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New AT&T Data Plans Announced: Tethering Plans Also Expected Soon!

AT&T has come out with several new plans, and the much-awaited tethering plan will also be on the offer soon enough, exclusively dedicated to the iPhone users.  TetherBerry was a very common app on Blackberry and tethering functionality became extremely popular within few weeks of launch of tetherberry in the market. And, now finally after a wait of almost a year or so, iPhone users will finally be able to make full use of the tethering functionality with the special tethering plan.

The bad news is that those who’ve been enjoying the unlimited data downloads will end up paying considerably more, as the company has set a 2GB cap on the data plan, and AT&T has now devised a 2-tier strategy.

iPhone tethering will be possible after iPhone OS 4.0 upgrade, but we don’t know as to when the new plans will come into effect precisely. And, the new smartphone plans will be very much applicable to the iPhone as well as iPad plans, as all the users will now have the 2GB/month download cap. Indeed, this clearly means that the so-called “amazing” pricing on the iPad will no more be impressive, and just after one month of iPad 3G availability, customers will have to face some serious disappointment!

Sure thing, this will also bring some relief to the low-end users, who don’t really download a lot of stuff, and are happy enough with 200-500MB download limit. But, on the contrary, this will make the existing data plan hell a lot costlier for those who’ve become addicts of unlimited download freedom.

Coming to the tiered pricing model, the lower-end data plan will feature the DataPlus plan priced at just $15/month that will allow 200MB download limit, and the customers will be able to add another 200MB to their download limits by paying $15 extra.

Similarly, you’ll get 2GB cap for $25/month, and you’ll be charged $10 extra for subsequent 1GB usage. This simply means if you consume 5.5GB then you’ll end up paying  $25 + $40 = $65, which isn’t too reasonable by any means.

But, the biggest losers in all this drama will be the Apple iPad 3G+Wifi users who were promised unlimited usage for just $30 a month, as opposed to $25/month for just 2GB! AT&T and Apple claim that majority of the users are happy with 2GB limit, but those who’ve been enjoying unlimited downloads will be utterly disgusted with such a nightmare just after one month of iPad 3G launch!

Taking a look at the low-end DataPlus tier plan, which has 200MB cap, the price per gigabyte works out to be somewhere around $76.80. But, sadly, these users will get only 200MB for extra $15, unlike the DataPro plan users who can avail additional 1GB for just $10 extra. And, in contrast to the DataPlus, the Data Pro plan will cost just about $12.50 per gigabyte, with good scope for additional usage at a reasonable price of $10 per gigabyte.

On the other hand, Verizon’s plans have $29.99 cap for smartphone users at a monthly price of $29.99, while the per gigabyte price works out to be $6.

The AT&T screen used in the iPhone OS 4 beta makes the users hopeful

The users of AT&T have finally been give an option of being able to tether their iPhone to their laptops. This will enable them to be able to share the data connection. This is not yet done but these are the rumors that are floating out of the latest iPhone OS 4 beta versions. a new software that is a beta software was distributed amongst developers on Tuesday night. Those of the developers who have access to Mac rumors were able to dig up a whole new configuration screen that shows that AT&T users will be able to set up the tethering on their accounts. This can be done either by phoning up AT&T or by visiting their website.

Apple was the first to announce the use of iPhone users and they being allowed to tether. This was in June 2009 at WWDC. However, there was a catch in this by means of it would only be compatible with global carriers and AT&T was not a global carrier. The carrier said that it would go on to offer a feature like this along with the multimedia messaging MMS capabilities later on. However, so far they have only been able to provide MMS to their clients and this was until the end of year 2009. Last month, AT&T mentioned that they wanted to be sure that they would be able to better their network before allowing iPhone to be tethered.

The iPhone has always had the inbuilt tethering capacity in their iPhone OS 3 for the other carriers. Those customers who had the AT&T network were using it with the help of jailbreak. Therefore, even if AT&T did not actually allow tethering customers had found a way out of this predicament! At the moment there has been nothing heard from AT&T about this, but needless to say that they are really not happy with the way that it has been going.

The screenshot that was leaked from iPhone OS 4 offers some hope to the users of AT&T. They have been for long wanting just this kind of a feature. Although people are advised not to really get excited about this the reason being no one knows the price tag that is going to be attached to it. But there is one thing that is absolutely sure in this entire scenario. That is that AT&T is certainly not going to take these things lying down. It is certainly not going to allow its network to be plundered like this and that to without people paying anything further for enjoying this premium service. They will certainly tap into this service and offer it way above their normal data plans.

When AT&T was asked about the latest leak they did not comment on it. In fact at this point of time all is quiet at AT&T’s end. They are not in a hurry to go on and announce anything so far.

New iPhone expected to finally have a front camera

Several leaks from different sources have revealed new iPhone prototypes that seem to solve a chronic issue of the handset. The lack of a front camera has caused the appearance of a lot of posts on several forums. Many Apple fans have been in a way disappointed to see that the old iPhone had a back camera and simple things like video chat were almost impossible. Not to add that trying to take a picture with one of them was a big issue!

As this is already a tradition for Apple, the company is gearing up to unveil the new hardware revision of the device. Some features of the rumoured iPhone OS 4.0 are given as certain for the new release and a front facing camera is included.

Frustration about difficult chat sessions or video conferences, as well as the impossibility of correctly framing the picture when taking a self shot should not trouble the iPhone owners any more. It seems that Apple is committed to solve this problem by including a front facing camera in the new model. A LED flash is also part of the new model and will allow taking pictures in the evening. This was another area where iPhone users were disappointed.

As the next generation iPhone is due to arrive shortly, retailers are already in a hurry to clear out their stocks of older models.

Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, has promised an A+ promotion campaign that would not disappoint the iPhone fans. Rumours are confirming this assertion and they suggest that Apple has contacted Sam Mendes to direct the ad campaign for the new smart phone.
A tip received by Engadget says that there is at least one ad that will present a mother and daughter who use the front facing camera for a video chat session, which confirms that the long-awaited feature will finally be implemented.

A message posted by an actress on Twitter also confirms there will be at least one Apple commercial for the new phone.

Sam Mendes is the well-known director of American Beauty, the movie which earned not less than five Oscars, one of them being awarded for the Best Director. Other atmospheric films directed by Mendes were Jarhead, Road to Perdition, Revolutionary Road, and of course, away we go. But Mendes is also known as previously being a theatre director and helming the Tony award-winning for the revival of Cabaret.

To hire Mendes for this campaign, Apple has to be very confident of its new product, because he is definitely not working cheap! History of past launches of Apple products shows great names cooperating for successful campaigns. Famous directors have given their best to promote the company’s products, including Ridley Scott who created the original Mac ad in 1984, or Errol Morris, with the “Switch” ads in the early 2000s.
Apple undoubtedly has a very envied position amongst the top sellers of Smartphone and everybody expects a new high-end device to hit the shelves, which will satisfy fans’ eagerness for new features & high technology.

Apple OS 4 Unveils Multi-tasking and A lot More

Finally, Apple iPhone critics’ wagging tongues will now find relief now that iPhone OS 4 has been unveiled. Dreams of the platform supporting simultaneous running apps have now found reality. This feature, along with several exciting additions, was launched to the public last April 8th at Apple’s sprawling complex at Cupertino.


The platform’s inability to support concurrent running of programs in the background has always marred its otherwise stellar performance. Apparently this inadequacy, according to Apple Insider is an implementation of an artificial restriction to run third party title apps. Having multiple running tasks in the background hogs the device’s resources and consumes the battery faster.

To solve this dilemma, iPhone will not exactly allow all running programs in the background. More precisely, it pauses an application while you move on to another application saving resources as you go on about your iPhone usage. However, several programs are designed to run simultaneously in the background—for real this time. These are: background audio, voice over IP, background notifications, push notifications, local notifications, task completion, and fast app switching. So if you worried about listening to Pandora while you browse your iPhone was, again, not possible with OS 4 you can be assured that it is. Because other apps are paused in the background, you can switch from one app to another a lot faster.

Homescreen Customization

Programs can now be organized in folders. That means no more cluttering in the iPhone’s homescreen. Steve Jobs also said that the homescreen can support precisely 2160 applications. Shortcut folders will be automatically created depending on the app’s category. Aside from folders, the homescreen’s background can now be customized. Not so exciting since Smartphones and jail broken iPhones have had this since they have invaded the market, but Apple does get points for mulling it over.

New Mail App

After almost three year of Apple’s mail app being virtually frozen in time, it will now finally get an upgrade that it deserves. Your mails will now be in a Unified Inbox no matter how many mail accounts. No more hassle of switching from one mail account to another since your inbox in your accounts will be put in this folder allowing faster inbox switch. The messages will now be in threads much like the Gmail’s amazing conversation threads.


Taking inspiration from iPad, the new iPhone 4 now comes with an eBook reader integrated in the iBook store. At least you’ll have the choice of lugging your iPad with you or just putting your iPhone in your pockets.

Game Center

To amp up your gaming experience, Apple will integrate OS 4 with an Xbox support. This allows online gaming with your iPhone complete with stats display. You only have to go to the game center, pick on a game to play and the phone handles looking for a suitable game buddy online for you.

Camera Update
Tired of not being the focus of your iPhone’s videos and stills? OS 4 now supports up to 5x zoom. Go ahead focus on that mole you’ve been proud of or the new cobwebs on your ceiling. There are even rumors that new iPhones might come out with an additional camera in form for that “you” moments.

With over a hundred new features, iPhone OS 4 will be released this summer and for iPad, this fall. Some features, like multi-tasking will not be available for first generation iPhones and iPhone 3G due to some hardware limitations

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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