tackle the rival is a possibility.

Customer mindset

Customers are loyal only until they get best value for money. If somehow they find out another similar product is on the market that outperforms the one being used, they will switch to the best performer specially when it proves cheaper than the existing one. This is the common mindset of the customers of any product in any market. What Intel has done with the produced researched paper is to confirm the existence of a faster GPU and create more awareness in the market about it. This was a goal supposed to be scored by NVIDIA, not Intel.

Marketing strategy

Would you confirm to a claim of your rival with a research paper, even if it is true? definitely not. Intel in fact wanted to prove NVIDIA wrong, which they did in a narrow scope, but lost sight of the bigger picture. If NVIDIA says their GPU is faster by 100x or 1000x, and in reply Intel says NVIDIA is wrong and it’s faster only by 2.5x to 14x, it sounds like a big hole in the marketing strategy of Intel. On the other hand this also suggests lack of transparency with the claims of NVIDIA too.

Who cares?

Who would care whether NVIDIA has taken 2 years or 12 years to make their GPU’s faster than the Intel Core i7, or who would care how short a period of time was taken by Intel to produce Core i7? The answers are obvious. The only aspects where users are interested are the performance of the product and the price of it. So simple.

What should have been done?

Intel should not have taken the initiative for a counter attack on this particular issue. If somehow the statistics were by products of a totally different case, why bother reinstating the advantageous position of NVIDIA. After all both companies compete in the same market. Alternatively a good response would have been to produce a better performing GPU or at least a quiet non-friction marketing strategy pointing out the capabilities of Intel Core i7.

The other side of the story

The remarks from NVIDIA in reply to this paper are not so vivid either. NVIDIA started with all sorts of reasons justifying their position, which some experts believe that they did not have to. However NVIDIA too was in the middle of a gray period when the report paper was submitted in late 2009. Because their latest GPU versions were still in the mills, they looked like bit embarrassed as well.

Everything said, this whole deal put both hardware giants in difficult situations.

The Vibrant AIO PCs Confirmed Shuttle All-in-One PC Range

The term Shuttle is quite identical with the AIO PCs and they have lately come up with the latest variety of XPC AIO PCs in the structure of the fresh Shuttle J-Series representations and to begin with it will contain all the entrance-level series of Shuttle SG41J1, in the middle range one will come across the Shuttle SH55J2 and the high performance SX58J3.

  • General Specification

The AIO PCs has been allocated after billing as being a leaving from distinctive Shuttle XPC models, the new-fangled Shuttle J-Series will assist tiny-ITX motherboards which generally comes in along with three discrete configurations as earlier illustrated. Getting into Intel Core i3, Intel Core i5, Intel Core i7 and Intel core 2 Quad processors. In relations to the recently launched models, graphics enhancer along with the sport incorporated GPUs is well supported by the excellent high-performance SX58J3, that is compatible with both the Nvidia SLI solutions and both ATI Cross Fire X.

  • Diverse Range of Models

The confirmed Shuttle all in one PC range in particular deals with the recently launched J-Series XPC models which starts from the Shuttle SG41J1 that is presently placed in the latest J1 chassis, prepared to be used on a daily basis for both home and office usage. The AIO PCs is being established on the Intel G41 chipset, competent of dispensation power equal to Intel Core 2 Quad processor and now it all set to compete in the current market. This product is highly recommended for daily usage and for all types entertainment needs with the addition of on-board Intel X4500 graphics.
The Shuttle SH55J2 which forms a relevant part of this conventional series is housed in the fresh J2 chassis. This has been especially prepared and designed for further rigorous work and games play session than ever before. The shuttle SH55J2 has been created with an integrated Intel H55 chipset that is well compatible and all set to function with the recently launching Intel Core i3 as well as Intel Core i5 processors. The product also includes enhanced graphics built up to support the functional capability of the chipset. The Shuttle SH55J2, all in one PC range is further thinner, sophisticated, well composed and is ready to set high standards in its area of specialization.

  • System Performance

The superior quality of Shuttle series has been the trademark of its standards and performance. The shuttle SX58J3 has been developed and enclosed in the recently built up J3 chassis. This particular product is strongly recommended for the hardcore game lovers and other interested users who wishes for the best of performances.  It has been designed keeping the needs of its target audience segment and accordingly the company has put in Intel X58 chipset to make it run faster than the remaining ones. This application is well capable of supporting the most intense ATI Cross Fire X along with NVIDIA SLI graphics arrangements. It also supports the Intel Core i7 processors which make it even more commanding and valuable compared to its competitors. Now, as it all set it can meet the requirements of any upcoming demands that relates to the gaming passion, its practical feel and performance related experiences.

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