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New software code for Re opens Windows of biz opportunities

We know that pressing “Shift” and “4” keys together on any keyboard gives us the dollar symbol “$”. What if we get the Indian Rupee symbol incorporated on keyboards in the same way. Well it’s not just a thought but it is going to happen soon. Everything is finalised it’s just the government of India which is waiting for the Traditional Symbol of Rupees to phase out from Banks, so that they can officially release the new Symbol.

Since India doesn’t have an official currency symbol, people write it in multiple ways and there are lot of inconsistencies that have to be taken into account while doing computation. There has been no set pattern of writing the amount as well but now it all will be fixed. Not having a set pattern and a currency symbol has always added to the efforts of software developers who have to write codes for banking and other financial applications.

Addition of Indian Currency symbol on the keyboard will require manufacturing of keyboards with the new layout and will also demand tweaking in the applications so that it understands the new symbol. Hardware Vendors expect that this change will bring in some fresh orders for IT equipment in banks to stock brokerages to insurance companies. India’s largest PC makers, HP and HCL are already planning to introduce the new keyboards which will have the Rupee symbol. Microsoft the manufacturer of largest selling operating system said that we will work on the changes in OS as soon as the symbol is approved by Indian Government. Microsoft has already provided Indian version of Windows XP had support for 4 Indian Languages and Vista came with 12 Indian Languages in it. As per Microsoft it is not going to be a big challenge and this incorporation will be smooth and will not hamper and previous data. All it needs is a uniquely assigned number to that symbol which will be understood by the machine. This number is called a Unicode which is a machine understandable code for all the symbols.

Its not only the computer Industry which will do the new incorporation but India being one of the largest mobile phone market will also see a similar the change in mobile phones. The mobile phone makers will also adapt to the change soon. Narendra Bansal, the CMD of Intex Technologies (India) Ltd, said that his team is already working on the software and hardware compatibility for the upcoming change. “We will launch our new line of Keyboards, desktop PCs, and laptops with the symbol within three months. Our Mobile phones with the Rupee Symbol keypad will be launched soon”

This change will not only give new ventures to the Indian IT market but will make the Indian Rupee well known across the globe along with a value to it. It certainly is another step towards economic globalisation.

Why Microsoft Store Opens in San Diego

Microsoft is always ready to excel its competitors in the market around the world and it was clear when it inaugurated its fourth retail store in Sand Diego, California just at the moment as Apple announced to launch its iPhone 4 device. This is also very interesting that its stores are not far away from respected rival Apple’s store. The new store is only 4 shops away of Apple’s in San Diego.

It is also speculated that Microsoft is shortly going to open its fifth retail store in Seattle, having Microsoft latest products such as mice, keyboards, Xbox360 and Windows new versions, hoping Apple to be ready to do something new.

Market analysts say that Software giant is very keen to excel others market players than producing favorable products for the customers. The recent opening of the store is one such example of M.

Apple has over 286 stores and the fourth store of Microsoft is nothing but to compete and Apple nationwide. Thursday morning was looking like a battle ground before dawn, as there were two kinds of people waited for their respective stores to open. One crowd was eagerly waiting for Apple’s latest iPhone and second kind of crowd was excited to know what special Microsoft store has for them.

It was looking like a heavy and hard effort of M to take a bite from the share of Apple. According to the officials of Microsoft, there is no competitive environment in that region; they selected Fashion Valley just because it is considered the home of Microsoft customers and there is huge mix of people wishing to get both the stores at short distance. Before being inaugurated, the Fashion Valley store entrance was covered with a large white sheet, which was lifted on June 24.

Carolyn Hesse, a consumer, said that she is just a PC person and has nothing to do with iPhones. She also admitted that she is not sure if Microsoft is going to give any run to the Apple. Hesse said that this it not possible to beat Apple is there is any competition between them.

Microsoft new store spreading over 7,500 square feet area and is situated on the first floor of the huge mall is on the same place where Ann Taylor was once located.

George Belch-San Diego State University marketing professor said that having two business rivals at the same place is good but not for Fashion Valley. People come to the store to see and get knowledge of different things; they do not come just to visit Microsoft and Apple.

Microsoft will offer its valued customers a unique range of products including PCs, display featuring touchscreen laptops, MP3 players and Xbox video game system and much more, expressed Belch. He also said that people are curious to go to the products but it matters how they draw the customers back to the store; as you must have more than enough choices because there are several stores showing uncountable stuff.

iPad vs. Net book: Where is the Competition Heading?

In order to deliver a near virtual and ergonomic experience one needs new technology to counter that of a PC or a laptop. The  iPad which has been developed by Apple has created a new revolution in the market. Hence it is known as a tablet computer. When compared to Net books, iPad has more features and applications that are not available on Net books. The keyboard is not physically attached to the device which looks more stylish and attractive and hits the market with its own properties.

Consumers want to try out some new things rather than always go on using the same old features. They want their product to be presentable in a unique and innovative way. This is the major reason for the increase in growth of the successful iPad product.

IPads over Net books

The reason behind why people prefer more iPads than any other computers is that some people do not want big keyboards and desktop attached to their mobile device; since mobiles do not support full Internet applications. If we browse for sometime the battery will go drain off. So to reduce and eliminate these difficulties raised by mobile phones, users prefer iPads which allows you to surf for long time with its external features and looks compact and stylish. The life of the battery will also last longer. But still some users are fond of these keyboard and desktop screen since they do not want to upgrade to a new one. So, we cannot compare the features and net sales between them.

Does the iPad replace a Net book?

Within a month, the company has seen more growth by selling this product.

Apple has announced that the net sales have been increasing widely when compared to net books. Because of the increase in growth of iPads the net books sales have gone down in the market. In this ever increasing competition iPad is considered to be the new age of surfing or computing net with faster experience. A survey was taken over sales between iPad and net books, which showed that 44 percent of users prefer the iPad as compared to net books.

The main reason behind this increase in growth is especially because of the Apple’s new zeal for innovation. As the iPad is a trusted brand of Apple, users are increasingly spending their money on it to enjoy the features and applications that are available over iPads. One survey says the collections have crossed one million units during the first month of its release itself. Hence by this growth most of the people concluded that iPad replaces net book. But the competition is not over yet.

I would say it is still confusing to release the answer for “is iPad killing net book sales?” even though iPads are growing very fast; it does not replace the netbooks over the sales rate. Some features which a netbook device has do not supported by iPad. So it is quite difficult to compare the both devices. We cannot come to an end that iPad is killing netbooks over its sales since the data that are been posted are taken before the arrival of iPads. So, I would say they both stands in their unique way and people who are going to buy their product may change the revolution of the product.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003