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How to Resolve Invalid Product Key Issues

Whenever you buy new software from the shop or download it from official website of its manufacturer, you must have noticed that the software is always accompanied by a product key. Product key is a certification indicating that the software you are using is authentic and not pirated. Registration or activation is the main purpose of product key which can be done offline for much software while software like Windows7 requires online registration. Online activation ensures that same product key is not used twice. During the installation of the Windows7 if you get invalid product key error then there are many possible reasons for it.

First and very basic reason is mistyping. It might have happened that in hurry you have entered wrong digits which are preventing you from activating Windows7 copy. This is manual error and can be corrected easily by retyping the key. Another possible cause of error is that use of product key for different version. It might have happen that the product key you are using does not match with the current version your system is holding. Ensure the product key you are using is of version of Windows you are trying to register.

When you try to upgrade your previous version of Windows operating system on your computer with Windows7; it is necessary that your system is holding the old copy of Windows. Formatting of a disk before installation of Windows7 removes older versions like Windows XP or Windows Vista, whichever was previously installed, from your computer. You might get invalid product key error if you have a key for an upgrade version of Windows7 and due to any reason previous version is not available on your system. In that case, you have to first install the previous version and then reinstall Windows7 to use that key.

If you wish to format the hard drive, you can do it while installation through custom mode where you will find specially developed settings for it. To see if your copy of Windows 7 is accompanied with product key or not you can check the computer or inside the Windows package. You can even download Windows7 installation file from the website. In that case, you must have got product key in t in the confirmation mail sent to you by Microsoft to ensure that you are the same person using purchased product.

If you are still unable to locate the key then you have no other option than buying the new copy of Windows7. This new copy would be carrying product key with it which you can use for activation of your current Windows. Before purchase, make sure that you are buying version that is similar to the version installed on your computer. You might face a case where you won’t get error message and installation procedure will let you through without entering the product key into the boxes. In that case you will be able to use Windows7 but you have to activate it within 30 days from installation. If you have bought the copy of Windows which is not genuine then you won’t be able to enter the product key for the activation of that copy. Genuine copy is not published by Microsoft and can harm your computer in future. Activation using product key helps Microsoft ensure that you are using Genuine Windows and deserve latest updates released by Microsoft. Thus, use of genuine and activated copy is always beneficial.

How to Solve “Invalid Product Key” Activation Error Problem in Windows 7

This guide provides instructions for overcoming any issue related to an invalid product key during the installation of Windows 7.

Diagnosing Your Problem

Here are a few things to check if you are facing difficulties related to an invalid product key:

  • Be certain that you have correctly entered the product key provided. It is easy to make mistakes while entering a long string of random characters. Retype the product key until you are sure you have entered all the right characters.
  • If you entered the right string of characters and the problem persists, check that you have the matching product key for the version of Windows that you have installed. Trying to activate and validate a version of Windows with a non-corresponding product key will not work.
  • If problems still surface, you may be using a product key that is specific to an upgrade version of Windows 7. You may have selected the Custom option during your installation. For the upgrade to work, you must have a previous version of Windows already running on your computer (Windows XP or Windows Vista). The ‘clean’ installation formats your drive, erasing all traces of your previous version. As a result, your product key is unable to activate your copy of Windows because it is no longer an upgraded version. To fix this problem, you will have to reinstall your previous Windows version and then begin with the installation of Windows 7 again. Be sure to choose the Upgrade option as opposed to the Custom (advanced) option.

Need a New product key?

If your product key still does not activate your copy of Windows, you may have to purchase a new product key from Microsoft. The only way to do this is to obtain an extra copy Windows 7 with a product key that works. The extra copy that you get must be of the same edition that you have for the product key to work.

The 30-day trial period

It may take some time for you to get an extra copy of Windows 7. In the meantime, when you are prompted to enter your product key, you can click Next and leave the box empty. Doing so will leave your Windows inactivated but completely usable. Windows will give you 30 days to enter a product key that will activate your copy of Windows. Please note that your product key will only validate a genuine copy of Windows. If you did not buy Windows from Microsoft’s official online store check that the local retail copy is genuine.

This has discussed the solutions to problems related to the installation of Windows 7 and an invalid product key.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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