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Most Common Reasons for IT Employee Migration

Movement of employees from one company to another is not new. Many organizations have had their good employees moving to partner companies or in worst scenarios competitor organizations. These moves are not restricted to any type of organization but happen in both small and large organizations at all levels, from the topmost manager to the lowest ranked employee. These moves may be a result of personal issues with the employee or issues with the company.

A long-serving Microsoft employee has recently been reported to leave the company for AOL, a competitor of Microsoft. Alex Gournares’s resignation is even more embarrassing considering that he plays an important role in Microsoft’s advertising department. Mr. Gournares has been working on Microsoft products such as Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, Windows and Microsoft Tablet PC since 1993. He was last employed as the Corporate Vice President of Advertising Research and Development and is responsible for leading the engineering efforts for Microsoft’s digital advertising products.

Like any employee who leaves his organization for another one, Mr. Gournares may have very good reasons for leaving Microsoft, and reasons for joining AOL. He may have been facing some challenges that were not allowing him do his work effectively. When a job becomes repetitive and one has to do the same thing over and over everyday, it may become boring and may cause an employee to leave for another organization. This is because of the lack of excitement in the job.

Factors Affecting Employee Satisfaction

Another reason that may account for the movement of an employee from one organization to another is when there is no innovation in the organization. An employee may not feel happy when management takes no steps to innovate the way and manner in which things are done in an organization. The worst that can happen is when the management rejects or fails to implement ideas brought out by the employee. They leave for any other organization that they think will buy their ideas and work with them.

Unfavorable working conditions may also be a reason why an employee may leave an organization for another. Some organizations fail to pay their employees their worth. Some genuinely do not have the money and resources, but others declare huge profits but fail to increase their employees’ benefit. This causes employees to be dissatisfied and feel exploited. To pay the employer back, they decide to leave to the competitor’s firm.

Damaged relationships may also cause people to leave their jobs for new ones. Human Resource experts advise that, when an employee’s relationship with other employees, especially superiors and managers is not too good, it is advisable for the employee to resign from the organization.

Competitor organizations may also pull up experienced staff from organizations by offering them better salaries and other conditions of service. This may also be used as a marketing tool. They pull the best employees from competitor organizations and use them to advertise their products and services.

In as much as employers fill the pinch when their most experienced employees leave for other organizations, employees also need these moves to develop themselves. Moving from one organization to the other may help the organization develop his skills to the fullest, so though this may cause a lot of bad blood between people, it is a necessary activity.

AVG Antivirus Free Edition 9 – The perfect solution against PC viruses

AVG antivirus Edition 9 is efficient antivirus software, which is unbelievably availed totally free for home users. It usually offers the essential security that is required not only for the PC but also for the savvy windows user. In this software, the user will avail many benefits from the combined engine of antivirus plus antimalware to Link Scanner and effective scanning of e-mails. This software is also integrated with a novel feature that will grandly provide additional features to the system. They are improved focus on the performance of the system, more rapid scanning and better boot time in the system. Moreover, said software is incorporated with Identify Theft Recover Unit [ITRV] that highly delivers the ultimate solution to the consumer’s identify theft. This software is easily accessible from AVG toolbar in the magnificent Internet Explorer and Firefox.

The interface in AVG antivirus Edition 9 is quite easy to be operated. The user has to simply double click from the main windows to deliver information related to all the features. Whether it is scanning of virus, settings of Link Scanner and updating, all the details will be promptly revealed. The schedule utility is highly sported for automatic scanning and updating. In addition, the AD for upgradation can be hidden from the button of the screen by utilization of Hide Notification button. For scanning, slider is primarily used to move basically from the slow to automatic and eventually fast scanning. It is important to note that faster scanning directly corresponds to less comprehensiveness. So, the scan optimization has to be carried out to speed up the scanning process. A progress meter is a better tool and is required to be attached for best scanning results. AVG greatly forms a rescue disk that will scan PC in MS-DOS mode.

Link Scanner can safeguard the user from the exploitation of the third party code. This program will work independently without resulting into taxation on the system either for scanning or running in the background. However, CNET has analyzed that it may lead to a significant reduction of boot time in system and slight delay in its shutting down. AVG has also been successful to detect image files as the threats to PC. AVG may not be the fastest or the most efficient software, but it will surely help the user to get his or her work done.

Thus, Antivirus Free Edition 9 is complete antivirus software that is free of charge for home users. It will be incorporated with the updated rapid virus database that will give the highest level of ability for detection. This new edition 9 is much feaster, unbelievably simpler to operate and last but not least more secure to be utilized. It will offer user the basic security covering the solid protection of PC. This software is a combination of the antivirus and antispyware scanner. Moreover, it delivers anti-phishing and anti-root kit to ensure the total safeguard of PC from phishing as well as the sophisticated threats that are hidden respectively.

Google To Add Security Feature In Gmail

Google will be adding a new, crispy security feature to Gmail with which users will be able to get warnings when there are suspicious account logins. Firefox and Internet Explorer will be getting this feature first. After the addition of this security feature, user will be able to track any recent account activity and will be able to sign out remotely from Gmail. User will be able to get details like last login, source of login and ISP used for logging in with the help of this feature.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003