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Half of Verizon Wireless® smartphone users may switch to iPhone®

According to a research report regarding Verizon Wireless and AT&T customers, fifty four percent of the present BlackBerry and Android users on the network of Verizon Wireless are most probably to switch over to the Verizon compatible iPhone 4. The same research report also reveals that twenty six percent of present users of AT&T iPhone will switch over to Verizon. The news became available as Verizon declared sales for first-day handset exceeding over earlier records within a day of the availability of pre order. Data was obtained from the highly profiled panel of more than seven hundred smart phone users presently on Verizon or AT&T conducted between January 28 and January 31 prior to present customers of Verizon were permitted to pre order iPhone. Amongst the Verizon users having BlackBerry and Android device, twenty five percent are likely to switch over to iPhone 4, when another twenty nine percent falls in the group of “somewhat likely”. Particularly, seventy five percent of BlackBerry customers are somewhat likely or very likely to switch over as per the research report projects.

The report also disclosed that eight percent of present AT&T users of iPhone may switch over to Verizon while another eighteen percent were found to be switching over in somewhat likely manner. Main reasons for switching over being coverage area and dropped calls, while those kept their affiliation with AT&T because of the reasons such as other costs for conversion and ETFs, possible dilapidation of network for Verizon and network speed.

These numbers  seemed excessively optimistic, but as per Verizon, the iPhone 4 has exceeded expectations for sales already. The iPhone 4 Verizon-compatible became available for online pre order in respect of Verizon’s current customers.

Neither Verizon nor Apple responded to the queries regarding the number of pre orders they took, although the rumour spread that it might be twenty five million iPhones. However, a spokesperson of Apple, Natalie Harrison, informed that Apple is really thrilled for the response received so far, and is expecting to deliver the iPhone 4 to more customers.

2GB of free data transfer for AT&T® customers

Before Verizon Wireless started accepting the preorders for iPhone 4, AT&T declared an openhanded change to its data plans for tethering smartphone customers. AT&T added an extra memory space of 2 GB for its smartphone users on February 13. These users are already giving $20 per month as the tethering fee. Therefore if you are using any AT&T smartphone and paying $25 for a minimum Data Pro plus plan for 2GB and $20 for tethering subscription, this way effectively you will receive 4 GB of data by paying just $45 monthly.

After announcing about its new plans in which it is adding extra 25GB data to their tethering plan, now AT&T has removed data plans and created 2 additional data plans. These are 200 MB for 15 dollars and 2GB for 25 dollars. So now AT&T has added 2 GB extra for the tethering plans that give total 4 GB in use.

AT&T is also going to stop its unlimited data plan for $30 a month for the iPad. This plan is replaced with the 2 GB Data Pro plan for $25. The existing customers of iPad who are having unlimited plans for $29.99 may keep this plan or they may switch to the new 2 GB data plan where they will have to pay 25 dollars per month.

The promotion also coincides with the launch of the first smartphone of AT&T with an in-built mobile hotspot, HTC Inspire 4G. This Inspire mobile hotspot can connect numerous devices from its smartphone using Wi-Fi. The hotspotting will cost 45 dollars per month for 4 GB. In a statement, chief marketing officer of AT&T Mobility and consumer markets, David Christopher said that customers want to connect maximum possible devices with the company’s broadband network. With 4G, this network is getting faster.

He added that they are trying to extend the benefits of the additional 2 GB to the smartphone customers on their tethering plan. Today this plan delivers more value for price what they are paying already and this is what their customers want.

According to the report of 9to5 Mac, AT&T will be granting the extra data of 2 GB every month to those users who have this tethering option added to the plan they have. This way they will have now 4 GB of total use every month and could have the ability for tethering all for the same $20 monthly plan.

AT&T said that 98% of the customers of its smartphones use less than 2 GB a month. The caps may improve the speed and accessibility for the network of AT&T for most of the users.

Rumors regarding cheaper Apple® iPhone®

Recently, there were rumors regarding the plans of Apple to  launch low cost versions of the iPhone 4 targeted at the middle level spending group. According to the rumors doing rounds one of the models is actually half of the size of iPhone 4 and weighs much lesser with a full touch screen, a virtual keyboard  and voice commands. It is being targeted as a low end version of the Apple iPhone 4.

It does not sound good for a brand built on delivering quality and innovation at a high price, instead of average stuff at low prices. However it could also be an attempt by Apple to actually take a stand against the competition brewing from the mid range smartphone manufacturers that are flooding the market with low priced yet good enough products aimed at low to mid range income groups. Bloomberg has inside information on a version of the iPhone that is supposed to be one third the size of the current version of the iPhone without a home button which is supposedly proposed to be sold at a price of about $200 without any contract. Also Bloomberg claims Apple has also been working on a low cost iPhone capable of working in tandem with either of the two major wireless standards thus allowing users portability to shift between carriers according to their convenience without any contractual obligations and also freeing them for additional financial burdens.

Apple seems to be taking a bigger risk with a lower-end version of the iPhone than it was with the iPod Nano in that a smartphone is a more complicated device than an MP3 Player. An MP3 Player isn’t a vital communication tool for both personal and professional purposes, it doesn’t need to provide reliable voice and mobile computing service, and it doesn’t need to reliably run apps from various developers. Whether these are rumors or not, remains to be seen.

LG® smartphones with 3D display coming soon

The smartphone market is largely dominated by companies like Apple and HTC. They have some of the most popular and sought after models like iPhone 4 and the Desire HD. LG has released Optimus X that is getting very popular. The company will launch smartphones with 3D display soon. 3D technology is also in much demand and with TV and other devices, it is getting bigger day-by-day.

At the Mobile World Congress the LG invitation had the banner “Into the new dimension”. With this phrase it seems that these rumors are true and we hope that we will soon get 3D smartphones.

2011 is going to be a great year for people looking forward to 3D technology. With LG’s announcement of glasses-free 3D, the picture is getting really exciting. We already saw the glasses-free television and displays but with the smartphone it is very innovative.

At the CES 2011, LG displayed one of the largest auto-stereoscopic designed for mobile devices with glasses-free 3D screen. It has a 4.3 display featuring WVGA 800×480 screen resolution and it is based on an applied parallax barrier technology. Having this innovation in mind, we can easily hope that LG will move to show off the actual smartphone with this amazing display.

Recently we saw the Carphone Warehouse, a Europian mobile phone retailer tagged a coming soon image of LG Optimus 3D on their website. But as we know that it’s now gone and there are no further details about this model. The all new Optimus 2X has really some of the very catchy and attractive features with stylish design. It is making buzz with the perfect body with a glossy black finish and a large 4’’ screen. It is also known that LG is the first smartphone manufacturer that announced support for the Tegra 2. Now Tegra 3D is also available and we are hoping that LG will be first to use this technology in smartphones.

Tablet computers and smartphones are hot topics this year and most of them are Android based. More Android-based tablets are coming with companies planning to launch more tablets that work on the latest version of Android, Honeycomb. With the 3D-display it will be interesting to see how it will make an effect in the smartphone market.

We also hope more innovation this year and we are eagerly waiting for the same product. As we already said, 2011 is going be a vital year for all tech-savvy products. More features will be added in Android, there will be competition with Windows Phone 7 also, and there will be lot more innovating technology coming soon this year.

Apple® iLife ’11

iLife ’11 is the latest version of consumer media suite from Apple. It is not just about one thing, it is rather a great combination of various applications. But this time only three of those much loved apps were updated for the latest 2011 version. The three included in the latest version are – iMovie, GarageBand and iPhoto. For the first time since the launch of App Store, these three applications would be made available as independent programs. Their cost would be $14.99. Exclusively for Mac, this package is absolutely free. Although the users of a similar suite from Microsoft, namely Windows Live Essentials, are enjoying such luxuries that run on Windows PCs for free. If you are not satisfied with three applications in Apple iLife ’11, you need to shell out some more dollars from your pocket and you will get iWeb site design software and iDVD by paying a price of $49. But in this what won’t be included is the online component, MobileMe, for which you have to shell out $99 every year.

In all recently purchased Mac systems, iLife ’11 suite is already installed. A good news for all those who have purchased their computers after October 20, 2010 can get iLife by just paying $6.99. iPhone 4 is a lot more improved version. The full-screen view and integration with Facebook gallery makes the gadget all the more lovable. That’s not all, you are now also able to sync the photo galleries with MobileMe galleries. iPhoto is capable of doing much more than just photo editing and organizing.

iMovie ’11 boasted of a combined timeline-storyboard editing view right from the time it was launched. And the ’11 version is a much better form of that original application. A brilliant feature is the Hollywood-style trailer creation. Now you can just drag the clips into a template clubbed to a soundtrack. Not only this, the application also lets you share it with ease on YouTube, Facebook, or MobileMe.

GarageBand ’11 is not just like the professional options life Ableton Live or Pro Tools. It doesn’t cost as high as other high-end apps. With a new feature added, namely Flex Time, it lets you improve the quality of the performances by either stretching or compressing waveforms to make a better combination with your tune. All the guitar lovers have a lot to look forward to with new virtual amps and stomp boxes that would give them more acoustic possibilities and effects.

So by now you must have all judged what’s in store for you with Apple iLife ’11. Indeed, it would be nothing short of giving your gadget a fresh lease of life. With Apple iLife ’11, you will have a gadget full of fresh, fully-loaded content that will not only give you much more flexibility but also make your gadget all the more lovable.

Apple® iPhone Adds Google™ Shopper to its Cart

Gone are the days when you used to go to the market and do window shopping for hours before laying your hands on the right thing. This is an era of smart shopping. And the trends in the field of shopping are undergoing frequent change with the advancement of technology each day. When we compare today’s shopping experience with that of olden days of window shopping, we can observe a sea-change there. With shrinking of technology we now prefer one-click shopping. So with the advent of smartphones, who would not want to have that one-click magic in those small but magical gadgets! Judging the same desire of the users, companies are now vying with each other to equip their users with this facility. First it was Android, now it is the turn of Apple iPhone.

iPhone was unmatched for its stylish looks till now, and now with a new addition the complete package has become all the more coveted. This is because that Apple iPhone adds Google Shopper to its cart. This application would enable the user to have a look at the detailed information about an item, compare the prices of different products and also read reviews about them before coming to a final decision.

The application has several search options. You can either search by typing in the keywords or enter your choice using the voice search function. After that what you have is a list of results. The results also include nearby locations to which you will be helped by GPS assistance. That is not all, you will also have a unique display of product rating and user reviews along with the results.

Apple iPhone users come next in line to the Android users as the latter have  already been using this application since February 2010. It was in the month of November when Google included the option of search filters like price and brand when it updated the application. Google now seeks to expand that functionality.

In the App Store you can find Google Shopper for free: all that you need is an iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 with iOS 4.0 or higher. The iPhone users no longer have to indulge in window shopping. For them shopping will not only be a grand experience but also an interesting one. So all that you need is an iPhone and you will be on the go to face the changing world while being fully prepared to be in tune with the changing times. The addition of Google Shopper will not only make your phone fully loaded, but also make you feel fully loaded, that is, fully equipped to face the challenges of time with courage. It will unwind your mind of the various hassles involved in shopping. So now you can enjoy total shopping experience on your very own Apple iPhone.

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Call Now: +1 315-226-4249
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