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Xbox 360 sales increase in Japan

Home video game console Microsoft Xbox 360, released in November 2005, last autumn. According to  a published data  on the official Microsoft blog the Xbox 360 recorded  most successful  sales in the year 2010 in its entire five-year history .According to the NPD Group, in December 2010, Microsoft Corporation has sold 1.9 million Xbox 360 units that was the best indicator in the history of the game console.  You will be amazed to know that Xbox 360 sales has once broken all the records and for a period of  60 days it  has touched  8 million sales record.

The latest Japan retail figures Video game console Microsoft Xbox 360 sales rank shows it at No. 8 in Japan. On Friday a Japan based company ,Media Create Co. has reported that the Microsoft sold 3,859 units of Xbox 360 between Jan. 3rd to   Jan. 9th and ranked as to No. 8 in overall sales.

Moreover, there is an increase in sales the Xbox 360 by 42 percent compared with 2009, which made the gaming console a leader in the industry. We  hereby take privilege to inform you  that consumers spent in  year 2010 on the Xbox 360 as much as $ 6.2 billion, that is more than on any other console, and the three most popular games for it as of December included Call of Duty: Black Ops, Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood and Kinect Sports.

Xbox 360 is also ranked as Best-selling console in the U.S. in December 2010.Gamers bought 2.5 million units. Another gaming system which was liked on second rank was Nintendo – Wii – the leader among home consoles, with the result of 2.3 million units. Sales of consoles by  Sony – PS3 and PSP – not known.

Total sales of the gaming industry in December 2010 are 5.06 billion dollars, up 9% and the worst performance of sales was in the year 2009.  The Sales of consoles was decreased by 16%, to 1.84 billion dollars, and games – by 5% to 2.53 billion. At the same time, demand for accessories has grown by 10%, to 853.2 million. The reason is called the popularity of the sensor for the Xbox 360 – Kinect.

On the other hand, in the year 2011 the website Gamrfeed.vgcharts .com has given a sales analysis of all the available game consoles. On January 8th the site has given the sales analysis of first week of New Year season in which Microsoft Xbox 360 sales are recorded lowered and the reason behind slips in sale is that the holiday season is over now and the sales of Microsoft Xbox 360 is recorded down by 45 percent. The website has informed in worldwide hardware sales Microsoft Xbox 360 is losing 248,000

(-45%) with sales of 299,000.  In comparison to this the PSP sales are also down by 153,000 (-46%) with sales of 178,000 units only.

Japan Loves Twitter; Tweets More than Facebook

With the fast growing trend of social networking websites, people all across the world, from every particular country are now connecting with each other. Every single day, more and more number of people are found registering themselves onto these socializing websites. They have strongly embraced the entire concept of socializing on the web and have embedded it as a part of their life. Amongst the entire list of countries that are deeply influenced by these socializing websites, Japan has created a record of its own. According to recent reports, it has been learnt that the people of Japan have found a special addiction for Twitter and Facebook, as compared to the other socializing websites. However, as a matter of fact, Twitter which is mainly a micro-blogging system is much more popular than Facebook or any other socializing website in Japan.

Why Twitter?
Japan, commonly termed as a Technologically Savvy country, currently seems to be completely engrossed in finding online friends and love from across the country and globe through the help of socializing websites such as Twitter and Facebook. However, it is quite interesting to learn as to what influenced the Japanese to get deeply engrossed in these socializing websites and stamping their votes for Twitter above all other websites. Most people believe that it is the small term “tweets” that fascinates most people in the country while many others believe that it is the innovative concept put along by Twitter that attracts most users.

Growing Interest
According to the statistics obtained from a survey report, it is learnt that more than a huge percentile of 16.3% Japanese social networking addicts follow and love Twitter, as compared to the mere 9.8% people from the entire country of America. The results are really surprising, as Twitter was mainly launched in the technology savvy country only in 2008 and had gained the attention of all youngsters in a short span of time. However, according to several survey organizations, it is believed that the Twitter application for mobiles which was recently launched somewhere in 2009 had captured the minds of most adults and techno savvy people in Japan. Hence, you can find a majority number of people following Twitter as compared to Facebook or any other socializing website.

Ever since its launch, Twitter has become an integrated part of the people in Japan. It can now be seen on all television channels and internet websites as the most recent news update for your favorite celebrities. It is thought that the largest number of people switch on to these socializing websites only to learn about the latest happenings in the lives of their favorite celebrities. As a result, Twitter clearly tops the chart with its widest list of popular celebrities. Also, it is due to this reason that Twitter is considered much bigger than Facebook in also other countries such as America. Hence, there remains no doubt in the innovative concept designed by Jack Dorsey which today rules the world, especially that of Japan and all Japanese people.

Toshiba Collaborates With Nvidia Tech to Produce Satellite A665 3D Edition

Japanese multinational electronic device manufacturer Toshiba Inc. has released a newer model of satellite laptop with high resolution 3D facility. They take Nvidia Tech as a associate for the technical support of 3D technology. They released their first products in USA market with the Nvidia’s 3D Vision software kit, 3D glasses and emitter.

3D Technology

Toshiba A665 is adorned with 3D facilities which enable the users to enjoy the most enjoyable outfit of interface and resolution with high quality picture quality. The new model will give the viewers a real time experience of every moment.


Intel Quad-core Core i7 is assembled as a central processor in the model where Nvidia’s GeForce GTS 350M graphics processor is also attached for maximum graphical representation of all works. The processor cost about $1600 where they include Satellite A-Series, C-Series, L-Series, M-Series and T-Series products.

The new Satellite A665 3D Edition features a quad-core Core i7 central processor from Intel, Nvidia’s GeForce GTS 350M graphics processor and is priced at $1,600, the company said Tuesday. The June 20 update also includes new notebooks in Tokyo-based Toshiba’s Satellite A-Series, C-Series, L-Series, M-Series and T-Series product lines.

Audio feature

The Satellite A665 contains high audio sound stereo with Dolby Digital Sound technology. Built in harman/kardon speakers are attached as sound tools which are of very high quality and tremendous performance.

Battery and Charge capacity

Toshiba ensures the high battery performance and low energy consumption for their newly released Satellite Notebook. The notebook can be automatically stop consuming energy when it is paused to work.


The new product will be available with a 14-inch or 16-inch monitor of high resolution. The monitor has features of multicolor display with some Intel devices or micro chips. Some mobile technologies are also added which are now available in Japanese market.

Music System Enrollment

“Toshiba Sleep-and-Music” enables the customers to enjoy music even when the laptop is shut down. The ‘DVD upversion’ feature allows enjoying upgraded and developed resolution of movies which is more likely to HD panels.

Models and Prices

Toshiba announces to unveil five new series of models with different sets of features. The most economic tag is detailed with L-series where Satellite L635 costs $620, Satellite L645 costs $516, Satellite L655 costs $570 and Satellite L675 costs $600.

Satellite C645 and Satellite C655 is marketed with an initial price $500 which is very distinct with its features. The Satellite T235 with a larger monitors 13.3-inch which is slightly larger than T215 a notebook has high multi-purpose capability with multi-touch option. Actually the models range from $400 to $800.

Toshiba is very hopeful about their new models as those are both stylish and work- friendly. Toshiba in fact associated with Intel and Nvidia for the high coverage of computer market. The high modification and enlarged option list of new models ensures the supremacy of Toshiba notebooks in the market.

Lenovo’s and CIT’s grand financial agreement was a remarkable event

On 3rd May 2010, Lenovo and CIT Group Inc., who is one of the giants in providing finances, signed an intent letter to create the efficient Lenovo Financial Services [LFS]. LFS will be a program that will offer not only a wide range of solutions, specifically in vendor financing to business partners of Lenovo but also the customers who greatly avail Lenovo’s highest range of products and services integrated with its efficient technology. The programs of LFS will grandly initiate on 1st June 2010 in North America.

The President and Chief operating officer of Lenovo announced that the establishment of Lenovo Financial Services Program offers various opportunities to avail the alternatives of financial services to the elite customers. In addition, he mentioned that Lenovo Financial Services Program will focus on the financing programs that are specifically made to be in total terms with the effective needs of customers.

However, the President of IT vendor Finances, Mr. Bon Arrington mentioned that it was a great excitement to have the high relationship with Lenovo, who is a developed PC company in industry. The LFS establishment is a leading provider of financing solutions of their vendors. It demonstrates the ability of CIT to offer financial solutions for the customers of the technology companies.

Advantages incorporated

Lenovo customers are benefited the most because they will achieve the technology that will acquire them to increase their purchasing power. It will not only offer protection against obsolescence of technology but will also preserve the capital for other utilizations.

Discovering Lenovo and CIT

Lenovo is popular for its dedication in building the personal computers that are engineered exceptionally. The business model of Lenovo is structured on the efficiency of operation, satisfaction of customers and focusing on the investment in the emerging markets. This was created by acquisition group of Lenovo, former IBM personal computing. This division of the company creates, develops and markets the reliable, secured and easy to use technology products and services globally. Lenovo has many research centers that are localized worldwide from Yamato, Japan, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Raleigh to North Carolina.

Founded in 1908, CIT is headquarters in New York. The company is a holding bank and its approximate assets and finances is $ 45 billion, which offers financial products and advisory services to small and middle businesses. It operates in more than 50 countries and offers an unparallel combination of bonding, intellectual power and capital finance to its customers. CIT is a leader in retail, finances, aerospace, and equipment, rail leasing and vendor finance.

Concluding remarks

Thus, it was a memorable event when the two big technology giants Lenovo and CIT announced the integration of financial services. These companies will offer opportunity for all those customers who are increasing their purchasing power. It is greatly estimated that this program will effectively solve the true needs of customers.

HDD Upgrade Service for Japanese PS3 Users

There are various versions of the Sony PS3 which have had different hard drive sizes, and configurations. Those who’ve not got the 250GB model have started feeling cramped with lower capacity hard-drive; but, unfortunately, Sony PS3 is not a PC that you can simply upgrade the hard drive. It takes much more than purchasing a new hard drive in order to replace a low capacity hard drive with a higher one. You got it right – backing up the current contents, transferring them safely to the new HDD, and fixing the new HDD in place.

In order to resolve these issues Sony has come up with an ingenious solution! The company has officially announced hardware upgrade option in the Japanese market; but that’s going to cost about 18,000 Yen. It covers everything right from creating backup, transferring the present contents of your old drive onto the new one, and fixing it back in place.

Yes, you read it correctly 18,000 yen, which is about a whooping $190! Indeed, such a price is too high for the labor cost for transferring data from an old hard-drive to a new one by all means. The upgrade will cover everything right from moving the system software and current contents to the new hard drive. Moreover, Sony will also give back the original hard drive, which is currently in use, once the upgrade is completed. The interesting deal is that this upgrade is available to all the Sony PS3 users, irrespective of the version they have; be it 20GB, 60GB, 120GB, or 160 GB!

Market Availability
As of now, this upgrade option is available only to the Japanese markets, and Sony has not given any hints about taking this offer to US. But, even if they do so, the million dollar question would be“will Americans be really happy enough to shell out somewhere between $150 and $200 for such a small hardware upgrade?” Probably, those who’re too lazy to do anything on their own, or too skeptical to lose their data, may give it a try; but, there are good chances that majority of the folks may not find it worth their money.

Of course, if you’re a tech savvy person, you may be able to easily get the job done, in a matter of couple of hours at the most! But, those who’re not too familiar with backing up data, and transferring it, will definitely require assistance for an upgrade. It is good to see that the company is trying to offer services, but anything in excess of $100 is way too high for such matters. So, let us see what kind of response Sony really receives from the Japanese market in the next few months. Will they really plan on offering such services in US, as well as other parts of the world?

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