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How to Set Up a Computer With Multiple Screens & Mice

A computer system comprises of a central processing unit, input devices and an output device. Input devices can be the keyboard, mouse, joystick, scanner etc. and the output device can be video monitor, printer etc. Out of all the input and output devices, the monitor, keyboard and mouse are the most commonly used devices. Without these devices one cannot even think of working on a computer. Keyboards are used for giving text commands to the computer and a mouse is used for giving graphical commands. Normally there is only one display and mouse required on any computer but with multiprocessing and multitasking being greatly used this requirement can go further. One would like to have multiple screens connected to his or her computer to view multiple programs simultaneously on different screens. One would like to have more than one mouse connected so that multiple users can give commands at the same time.

In this post I will discuss how to connect and configure multiple display screens and multiple mice on a single computer.


Multiple displays

If you have a desktop computer then in order to have multiple displays connected you need to have dual VGA cards installed on it. Conventionally every computer comes with a single VGA adapter slot which supports only one display monitor. This is something which you have to purchase if you wish to have multiple screens on your computer and there can be no software alternative for the same. If you have a laptop then you can easily work on multiple screens because a laptop has its own display panel and it also has a slot for connecting an external VGA display. Once you get the two displays connected, all you need is to go to the ‘Control Panel’ and make the settings for screen sharing. You can have same display on both the screens or if you want you can extend the display on both the monitors. Extending is mostly used in multiple display systems so that you can extend your desktop to two and have different applications open on different display screens.


Multiple Mice

By default the operating system supports only one mouse at a time because there is just one mouse pointer on the screen. Even if you have multiple mice, still the pointer will remain one. To have more than one mouse you need some third party application to control the input commands sent by various mice. One of the applications which has proven itself quite handy is TeamPlayer. With this you can configure multiple mice on the same computer. All these mice can be connected by USB hub and can be controlled by different users. This kind of configuration and approach is useful in joint presentations where various users have to control the screen at various times.

It is not only about connecting multiple screens and mice to one computer, you can even use a single screen, keyboard, and mouse on several computers. All you would require will be some special switching devices and software.

5 Tips to use Keyboard Efficiently

Keyboard is the main input device for any computer system. Keyboard is such an important device for any computer that a computer doesn’t even boot if the keyboard is not present in it or if it is in a non-functional state. Keyboard is what we mostly use while working on computer and so we should be comfortable using it as it directly affects our productivity. If one is not comfortable using keyboard than he or she will not be able to work quickly and will end up wasting time using the mouse. In this post I will discuss 5 ways to make you comfortable with keyboards and make them easier to use.

Know all about your keyboard:

Days are gone when keyboard consisted of only numbers and alphabets. Now the keyboards are full of extra keys and special actions can be taken by these keys. These keys initially seem to be junking up the keyboard space but if you know their usage then they can be of great help. For example if you can open your default browser by just pressing the Internet key then why to use a mouse and then click on Start then Internet Explorer.

Change Keyboard Settings:

We are in a habit of using the backspace key because we tend to make mistakes. Mistakes like pressing two keys together, pressing in the middle of two keys, keeping a key down for long time. Such mistakes can be avoided by good typing practice and if not then such mistakes can be minimized by changing the Sensitivity and Repeat Delay settings of the keyboard. Open Control Panel and the Keyboard setting Window and from there you can adjust these settings.

Take Shortcuts:

Though, we don’t use or we are not aware, but each and every task can be done by the keyboard. Believe me we don’t need a mouse if we know proper keyboard shortcuts. Using keyboard shortcuts increases are productivity because then we can go through the options quickly and more efficiently. Browse the internet and you will get hundreds of websites listing the commonly used Keyboard shortcuts. Try memorizing the most commonly used shortcuts first and then go with the other complex ones.

Use Sticky Keys:

If you think that pressing multiple keys is not ergonomically easy for you then you can try using the sticky keys. Settings for sticky keys is again under the keyboard settings and this makes the three keys Shift, Alt and Ctrl to stick until the next relevant key is press. For example if you have to press CTRL+C then no need to press and hold the CTRL key and then press the C key, instead you can press and leave the CTRL key and then press the C key.

Select the best keyboard for yourself:

Market is full of keyboards and if you want you can spend some time in choosing the best one. Keyboards come in multiple models, shapes and sizes. There are keyboards which can be broken from middle to use separately with left and right hand. So I would suggest that browse the nearby store or on the internet and get the best one for yourself.

How to change the input language of your keyboard

Now computer systems have almost completely phased out the usage of old typewriters and almost every publishing and documentation task is done on computers now. Doing the documentation task on computers gained massive acceptability because it is very easy to create documents on computers, make the changes, make language changes, change the fonts, and editing the entire document. Computers have proved their worth when it comes to typing and creating documents and this is the work which is done the most on computer systems. By default computers are programmed to work in English, but this can be easily changed and you can make your computer work in your own regional language. It is not all about changing the font of the document but it is about changing the overall language of your computer. Even if you do not have a keyboard of your regional language still it can be done and then all you would need is to mark the keys accordingly on your English QWERTY keyboard.

Below are the steps to change the input language of the keyboard as follows:

Step 1: Open the Control Panel. This can be done by clicking on Start Button and then clicking on Control Panel. If this option is not available then click on Start, then on Run and type the command “Control” and press enter.

Step 2: Once the Control Panel opens look for an icon named Regional and Language. Double click on this icon to open the Regional and Language settings window.

Step 3: In this window click on the Language Tab.

Step 4: Click on the Change Keyboards button and then click on Add

Step 5: Scroll and select the language that you wish to use. Also select what type of keyboard you would be using. If you will be using the US keyboard then check it else put a check in front of your local language keyboard.

Step 6: After making the changes click on OK in all the Windows and exit out of the Control Panel.

The steps given above will change the keyboard language of your computer system. Now if you have a keyboard which has all the characters of your regional language marked on the keys then it is good, but if you are using the same old US English keyboard then you need to mark the keys manually. Changing the language of the keyboard changes the default characters of the keyboard. For example if you make the changes and then press the letter A on the keyboard then it will not type letter A but will type the new character as mapped by the new Language. It is always advised to map and mark the new characters on the keyboard so that it is easier to use.

Turn your iPhone to QWERTY-thanks to Boxwave

Now listen to this, you can actually have an add-on like a QWERTY keyboard which enables you to key in data with the iPhone touchscreen attached. The Boxwave keyboard Buddy acts like a slider phone, which is similar to the Blackberry Torch.

The greatest benefit you may ask is that you don’t have to spoil your touch screen with “butter fingers”. Moreover the keyboard is attached to the back of the phone which enables you to easily slide it off.  One important functionality of the keyboard is that its Bluetooth connectivity.

The keyboard is much thinner than the iPhone itself which in terms of ergonomics does not dampen the look of the iPhone. Currently the phone is available for $70.

Review of Palm ‘Mansion’

Palm is an American mobile handset company which manufactures high end mobiles. As the smart phones are growing bigger in the handset market, Palm is innovating new technologies. The first Palm phone was launched in 1996 and the model was Palm Pilot. From the starting and now Palm handsets are popular with professionals, consumers with WebOS software. You can buy Palm smart phones through Internet, retail and wireless operators

The WebOS was used on Palm Pre for the first time and since then it has been involving a lot in terms or technology, usably and security functions. The newly launched WebOS version is especially designed for thouchscreen mobile phones and multi-tasking.

It incorporated great features and technology like JavaScript, RSS and HTML5.

There is a rumor about Palm is launching a new product and everyone is eager to know more about the product. This model is reliable and attractive like its older products and the name of the product is ‘Mansion’. The Mansion will have 800×480 screen size and the most attractive feature of this product is that it will not have physical keyboard. The design is very interesting as we heard that virtual keyboard buried in WebOS2.0 and it will use for Palm pad.

The new device by Palm will be completely different from previous devices like P102 in terms of user experience and touchscreen functionality. The news has already created sensation amongst the smartphone users and other smartphone manufacturer. Palm’s smartphone are supported by HP and it is being speculated that the new phone’s design and features will also be affected by HP technology.

The launch of this new phone is being delayed f so long and the reason is the there has to be so many form factors which needs to be produced with this new phone.

The phone must carry some of the basic for factors which most of the Smartphones already have, and these factors are Portrait slider, landscape slider, candybar etc.

As the competition in Handset market is very challenging and android phones are very much popular like iPhone and blackberry. It is also a known fact that WebOS scales easily so virtual keyboard are not a concerned factor but the thing is to get above the mix of pretty good mixture of virtual keyboards on Android phones.

Users are eagerly waiting for the phone with new features as it is definitely going to grab a lot of attention in the market. However, a virtual keypad is not the only features which can make Palm phone to compete in the samrtphone markets, there are some other new features and technologies which Palm manufactures ahs to incorporate in their product.

Features like retina display which iPhone has Android has already adapted 6 months back in their products.

BTC 5100C Mini Keyboard

Keyboards are one of the most important components of a computer. Keyboards are input device; when you press any key on keyboard, it sends information to the computer. Keyboards are very useful for typing an e-mail or to browse the Internet. There are different kinds of keyboards available in market today and it is not a tough task to choose a good keyboard. In general, all keyboards layout is same; every keyboard has 80 to 110 keys and QWERTY layout. The connectivity may be different for different keyboards but normally keyboards have PS2 connectivity or USB connectivity. You can connect both types of keyboards to your computer. When you are planning to purchase a keyboard, try to specify a good design with good angle and smooth keys. The decision should be all yours because you will have to work on the keyboard.

Now we will discuss about BTC 5100C mini keyboard, BTC is a Taiwan based company, it mainly manufactures computer hardware. BTC is new in this arena and they are planning to grow bigger so they launched this attractive product. Computer hardware market share is mainly distributed among Logitech, Intel etc. they are the biggest player in computer hardware market. If BTC wants to challenge them, they should me more reliable and customer-oriented. As this is initial phase for them, the product is looking impressive and attractive. You can purchase their keyboards online; the price varies from $40 to $100. It has 80 keys, the main feature of this keyboard is to pack 110 keys functions in 80 keys layout.

System requirement for BTC 5100 keyboard

There is no such hi-fi requirement is for the BTC keyboard. It can be compatible with all Windows and Linux also.

Physical specifications

BTC 5100 keyboard is a light weight computer keyboard. It can be useful with its tiny size. Its weighs 1.4 lbs, the whole dimension is 12x6x1.5 inch.

This tiny and compact BTC 5100 mini keyboard is looking reliable and well built. They make an impact with the 80 keys which can perform 110 keys functions. It is portable because of its small size and we hope customers are looking forward to more products from BTC. It is also available in many colors like black, white and beige. You can choose the color as per your choice. It can be a good choice for users who want a compact and tiny keyboard for them. This also attracts some consumers because of its light weight and portability.

These are the main specifications of BTC 5100 Mini keyboard. The layout is same as other keyboard, so there is no need to think about key layout. Also the PS2 connectivity is important feature, because if you have older computer then it might have USB connectivity. So it is good for older computers also. We hope this article will list out all the specifications of the BTC 5100 mini keyboard and if you are planning to buy one then you can refer the article.

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Call Now: +1 315-226-4249
Call Now: +1 315-226-4249