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Be a child again with cutest games for iPhone

Do you wish to relive your childhood again? Certainly, childhood is one the most beautiful phases of life where everything is so colorful and cute. Wouldn’t it be great to go back and revive those charming innocent moments, at least the colorful magical games? Well, by indulging in cutest games available for iPhone, once again you can become a child and be yourself. No matter, how old you are, you can choose from a range of adorable games for your iPhone. Check out our personal favorite 6 cutest iPhone games.

My Little Pony- Friendship is Magic

For those of you who love ponies and building towns, My Little Pony is perfect for you. The game involves leveling up your cute ponies, playing mini games, collecting harmony gems, and developing your town.

Developer:  Gameloft

Price: FREE

Requires: iOS 5.0 or later

Pug Run

This game takes you on a delightful journey of Bogart (a pencil sketched pug) who wants to come to life. Play the game and experience how the world of Bogart changes from black and white to color as he run towards a boy.

Developer:  Tic Toc Studios

Price: $0.99

Requires: iOS 5.0 or later

Tiny Wings

Another super cute game that you can enjoy on your iPhone is Tiny Wings. This game is about a bird that can’t fly because of his tiny wings. With two game modes, Day Trip and Flight School, this game involves jumping on the hills and a ton of achievements to unlock.

Developer:  Andreas Illiger

Price: $0.99

Requires: iOS 4.3 or later


It is one of the most addictive games that give you an opportunity to rekindle your childhood days with the adorable Tamagotchis. This free fun filled game imitates the old handheld Tamagotchis flawlessly. It allows you to change the wallpaper along with the device color of your Tamagotchi. The best part is, it beeps or vibrates whenever your Tamagotchi is in need.

Developer:  NamcoBandai Games Inc.

Price: FREE

Requires: iOS 4.3 or later

Hello Kitty Kawaii Town

It is an extremely pretty game in which all you have to do is fill your garden with beautiful flowers to make your own Kawaii Town.

You can hand pick items that you want to use to make your town look stunning. This game not just involves making a garden but also you can connect with your friends as well as communicate with the characters.

Developer:  Kansai Telecasting Corporation

Price: FREE

Requires: iOS 4.3 or later

Whale Trail

With super funny theme song, adorable graphics, and a plethora of colors, this game is certainly an eye-catcher. In this game you fly as Willow the Whale to gather Blubbles, loop the loop, enhance Willow’s skills, unlock playable friends, beat enemies, and befriend with crazy characters.

Developer:  ustwo

Price: FREE

Requires: iOS 4.3 or later

Sometimes it’s good to be a child all over again

Google Now will now provide information on iPhone

Google Now is all about getting the right information at just the right time. It is the finest way to make your smartphone smarter. And after garnering accolades on Android-based devices, Google has recently launched their information providing app for iPhone and iPad, however with a few minor tweaks.

For those not familiar, Google Now is one-of-a-kind app that provides information you need to manage your day. For instance, if you have an important meeting, the app can tell when you should leave and the directions for your location. It can give weather information early in the morning, so that you can dress up accordingly. Also, the app can remind you to leave for the airport and give traffic alerts so you don’t miss your flight.

Primarily, according to your requirements, the app can provide quick information about all your activities on little cards or in notifications. The more access you give to your app, the more information it can provide. And the information you receive is extremely simple to read and easy to dismiss.

Google Now for iOS and Google Now for Android

To start using the app, all you need to do is download the app and log in to your Google account. That’s it; you are all set to give access to the app to provide you information. However, as compared to the Android of version of Google Now, there are several features and functionalities that are not available in the iOS version. The app for iPhone and iPad can’t manage your boarding passes, concerts, research topics, nearby events, and a few other things. In the Android device, the app currently runs constantly in the background and is just a tap away. But in iOS, it isn’t the same.

Listen or Tweet music with Twitter #Music app

If you are using Twitter #Music app and wondering how it is different from other music services, the answer is new music-discovery service wrapped in a stunning user interface. Currently available for iPhone, this app allows you to discover the most popular tracks and emerging artists. Twitter #Music app is the best place to find music-related information, find and follow musicians, and learn which artists they follow. What’s more, you can easily play the track you like right from the interface. Also, Twitter #Music encourages instant sharing. You can tweet the track you are listening to straight from the screen.

Once you clearly understand how to navigate the app, you can enjoy non-stop music streaming. There are as many as four screens that you can access on this app- Popular, Emerging, Suggested, and #NowPlaying.

Amongst the four screens, Popular features the currently popular artists on Twitter and Emerging showcases the blooming artists who are creating twitter buzz. While on the other hand, Suggested gives a complied list of artists based on the artists you are currently following. And #NowPlaying tells you about the music your followers are listening to.

As far as source for music is concerned, Twitter says it is a combination of iTunes, Rdio and Spotify. From all of these, iTunes reviews play automatically, whereas for full songs you will need to have an account on Rdio or Spotify.

Rdio, meanwhile, in a blog post said “that while only subscribers can access full tracks through its service, anyone can listen to 30-second previews of songs. It also offers a free 14-day trial of its Rdio Unlimited mobile app for users to try before subscribing”.

Verdict- Twitter #Music app

To get the best of Twitter #Music app, make sure to follow as many artists as possible. Because then only you will get better suggestions about new artists and music. If not, it will look like any other music service recommending the list of Top 40 and popular indie rock tracks.

Stay organized and focused with these top 5 calendar apps

Do you always try to stay organized, but still miss the bus? Most of us maintain calendars, but struggle to keep up with the planned schedules, many a times due to the lack of a gentle reminder. Organizing and following your planned schedule should never be a burden. Power your life with these fantastic calendar apps that will help you keep a track of everything that is important with just a single click.

Google Calendar

This powerful calendar app from Google lets you create events, manage multiple calendars, and share them within your groups. You can easily view the calendar by day, week, or month. The “Quick Add” feature allows you to quickly add entries in your local style. The calendar can also be set to send SMS or e-mail alerts for upcoming calendar entries.

Pocket Informant

Pocket Informant is a cross-platform mobile application that has a fully integrated calendaring and GTD-based tasks solution for Android and iOS devices. With excellent categorization, alarms, and custom repeat options, Pocket Informant proves to be the best-in-class calendaring solution. However, it misses a lot of bells and whistles like calendar icons, widgets, and skins and themes.

Touch Calendar

See your entire calendar at a single glance without flipping between different calendar views. Touch Calendar works with Google Calendar or any other calendar that your phone supports. The app offers some really intuitive options to simplify your experience:

  • Double-tap or pinch-zoom option to zoom in
  • Tap  to see the details of any event
  • Tap-and-hold option to add a new event
  • Touch-based scroll to see even the minutest detail
  • Direct navigation to any day or date from the menu
  • Calendar search from the menu
  • Custom font size for easy access
  • Home screen widgets

Organizer To-Do

Get completely organized in 2013 with this easy-to-use and all-in-one companion for your iPhone. A complete personal planner for your everyday tasks, Organizer To-Do allows you to manage your busy life all at one place, without the need to switch between different apps. It offers unlimited grocery list, unlimited to-do list, and multi-view calendar for easy access. You can easily share your calendar with your friends and family by syncing it across different iOS devices.


CalAlarm will never let you miss an appointment due to its unique snooze and repeat alarm function. This practical and user-friendly calendar displays your appointments and schedules in the form of list, day, week, and month and allows you to easily switch between different modes with just one tap. You can set multiple alerts per event and snooze overdue alerts with the time interval of your choice. CalAlarm comes with 25 different sound functions – customizable to meet your needs.

Have your own favorite calendar app? Let us know in the comments section below.

Taxi Magic makes cab booking easier

Are you bored with the conventional method of booking a cab? Taxi Magic app will make the process of booking a cab extremely convenient and easy. Precisely, the app allows you to book a cab straightforwardly from your iPhone, merely at a push of button.

Thinking of booking your ride through Taxi Magic?

Taxi Magic app directly connects to the Taxi routing systems, enabling you to book cabs without speaking to an operator. Available with as many as 75 prime taxi fleets in more than 40 major U.S. cities, the app is the best way to find taxi available nearby to your location. Also, you can track the position of your taxi from dispatch updates or a map view.

After selecting a cab company, Taxi Magic app will ask you to enter your street address. As soon as you put in your street address, the app will take you to the actual position of the cab.

Taxi Magic app is compatible with iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad with iOS 4.2 or later version.

Update for Path app released

Since its launch, Path – the social networking app has grown to embrace more than two million people sharing life with distant family, friends and associates. And lately, the developers of the app have rolled out a major update for the Android and iPhone platforms. The update includes a few worth-considering features, like the ability to poke friends.

In addition to this, in its first ever update, the app also introduced book and movie sharing, new photo editing tools, and larger images.

Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003