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Epic Browser: The World’s Only Anti virus Browser

Hidden Reflex is an Indian startup company that has decided to launch its first ever web browser from India. Epic is designed to host many features and applications that will impress the World Wide Web audience. It has something that none of us has ever even heard of; an integrated virus protection in your web browser.

This built-in antivirus and antispyware feature is powered by ESET. The browser has its own sidebar with different widgets that are already installed beforehand. These include skins, maps, news, jobs, Gmail, Yahoo, games and various others. Epic has stated that there have been 1500 free applications that you can add on your new Epic browser.

Indian language support is all-encompassing when you are using Epic. Users are able to choose among 1500+ Indian themes which include browser-based wallpapers. The India content in the sidebar includes everything ranging from the latest news headlines to the regional news and even live TV and cricket commentaries. This is the first browser that will include a suite of productivity applications which will include 1500+ free and user-installable side bar applications which can be bought at the Epic Apps Store.

Epic Browser Possibly the Best on the Market

The social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Orkut have also been included in the sidebar. This is where you can log in to your accounts and continue working on whatever it is you are working on. There are also several utility functions in the Epic Browser which will leave the customers very satisfied. Included in its package is a free word processor, a to-do tool, Snippet application, a timer and the most important function of all, a way to access your files and folders from the browser itself.

About Indic

They have an application called Indic which will allow you to type using many different Indian languages. Hidden Reflex has announced that the browser supports 12 Indian languages as of now. The browser also has a feature that allows you to watch videos from YouTube using a small window which will allow you to browse other sites while you are watching videos.

Epic Web Browser was built on Mozilla Firefox and is customized to accommodate all the needs of Indian users. The look, feel and speed of the new Epic Browser are definitely worth looking into. You can get the browser at

Open Source manages to be of great assistance when they are competing against the big time competitors in the browser market. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is seen going on tits way down because of the combination of bugs, regulatory bodies asking MS to get a browser ballot and other browsers that are gaining market share. Apple’s Safari, Google Chrome, opera and Mozilla Firefox are just some of the browsers that are waiting to pick on the clients and gain their share in this profitable market.

Everyone will be lining up to get their own Epic browser. Who wouldn’t want to try it? It is possibly the iPhone of browsers which makes it that much more attractive in the list of browsers on the Web.

LinkedIn Looking For Acquisitions to Expand Their Market

The virtual world has become more popular than newspaper advertisements for providing the information of jobs and searching the job vacancies. Profile based professional connection site LinkedIn is looking for the modification of their site with more user friendly tools and value added services. Thus they decided to go for some acquisitions which could help them in promoting their sites to more people.

LinkedIn mobile penetration Planning

LinkedIn is the largest profile based professional site where they aim to make a network between the corporate and professional persons around the globe. But currently LinkedIn is not user friendly for the huge interface and large profile. LinkedIn is going to release more compatible version for the mobile users which will increase their customer base.

LinkedIn’s acquisition strategy

Linked is focusing on the number of unique and active users. They are targeting to increase the traffic by some innovative acquisitions as these acquisitions can lead them to access into some new market. Acquisition of a new company permits the use of all old services, data and market of the old company. Thus it can be a great way to increase the traffic of their site along with increasing the user friendly tools and facilities.

Creating the new tools for the users

LinkedIn Corp. is one the largest social networking site of the current market. They are trying to reach more people with more sophisticated tools which can make their site different from others. For this reason LinkedIn CEO announced a master plan to work on producing more tools which will enables the user to try with own formats. In fact they are trying to create a customized option where the user will be able to use their own settings, formats and interface.

Current scenario of the market

Although LinkedIn is dominating in the professional networking market, but they lag behind the Facebook, Twitter and Myspace in the sector of social networking. According to market research agency Comescore Inc. Facebook has the highest number of active unique users. Facebook has around 548.1 million users where twitter has 90.2 millions and LinkedIn has 45.1 million. The average yearly income of LinkedIn users is $107,000 according to Nielsen Co. information. Linked has planned to expand its market beyond the current one with more man powers and strategy. They setup their business offices on Brazil, USA, India and China. They are going to setup a new branch in Canada very soon which is announced by CEO Jeff Weiner.

LinkedIn associated with Twitter Inc.

Short status facility proving social networking company twitter is now connected with LinkedIn. If anyone tweets in the twitter account that will be visualized in the LinkedIn account and any update in the LinkedIn account will be visible in the twitter account.

With all these innovative facilities LinkedIn is going to be introduced to the more numbers of users. In fact they are concentrating on cutting edge technology and user comfort for increasing the traffic and active users of the networking site.

Amazing employment opportunities through Twitter

Social networking has come a long way from where it started years ago. The nascent social networking sites that made their way initially, have now become a resounding success with hundreds and thousands of people joining these social networking sites each day. As the networks expand, these social media are not only being used as a network for the people from various forums and countries to meet but they are also using this platform to enhance their career and also self development.

Twitter started as a social network that followed in the steps of many of the other ones that had existed for a long time. But it has since overtaken many of the networks by a great distance. The Twitter network has caught the fascination of people who have never been on a social networking Website. People across the social strata from celebrities to those who do not even have a home find solace in the company of other people through this network.

Job opportunities have increased all over the world in spite of the fact that we have not come out of the recession. Many people who are part of the Twitter family could be those who are recruiting employees for their company. These people have started looking at Twitter as the place where they can find a new employee. There are various advantages of searching for an employee through a social medium like twitter and they are as follows.

1. Detailed information about applicant: If you are a recruiter and receive an application for a job offline, then you can only learn about the person from what is given in the resume. Even if you call the person for the interview, you will not be able to really assess the person completely. Social networks are places where recruiters are able to not only learn about the qualifications about a person, but also learn about the behavior of the person and can learn if the potential employee will fit into the organization.

2. Choices available: The choice available for a recruiter is unlimited. In case of recruitment for a position, advertisements are usually given on newspapers and the applicants who apply for the position are limited.. Twitter on the other hand, has millions of people and many might be the right people for the position. This makes it much easier for the recruiter to find a person who fits into the position like a sleeve!

Twitter also gives an opportunity for the people who want employment to talk to other people and search for employment. Twitter can also be used to watch out for job postings and communication to the employer or the person seeking jobs.

Twitter has changed the way people search for jobs. It is indeed a great advantage for the employers and job seekers to be able to identify each other and decide if they will fit in the job. Social networking and Twitter especially has started playing a unique and important role in the lives of people, much more than many of the other social networks on the internet.

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Call Now: +1 315-226-4249
Call Now: +1 315-226-4249