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FileHound, an iPhone® app by Splashtop® Inc.

Now you can access your computer files remotely from an iPod touch or iPhone. Splashtop Inc., a renowned name in the world of cross-device computing, recently released an app dubbed as ‘FileHound’. Designed primarily for small screens, FileHound is the simplest way to access documents, music, videos, and photos from your computer remotely from your iPhone touch and iPod, anywhere, anytime.

In case, you want to access work files, such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel, FileHound will prove to be utterly beneficial.

With FileHound get rid of the conventional way of transferring files from PC to phone

Just remember what you usually do to transfer a file from your computer to your mobile device? You will first convert the file to the format supported by your phone, then sync your phone with your computer, and finally transfer it. Such a long and exhausting process! Use Filehound and automate the whole process. You do not have to convert, sync, or transfer files or multimedia content on your computer or phone.

“FileHound puts some ‘bark’ into your smartphone!” said Mark Lee, CEO of Splashtop. “It is designed to be your new best friend to fetch files when you are on the go. In fact, we think you’re going to like FileHound so much you might even start petting your iPhone!”

Some of the exciting features of FileHound are:

• It has a more useful shortcut for toolbar to help you snap between editing and browsing modes

• Navigation for making precision better on small screens with the new Trackpad mode

• The option to zoom in or zoom out the files as per your preferences

• It allows you to end a session very easily

The most amazing aspect of this app is that it is easy to install, as well as compatible with every version of iPod touch and iPhone with iOs 4 or above.

FileHound by Splashtop Inc. can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store for US$ 4.99 USD, which is the exclusive launch promotion price of the app. Otherwise the regular price of the app is US$14.99.


Apple® iPhone Adds Google™ Shopper to its Cart

Gone are the days when you used to go to the market and do window shopping for hours before laying your hands on the right thing. This is an era of smart shopping. And the trends in the field of shopping are undergoing frequent change with the advancement of technology each day. When we compare today’s shopping experience with that of olden days of window shopping, we can observe a sea-change there. With shrinking of technology we now prefer one-click shopping. So with the advent of smartphones, who would not want to have that one-click magic in those small but magical gadgets! Judging the same desire of the users, companies are now vying with each other to equip their users with this facility. First it was Android, now it is the turn of Apple iPhone.

iPhone was unmatched for its stylish looks till now, and now with a new addition the complete package has become all the more coveted. This is because that Apple iPhone adds Google Shopper to its cart. This application would enable the user to have a look at the detailed information about an item, compare the prices of different products and also read reviews about them before coming to a final decision.

The application has several search options. You can either search by typing in the keywords or enter your choice using the voice search function. After that what you have is a list of results. The results also include nearby locations to which you will be helped by GPS assistance. That is not all, you will also have a unique display of product rating and user reviews along with the results.

Apple iPhone users come next in line to the Android users as the latter have  already been using this application since February 2010. It was in the month of November when Google included the option of search filters like price and brand when it updated the application. Google now seeks to expand that functionality.

In the App Store you can find Google Shopper for free: all that you need is an iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 with iOS 4.0 or higher. The iPhone users no longer have to indulge in window shopping. For them shopping will not only be a grand experience but also an interesting one. So all that you need is an iPhone and you will be on the go to face the changing world while being fully prepared to be in tune with the changing times. The addition of Google Shopper will not only make your phone fully loaded, but also make you feel fully loaded, that is, fully equipped to face the challenges of time with courage. It will unwind your mind of the various hassles involved in shopping. So now you can enjoy total shopping experience on your very own Apple iPhone.

iOS 4 iPod Out Introduced in BMW and MINI vehicles

The BMW Group is one of the most successful manufacturers of automobiles and motorcycles in the world with its BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce brands. As a global company, the BMW Group operates 24 production facilities in 13 countries and has a global sales network in more than 140 countries.


It was in June2004 when BMW became world’s first car manufacturer to integrate iPod with its audio system. It offered to control the music with audio controls that are built-in the steering wheel. Later in 2004, Mini came up with a same solution. BMW 3 Series, X3 and X5 SAV, Z4 Roadster and MINI where the cars that; had this superb feature. Then came the birth of iPhone, in 2007, and the BMW Group got the lead again. It introduced the system whereby the user could integrate iPhone with car’s infotainment system.

iPod Out Feature

The previous iPod video function only provided an interface with which one could only view the video. It was a one-way communication protocol. There really was no simple method to send commands to the gadget. Now the new iPod Out feature allows manufacturers to both view the iPod interface as well as directly interact with it.

The New Technology

The developers found the extended support of “iPod Accessory Protocol” after the release of iOS 4 beta. BWM and Mini cars would be adding the support of this new feature from the next year. Palo Alto technology office of BMW in the Silicon Valley has spent three years doing research in collaboration with the German engineers based in the BMW Research and Innovation House, Munich. Quoted by BMW this new feature is unlike the previous iPod car integration system that only provides the basic playback controls and the “biggest advantage” of this technology is that it presents a familiar Apple interface.


When a vehicle supporting this feature would be connected to iPod Out interface, it would start displaying Apple’s interface. This interface has been programmed in a fashion that it can simple be controlled with the vehicle’s built-in controls. It would provide features to control the iPod’s music playback, browse music catalog, playlists, podcasts, and Genius mixes.

“The new BMW Group iPod Out support mirrors the innovation strategy of BMW ConnectedDrive for the BMW brand and will be part of the new offer called MINI Connected for the MINI brand. Both brands aim at connecting driver and passengers to their personal infotainment world in an intuitive and non-distracting way while on board. The optimized use of consumer mobile devices in an on-board environment plays a central role in this connection.” Extract from BMW’s Media report on iPod Out feature


One could have thought of a touch screen interface in these performance cars which would have proved to be much techy than handling the phone through the controls on the steering wheel. Well thanks to this interface now you can display your song info on the screen, set visualization & control it with a lot of ease. The touch screen interface would have proved to be fatal for driving as the control buttons on the steering wheel are much bigger, easier to use, easier to read and closer to eye level of the car.

iOS 4: 10 Reasons Why you should get it for iPhone

Apple has been a pioneer in the high end gadgets market. As it came with iPhones, iPads popularity has also reached amazing levels. The newest gadget from the company, the iPad, is also gaining the same popularity and that too at an amazingly fast rate. As the competition becomes stiffer you can expect some great stuff coming your way. You can get amazing fun and benefits from these new gadgets as they are equipped with the latest technologies, agile software and high end systems.

The iPhone is already embedded with iOS 4, has a front facing camera with a good resolution display, folders, applications and other multimedia options, whereas these features are currently not available in the iPad. However, iPad has certain new and additional features which iPhone does not have. Here is a list of ways in which iOS will make iPad more useful for you.

  • Split-Screen Multitasking: iOS 4 may not give true multitasking as required, therefore an efficient multitasking that can be used is the audio streaming. You can easily access your mails, and social networking websites like twitter, facebook etc on your iPad.
  • Running iPhone 4 Apps in Full Resolution: A drawback with the iPad’s   iOS 4 is that it cannot run the iPhone 4 applications in spite of its excellent retina display.  But, we can hope that it is going to be modified as soon possible.
  • Running Multiple iPhone Apps at once: The iPad presently includes a feature of running the application on a very small window precisely and if 4 applications can run simultaneously on it, many more new ways can be found to make use of the application storehouse.
  • Deeper folder management: The wide display screen of iPad is useful in managing the folder, rather than a small display screen of iPhone where iOS 4 folders are in the form of small dots.
  • Face-Time and a Camera Dock: iPad does not have an option of Face-Time chat but it can add a camera dock that will let you have a video chat with the help of iOS 4.
  • Additional Multitouch Controls: An important thing is that the iPad and iPhone do not have the same features and working. Rather it adopts some multi-touch features similar to that of a MacBook.
  • Release the Rest of the Core Apps: Various applications that are available in the iPhone such as Weather, Vice Memos, Compass etc is also available for free download in iPad format.
  • Pop-up widgets: Pop up applications can also be a good idea for utilities such as calendars and other quick applications which can be accessed while you are working on some other application at the same time.
  • Centralized App Management: The applications which are capable of reading PDF files and Word files must be set as default in the iPad and doing this will prove to be of great help.
  • Document Clipboard: In an iPad the documents open up in a universal library and the iOS 3.2 allows only limited sharing among the users. The system creates a database with the help of which documents can be located easily.

Apple Changing Developer Terms of iOS 4, Ineffective

With Apple launching the iAd patform, it has become obvious as to why the developer terms of iOS 4 was changed last month to exclude third party ad platforms compatibility from its apps. The previously supported ad networks such as Google AdMob, were supposed to become incompatible on iOS 4 apps. However the changes were not been made effective, thus iPhone and iPad apps modified with AdMob is still accepted.

Google AdMob

AdMob was acquired by Google back in May, in order to serve ads within mobile apps, specially within iPhone and iPad apps. However the latest changes in iOS 4 developer terms were not friendly towards non-independent ad networks such as AdMob. Perhaps Apple wants total control over how user data is accessed within their platforms.

The launch of Apples iAd

May be Apple had other plans while AdMob and such other third party ad networks are crippled within iPhone apps. The launch of iAd, a new ad platform from Apple themselves was scheduled right after the edition of the developer terms. Such a plan is not illegal in business neither are they uncommon. But when it comes to providing the best for both consumers and the developers, Apple had not lived up to the standards.

Developer terms

iOS 4 developer terms were adjusted so that non-independent ad providers such as AdMob were restricted of accessing user data, which in effect would cause AdMob to be incompatible with iPhone and iPad apps. However the terms were changed nothing seem to be put to work so far. AdMob integrated app developers have one less worry, at least for now.

AdMob’s complaint

AdMob has recently filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, as a result of which the Trade Commission is keeping a close eye on the mobile business practices of Apple. Has AdMob done enough to actually delay the changes to the terms being put to work? May be, but for how long…

iOS 4 reverts back

Now the iOS 4 platforms and apps within operate as usual, just as they used to work before the changes. Nobody really knows why Apple has started accepting AdMob integrated apps again. Nevertheless its been a reality that just because Apple has control over iOS 4 operating system, it doesn’t mean Apple can restrict whatever they wish regardless of the consequences to consumers and the developers.

The important thing is that its as though nothing really changed in the iOS 4 developer terms, except actually there are nominal adjustments that are not being actioned upon. Since iPhone and iPad ad platforms are revenue generating points, Apple wanted to provide their newly launched iAd with maximum opportunity by eliminating or minimizing potential competitors. Only place where Apple made a mistake was to leave both consumers and developers out of the equation.

Google Sells Targeted Sales Campaign on iPhone

It appears that Apple Inc. is not barring Google Inc. and other companies and sites from selling their targeted ads in the iPhone and iPad applications. A few weeks ago, the company has implied that it will do just that. But, now, there is no evidence that they have. Many software developers are stating that their new and updated applications are getting approval from Apple even though the applications are permitted to serve ads by third-party ad networks like Google’s Mobile AdSense and AdMob.

Comments have been requested from both Apple and Google. However, none have come forward to address the issue on the ad services. The control system that Apple has long been attempting to implement on the mobile advertisements within its devices, such as the world’s most desired, like the famous iPhone as well as the iPad is at issue here. On Thursday, the Cupertino company from California released its own mobile advertising service called iAds. This works with brands to create interactive ads that will appear inside the applications. Apple is said to be asking for $1 million to $10 million from the marketers who make use of iAds, along with 60% of its income and revenue going to the developers.

But there have been some speculation about the intent of Apple to limit and prevent networks from competing with iAds. This happened around the time, in April to be exact, when the company changed its rules on how the development of applications in its App Store is governed.

The new set of rules which are part of a license agreement for Apple’s iOS 4 operating system designed for iPhone as well as iPad devices, have been interpreted to imply that the company will be prohibiting ad companies from collecting usage data from applications, therefore making it more difficult to target ads to users and thus compete with iAds.

Apple made a few concessions to the terms so that it can permit some independent networks for advertisements to collect user data so they can sell ads. These changes were said to be that which will bar Google from serving targeted ads in Apple’s App Store because there is an explicit statement that says that advertising service providers owned by a developer of mobile handheld devices like phones and PDA’s and their mobile operating systems do not qualify as independent. Apple still has not confirmed who it was referring to with the revealing statement but Google ended up publicly criticizing Apple over this amendment.

There are many apps, which include, “Super KO Boxing 2”, were approved of late so it can be used in iPhones and iPads. The app will then use Google’s AdSense to place its ads.

There is no apparent reason why Apple is not enforcing this rule. However, while the mobile-advertising marketplace is quickly growing, it has attracted the inspection of regulators from different federal antitrust companies, that apps with third-party ad services are still getting their approval into the App Store so the pressure on Apple could be alleviated.

The concept of Mobile advertising is very important for developers because they are getting paid for hosting the said ads. The revenue from the ads which were sold on mobile phones in the United States is anticipated to increase a whipping 43% to $593 million dollars in the year 2010.

As of this moment, advertising companies say that the iAds is responsible for creating more business rather than making the competition obsolete because they have generated so much interest in the realm of mobile advertising. Because of this, the opportunity can be taken advantage of by both the users and the developers.

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