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Electricity Supply Issues With Twitter

With the increasing popularity of social networking websites, more and more people are signing up at these social websites to make friends, socialize and share photos and videos. Twitter is one such website where in you can make friends, share updates on latest happenings and about things happening around you. The traffic on twitter is increasing at a rapid pace with a large number of bloggers and followers.

The reputation and worth of the company also tends to increase with the increase in the number of users. The latest technology is so flawlessly embedded that celebrities post their updates and tweet on a regularly about things that are often officially published in magazines and journals.

The site developers are trying to work on issues related to power, to make the website more user friendly and compatible. With the use and adaptation of new, enhanced, innovative systems & software more features are being embedded into the webpage.

Issues related to power are evidently a concern in the data harts and centers as well as some leading service providers. After a detailed analysis it has been found that a major problem was with respect to cooling and power in the data service providers. The leading financial companies also revealed that their foremost problem was in relation to power. The problem of power was significantly faced only by the major data centers in the year 2005. But now with the replenishment of old technologies and equipments with the new ones which have higher power concentration, they are likely to operate smoother.

Twitter is one of the busiest and most highly trafficked website in the present times. The pressure on the maintenance team of the site grows multifold each day as thousand of users create a account on it. There is an exponential growth in the number of users of Twitter and thus the need for higher end gadgets and technological equipments is required. The data center needs to have more storage and the servers need to be more sophisticated. Hence the need of power supply also increases. The website is real time and thus they cannot afford the failure of the mechanisms in any case not even for the slightest of time. Hence the need for backup strategy is also required. When you come up with this strategy then for sure it is required that there is continuous power supply. The major hitch faced by the website is that there is a shortage of the electricity as the demands continuously supersede the supply.

In case of huge data centers that consume energy/power in multi-megawatts and whose bills of power consumption generally go beyond 1 million dollars, an efficient and effective plan can solve this problem of high cost. Power consumption represents half of the working expenses, in most of the data centers. An efficient and reliable design provides more advantage in terms of capital cost which is reduced when a consistent plan is put to action, lowering the investment made by the data center in cooling ability.

Thus, to conclude with Twitter and other websites get problem of electricity which should be addressed wisely, without incurring much cost.

How to Resolving the Boot Configuring Issues

Computer changes our life a lot, it made our life very fast and easy but sometimes we have to face so many problem regarding computers. One of them is program error. Especially we get the following error messages when we start the windows 7.

Info: The windows boots configuration data file is missing required information

Status: 0xc0000034

File: /boot/BCD

When any of the following condition is true then only the error occurs. If in the Boot Configuration Data (BCD) store the Window Boot manager (Boot mgr) entry is not present. The boot/BCD file on the active partition is missing or damaged. So by using the following method in order you can resolve this problem.

Method 1: The start up repair option is used for repairing the BCD store

You can repair the BCD store by using the startup repair option in the windows recovery environment.

In the computers disc drive put the windows vista installation disc and then start the computer. When you are prompted press a key and then select a currency, a note, a time and another input method or key boards then click next. You have to click repair your computer and then select the operating system which you want to repair and then click next. Click startup repair in the system repairing dialogue box. You have to reboot the computer after performing the steps.

Method 2: Use the Bootrec.axe tool for re building the BCD store

In the disc drive put the windows installation disc and when you are prompted press the key. Select a time a key board or another input method, a currency and a language and then click next. Click repair your computer and select the operating system which you want to repair and then click next. Click Command Prompt in the System Recovery Options dialogue box type Bootrec/RebuiltBcd and then press ENTER.

An installation path of a windows directory will presents you if the Bootrec.exe is executed in a proper way. Type yes to add the entry of the BCD store, if the entry was added successfully a confirmation message appears.

If any missing windows installation cannot located by the Bootrec.axe tools then remove the BCD store and then you must create it again. To do this type in the order in which they are presented the following command. First do the backup by using Bcdedit/export C:\BCD_Backup and then rename the file by Ren C:\Boot\bcd bcd. Old; finally rebuilt the BCD Bootrec/rebuiltbcd. Restart the computer after performing the step.

Method 3: By using the Bcdedit.axe tool manually rebuilt the BCD store

If the problem is not resolved by the previous method then by using the Bcdedit.exe tool in the windows recovery environment you can rebuild the BCD store manually.

In computers disc drives put the windows vista installation disc and then start the computer. You have to press the key when asked by the PC. Select a currency, a time, a language and another input method or a keyboard and then click next. Click repair your computer and then select the operating system which you want to repair and then click Next. Click command prompt in the system recovery options dialog box and then type the following command then press ENTER:

Cd /d partition:\Window\System32

This is partition c and the letter of partition in which windows vista is installed is represented the partition. First you have to type the following command and press the ENTER bcdedit/enum all. The next command will create the boot manager bcdedit-creat[bootmgr]-d “Description”. After this you have to set the partition bcdedit-set{bootmarg}-device partition=partition and list the display order by Bcdedit/displayorder {GUID}. You will have to then select the default option by Bcdedit/default {GUID} and finally you can set the timeout option as well Bcdedit/timeout Value. You have to reboot the computer after performing the steps.

How to Resolve FQDN Issues in Windows Vista

If you have a computer on which Windows Vista or Windows 7 is running and there is no proxy configured in the Internet Explorer of Windows and you are using the WebDav for accessing such sites that have fully qualified domain names. In this kind of situation you would be asked to enter your credentials even if you have the user account which you are using has the sufficient permission for accessing this kind of website. For instance if you open a file of Microsoft office from the website of the Microsoft Office sharepoint with the help of the Microsoft office 2007 on a client computer which has the Windows Vista operating system that does not have a proxy configured and you are prompted for the authentication. This is not the case with the Windows XP operating system.


In the Windows Vista operating system, the Internet explorer makes use of the service of the web client when you are using the internet explorer for accessing the resource of the WebDav. The HTTP services are used by the web client service for performing the network I/O to the host which is located remotely. WinHTTP would send the credentials of the user only in a response to the requests sent to it which occurs on a local intranet site. But the WinHTTP does not check the settings of the security zone that are present in the internet explorer for finding out that whether any web site is present in that particular zone or not and allows the credentials to be sent in an automatic manner. If there is no proxy configured then the WinHTTP would send the credentials only to those sites that are local to the intranet.

Solution to this problem

When you are experiencing this kind of situation and need to resolve it then there is a hotfix available for this. The hotfix can be downloaded and you can easily get rid of the problem that are facing. There are no pre-requisites of the hotfix and can be done easily. You should restart the computer for installing the hotfix.

Registry information

In order to use this hotfix you would need to modify the registry. You should be very careful when modifying the registry as any change made to it. Before making the changes you should keep a back up of the registry so that you should have increased protection for your system. After you have applied the hotfix then you would have to enter this to the registry by following certain steps. First click on the start button then in the start search box type regedit and press enter. Look for the registry and click on the subkey of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\WebClient\Parameters. On the edit menu point to the new and then click on the multi string value. Then type AuthForwardServerList and press enter. Click modify on the edit menu. In the value data box write the url of the server which is hosting the web share and then press enter. After doing all of this you should exit from the registry editor.

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