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Microsoft® Kinect-powered Internet browser coming to XBOX® 360

You could be surfing the Internet using voice and gesture controls on your XBOX 360 gaming console in the very near future. It is being rumored that the software giant Microsoft Corporation is working on a Kinect-enabled Internet browser for the XBOX 360 gaming console. The browser is reported to include Bing voice search, however, it will be limited to media results only.

How it will benefit Microsoft?

Bringing Internet Explorer 9 to the XBOX 360 would help boost Microsoft’s browser market share — which has been rising slowly but steadily in recent months. This move will of course drag Bing along with it as the default search engine. If there is not extra fee charged along with the great voice and Kinect integration, then both the browser and search engine stand the chance to be great hits.

In the beginning of May month, Microsoft offered an interesting deal for XBOX 360. As per the deal, Microsoft will be offering a 4GB XBOX 360 Kinect bundle for a mere US $99 to U.S. buyers. But there is a catch to this offer. The user has to sign a two-year contract to XBOX Live Gold membership. The user will have to pay US $14.99 per month for XBOX Live Gold. The total cost for two years of XBOX Live Gold at that rate is US $359.76, bringing the total price tag up to US $458 before taxes.

If you are interested in this deal, get the deal from here and print it out. You will have to redeem it at a Microsoft Store.

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French Security Experts crack Internet Explorer® 9 at a hacking event

If you are of the opinion that the Microsoft browser that you are using on your computer or tablet is absolutely safe then hold on! Here is something that will certainly make you think again. Even, the latest and safest browser from Microsoft i.e. Internet Explorer 9 is not totally hack proof.

In a recent annual hacking event named Pwn2Own, a team of experts from VUPEN Security brought down Internet Explorer 9 by taking advantage of two bugs, an unpatched heap overflow flaw and a memory-corruption vulnerability. They used the two bugs to execute the attack code that allowed them to bypass the Protection Mode security feature embedded in Internet Explorer 9.

“It was difficult because the heap overflow vulnerabilities are not very common,” said Chaouki Bekrar, CEO and chairman of VUPEN Security. “They [the flaws] are rare but they are useful, because you can use the same vulnerability to achieve memory leak and thus bypass ASLR,” he added.

The experts from VUPEN Security showcased their brilliance by hacking Google Chrome on the first day of this annual hacking contest, which was held at the CanSecWest security conference in Vancouver.

Prepare Your Website for IE 9

The advantages gained by the websites that are especially being designed for taking the unique advantages of the features in Internet Explorer 9 can provide you with an immense user friendly oriented experience along with the service that you have never availed before. It can drive the statistics graph of the traffic visiting your website being sky rocketed in a very short time & for getting these benefits you will have to indulge in optimization & magnification of your site for capitalizing IE9.

The most recent of the flagship browser that have been dispatched by Microsoft provides you more than the usual expectations of Incremental updated system. It will generate a massive integration in consistency with the web & the Windows which will gradually extend the desktop experience for including the individual Web gratifications. As far as the use of Websites are concerned more & more number of people are on the spree of accepting applications that are cloud based like for example, Gmail,, etc.These sites make the user experience a traditional & easy desktop application although these applications generally resides out of the web. Similar is the case with IE9. It will provide an interactive experience for any of the websites that you will be working upon. Any user can get a start for this sort of integration in a very easy way by simply dragging the icon of the Website on the task bar of Windows7 respectively. It is more or less very similar with all the other software applications. It is a very simple procedure. If you pin any site to the task bar, it will make the same more visible & transparent. Making it an easy access for the user, you will also have to take care about certain important factors respectively. Like you must give the power to interact with your personal site along with a connection with the local PCs in the same network. For doing so take the advantage of The Jump Lists. It will give you an easy access to the recently used features.

As far as the features of the Windows 7 Task bar are concerned,IE 9 also goes in accordance with the local applications & it is one of the very celebrated features of the Windows 7. Be it creating a custom Jump List menus which will give its appearance on the click of the user on the task bar of Windows. Isn’t it very easy & fine? Yes, not only these but it are having the capability for receiving massive & huge alerts when a new content comes up here with along with the already used one. Tweaks with relevance for the usual customization of your website for IE 9 necessarily needs some minimum understanding of HTML along with web coding. This requires a very little time to execute. Yet another trick that you can drag the icon for pinning it up over there. It will make a difference by making the logo of your website visible on the task bar itself.

Internet Explorer® 9 enables pinning of websites

Time is swiftly changing and as a result there are different technologies evolving with every passing day. Take the example of Internet Explorer (IE) from Microsoft. Recently, the latest version of the browser, that is, Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) was launched by Microsoft. IE9 has a unique feature which allows to pin or group all the similar website links. So you can conveniently tag websites together. As a result, there is an increase in the website traffic.

Suppose you have a group of say 25 websites of the same group, you can simply pin them using IE9. You have an option before you to click on the pinned tag or icon and all the listed websites are before you. Coming to the next step, we need to know about the system requirements. It is an only for the Windows 7 version and Windows Vista versions. The USP of this version of IE is the visibility of the icons. In the bookmark in previous versions, icons were hidden.

It has an all in one feature, which means that you can create a shortcut right on the page you are and launch it from there. You do not have to go there on the menu. Suppose you want to do research on the MSN group, you can put all the website addresses on the pinning link. The pinning menu can be attached to the Windows 7 menu directly. It is a great feature that has changed the way of browsing and surfing. You need not worry and need not remember lists of different websites.

Windows® Phone 7 to Get Internet Explorer® 9

From the beginning of the 21St century, companies linked to the world of technology have been trying to offer the best services to people and more specifically their customers are recently aiming for competing with one another to present the best quality of services at the most affordable rates. Nowadays the main focus has been to earn the maximum rate of customer satisfaction. It is for this reason that most of the companies, which are dealing with the supply of goods, and services related to technology, are improving their quality of products and the services in order to get the maximum amount of satisfaction rates. Again, they are doing so by implementing several tactics.

In this respect, one can always follow the steps of Microsoft, which has shown the world, how to capture the major share of the market in no time. In the case of Microsoft, they are implementing strategies of continuous innovation and improvisation with the products that they are trying to bring to the focus of their customers. Most of the products, which Microsoft has launched in recent days, have been quite elegant in their own way and they have never failed to capture the hearts of the customers who are fond of the products launched by this company.

Recently in one of the seminars which was being held in Barcelona, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced new features which will be launched for Windows Phone 7. There are several new features, which have been possibly added to Windows Phone 7 devices, which include faster browsing by the introduction of Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) that would allow uploading videos and playing Flash videos on YouTube.

Ballmer also promised to bring the concept of using SkyDrive, which is an online hard drive where a person can store all of his important data and the concept of data stick or even memory card would possibly go obsolete. Other features which are to be incorporated in the phones that would support Windows Phone 7, include smart multitasking abilities and longer battery life with improved music and image browsing capabilities. The copy and paste functions are being introduced in the phones and the best part of the story is that the phones can connect to Xbox as well. The addition of Twitter is yet one greater feature.

Microsoft® Urges Users to Say Goodbye to Internet Explorer® 6

Microsoft has launched a website to educate people about the fact that Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) has become obsolete. Microsoft is all set to say good bye to its loved and long lived browser Internet Explorer 6. Internet Explorer 6 was released in August 2001 and has a market share of 12% as reported by the media groups across the globe. Now Microsoft wants to lower the share of it to 1 percent.

If talking about the country wise users of the Internet Explorer 6, there are 34.5 percent users in China which makes it a big player in the market. It is all about the revolution which has come in handy whenever there a new technology is introduced in the market. It is the way by which the older one is treated and the new player is welcomed all the way. It is really great thing for the new entrant. It is reported that U.S.A. has only 2.9 percent users of Internet Explorer 6. The main aim of the new website launched is to make people aware around the world. It is just like educating the people about the benefits of Internet Explorer 9. The new version, that is IE9, has been launched. With the new and advanced versions of Internet Explorer 9, it has crossed the download limit of the application to a large amount of 36 million so far.

With the launch of the website it is believed that company is all set to upgrade the previous versions of internet Explorer very soon.

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