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iOS 4.2 for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch now available to developers

Apple has just released mobile OS for iPhones. iOS 4.2 Beta Software is the latest update for its iPhone 4, iPod touch 4G, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and its available for download. If you have a membership of the iPhone Developer Standards or the Enterprise Program then you can also download the iOS 4.2 beta firmware for iPhone 3GS, 3G and iPod Touch 2G and 3G now from the home site of Apple.

Let us discuss the new features of iOS 4.2 Software Update: Features like wireless printing, Airtunes and AirPlay are the new add-ons in this version of OS for iPhone. In Wireless printing, the Print Center appears along with the number of print jobs in multitasking tray. With AirPlay [previously called AirTunes] you can also listen music from all over your house from your iPhone mobile device. Apart from this feature, you can also stream all kinds of media anywhere in your house. Isn’t this an Amazing feature of iPhone!

According to the Apple’s press release, AirPrint can automatically locate printers on the local networks and can print text, graphics and photos to them wirelessly over Wi-Fi network without the need of drivers or software. The printer manufacturers are needed to build the AirPrint support into their printers to avail this service. The HP’s ePrint enabled printers have such functionalities. The models of HP printers that include this functionality are HP Photosmart, LaserJet Pro and Officejet Pro series.

The iOS 4.2 software update works with iPhone 4, iPhone 3G, and iPhone 3GS and it is important to keep in mind that all of the features are not compatible with all iDevices. For example, multitasking is available only with iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPad.

Following are the updates in concern with iPhone iOS 4.2:

Update 1: Developers who plan to test the iOS 4.2 beta version must also be running the latest beta version of Mac OS X 10.6.5, Snow Leopard to ensure its compatibility with the AirPrint wireless printing.

Update 2: The iOS 4.2 OS for iPhone provides you the ability to import .ics calendar files directly for your events.

Update 3: Apple has changed the functionality of external rotation toggle. If you want to lock rotation then you have to use the multitasking bar

Update 4: This iOS 4.2 update allows Fast App Switching called “multitasking”.

Update 5: The iOS 4.2 AirPrint wireless printing for iPhone 3G owners does not work properly. According to Apple Company, Printing feature is available only on iOS devices that support multitasking.

Update 6: In addition to the personalized ring tones, the iOS 4.2 now offers the possibility of setting different SMS tones to the different contacts.

Update 7 : The iOS 4.2 version features Video Walkthrough.

All these features of iOS 4.2 version, truly makes it the best iOS till the date.

iPhone 3G left out 2G features

Apple has released its latest iPhone based on 3G technology. This release of iPhone includes the latest 3G technology and a lot many awaited features. The previous release of iPhone was based on 2G technology and both the models of iPhone were released in 2008. The 3G model of iPhone is much better than 2G in terms of network and connectivity of the phone but still it lacks in some other features.

If you are thinking that every iOS 4.1 device would be compatible with social gaming platform and Apple’s Game Center then you will face trouble with iPhone latest release. The second-generation iPod touch was left out by Apple and the final compatibility list includes iPhone 3GS and 4 support. AppleInsider notes that 2nd generation iPod touch has similar hardware specs to the iPhone 3G in terms of game playability but it is not been compatible with the Game Center. However in the turn of events, 2nd generation iPod touch is now compatible, according to the Apple’s official Game Center website.

Clearly iPhone 3G is lacking a lot from its 2G release and this is quite a big mistake from the manufacturer. Both the model of iPhone 2G and 3G were released in 2008 but still the 2nd generation iPod touch is much faster than 3G. The clock speed of 2G iPhone model is 532MHz, whereas the clock speed of iPhone 3G’s is 412MHz. clearly there is a difference of more than 100MHz among these models but the odd thing is that the advance version of iPhone model lacks in speed. We can compare both the models anywhere except the concept of 2G and 3G. If we are comparing the processing speed among these then the 3G lacks with a speed of more than 100MHz. Apart from that if we are comparing the compatibility among these models 3G still lacks as it doesn’t provide support for Game centre and social networking web applications. iPhone 3G is suffering under the weight of slimmed down version of iOS 4 and there is no surprise to see that 3G won’t be compatible with Game Center. So, iPhone had take a lead mistake with its latest technology trend. Apart from all issues one should get stick to the latest trend and technologies. Sticking to the same belief iPhone also has developed its new breed but somewhere the manufacturers forget to impart its previous feature.

Looking both the models of iPhone at a glance we get a clear view about the iPhone manufacturer’s determination about their product. As no doubt that iPhone is a leading brand in the market but nobody could expect such a misfortune from this brand. Obviously somewhere iPhone manufacturers prove that they are not the best in the industry and this time they didn’t even succeed to beat their previous one. So we can say that this is a good news about 2nd generation iPod touch users that they are compatible with the Game Center and Apple’s new gaming and social networking applications but still the iPhone 3G lacks in these functions.

Apple iOS 4.1 Beta Released but fails to Address the “Death Grip” Dilemma

After a much heated grumbling fest about iPhone’s apparent signal woes, Apple released the iOS 4.1 Beta to address the issue. Apple recently released a statement revealing that the built-in iOS 4 had erroneous displays of signal strength.

Apple’s Explanation

In depth testing by the engineers at Consumer Reports proved that the Apple’s claims of a software glitch were not the whole truth. After a battery of tests, the Consumer Reports found out it was a design flaw of the iPhone. Users are demanding a recall and Apple stands to lose $1.4 billion if it pursues this course. The debate is yet not over and many iPhone enthusiasts have to wait for a hardware solution from Apple.

The Consumer Reports also presented a temporary fix for the signal reception problem. All you need is a non-conductive tape to cover the antenna gap.

But the iPhone OS 4.1 does have its share of noteworthy improvements.

Finally, the Game Center is with the iOS 4.1 Beta, which will  to be released for the iPhone 4 late this year. With a revamped look, Game Center offers iPhone users a way to connect with their peers while using iGames.


Repositioned Flash/Camera buttons in landscape mode

-Spelling check modifications can be accessed through SettingThe new platform

-Works with the iPhone 4. iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G and for the 2nd and 3rd generation of iPod Touch.

For those who have jailbroken iPhones, it might be wise to await for the iPhone Dev Team’s go signal before upgrading to the new beta version.  According to iH8sn0w, a team dedicated to hacking iPhones and iPods “all jailbreakers and especially unlockers should stay away from ios4.1 beta until further notice!”

Just to be on the safe side, Apple gives its users a choice.

“As a reminder, if you are not fully satisfied, you can return your undamaged iPhone to any Apple Retail Store or the online Apple Store within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.”

The iPhone 4 is now dubbed as Apple’s Vista. Judging from the PR mess that iPhone 4 is wallowing in, Apple might have to amp its PR budget this year—probably cheaper than a full item recall anyway.

Almost 2 million iPhone 4 Sold and Still Counting

Apple’s new phone the iPhone4 still continues to rule the market. Apple had released its new smart phone the iPhone 4 which is a forerunner to iphone 3GS. The iphone4 has taken a long stride forward over its predecessor. This phone has definitely changed the rules of the smart phone industry.

Features of iPhone4

The design of iPhone4 has been completely changed. It now has a screen that is sharp. It has two cameras with the second camera on the front of the phone. The rear camera is more enhanced than the front camera and comes with a flash. It comes equipped with a new processor that is much faster than the previous iPhone 3GS. This processor is 20% thinner and quite narrow, but its length and weight remain the same as in iPhone 3GS. Apple iPhone4 comes with a comparatively large battery than its predecessor. The promos and advertisements of this phone suggest that it is the thinnest phone in the smart phone category. The iPhone4 has the highest resolution among the available phones in the smart phone category.

Face-time and new operating system

The iphone4 has new software known as facetime. This software with the camera on the front has enabled the users to a high quality experience of video calling. The users of this phone have reported of having a wonderful experience with the feature of video calling. This smart phone also comes with new operating system which is upgraded from its previous version. It incorporates features like unified inbox for multiple user accounts. It also has folder options for group related applications. This software can be installed for free on the previous models and is called ios4. The appearance of this phone has changed too. It now comes with a glass that is clad behind it. Apple claims that the glass is much stronger than plastic. It will not break or there will be no scratches even if it falls down on a rough surface. The best feature of this phone has to been video calling. What the users need for this feature to work is a wi-fi connection at both the ends and the software facetime. The users can see the images and videos of each other with this feature. Apple is trying to make it free for other users and wants other providers to incorporate this feature.

iPhone4 continues to rule the market

With the kind of features that iphone4 offers, it is a big hit amongst the masses from the day it has been launched. There are reports that this phone is out of stock at most of the places. A review at the AT&T store suggests that the iphone4 continues to be the hottest selling brand in this store. It has been quite some days that this phone has launched but it still continues to set the market on fire. News Channel 15 reported that when they went to review the product, every single product in almost most of the retail outlets was sold out. Some retailers even went on to say that this was comparable to the sale that takes place after the Thanks Giving Day. They said some customers literally were living outside the store to get their product.

The experts believe that this hype that is out there in the market is due to the fact that this phone is a much improved version than its previous version, the iPhone 3GS. It has enhanced in all the departments. Some reports suggest that almost 2 million phones have been sold. Most of these sold out phones were already booked and this is the reason that a lot of customers are finding it out of stock. All said and done this is one phone we all want to get our hands on.

Expectations high for Skype enabled iPhone 4G

Reports are concluding that the latest iPhone 4G marked to be released this June during the Apple World Wide Developers Conference. Also reports have pitched in that Verizon is testing a CDMA based iPhone 4G which could be released as earlier as Christmas 2010. Also Skype released an upgrade allowing customers to make Skype to Skype calls on iPhone 3G.

iPhone which has brought a ground breaking revolution in the fortunes of Apple’s business and which alone amount for one third of the forty billion sales Apple made worldwide. iPhone 3G which was launched in 2008, was backed up with a newer and faster version later on the year with the launch of iPhone 3GS. Now during Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference everybody is expecting Apple to release iPhone 4G, the successor in the range of iPhone series and this phone may also mark and end to iPhone 3G. Though Apple has always been very strict regarding the security controls for its unreleased phones, two of new iPhone 4G’s were leaked out. While one of them was found a month ago in a bar, the recent one was found in Vietnam, and when it was connected to iTunes, it was recognized as an Apple Device.

Currently Verizon is testing the comp abilities of launching the iPhone 4G on CDMA platforms and plans to avail it to the eager customers by Christmas 2010. While when the reports questioned the authorities at Apple and Verizon head quarters, they refused to comment on any such issues. The new iPhone 4G will have faster downloading, multi tasking enabled, video chat and even work on dual core processors. The graphic card and the camera may get higher resolution pitch adding to the charm of the phone.

While on the other hand the major Internet telephony company Skype which provides free Skype to Skype Internet telephone calls, provided an upgrade to it customers so that it can work swiftly on Apple’s iPhone 3G. but the catch it that the free calls are for a limited time, as in the brochure of the Skype application it has been mentioned that the free calls last only till August 2010 end. While the Internet telephony major has refused to comment and also provide details about the charges and tariffs the company plans to charge. While it has been speculated, the company may charge a user fee every month while providing the free calls. Skype could not be used in iPhone until the launch of iPad, when Apple tweaked its SDK interference and allowed Skype to be downloaded on its hand held devices.

Skype has made a huge and potential migration from one’s personal desktops to hand held mobile devices, which also allows the Internet telephony company to make greater revenues by creating new plans for mobile devices users.

While the soon to be launched iPhone 4G would also allow, non core applications like to Skype to work on it, Skye’s revenue potential has only increased.

Leaks detected in iPhone OS

Many geeks found unprecedented chinks in the armor of Apple’s new operating system iPhone OS 3.x, which was upgraded to root out security issues. But this operating system can be easily hacked, and the exposed Apple’s false claims that their security problems regarding the operating system have been solved. The phone can be easily hacked and a large amount of essential and clandestine data can be used in wrong ways. Thus in a way speaking Apple’s iPhone is still vulnerable at large.

Earlier in the year Apple was made aware if the security flaws related to its operating system 2.02, and thus Apple issued a public apology and asked for some time to fix the problem. Then Apple came out with the upgraded operating system 3.x. Many believed the security flaws would be solved. Amongst the earlier flaws the phone allowed illegal access to solicited mail accounts and many important secured files. As iPhone is also a business level phone, many of the phones of executives contains private and secure data of big corporations which have information which cannot be shared to public. Thus any enterprise user is at potential risk when it comes to using the new Apple iPhone 3G or 3GS with upgraded operating system.

According to security analyst all one needs is the latest version of Ubuntu operating system to access and hack any iPhone with so called upgraded and fixed operating system, thus exposing the vulnerable iPhone. They analyst added that the newly that the encryption level problem on the upgraded OS still exist on the iPhone. When Apple was made aware last year that simple hacking tool could be installed in its operating system and the system can be hacked off its data, Apple decided to employ new operating system with added security. But theses security upgrades where not enough after it wad found that the latest version of Ubuntu could easily hack into the data of the iPhone. It was found that both the on device encryption and even the encrypted back ups of the iPhone via iTunes could be easily hacked into.

It was found that the jail breaking tools weren’t even required to tweak into any important data stored in to the phone, thus exposing the level of vulnerability of the phone. Using the latest version of Ubuntu that is 4.0, one can easily mount a flash storage device in to the memory of the iPhone. Then the iPhone would provide easy access within the files, and even those files with encrypted pins could be accessed. The catch is that the iPhone’s kernel dismounts the file and decrypts the encrypted file when a user asks for it. The security flaws easily allow access to videos, pictures, documents of the user when mounted on the Ubuntu. Thus any one with Ubuntu has a free ride through your data when plugged in.

It clearly shows that Apple has tones of work to be done on its operating system. And with Apple’s reputation riding on it, it may be a matter of time, that Apple solves it and comes back with a permanent solution.

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