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Google™ Chrome Update Enhances Speed

An Internet browser plays a very important role in performing daily computing tasks. Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers. Google Chrome is fast, reliable and very easy to use. It was launched as a beta version for the Microsoft Windows operating system on 2nd September 2008, and the browser was made available to the users on 11th December 2008. Now, the latest version of Google Chrome is version 10, which is now easily available to the users through the Internet.

The previous versions of Chrome were not capable of providing good speed. But now, this new version of Google Chrome enhances the speed with a 66 percent enhancement in JavaScript performance via its V8 benchmark. This will help in running web applications faster in the browser. It will also help you to do better search as now it is the fastest web browser than any other browser.

It has also extended its sandboxing technology to the inbuilt Flash Player. The sandbox isolates the running code from the rest of the operating system so that it has no right to use the critical processes or data, and prevents it from either deliberately or non deliberately doing any harm to the programs or the system. Google Chrome already uses sandboxing for HTML rendering and JavaScript execution. Adobe and Google has the integrated Flash Player plug-in, so now you do not need to download any other Flash Player plug-in. The first step after opening the browser is the update which adds a new interface to the Google Chrome and creates a tab rather than a pop-up menu. There would be a search box on the interface that will provide results as you type and provide direct links for future reference, which a user can use with ease.

These new features that have been included in this new version of Google Chrome are very useful and would definitely make a user feel more comfortable while browsing and don’t have to search continuously to find a way to import the settings, bookmarks or to change or remove the browser’s home page

Now a user also has the option of syncing their passwords from one computer to another. Users often want a better security feature, so for a better security reason, there is an option to encrypt the passwords with your own secret pass phrase. To enable this feature, navigate to the “Personal Stuff” section in Google Chrome’s settings options (or just type ‘sync’ in the settings search box). Syncing also applies to bookmarks, extensions, preferences, themes, and more. Hence it is one of the most trustworthy browsers which a user can use for surfing the Internet.

How To Stop the Netgear Firewall

Firewalls are very important computer security components. They help protect from external threats that may attack or infiltrate the computer from the Internet. Most routers and modem already come with a firewall Netgear routers also usually come equipped with firewalls to provide extra protection for computer applications, but there are times when the firewall may hinder the user from carrying out some activities properly on the Internet. Some sites may be inaccessible because they are automatically blocked by the Netgear firewall. For this and other reasons it is sometimes necessary to stop Netgear firewall. Here are simple steps that you can follow to stop Netgear firewall.

Step One

You will need to first open yourInternet browser, which includes Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer browser on your computer. Next you need to access the navigation text box and key in the IP address of your router. The default Netgear IP addresses are or depending on the particular Netgear router that you have. You need to type in the appropriate Ip address of the router in the navigation text box and then press Enter.

Step Two

Once, the router’s IP address has been properly keyed in, a prompt will ask for your password and username. You need to type in this information to gain access to the”configuration console”. The default username is usually “admin” while the default password is usually password. After putting in this information, you again press Enter.

Step Three

At this point, the router Netgear menu would be displayed and then you need to click the tab labeled “Security”, after which you will again need to click on “Rules”. This is also sometimes displayed as “Firewall Rules”, which you will have to click and after that click on the “Add” option. The Add option is the rule concerning inbound traffic.

Step Four

Next you will need to input the term “Any” on the section labeled “Inbound Services”. An “Action” drop down box will appear on which you will need to select “Allow always” and then click on “Enabled” to enable it. This will save the new firewall rule settings that you just entered. Some Netgear router models will require that you click on a Save button to save the changes you made. Once completed and after closing your browser, the Netgear Firewall is disabled from your router.

These are the simple steps to stop the firewall on the Netgear router. The above mentioned steps and process may differ slightly depending on the model of router being used. Turning off the firewall does not totally prevent it from providing security. Disabling the firewall will however stop the firewall from preventing access to the Internet and would also disable the security function.

Since the user has the right to decide what to do on the Internet, they reserve the right to disable the firewall to maximizeInternet browsing pleasure. It may sometimes be necessary to consult with an expert or to visit the Netgear website to get more information on how to safely turn off your firewall.

How to Manage Cookies in Internet Explorer 6

Cookies are information in text format that can be encrypted while transferring information over the internet. You might have encountered many alerts and errors with the cookie word being included in the statement. Cookies are not able to execute therefore there is no chance that cookies contain and replicate viruses. Still cookies management is an issue that you might need to do while surfing through the Internet in your browser. Managing cookies in Internet Explorer 6 is an easy job in itself. This would enable you to revise all the privacy settings that your browser would communicate to the internet world to save your computer from foreign invasions primarily.


The cookies management can be done through the Internet options in your internet browser. Click Internet Options within your Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 to move into the options. Move to the privacy tabs on the top of the options window. You would come up with the privacy settings slider afterwards that you can use to manage with your cookies. Blocking all cookies would get you to the highest level of security implied on your system. This would block cookies from all around the World Wide Web that create and communicate cookies with your system. In addition, all the websites that already have cookies on your system might not be able to access them.

Setting your cookies to high privacy would only allow cookies from sources that are verified and the cookies follow the compact privacy policy that is being set by the World Wide Web consortium. Cookies that show your identity on the internet are blocked in this option making your experience secure and protected over on the internet and avoiding any type of issue that might come up through the internet world.


The Medium High cookies management is the option that blocks third party cookies that do not meet the privacy policies under the World Wide Web consortium. It also blocks the first party cookies as well that do not meet the privacy policies and are vulnerable to set your identity exposed on the internet world. Both the first and third party cookies being blocked ensure a safe browsing experience.

Medium cookies management is the default setting in the Internet Explorer. Here, the third party cookies that do not meet the privacy policy are blocked while the first party cookies are not even when they set your information carried to the internet world. Such first party cookies not meeting the privacy policy are deleted as soon as you exit Internet Explorer 6. The first party cookies are open to the first party tools only.

In the low management of cookies in internet explorer, the first party cookies are restricted to be used in the first party context only as in the medium cookies management while the third party cookies are allowed irrespective of the following of privacy policies or not.

The last level is to set your level to allow all the cookies from the internet world. This would result in the saving of all the cookies that are being communicated to your system from the internet world. Once you are done with this, press Apply in the lower section of the Internet Options window and press OK. But make sure that you make the choice in order to make your browsing a manageable experience.

Google Chrome Web store: A store of web applications

The most popular search engine provider Google announced a new service to uphold their internet browser ‘Google Chrome’. In the last week in ‘Google I/O conference’ declared the offer Google Chrome web store. Google Chrome OS is going be released very soon. In this context Google takes a more generous step to provide a store where web applications can be attained. The theme of Google Chrome web store is based on the sharing of web applications which are prepared with standard tools and can be useable with all modern web browsers. The offer of web store will prevail with both free and paid services.

Google didn’t specify the actual date of release, but they announced that web store application will be in market by the end of this year. The Washington Post predicts that this release will be done before the grand release of ‘Google Chrome OS tablets’. Although other users than Google Chrome browser have access in the store, Chrome users will get some extra benefits; which will also help to increase the popularity of Google Chrome. Already Google ask for the application from the developers and they want to put them all just after the grand opening.

Google offers a wide range of products in the forthcoming service Google Chrome web store. The preliminary products will be basically Google products like Docs, Calendar, Mail, News, Maps, Picasa and Google Wave. These applications will be available as free content. In the Chrome browser, when one will open a new tab, he will find a link of web store. The store will also contain non-Google applications which will be open source and will be provided by several developers. Google is looking forward to create an online web application store, where anyone can get easy solution of any sort of requirement. The paid contents will be in the format of magazines, games, utilities and premium news. In fact they can provide e-books and attractive magazines which can attract more users because there they can get all collections together. Some experts expect that it could be largest marketplace ever in internet community. The assumption over the price states that the average price could be $3 to $4 for the web applications.

These web applications will be coded with modern techniques of open source coding. HTML5, WebM could be main coding language along with C, C++ could be used to make the applications. Google targets to reach their web browser to mass users. They take this store service as a weapon to do so. Along with this Google’s OS ‘Chrome OS chips’ will be released by this year. So this store will help to enrich that OS. Thirdly Android applications can be benefitted with the web store applications.

Google is extending its market everyday. To attain the goal of reaching mass users with their variety of products, this store could work greatly as a transaction point.

Can Microsoft Create Better Browsers Than Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is the web browser known by many people who use Internet in their day to day life. There are others who use other browsers such as Fire fox, Opera, Netscape etc but the majority of the general people use only Internet Explorer. It is the most targeted web browser in the internet world because of many reasons. However, if any one goes into its technical specifications, its features, compatibility etc then they should accept that Internet Explorer lacks some aspects and Microsoft can create better browsers than Internet Explorer. First let us see what lacks in Internet explorer then we can have a look at how can Microsoft create better browsers.

What lacks in Internet explorer?

The latest IE lacks tab buttons such as back tab, address bar etc. Though they seem to be minute, such buttons actually help the programmers in determining the problems while working on them. They can easily detect what went wrong and what worked properly. There are also many issues pertaining to security and performance when multiple tabs get open at once. With out such tool bar buttons Internet Explorer can not become a real world’s top and modern browser.

The latest internet explorer also lacks the support for windows XP, which is the finest and oldest operating system. However, it is outdated. So users who want to explore all the features of the latest IE need to upgrade their operating system to Windows 7. This may not be considered as a serious problem associated with the Internet Explorer.

Can Microsoft make better browsers?

Microsoft can certainly build better browsers than other vendors however there are certain aspects it is lacking. Its approach towards making web browsers is it wants to build a stable and consistent platform. This can certainly be fulfilled with the help of web developers. Though their role is only part of the story they are significant. But Microsoft’s approach while building such browsers doesn’t involve web developers. As a result we can see many sub versions within each version of the IE. For example IE 8, IE 8.1, IE 8.2, IE 8.3 etc.

Such follow up versions need lot of support heads and the users are forced to upgrade their web browsers as and when Microsoft releases a new one. Sometimes it fails to provide the updates timely and the lack of updates is another part of the reason that Microsoft’s web browsers role in the web market is declining.

The target of the web browsers is not defined by the vendors where as they are defined according to the W3C standards. Microsoft’s importance to platform’s approach also will not work in future especially to its browsers. It should understand and accept the fact that there are other web browsers for example the latest version of Opera leads the latest version of IE. If Microsoft wants to regain the most compliant and stable position that it had once then surely it has to rely on end users but just not on developers.

Future Of Internet Browsers

Which is the main browser of your system? What browser do you prefer? A few years back, everybody heard about some guys that where trying to turn our web browser into a new operating system on our PCs. Am I right? Basically, all the applications on your PC would be opened through a browser. Your documents could be easily stored and found from anywhere.

Additionally. Google Docs is in many opinions the best implementation as online office suite. But it is not the only one out there. PCs have come a long way in the last few decades. Technology runs faster than everything on this planet and one of the reasons for this rapid development and increase in pure computing power, has nothing to do with business, it’s only a matter of entertainment. PC games are the strongest force, (linked to young costumers and also not so young), pushing for faster and more powerful PCs. So, it would make sense, if would be only few years or better months till PC games followed the path of office into our browser window. Are we sure of that? What do you think? Games have been available via the web and in browsers since a long time, but try to remember when was the last time you could play a First Person Shooter in your web browser? Did you remember that? Was 2008 or the beginning of 2009. So, is all this stuff only related to video games? All the research tightly connected to video games, what is changed since 2009? Chrome? Iron? Mozilla? Opera? Whatever you need, you can get it easily. But, what are we really searching? Opera sings different from the other browsers, it sings a special tune, and it sounds excellent. This product has all of the entertaining and practical features we need.

We have found few outstanding features, include interactive voice, mouse gestures, thumbnail previews, quick find and customizing skins. Opera is one of the only browsers that could give us the chance of an interactive voice commands. You can surf the web by talking to your browser, do you believe that? It’s amazing! The browser will even read text to you. You can obviously configure Opera as you need, modify it and design it as you like. Arrange toolbars, panels and buttons choosing from a multitude of unique skins and several widgets. Meanwhile, we couldn’t overlook some serious compatibility issues. We are looking forward to this browser becoming a bigger household name and getting better compatibility web-wide.

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