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How To Export iPhoto Slideshow as QuickTime Movie

Apple has created a niche in the market with the Mac computers and the applications provided with the Mac computers. Applications like iPhoto is one of the most used application in Mac computers as it allows users to manage all image files.
Have you wanted to make a movie or a slideshow of all the selected images and post in on you Facebook wall as a movie? You can you same tool, iPhoto, from your Mac computer and create Slideshow of photos which further can be transferred as a QuickTime movie.
Here are some of the simple steps to export iPhoto slideshow as a QuickTime movie:
Create a Slideshow of the images:
First and the foremost requirement are to have a slideshow of required images. If you do not have one, then you can always create using the iPhoto application.
Select the album or a group of images which you want as a slideshow, then click on + sign from the toolbar. After that select the Slideshow tab. The name of the slideshow can be automatically filed with the name of the album.
If you want to assign a different name to a slideshow, then you can select the same at this stage. After this step, start dragging and placing the pictures in the order you want it to be played.
You can also select the background music which will be played simultaneously while the Slideshow is being played.
Export the slideshow in QuickTime:
Once you have created the slideshow in a way you want it, you can select the Export tab from the bottom pane of the iPhoto application.
At this stage, you will see a pop-up screen which will give you option to customize the QuickTime video like the size of the movie. You will find a handful of options to select the resolution of the movie which can be assigned as Mobile, Medium, and Large.

You need to select the size of the video as required and then click on Export. After this, you need to select the location here you want to save the QuickTime movie file.
If you want to select some other option like the format of the file, and name of the file, then you need to select the Custom Export button form the same tool.
These exported slideshows can be synchronized with iTune as well. You might need to upgrade the iTune application and then enable the sync movie options. Once these movies are synchronized in iTune, it can be transferred in any of the iOS devices.
You can access these movies in you iPhone by selecting iPod app under videos option and if you are using and iPad then you need to use the Video app to access these movies.

Analyst: iPhone 5 Likely Coming To Sprint T-Mobile

Sprint and T-Mobile customers now have a reason to rejoice. Analyst says that iPhone 5 may be coming to T-mobile and Sprint. However, Apple has declined to comment on whether iPhone will be arriving to Sprint. There are several anticipation and rumors in the market related to iPhone 5. One of it is Apple is currently testing iPhone 5 for Sprint Networks. The anticipation is based on a job posting that appeared in the newspaper recently. Apple had recently advertised job post of cellular engineering team for Kansas City, Mo. It is the same city where Sprint headquarters are located.

Till now, Apple had limited iPhone to selected telecom carriers such as AT&T and Verizon. The AT&T and T-Mobile merger is expected to complete in few months which means T-Mobile customers will finally get an opportunity to lay their hands on iPhone as AT&T already has deal with Apple Inc.  Apple has not yet revealed the specifications and capabilities of its new iPhone. But market experts and analyst believe Apple will enhance the iPhone’s capability to run on different networks in iPhone 5.

Apple’s decision to offer iPhone 5 beyond AT&T and Verizon customers can be also based on the fact that Android phones popularity is increasing in the market. By offering iPhone 5 to Sprint and T-Mobile customers, Apple can gain an opportunity to reach masses and make its position strong in the competition. Apple will be able to increase its market share by around 30%, if iPhone 5 is made available to Sprint and T-Mobile customers.

Analyst believe that iPhone 5 will be a universal device which means it will be compatible with more networks and Apple will be able to offer its latest iPhone to customers on different networks.  Market experts believe Apple will have to overcome some technical hurdles, if it decides to offer iPhone 5 to Sprint and T-Mobile customers.  The iPhone 4 already has the capability to work on CDMA and GSM networks. Apple only needs to ensure that iPhone 5 can work on different spectrum bands used by these telecom companies.  T-Mobile customers will soon get an opportunity to use iPhone as soon as the merger deal of AT&T and T-Mobile is completed. Sprint is the biggest beneficiary in Apple’s decision to offer iPhone beyond AT&T and Verizon. Sprint is likely to experience huge growth once the iPhone 5 is available to its customers.

The telecommunication market is expected to heat up once the iPhone 5 is available on all major telecommunication networks that include AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint. Analysts believe that Sprint has already agreed to pay high subsidy cost and it would help Apple to expand its distribution. In fact market experts believe, Sprint will be the only telecom carrier that will offer unlimited data plan to iPhone customers.

Plans of Apple® to make televisions could be a rumor

Recently there have been rumours that Apple may make an entry in the television market. The origin of the speculation for this rumour has gathered momentum from the fact that Apple has made an investment of about forty billion dollars in display components technology. The company has not disclosed anything specifically regarding its plans. However, it has briefed about entering into an agreement on long term basis with three separate component display suppliers.

A bigger section of analysts believe now that the investment is an indication on the part of Apple that it is intending to take entry in the market for televisions. In an earlier report, investment institution Piper Jaffary of Wall Street remarked that components for which Apple has invested may be utilized in iPads and iPhones.

If the speculation turns up to be true, it will not be a surprising move on the part of Apple, because for the last few years Apple is planning for diversification of some part of its business. As per Gene Munster, an analyst of Piper Jaffray, Apple may make an entry into the TV market with the production of 50 inch-LCDs. The television will also extend access to a clod-based version of iTunes as stated by Munster.

As estimated by Munster,  flat panel televisions numbering about two hundred twenty million may be available for sale in the market during the next year, and approximately half of them will be connected with Internet. In case of Apple, for this sort of diverse business activities in the market of televisions can fetch them huge profits in the long term. As per an estimate of Munster, Apple can get additional two and half billion dollars revenue from the television market in 2012.

The iPad® Now Can Take Command of Computers

You can control one PC from another by using certain applications. The process and the set-up are not easy to do, but it is used by companies as a maintenance and training tool. It is also helpful for some consumers as it can be used for troubleshooting purposes.

Now you can control a PC from a multi-touch tablet computer. There are several applications available for that. These applications are present in iPhones for years but phone screens are too small to open and operate programs on a PC. With iPad it is a different story because of its 10-inch screen.

While testing different applications on iPad to control Windows-based PCs and Macs, we found that these apps work on iPad. We concluded that touch-screen tablet computers are not a great match for traditional computers. They are designed for a mouse and keyboard. There are also some issues of Internet connection as they mostly depend on speed of the network. These limitations make the application slow when receiving things like videos.

The two apps which we tested for average consumers are LogMeln and iTeleport. LogMeln is the iPad and iPhone inbuilt app of a computer-to-computer remote-control product. The iTeleport exists from the early version of iPhone and now they also come with iPad.

You can simplify the complexity of set-up by installing a special free program on the computer that you are going to control from the iPad application. The advantage of these apps is to see and control all the computers with this installed program. The set-up is very easy and connections are also reliable and fast.

There are some issues with these apps though. One of the big issue is related to the controlling of a computer. Each one of them has two basic methods for this. The first one will allow you to move the computer’s mouse cursor and you can click the virtual mouse by tapping. In the second one, you can directly tap on the things on the remote screen. Both these apps i.e. LogMeln and iTeleport are better with their own methods. But we also found it really tedious with the regular requirement to use touch to move the image of the screen around the iPad’s display.

Both these apps are available at different costs such as LogMeln will cost you $29.99 and iTeleport will be available free for 30 days. After 30 days you need to buy this application at $2.9 a month or for one-time you can pay $24.99.

Important Windows® Phone 7 update Released

Microsoft has achieved its initial objective with 1.5 million phones in Windows 7 Phone sold worldwide in just two months time. This is the best performance ever by a version of a Smartphone says Aaron Woodman, Director Mobile Communication Business at Microsoft. Certainly, with such a figure, the software company is still behind the performance of archrival. It has sold 14 million iPhones in one quarter in the world.

Another major concern for Microsoft is now to safely perform the first updates of Windows phone. In the coming months, users can connect their phone to their computer and download the new version. An operation that will be even longer to realize that there will be content in the phone. The stakes are high for the group. This is the first time when the company will establish such an operation, said Aaron Woodman. We must anticipate all scenarios. Including the blunders of consumers, the risk of a phone unplugged from the PC in the middle of the update. However, the data content of the phones are valuable to their owner and the product must remain continuously available. The challenge promises to be complicated and the group prefers to take the time rather than risk a failure.

This copy and paste function will be quite similar interfaces of iOS and android handhelds.  The updates will also make the phone more efficient. Gamers online will earn 15 to 20 seconds of download time. In fact, the most relevant application is graphical, the greater the difference between the old and the new version will be. Microsoft also highlights the 5500 applications now available and the 20,000 registered developers. 100 new applications are created every 24 hours informed Steve Ballmer. It builds on all these improvements to continue to nibble market share in Smartphones. A process that will, by the admission of the group, “long term” but “consistent”

The ability to copy and will not come alone to WP7 , but that will come with improvements in other aspects of the system. One of them is the fastest search in store “Marketplace” and load times much faster in games and applications.

Microsoft and Dell uniting against Blackberry

Dell has announced that it is planning to replace 25,000 BlackBerry Smartphone and in its place will provide its employees with Dell devices running in Microsoft’s operating system: Windows Phone7.

A report from Bloomberg states that Bank of America and Citigroup are also testing Android Smartphones and iPhones in an effort to widen their choice of devices for their employees.

In October 2010 Apple claimed that 80% of all the Fortune 500 companies are either using or testing the iPhone which includes P&G also. Even JP Morgan Chase is also exploring the possibilities of letting workers use iPhone and Android phones for corporate email. Six months back even Standard Chartered also announced that it would be replacing the BlackBerry with the iPhone.

On the other side of the coin Dell will also offer employees devices running on Google’s Android, an operating system which is already running on some of the company’s mobile phone models.

The move by Dell is not at all surprising. It makes sense for Dell as it prefers its own product over those manufactured by others. The Texas-based technology giant claims that this move will help in cost cutting measures. The company is trying to get the customers who use BlackBerry enterprise services to switch to similar business services offered by Dell. CFO of Dell MR. Brian Gladden also admits the reason behind the switching as the company competes with RIM. The move is proposed as to be more economical for them.

The enterprise practise Director of ABI Research Dan Shey also added by saying that iPhone and then Android, the business customers have more than one choice to pick from. As each region will have a different set of competitive dynamics within a few years, as the regional installed base market shares of 50% and above will be a thing of the past.

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