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iPhone® Remote for your BF

Are you always struggling to understand and comprehend your completely non-understandable boyfriend? Well, most of us are sailing in the same boat and there seems to be no respite from it either. But hey! Wait a sec. Actually there is! With the different miracles that tech can do nowadays, it has sorted this dilemma as well. Welcome one of the hottest apps for 2012; ‘Boyfriend Remote.’

This is for all you maidens who have a boyfriend with mood swings. If you ever wanted to control him fully, here’s a iPhone tool that will help you. With this app, your wish becomes his command.

Here’s how it works. Whenever you push any button, a sexy voice will tell him about the button you pressed and he will get his instruction for the next task. Your iPhone will be the genie’s lamp and guess what; you can use this tool for not only making demands from your guy but also push him to forget about beer and football.

Sounds like a must have app isn’t it? Go ahead and get it. The exciting part about the app is that you do not have to shell a single penny for all this since the app is available for almost free($0.99). You can download Boyfriend Remote from iTunes Appstore.


Developers: All Things Remote

Platform: Requires iOS 4.0 or later

Cost: $0.99

Category: Entertainment


Bill Tracker for your iPhone®

Managing all your utility bills isn’t an easy job. Are you finding it difficult to handle all your bills from credit card to mobile phone to car payment and to electricity? Don’t worry. Here’s a perfect solution for you, a package that will track the entire information of all your bills and make sure they are paid well in time. Snap Tap brings you the Bill Tracker App, which will help you track all the detailed information regarding each bill like the amount due, due date and payment confirmation. Now, you will not miss out on your bill payment since the app will assist you in making the payment of bills hassle free.

Bill Tracker will not only store the entire information in your handheld device, it will even help you create recurring bills and remind you of their due date. You can also use the currency of your preference. The best thing is that your data is stored safely with a pass code. The app is the best in its category and is used to effectively manage bills by merely using the iPhone.

Here’s a quick download on some of the prominent features of the app:

• Create recurring bills
• Track each bill’s information
• Get timely alerts and track information about each bill from due dates to payment confirmation
• Data is safe with a pass code
• Use any currency mode
• Check the history of each and every transaction

You can download Bill Tracker from iTunes Appstore. The app is your perfect pal that makes your bill payment task easier.

Developers: Snap Tap
Platform: compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.
Cost: $ 1.99
Category: Finance

Pitbull Channel – Now party on-the-go!

He is an energetic performer, the king of house who sets your soul grooving and feet tapping. He is a head turner and heart stealer of all you maidens since he calls you to his “Hotel Room”. Yes we are talking about the one and only “Mr. Worldwide” – Pitbull. Very few know him by his real name Armando Christian Prez. This 31-year-old, Miami-based super talented and vivacious singer, rapper, composer, and producer has been topping the billboard charts with his phenomenal music and performance.

The good news for Pitbull fans is that now you can enjoy his hip-shaking numbers on your iPhone at any point of time. Pitbull Channel is an official iPhone app that comprises all the top hits of this hip-hop artist. The access is not only limited to just iPhone since you can also use Pitbull Channel on iPod touch and iPad. It is one of the most demanded iPhone music apps.

Pitbull has also got many collaborations in his kitty that earned him a lot of fame. He has also come up with various hits with renowned artists such as Enrique, JLo, Akon, Lil Wayne, Marc Antony, Shakira, Timbaland and many more. Pitbull has a huge fan following on Twitter and Facebook too. Sticking to his genres of electro-hop, hip-house and reggaeton, Pitbull comes up with innovative and intoxicating music everytime.

Pitbull Channel will offer you a complete entertainment on-the-go. With the app handy, you can keep a tab of all the latest Mr. Worldwide news, music, upcoming events, tours and videos. Using the app, you can also connect to his fans worldwide. Well, there is a reason that he is known as “Mr. Worldwide”. All hail to Pitbull.

You can download the app from iTunes Appstore.

Developer: Wapit Ltd.

Platform: iOS 4.0 or later

Price: US$ 0.99

Genre: Music

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Microsoft® OneNote iPhone® App Review

One more app is making headlines in connection with the Apple iPhone, namely the OneNote application from Microsoft. The app has been launched and lets you operate OneNote from anywhere. This interesting cloud application, basically a Web App brings in a revolution in terms of a change in perspective of making available applications on platforms of erstwhile stiff competitors namely Microsoft and Apple.

A basic word processor, OneNote can enter keyboard typed text, pictures or images and create tables. However, it is an unbound document where you can write anywhere virtually. It also does not require the act of saving as it naturally gets saved somewhere. Introduced with Microsoft Office 2003, OneNote has become popular. While it resembles the tabbed ring-binder, it is saved in pages to form a notebook. While word processors are organized to save documents as files, OneNote is used to collect, organize and share material and lets multiple edits where the changes are merged automatically.

While OneNote has been used on laptops and desktop PCs, it is also now enabled to be used on tablets and smartphones. Images, scans, embedded documents and photos can be stored as notes on OneNote. You can also search electronic ink annotations as text. Another interesting feature is that a search can be made for audio recordings with phonetics. Keeping OneNote Mobile free for some time, Microsoft has done the unimaginable, introduced the app for an Apple smartphone in the same name as OneNote before announcing a pricing structure for the same. Please note, it is absolutely essential to have a Windows Live ID for being able to use OneNote or access it over the web.

Music Player to be included in Google™ Docs

Way back in July 2010, there was a lot of buzz around with the cloud music mobile app enabling owners to upload their favorite music tracks on Google docs. Although this was done in a rather questionable manner, when, Google added the upload function to Google Docs allowing users to upload files, and the iPhone app made facilities for audio files to be uploaded to Google Docs. Users would have to upload music using their computer’s browsers, allowing iPhone owners to access a large number of songs through the Google Docs cloud application. As of the last fortnight – mid January, 2011, we had some unofficial news and tips about Google adding preview pane and music player to their collection of Google Docs.

Cloud computing is making various features erstwhile unimaginable a reality. First we saw, SaaS, then HaaS, IaaS, PaaS, ITaaS, etc. Google has been able to introduce this feature of Google Docs on cloud computing with ability to even play video, changing their erstwhile positioning of Google Docs as a business service, inline or against Microsoft Office. Acrobat Pro has also included playability of audio and also audio and video. Although Google has been reluctant in providing information on the introduction of Music player in Google Docs, as a feature in the past, it is now much clearer that, with the addition of Video Player announced in mid January 2011, Music Player is not far away.

CNet announced long back, “store music in Google Docs. Play it on your iPhone.” CES 2011 and the Android success as also various Smartphones like Google Nexus I, etc. hitting the news with phenomenal favorable response worldwide, this consumer oriented feature of Music Player is something that Google can’t hold back too long. Of course, there is also the large growth of streaming music from cloud from various quarters and with Google Docs now allowing uploading of any file types, streaming music application is more than inevitable.

Somewhere in March 2010, the name Simplify Media, a popular music and photo streaming service besides suddenly shutting down its services, also pulled off its mobile applications from Apple’s App Store. A couple of months later the news broke out that Google had acquired Simplify Media and would use their technology to allow Android users stream music to their phones. One more strong indication that Google would use this facility available on their own “Google Docs.” Come November 2010 saw, Google Chrome with Google Docs Media Player as a Google Chrome extension.

This new feature supported various video formats, audio formats, still image formats, animation formats and other formats like KAR (Karaoke), MIDI, Quick Draw GX etc. With the history of Google playing around with different ideas and products, and with statements of product management teams of Google Docs personnel periodically, it is still not clear whether Google Docs will be an alternative to iTunes anywhere in the near future. Leaks on the web with so called codes for the music player, playlists and preview panes for the Google Docs – myth – mystery – reality. Keep guessing!

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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