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Bing App Comes Out with a Bang

What If I call the Multimedia enabled web and the mobile platform are nothing but a racetrack today? Yes, Hoards of innovations in the Information Technology hit the stores in the form of Smartphones, Media players and much more. These smart phones and Media players come to life with a software or application that runs inside them. There is an ongoing stiff competition to bring in the cutting edge technology in Mobile Phones apps. Industry players like Microsoft, Google showcase their Mobile Apps in the best possible variety to lure their customers. Well, here is a brief note on how Microsoft’s Bing App endeavors to take Google App apart in this extremely competitive Industry.

Bing App on the Smartphones

The Bing App opens up a very cool, trendy and appealing home page, which has several options like Web, Images, Movies, Maps, Businesses, News and Directions. There is a search text box at the top for the customers to key in their favorite topic and a Mic symbol to its right indicates a voice-enabled search. Arrows and Icons at the screen’s lower end enable a smooth navigation.

Bing app’s enticing new features

Just touch and scroll it, Bing App will connect you to your friends, brings in movie updates and guides you to shop your favorite stuff whether it’s a garment or a gadget.  Are you hungry and looking out to have a feast for your tummy? Bing App pops up the list of restaurants or eateries for you in seconds. The App quickly does a search of Brilliant images with Zoom in and Zoom out capabilities.

Social Networking

Get to know and tweet your friends and colleagues from your Smartphone! Yes, the newly added feature in the Bing App logs you in to Facebook, Twitter and shows up the latest updates on your network instantly.

Visual Scanning

This is an amazing feature incorporated in the latest Bing App. A camera-equipped Smartphone can scan or read an Item, puts it on the web search and presents a whole lot of needed information about the item. Therefore, the next time you step out with your Smartphone with Bing App loaded into it, you do not have to fuss about anything.

Bing Maps get you to the right place

Another cool feature in the Bing App is ‘Bing Maps’ that gets you moving by showing the right directions when you drive on. Voice-guided navigation via Bing maps gives you a hassle free way of getting to you a place of your choice. It is absoloutely simple!  Just speak out on your phone and it keeps you on the move.

Google App Vs Bing App

Quite true that Bing App is out with some amazing features listed above, but Google App is already ruling the Mobile App domain. In fact, there’ s nothing much extraordinary about Google App and it is just in sync with the usual Google Search Engine with the additional Mic to the right of the search text box that lets you do a voice-enabled search. With iPhone already running Google App in it, Apple has given a place for Bing App to play in its latest iPhone 4. Bing App will give life to many other SmartPhones, iPods etc.,

Well, from here, it Looks like Bing App is hands down the best mobile App. Because the elegant software adds the much needed zeal to the hardware to make buyers go gaga over them.

Is it the end of line for Mac?

If there is one debate that will never end then it has to the one related with our ever growing list of techno gadgets.  For those who have experienced the power of Apple Mac OS, there can be only two eras for them. One before the Mac OS when life was complicated and the other after its invention which is right before our eyes, the age when Apple has spread its wings and we have revolutionary products like iPods and iPads.

The biggest difference between all three of these devices is that all of them run on a different OS. While Mac is the oldest of the three and has been around the corner for quite some time and has been analyzed by the critics very minutely, as a result it has stood the test of times very boldly and proudly. But the iOS of iPods and iPads are more dynamic because they have an invaluable function of loading applications; it makes these devices more global and their usability increase many folds.

Many developers who have contributed for the iPhone OS unanimously agree that there will be a day when Mac will be replaced by these new generations’ operating systems but for now Mac is still standing on a pretty firm ground. And that is going to be the case for quite some time to come.

One area of concern was the shift of language as the old ones were based on Cocoa and Graphic C.  All the developers were in the favor that both of these tools have the best interfacing and are more users friendly that the other applications but not many are concerned about this phenomenon.  They all seem to agree on the common point that the only constant I the software industry is change hence even if we might be comfortable with graphic C, things will be heavily different in the next 5 or 10 years hence the notion of changing the language is not very out of context.

In the end all I say that Mac has stood firm in these days of fierce competition and now it’s sensing a danger because of its own evolved OS, but all the rumors must be put aside and Mac must be enjoyed till it can be. As it will take quite some time for iOS to become as dependable and famous as Mac, Since Mac has made many improvements then reached this stature while the other Apple OS have been around for only a short amount of time.

Apple iOS 4.1 Beta Released but fails to Address the “Death Grip” Dilemma

After a much heated grumbling fest about iPhone’s apparent signal woes, Apple released the iOS 4.1 Beta to address the issue. Apple recently released a statement revealing that the built-in iOS 4 had erroneous displays of signal strength.

Apple’s Explanation

In depth testing by the engineers at Consumer Reports proved that the Apple’s claims of a software glitch were not the whole truth. After a battery of tests, the Consumer Reports found out it was a design flaw of the iPhone. Users are demanding a recall and Apple stands to lose $1.4 billion if it pursues this course. The debate is yet not over and many iPhone enthusiasts have to wait for a hardware solution from Apple.

The Consumer Reports also presented a temporary fix for the signal reception problem. All you need is a non-conductive tape to cover the antenna gap.

But the iPhone OS 4.1 does have its share of noteworthy improvements.

Finally, the Game Center is with the iOS 4.1 Beta, which will  to be released for the iPhone 4 late this year. With a revamped look, Game Center offers iPhone users a way to connect with their peers while using iGames.


Repositioned Flash/Camera buttons in landscape mode

-Spelling check modifications can be accessed through SettingThe new platform

-Works with the iPhone 4. iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G and for the 2nd and 3rd generation of iPod Touch.

For those who have jailbroken iPhones, it might be wise to await for the iPhone Dev Team’s go signal before upgrading to the new beta version.  According to iH8sn0w, a team dedicated to hacking iPhones and iPods “all jailbreakers and especially unlockers should stay away from ios4.1 beta until further notice!”

Just to be on the safe side, Apple gives its users a choice.

“As a reminder, if you are not fully satisfied, you can return your undamaged iPhone to any Apple Retail Store or the online Apple Store within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.”

The iPhone 4 is now dubbed as Apple’s Vista. Judging from the PR mess that iPhone 4 is wallowing in, Apple might have to amp its PR budget this year—probably cheaper than a full item recall anyway.

Boosted Audio and Video views on iPhones and iPads with Kindle Apps

Kindle Apps now-a-days have become one of the widely used applications for iPhones, and iPods. These kindle books now come with all the expected and required features. They can be used for Video views , audio playbacks, various cookbooks, researches, guides for various things etc.

Though the application’s usage started 3 years back but the features present today are advanced and were not supported by the older versions of the kindle books. The older versions of it mainly consisted of non graphical photographs and words and many comprehensions .The older version was incomplete in it and never used the sources from outside. The Latest version of the Kindle Apps searches every minute detail from the media sources and presents complete information of every possibly related thing right in front of the user.

These books have become popular to such an extent that users are having a tough time in finding   and downloading them.  Most of the times when they are searched online for download for different purposes. They are unavailable or the link where they can be found is busy, but still users prefer the use of these books as they are quite good and helpful. The books are also easy to download as the time taken for downloading them is much less in comparison to time taken to perform other tasks.

Only some of the video download takes some time but that to is not more than 12-14 minutes. Moreover the video and audio books and records that are present are all properly listed but label they contain sometimes varies from the content.

These books are present at But users can download AV books over the wireless connection .It can’t be done by the usage of a 3G connection. Since the downloads for the apple devices are absent on Amazon, it is securing AT&T from getting connected to many users.


The good thing about these books is that all of them could be found at Every single book that has been released till now is present with full updated information’s and details. Thus should keep its record maintained and shouldn’t be afraid of releasing new versions of these books. According to the users they should take their rivals as the opportunities for allowing more and more people to experience their services.

Thus, with the help of many users, rivals Amazon will also be able to publicize these applications more into the markets and it will become easier for them to deal with its customers and critics and to carry out the further research and debugging for further advancement of their product. As none of the apps have been perfect till date without customer support, this phase is also one of the important parts in making the product public and common for users.

The New HTML 5

There is a new innovation created which is the HTML 5 which is the new edition of the Hypertext Markup Language operation for producing Website pages. The operation has long been sleeping on the technological world for quite some time now, but there are developers who persevere to make it once again relive the life it once had with the use of new features ranging from built-in video going to the 2D graphics.

But the set back that comes along with it is that there are only few people who know how to operate the program presented by the HTML 5 because of its complexity. That is why it is not a shock to the industry that when the product is set to sail, the marketing buddies will step in with appealing packaging system to make it deceivingly comprehensible.


In the case of Apple, it was presented as an HTML demo page. There have been a lot of available pages before and there might be a lot more to come along the way, but only certain users indulging in the technological industry are at the level of Apple’s marketing force. The demo of Apple’s HTML 5 gives stunning iPods, attention grabbing typographic technology, expanded shifting of photos and other perks that you can acquire.

Borrowing Apple’s marketing appears to be astounding to the developers who literally spent years of hard work struggling to uphold HTML 5.

The Controversy

The programmers of Apple with the WebKit browser engine scheme that lies beneath Safari have been among the alliance of HTML 5, but Apple industry was not that loyal after all. Apple’s website blocked several browsers with the succeeding statement that says that customers will have to download Safari in order to view the demo. And that the demo was especially made with the most recent Web operations supported by Safari that would only take several minutes.

It doesn’t really imply on the system that other browsers available don’t support HTML, but it is quite certain that the strategy embedded was at the side of Safari.

It is not strange that Apple took this kind of path to raise its products because they have long been that way but it surely tapped unfavorable reactions and critiques.

Apple’s Disapproval

According to a complaint by the Mozilla evangelist who is Christopher Blizzard, the message shown by the Apple regarding uploading Safari before allowing you to stream the demo shows a pretentious act being browser friendly but intently blocking other browser accessible to the clients.

It is certain that the website is uplifting Safari. But upon looking beyond the meaning of the act, it implies that Apple is showing off different features, not to compare how well other browsers perform and be compatible. The thing that Apple is preventing to happen is for their demo to look awful and be struck with non-compliant browsers. The more a company manipulates the field of their expertise, the easier to climb up the ladder of making immense profits. And Apple is certainly knowledgeable about it.

Flash on Android is put to the Test

The new version of android 2.2, supported by Flash 10.1 betas, age out for trials. Adobe Flash, a multimedia platform is to add animation video and interactivity to WebPages, has been developed from Macromedia from PC and mice by Adobe system in 1996. Though there are much disputes about its applicability into a mobile version, Google Android has installed it considering its versatile applicability. According to Google, several new tools and options have been connected and those are unavailable previously.

Objection about Flash from various sources: Adobe already has made good business from flash after its development in 1996. When the mobile market is expanding and newly developed technologies are being installed in it to make it much effective and communicative. Adobe system has developed the Flash (the contraction of future + plash) as the mobile version. In this way Apple has come as the barriers. In April 2010, Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Inc has shown six reasons, including life of battery and security of not recommending that flash for their iPhones, iPods and iPads. MacAfee has also recommended that Flash software of Adobe will be the main target for attack in 2010. Many security agencies of software also think so.

In reaction, in an Ad campaign, Adobe has commented like this, “We believe that consumers should be able to freely access their favorite content and applications, regardless of what computer they have, what browser they like, or what device suits their needs,” Adobe co-founders has also said “No company — no matter how big or how creative — should dictate what you can create, how you create it, or what you can experience on the Web.”

Despite all this Google’s Android 2.2 is going on well. Feedbacks from users are positive. Jeffrey Hammand, a principal analyst at Foresters Research has recently posted his comments in a block is “I have not noticed a significant differences in battery life when i view Flash enabled content. ”  They has also appreciated that the quality of video and audio work in beta is marvellous like the BBC. We, outsiders, expect the battle of blabbers mouth be stopped. Both the companies the Adobe system and the Apple are in the good book of people. Maybe they all are true from their point of view. In spite of that, science and technologies will proceed through their way overcoming all the obstacles. Mutual exchanges of knowledge will unveil fantastic discoveries every day. Human being should take advantage of those. Android with Flash is already in the line to achieve to success and wish if passes the test with huge credit. Wish once more the Flash get enhanced to be fit in the iPod and iPad in the future.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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