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Samsung®, Motorola® set stage for iPad® 2 showdown

There are ongoing rumors and leaks regarding the launch of the new iPad2 and the features that it might have. Some of the few things that have already been confirmed regarding the features of the new iPad2 include the front and rear view camera and also the SD lot coming along with it. Sources from the technical group have also confirmed that the iPad 2 will tart being shipped by April of this year.The SD slot coming along with iPad 2 is believed to be meant for data transfer and not for increasing the ipods already existing storage. iPad 2 is also rumored to have GSM and CDMA chip set. This feature of the gen X iPod will allow Apple to produce a single line of iPads with which CDMA careers can be used. The other rumored feature about the iPod2 is the high resolution accompanying the cameras.With all the above features Apples iPad 2 is sure to storm the market. On the thirteenth of this month Samsung announced of the launch of Galaxy tab 10.1. Like Motorola, Samsung too is trying to put an impressive challenge to Apple’s iPod.  Both Samsung as well as Nvidia made announcements in Barcelona that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 will process Google’s Android 3.0 (“Honeycomb”) software besides the dual-core Nvidia Tegra 2 processor. These are the same chips and software that are also being used by Motorola in its Xoom tablet. The software’s are to provide optimal entertainment and multimedia experience without compromising with its mobile feature.The 10-inch tablet taps by Samsung uses  the Tegra 2 chip to force the use of the first kind of  GPU-powered user interface that heve been tailored specially for tablets and other larger-screen devices. The Graphic processing units are being designed by Nvidia’a forte. Along with Tegra 2, Nvidia GeForce GPU couples with dual-core processor design from ARM. The same design is being replicated by Motorola is with the Xoom. The Tegra 2 software allows user to surf quickly along with features like fast loading and console quality gaming.

Features of both the Xoom by Motorola and the Galaxy Tab by Samsung are bound to attract user’s attention away from Apples iPad. All the three gen X tabs are almost similar in their processing systems with better graphics silicon, a dual-core processor, and a couple of cameras. Expanded memory is another feature of these modern aged iPad’s. To date, Apple has had the opportunity to grab the tablet market pretty much for itself. These days are likely to get over with the entry of heavyweights like Samsung, Google and Motorola. These software companies are bringing in technologies and marketing prowess that is surely going to make an impact on the market.

The A4 processor used in the iPad is processed by Samsung’s Semiconductor. The reason why Samsung opted for Nvidia in processing its own processor means that some kind of dynamics regarding chip sourcing exists between Apple and Samsung.

Cool Ways to Use Your iPad® at Work

Many months before the launch of the iPad, Apple created awareness about the possible uses of the tablet computer. Today, after the year long availability of the iPad, and the launch of the iPad 2 with improved features, the gadget has become very versatile as it is used for entertainment, education, business, and a lot of other applications.

With the introduction of the front and rear cameras, the iPad serves as a wonderful video conferencing tool and enhances the visual communication experience. Documents, spreadsheets and presentation over the iWork suite make the iPad a very handy device. The EverNote App makes note-taking in meetings a very innovative feature. The Keynote App is an ideal presentation tool.

The 3G connectivity and Wi-Fi features make browsing on the iPad, a pleasurable experience. The Mobile Safari App makes browsing interesting with the Apple A4 processor. Although, utilization of the iPad is evolving in a nice manner, cloud access and document management are still way behind. With this feature enhanced, the iPad will become a really powerful tool for most work applications.

With a very comfortable screen size and good connectivity, as also convenience in portability, the iPad and all similar tablet devices are poised to change the computing market forever. The wonderful multi-touch features and multi-tasking capabilities of the tablet are bringing about dynamic changes in productivity. Time management has moved to the next level.

Tapping out a message off the touch screen, gesture based app handling, innovative EverNote based note-taking, and ease of social networking, make the iPad an efficient gadget. The large screen makes the calendar on screen, a much more user friendly application. The Dragon Speech to Text App, Remote Computer Access and Sharing, and Wi-Fi printing to dedicated printers, also make the iPad an excellent tool at work.

Motorola® XOOM to compete against Apple iPad 2

It takes a lot for companies to stay in the market because they have to deliver quality with value of money to customers. It was an eye opening experience when Apple launched its iPad 2 with a price tag of $499. Not only that there were all the latest features like Wi-Fi connectivity with 16GB space of data storage space (internal memory). What’s more, the most important it is thin and fast at the same time. It is a going to be a tough game (battle more precisely) to remain in the game. if competitors want to stay in the battle they will have to reduce the cost of products and makes it a nail biting offer for the customers. It really needs a lot of courage to stay updated and to deliver the most advanced technology for its customers. With each passing day technology takes a new turn and as a result there are more advanced devices at a low cost as compared to the earlier versions or that of the counterpart. It is just like a battle where it is all permissible.

When the iPad 2 was launched, it was a big threat for the companies across the globe. There is news coming from the tech arena that companies like Samsung, LG, Motorola and HP are all planning their new releases keeping all the features of iPad 2 in their mind. Motorola is one of them which are sure to suffer the possible damage because of the low cost of the iPad 2. There are all the great features of a long lasting winner in the battle of supremacy. Motorola XOOM has a big touch screen, 1 GB of RAM, and 32 GB of Flash memory storage. With NVIDIA dual core processor it is possible for you to do multitasking very easily. A screen resolution of 1280×800 provides a crystal clear picture viewing experience. There is a dual camera in it which is High Definition. It can be easily estimated that Motorola XOOM is there to give you a tough competition to Apple iPad 2. As compared to the iPad 2 it is costlier. An iPad 2 comes for $499, whereas Motorola XOOM comes with a price tag of $600 with a contract with Verizon.  Undoubtedly there are more expensive tablets from Apple with 32GB and 64GB as well. For example the 64GB is priced at $829.00 and it is cheaper than XOOM.

The only way to stay in the battle is to cut the price as compared to that of Apple iPad 2 with some additional features because the customers are always good bidders and want more features in less price. This is why the consumer is always in win-win situation in the battle of two players in the market.

AT&T® says unlimited data plans can be ported to iPad® 2

Since the original release of iPad, users can sign up a 3G data plan for unlimited period at the rate of thirty dollars per month without any contract. AT&T has announced that users will be able to port unlimited data plans for use on the new iPad 2.

As per a spokesperson of AT&T, particular details regarding these plans are still not available. It is likely that owners of new iPad 2 sign up in their current account for new iPad 2, otherwise AT&T may extend its option for new post paid data program to the customer with the current wireless accounts.

Currently Verizon is extending unlimited data plans for the iPhone 4, however, only will extend tiered plans in respect of iPad 2. Owners of new iPad 2, who have changed their earlier unlimited plan and require more than 2GB data usage, can change the plan. AT&T has declared that they have been named as 2010 North American Company of the Year in Business Communications, and they have been awarded the 2010 Market Share Leadership of the Year Award for Telecom Services. Frost and Sullivan, the leading analyst firm has been privileged along with AT&T for these coveted recognitions for accomplishment of the company. As per Frost and Sullivan, AT&T remains as the leader in the space of business communications having their top sharing of revenue in each segment of applications and services for network, owing to the major reason for the expanding network footprint and services which it extends.

Dell® Streak 7

Dell Streak 7 tablet computer was launched at CES 2011. It may probably surpass the hype of Apple iPad 2 due to some of its most striking features. The features that make this tablet so prominent are photo sharing, movies, videos, all at the same time. This has been possible due its wide screen display that is designed optimally for users to view movies and videos. Well, this small device weighing not more than a pound will be easy to carry, but definitely it would add a lot to your persona.

There are some amazing and notable differences in this new updated version of the tablet PC. The most outstanding feature is its capability to function on T-Mobile’s 4G set-up. The other features that make this device a crowd puller are dual core 1GHz processor, built-in memory of 16GB, 7” touch screen with WVGA resolution. The device also supports Adobe Flash Player and Microsoft Exchange e-mail, Calendar and Contacts. It supports SMS/MMS, virtual keyboard and stereo Bluetooth. Dell Streak 7 has a front facing camera. The preloaded Sky or Quick video chat application will enable the users in video calling over Wi-Fi as well as T-Mobile’s network for spontaneous connections with anyone. This Android 2.2 based tablet PC will provide a seamless and flawless online experience.

This pocket friendly device will be upgraded to Android 3.0 soon after it is launched. These features will enhance Dell Streak 7 to be that most valuable tablet PC in the current scenario.  It is no doubt that Dell is still enduring to generate the most excellent in entertainment and mobile computing experience.

Some of the services for Dell Streak 7 customers, include animated educational information and 75000 different types of digital magazines from 26 different countries. Dell Streak 7 on the fast T-Mobile network will provide families, students and professionals a new way to interact, share and stay connected.

The impact of iPad® 2 on the tablet market

After attaining stupendous success with iPad, a gadget that was a turning point in the field of technology, Apple recently launched its second generation iPad. In a recent poll conducted by a website on the future of iPad 2, about 46% of the respondents felt that Apple would continue to dominate the market with the new version, while about 33% felt that it would spur the other tablet makers to innovate. Around 9% felt that it changed nothing and Apple was just catching up with other players. About 8% said that a better and cheaper tablet could win it all at a later stage.

Featuring a 1GHz dual-core A5 chip and cameras on both sides of the device, iPad 2 also has a CPU twice as fast as the previous model. Its graphics performance is said to be nine times quicker, whereas power needs have been kept the same as the iPad. Battery life, along with the pricing, has been unchanged. The price starts from $499 for a 16 GB Wi-Fi only iPad 2 and goes up to $829 for Wi-Fi with 3G SKU and 64 GB of storage. The new tablet would come with a HDMI output capable of 1080p that would set you back by $39 for the necessary dongle, which is recognized as an Apple Digital AV adapter; however, there wouldn’t be any rumblings of Thunderbolt connectivity in this case. As expected, what you would get is an enlarged speaker grille on its back, and the same 1024 x 768 resolution and IPS LCD screen technology like in the original iPad.

In iPad 2, 720p video recording at 30 fps would be on tap from the rear facing camera, which could too present a 5x digital zoom if you are interested in that sort of a thing, whereas the front-facing imager would record at a VGA resolution, at 30 fps.

Compared to its predecessor, at 8.8 mm, the device is almost 33 per cent thinner, and also lighter at around 600 grams. It would be available on both Verizon and AT&T, and you would get the option of choosing between white and black. So while it is missing some features that users have grown used to by now in the original iPad, the next generation of the market defining Apple iPad is still very impressive.

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