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Skype® investigates a tool that reveals user’s IP address

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and chat service Skype is investigating a potential security threat that can expose a person’s last known Internet Protocol (IP) address.

“We are investigating reports of a new tool that allegedly captures a Skype user’s last known IP address,” said Adrian Asher, Skype’s director of product security.

Steps taken by Skype

Skype, which is owned by software giant Microsoft Corporation, said in an e-mail statement, “This is an ongoing, industry-wide issue faced by all peer-to-peer software companies. We are committed to the safety and security of our customers and we are taking measures to help protect them.”

The privacy issue is raised by a tool that shows a user’s IP address via general information and log files without the need to add the targeted user as a contact. Skype uses a peer-to-peer system to route its data traffic, but security experts have recently warned that its encryption system is proprietary so it has not been open for proper scrutiny.

How to Renew IP Address in Windows 7

Every computer which is connected to a network has a unique IP address assigned to it and this is the address by which your computer gets recognised on the internet and data transfer becomes possible. The IP address can be assigned to any computer in two ways, either a dynamic IP address or a Static IP address. A dynamic IP address is the one which is provided to your computer by the DHCP enabled device. This device could be your router or modem or any other server. Static IP address is the one which is manually entered into the LAN settings and it cannot be changed and can neither be overwritten by the DHCP device.

At times it happens that your computer is connected to the internet physically your LAN connection is enabled but still your computer is not able to browse the websites. When you move your mouse pointer to the LAN, or WLAN icon in the status bar, it shows Local or Limited connectivity. This happens only in case of Dynamic IP address assignment because you computer is not able to get a valid IP address from the DHCP server. DHCP stand for Dynamic Host Control Protocol and it is its task to assign IP addresses to devices when they boot. If your computer shows Limited or No Connectivity the reasons could be many but an attempt to manually renew the IP address is a wise troubleshooting step.

One way to renew your Windows 7 computer’s IP address is by going to Control Panel and opening Network and Sharing Center. In Network and sharing Center window click on the link in the left pane, which says – Manage Network Connections. When you get the Network Connection Window opens Right click on the LAN icon if you are connected by a LAN cable or click on the Wireless icon if you are connected wirelessly. In the context menu click on Disable and wait for few seconds until the status shows up as Disabled. Once the connection gets Disabled right click on the icon again and click on Enable. Again wait for few seconds until the status changes to Enabled.

Another way to renew the IP address is from the Command Prompt. This can be done by Clicking on Start menu and typing Command. When the Command option gets listed in the menu, right click on it and select Run as Administrator. This will open a DOS type Command Prompt window for you. There type the following command first – “ipconfig /release”. This command releases the temporary/incorrect IP address which is assigned to your computer and disconnects any kind of connection on the network. Once the command gets through and you are back to the prompt type another command which is “ipconfig /renew”. This command communicates to the DHCP server and tries to get an IP address assigned to it self. Once you are back to the prompt type “Exit” to close the command prompt. This happens for the LAN/WLAN cards which are enabled on your computer.

These methods discussed above were for Renewing the IP address on any Windows  computer and if the Limited Connectivity issues was because of non-assignment of IP address by the DHCP, then it will get resolved else you need to do further troubleshooting for this problem.

How to Find Your IP Address in Windows 7

IP address is an address which makes the network and other computers connected on the network to identify a computer. IP stands for Internet Protocol and every computer has to have one IP address assigned to it if it wants to communicate over a network. IP address is a 32 bit long number which is divided into a set of 8 bits. As we know that with 8 bits we can make only 2^8 numbers so every part of an IP address ranges from 0 to 255, thus the entire IP address ranges between to

For troubleshooting purpose or for letting somebody know we might need to check what is the IP address of our computer, ut how do we do that? A Windows 7 Computers IP address can be checked by two ways. First open the Control Panel and then open the Network and Sharing Center. In Network and Sharing Center click on Manage Network Connections and once this Window is open you will see all the network cards listed. Right click on the card with which you are connected to the network and click on Status. In the Status window click on Support tab and there you would find the IP address of your computer. The same Status Window can be opened by right clicking on the connection icon in the status bar and then selecting Status. There along with the IP address you can find more information like the Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, and the DNS Server addresses.

Another way of checking the IP address is from the Command Prompt. To do so, click on Start, and type Command. Once it gets listed in the results right click on it and select Run as Administrator. This action will give you a DOS kind of command prompt. Here you have to execute a command to know the IP address and the command is IPCONFIG. This command when executed gives the IP address assigned to all the cards connected on your computer along with the name of the card. If the list is too long then scroll it up to find the subject card and its IP address. If you wish to see more details like the Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, DNS, and information about the lease time etc then execute the following command IPCONFIG /ALL.

Please note that if you are in a network which has DHCP enabled on it then your computer’s IP address won’t remain the same always. Your computer’s IP address will change every time you reboot it, so before providing your IP address to someone or before using it by yourself do make sure that you check it again. IP addresses which changes on every reboot are called as Dynamic IP address and they are obtained by the computer during the handshake process, when it communicates with the DHCP device which could be a Router or a Modem. Another type of IP address is called Static IP address and this is the one which is manually entered into the LAN card properties and it remains the same till the time you change it or change your IP address to Dynamic.

How to Assign Your Computer a Static IP Address in Windows 7

Windows 7 is one the most popular operating systems being used by the computer users all over the world. It’s a reality that a lot of Microsoft windows XP operating system users are using the Windows 7 nowadays due to its great graphics and availability of many new features. People are using the Windows 7 operating system for their communication via internet. We know that we always require an IP address for setting up the internet connection protocol. Every computer has both the Mac address and IP address for the identification of the computer over the internet.

Mac address is unique for every computer but the IP address within the Local area network can be same as the other Local area network computers. It means if we have two Local area networks, then both networks many have the same IP address scheme. But within the local area network each computer will have the unique IP address. I am not going in details about the IP address schemes or about the concepts as to how IP address works. I would like to discuss in this article about how we can assign a static IP address while using the windows 7 Operating system. When we setup home network we can easily assign the static IP address to any computer for identification inside the network. Here we will only discuss how we can assign a static IP to a computer.

If you are managing a home network then it’s a brilliant idea to assign the static IP address to your all computers and devices. If we will use the dynamic host configuration protocol, then our computer will require an IP address at each reboot. It creates a lot of problems while troubleshooting on your network, because it is very difficult to figure out what IP address is being used for by a specific computer at a specific time. Allocating the static IP address is also very useful for the prevention of address conflict among different devices.

You can assign the static IP address by following these steps:

First of all open the search box and type network and sharing in it. Then select the Network and Sharing Center when it comes up. Now click on change the adapter settings after opening the Network and Sharing Center. Now right click on the local adapter and select the properties.

In the Local Area Connection window that says properties, highlight the Internet Protocol in Version 4, namely TCP/IPv4. Then you can click on the button saying Properties. Now you will find the two radio buttons. The first one will be labeled with “obtain an IP address automatically”, while other will be labeled with “use following IP address”. Select the second radio button that has the option “use following IP address”. Then assign the right IP, the Subnet mask, and even the Default gateway which corresponds with your network setup.

Now you should enter your Preferred and Alternate DNS server addresses. Then Validate settings on exit so that Windows can find any problems with the IP addresses, you have entered. After finishing, click the ok button. Now you can close the Local Area Connections Properties window. Then Windows 7 operating system will run network diagnostics and verify if a connection is working properly. These are the few simple steps to assign the static IP address to your computer, using Windows 7 operating system.

How to Change IP Address in Windows 7

IP stands for Internet Protocol.  In all communication systems, IP are connected to the public internet which has respected number assigned.  It has four numbers which was disjointed by periods or the technical term “dotted-quad.  Internet Protocol is based or assigned and identified through by country or region.  A certain Internet Protocol (IP) address shows the browser or computer user’s exact location.  Some individuals may sometimes want to change their Internet Protocol Address.

Easy steps on how to Change IP Address in Windows 7:

a.    Let us start on the “Start Menu”;
b.    Go to the “Network and Internet”;
c.    Click then the “Network and Sharing Center”;
d.    Click also the “Manage Network Connections”;
e.    Select your chosen Internet connection you needed to change;
f.    If ever you need more than one, you have to RIGHT CLICK  and select “Properties”;
g.    Next is to click the “Networking”;
h.    Now, you to choose if you need the Internet Protocol Version 4 or the Version 6;
i.    Then click  the “Obtain an IP Address Automatically”, this will reset your Internet Protocol automatically; click OK;
j.    In this step, you have to click the “Use the following IP Address” and set your IP settings’
k.    Lastly, you have to enter your chosen IP Address into the boxes of ÏP Address”, “Subnet Mask” and the “Default gateway.

The other way to change IP address is by turning off the cable modem for about five minutes.  However, it this failed, try again for the second time the process for eight hours.  If again it will produce negative result, it is time to examine the necessary configuration of the ISP or the Internet Service Provider.

To check if your IP address is installed, listed below are easy ways:

a.    If you click the “Start”, the Menu will open;
b.    Choose the “Run”, and a window will open;
c.    You have to type “cmd”  and click “Enter”:
d.    Next is to type the “ipconfig release”, then pound “Enter”;
e.    Your new IP address will be change.

Some advantages on how to Change IP Address in Windows 7:

1.    Changing your IP address is providing more  security and identification to your PC and be different with others on the Internet;
2.    Your IP address will be reliable in all-time website online, even there will be problem like the Internet disconnection;
3.    If you have the knowledge on how to change IP address in Windows 7, it is easy to search for the website you would like to browse using different numbered IP address.

The only disadvantage on how to change IP address in windows 7 is, when you first boot up you will find it difficult to get back to the old IP address even in the short time has passed.

On how to change IP address in windows 7 is to understand well some technical term and basic character of a computer applications and programs and its help to locate the exact address of a computer browser, especially if the user’s job is in line of writings.  Reliable IP means security on your job.

The Fist Mass Indictment of P2P Users Takes Place

In another twist of fate a group of Virginia lawyers who are known as the US copyrights group decided to file a case of suing 5000 defendants in one go. These people who frequently use the popular peer to peer (P2P) application Bit torrent can be in a messy fix the trial gets underway. The charge against them is using copyrighted material without properly buying them and thereby infringing the already stringent copyright laws.

The biggest hitch in the lawyer’s theory of prosecuting so many people at a time is that so many unrelated people cannot be prosecuted together until and unless their crimes are related in some manner. While the 5000 that have been named are completely oblivious of the other’s existence and no have relation what so ever hence their crimes cannot be considered common.

The lawyer’s viewpoint however illuminates an interesting point. They state that Bit torrent is different from the P2P applications. While the other like Lime Wire or Kaaza only connect two users one who is downloading the file and while the other who has already downloaded the file. Hence the connection is direct and once the download is complete the relation terminates permanently.

But in the case Bit Torrent, all the peers that are in relation with the respective file are connected and each one gets a downloaded piece that is different from others. As a result the download of all the connected users is simultaneous. Since everybody is downloading the copyrighted material together hence they are committing the crime in a group without ever disclosing their identities to others.

US copyrights group has hired a UK based company Guardaley that has been keeping tabs of all the IP addresses that were downloading the one file which had been surfaced by them. After collecting ton of data and some very tough mathematical calculations by decrypting the data they have indeed been able to prove the truth about Bit torrent. As a result the case now hangs in the balance with two parties having strong points for arguments.

There have been numerous cases in the past related to the controversial downloads using P2P links but seldom they have made this much noise. Maybe it is because this the first time so many people are in jeopardy of being executed.

In the end all it can be said is that these Virginia lawyers have found a ingenious way to indict so many people and also saving the individual fees that need to be submitted so as to the case to be registered.

The court has given a June 30 as a date for hearing and reviewing the finer point of case. As of now all it can be done is to wait and watch.

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