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Internet Explorer® 9 (IE9) review: Will the big browser bet of Microsoft® pay off?

With Google Chrome coming up as a strong player, it has managed to garner a major share of the web browser market once held by Internet Explorer of Microsoft. The toughest competitors of Internet Explorer in the market include Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, which offer enhanced browsing speeds and an enhanced browsing experience. Microsoft IE9 (Internet Explorer 9) is claimed to have a better uncluttered User Interface (UI) to provide more onscreen space and many more added features.


With the launch of Internet Explorer 9, Microsoft has a product that will enable it to fight the competition with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Internet Explorer 9 is a sleek and much revamped attempt to claw its way back to the lead and gain its lost ground. And with the reviews filtering in, Microsoft has done an enviable job and achieved its target of delivering a fast sleek and standards compliant browser while keeping bugs out.

The reviews recommend it for any Windows 7 and Windows Vista running computing device. It does not offer support for the Windows XP operating system. People might try and find similarities between it and other browsers. Microsoft has created a whole new revamped user interface and a simple to use Internet browser. It also has a unique and different look in comparison to other browsers. We had heard of its new privacy policy, which allows you to monitor who has access to your personal data. It also comes with a new ActiveX control to allow you to block any unwanted Flash based content. It comes with a new JavaScript engine with hardware acceleration to improve its speed and graphics.

It comes with an uncluttered look and gives more viewing area in the browsing window. It comes with a new download manager like many other modern browsers with malware protection. Its new graphics acceleration using GPU strategy gives it unmatched speed and performance. It comes with many new technologies keeping in mind the future requirements of users, providing support for HTML5, CSS3 and many new upcoming standards. Also Microsoft has maintained a compatibility wizard to ensure that the web pages designed for older browsers do not suffer any problems in the current one. Thus IE9 (Internet Explorer 9) promises to be a fast and secure browser.

Internet Explorer® 9 has ActiveX filtering

Microsoft has introduced ActiveX filtering in Internet Explorer 9 (IE9), which was released recently. The ActiveX filter is considered to be helpful as it gives the user control while surfing. The filter provides the user with an ability to control which ActiveX elements will be active on the websites they access. This step taken by Microsoft is another attempt by the company to increase the security features of its browser. The new ActiveX Filter is an important component of Internet Explorer 9. Besides improving the security feature, Microsoft has enhanced the user interface of the browser buttons and tabs in Internet Explorer 9. The new version of Internet Explorer 9 features small scale user interface improvements to the address bar buttons in the browser. Internet Explorer 9 also has square tabs, besides the minor UI enhancement.

Microsoft has modified and upgraded the Download Manager in Internet Explorer 9, and now users can see the transfer speed of individual downloads without checking independent download speeds. The company has announced that Internet Explorer 9 Beta version has already exceeded 20 million downloads, which has made it the most downloaded IE beta version in the history of Internet Explorer. Microsoft has also revealed that the download rate of its beta version of Internet Explorer 9 has increased each month from the time it was released. The public release of Internet Explorer 9 includes some scale tweaks in functions of Internet Explorer, besides the much anticipated user interface changes. A new Tracking Protection feature is  also part of the latest release. This feature will address concerns of user who feel that their browsing activities are being tracked by somebody with malicious intent.

Internet Explorer 9 has better JavaScript performance as per the benchmarks of WebKit SunSpider. The new platform is the main reason behind the new UI. Internet Explorer 9 has already grabbed attention of developers, media and enthusiasts  and the browser is becoming popular.

Internet Explorer® 9 (IE9) launched by Microsoft®

Microsoft launched Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) for the public on March 14, 2011 at the South by Southwest Interactive Festival (SXSW) which is being held in Austin, Texas. The released version of Internet Explorer 9 is not compatible with Windows XP. It works with the Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows Server 2008 operating systems. System requirements for installing Internet Explorer 9, include a 1 gigahertz processor that is 32- or 64-bit, 512 MB RAM, hard disk space ranging from 70 MB to 200 MB depending on the version of operating system, and a display unit with a minimum resolution of 800 x 600 pixels. The browser can be downloaded from the official website of Microsoft.


Several new features have been introduced in Internet Explorer 9 such as an easy to use design, hardware acceleration for enhanced visuals, user alerts about add-ons, One Box that integrates search and address bar, message bar for notifications, streamlined webpage viewing area, improved protection against phishing, and a download console. Internet Explorer 9 takes tabbed browsing to the next level and provides convenience in multitasking. With tear-off tabs, you can open several websites. The tabs can now be organized in a simpler manner as they are color coded. The websites which you regularly visit will now be displayed on the New Tab page. The pinning option helps you in keeping websites that you often open on the taskbar. You can now enjoy a much more secured browsing experience with Internet Explorer 9 as it now incorporates the Tracking  Protection and ActiveX Filtering techniques. The SmartScreen Filter offers protection against malicious websites, spam and online scams.

Thus, Internet Explorer 9 ensures a faster and secure web browsing experience by improving and introducing several features.

New Privacy Feature for IE unveiled by Microsoft

Policy makers have recently been discussing about how private data was pilfered through third party advertising partners of website that users visit Federal Trade Commission proposal plans to impose a do not track feature which would help a user avoid sharing unnecessary user information with such websites.

Microsoft trying to maintain its identity as a market leader has now taken the first step towards filtering content in a webpage that may have privacy issues. In the recent launch of the beta version of its Internet Explorer 9, Microsoft’s Dean Hachamovitch, Corporate Vice President of Internet Explorer announced plans of the introduction of this new ground breaking feature. With this new Add-on the consumer would be in control of with whom he/she shares his private data. Analysts say this feature could help you from avoiding third party ad sites to gain data about your browsing history. Such advertisement sites study this data to give you Ads tailor made for you according to the research on the sites visited by you.

Though recent reports suggest that this feature won’t be as comprehensive as the one proposed by the Federal Trade Commission in many ways like firstly it would be the users job to create lists of sites he/she wants to block which is creating a huge hullabaloo because it is hard to identify which sites actually store or share your private data, secondly this feature will not be automatically turned on when it will be released with IE 9. Here, many feel Microsoft is trying to appease both customers and advertising partners by keeping in mind the security needs of the latter and the need for consumer data by the former.

This could be Microsoft’s trump card considered by many to be a step to regain control of the web browser market from its rivals, namely the new entrant Chrome, Opera and Mozilla fire fox. Google’s Chrome is currently heading to reach the No 1 position among web browsers.

Microsoft needs a strong player to gain back its foot hold in this market. It was a key player and had held its dominance since 1995. Its strongest contender in the market as of now is Google Chrome touted to provide better browsing speeds and an enhanced browsing experience. To rival it MS IE 9 is claimed to have a better uncluttered User Interface (U I) to provide more onscreen space.

The beta version has been tried and now has the consumer’s eagerly awaiting MS Internet explorer 9 which is expected to be a big success.  2011 is a very crucial year for Microsoft. Its brand value is riding on products like these. Let’s hope with these and many more planned releases Microsoft maintains its Cult brand Image and keeps its fan base satisfied and longing for more.

New Features of Internet Explorer 9

Ever since Google Chrome’s release, last year, various Internet browsers have been scrambling to stick to their market share. Chrome has significantly reduced the loading of pages and the navigation in between the websites in the browsers tab. Besides Google chrome stands for simplicity, as the basic navigation toolbar remove other icons that are present on top of most browsers.

Microsoft has also now gone full swings by introducing enhanced features of HTML 5 and incorporating basic browser design similar to the chrome setup.

Some of the new features of the new IE 9 can be seen as follows:

  • CSS 3 selectors
  • Enhanced JavaScript Performance
  • Embedded ICC v2 or v4color profiles support via Windows Color System.
  • Hardware-accelerated graphics rendering using Direct2D
  • Imaging support provided by Windows Imaging Component
  • Supports HTML5 video
  • Web Open Font Format

These are just some of striking features that differentiate the IE 9 from its previous features. However the enhancement of the JavaScript performance has been mainly attributed to its new engine called Chakra.  The new engine has enabled IE 9 to maintain a credible performance in terms of loading pages.

Version 9 for 2010: The New Internet Explorer 9

As early as June 2010, there have already been previews of Microsoft’s new release which is the Internet Explorer 9. The newest version of Microsoft’s browser still has yet to use a chrome window layout, opting instead to retain its old layout. It has many improved and key features such as a new JavaScript engine called Chakra – a program that runs in the back parallel to Internet Explorer 9, making it faster than ever; HTML5 – a strong internet code which is probably Internet Explorer 9’s greatest feature that includes SVG support , CSS3, and many other new and exciting features that surpass the previous Internet Explorer 8. Now that it has the most powerful set of codes behind it, Internet Explorer 9 is sure to be better and faster than the present browsers we have.

Designed to be able to access a variety of websites as well as add new and significant programs and applications into the user’s operating system, Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 is now back on its throne, something that hasn’t happened since the days of the historical web browser rivalry between Internet Explorer and Netscape. But now with the emergence of new and trendier web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Opera, Internet Explorer had been pushed to the side to make way for these younger browsers. But there has been a recent comparison between the recent versions of Internet Explorer and the prevailing  browsers and have found that in comparison to the latest versions of Firefox, Google Chrome and the latest Webkit Nightly build, Internet Explorer 9 has the highest benchmark in the graph. In spite of this, Internet Explorer 9 is not the fastest of browsers – the new Opera is still faster. But more importantly, before Google Chrome and Opera stepped into the scene, the emergence of Mozilla Firefox had decreased Internet Explorer’s benchmark; now though, is an entirely different story. Internet Explorer 9 has beaten Mozilla Firefox’s latest release and caused a decrease in Firefox’s benchmarks.

With its new different features, especially the JavaScript and HTML5, Internet Explorer 9 will be able to jump ahead of all the other web browsers and become the fastest and safest of web browsers. We have already mentioned Chakra, the new JavaScript engine which runs in the background parallel to Internet Explorer 9, making it faster than ever. This is a big improvement from IE’s previous versions as Microsoft refused to join the java bandwagon, and now they have an amazing and mind-boggling JavaScript engine that will most likely top all the other JavaScript engines out there.

When they finally gave word about the development of the new Internet Explorer 9, Microsoft has claimed that this version will be a competitive browser. In order to prove such claims, the newest web browser from Microsoft had been subjected to two tests, the SunSpider and Acid3 tests and passed with flying colors, indicating that it had greatly improved from a=its previous versions. Though it may not be the fastest nor the best web browser in the world, the Internet Explorer 9 is characterized by its determination to compete with the newer browsers.

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