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New apps to dash on XBOX® 360

Microsoft is going to release a handful of new applications to XBOX 360s in the U.S. and Canada. For beginners, those of you living Stateside will now have access to Manga Entertainment and MUZU.TV. Manga Entertainment provides access to free video content from its catalog, while MUZU.TV boasts of around 40,000 music videos from current and classic artists ready for users’ viewing pleasure.

FOXTEL app too updated

In addition to the aforementioned apps, the software giant announced an update to the Australia-only FOXTEL application with support for Microsoft’s Kinect. The Kinect support will enable the Oz folks to control this on demand TV app with hand gestures or by voice. So, what are you waiting for jump out of the couch and grab the remote to install the apps on your XBOX 360 now.

Microsoft® Kinect-powered Internet browser coming to XBOX® 360

You could be surfing the Internet using voice and gesture controls on your XBOX 360 gaming console in the very near future. It is being rumored that the software giant Microsoft Corporation is working on a Kinect-enabled Internet browser for the XBOX 360 gaming console. The browser is reported to include Bing voice search, however, it will be limited to media results only.

How it will benefit Microsoft?

Bringing Internet Explorer 9 to the XBOX 360 would help boost Microsoft’s browser market share — which has been rising slowly but steadily in recent months. This move will of course drag Bing along with it as the default search engine. If there is not extra fee charged along with the great voice and Kinect integration, then both the browser and search engine stand the chance to be great hits.

In the beginning of May month, Microsoft offered an interesting deal for XBOX 360. As per the deal, Microsoft will be offering a 4GB XBOX 360 Kinect bundle for a mere US $99 to U.S. buyers. But there is a catch to this offer. The user has to sign a two-year contract to XBOX Live Gold membership. The user will have to pay US $14.99 per month for XBOX Live Gold. The total cost for two years of XBOX Live Gold at that rate is US $359.76, bringing the total price tag up to US $458 before taxes.

If you are interested in this deal, get the deal from here and print it out. You will have to redeem it at a Microsoft Store.

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Dance Central 2 – Game Review for XBOX® 360

You burned the floor in ‘Dance Central’ with Kinect and XBOX 360 along side. Now Microsoft has released its sequel, Dance Central 2, to make you quickstep or groove yet more. It features more than 40 chartbuster songs from a range of artists such as Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Usher, Nicki Minaj, Daft Punk, Justin Bieber, and others. Kinect, the motion-sensing device for your XBOX 360, tracks the full-body motion and helps determine the accurate score. You also get to know the feedback so that you can rock some more the next time. The game introduces a variety of new dance moves specifically produced by expert choreographers. Dance Central 2 appears all set to turn up the heat on the floor.

The preceding Dance Central version of the game became an immediate hit as it got imbibed in the lifestyles of majority of people. The game lets you train yourself on various dancing steps and make the heads turn with its Break It Down rehearsal mode, which is an interesting section with step-by-step instructions. You would find different ways to refresh and relax your day with Dance Central 2. You can customize up to five playlists with 20 songs each and switch to Workout mode, to burn the fat with some cardio exercises and get healthier. The Perform It single-player section helps you to review your steps and score high. You can also throw up a party at your house and dance the mambo or the polka with friends, or you can just bop to the racy music. To make the day riper with frolic, you can split into teams of two and rush up to the Dance Battle, further.

There are some cool features to make you shimmy comfortably. You can use the Drop In/Drop Out feature to swap with or substitute a dancer. The Voice Commander feature lets you select the song and screen, or to pause the game any time. Crew Challenge mode lets you unlock more characters, outfits, and crews for more fun and merry. You can earn high scores in Free-4-All and spotlight sections. Besides all this, using the KinectShare feature, you can upload screenshots of your cherished dance moves on Twitter and Facebook by click of a button. The snapshot would display the song, your score, and the difficulty level to make one perfect proud moment for you in the social circles.

With the Music Store feature integrated in the game itself, you can add many new songs to your song library. You can also import tracks from your Dance Central game disc to twist and spin on the familiar beats. Choose among various new avatars, such as Bodie, Glitch, Kerith, Lil’T, Jaryn, etc. The enhanced and better Dance Central 2 game has it all to keep you happily addicted. Foxtrot, tango, waltz, or boogie your way to complete entertainment. Know more about the game, discussions, and the songs on the Dance Central website.

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Microsoft: Demand and Supply Gap for Xbox 360

It had been rather disappointing to find out that Microsoft officials were rather speechless when they were asked about the low sales of their best selling products ever made which are the Xbox 360 and Kinect.

Several people who are interested in gaming and do not want to play games on their PC due to the cumbersome tasks of installing the necessary hardware components and then playing a particular game often like to go for a more sophisticated and hassle free task. It is to buy a game console and play the desired game by sitting in their bedroom.

A Game console is actually a machine, which just like DVD players enable gaming on the TV. You just have to attach the console to your tv and then forget every thing about any possible hardware components or even any software that has to be installed for playing a game. It is often being observed that the HUD and the graphics which are available in any gaming console is often very high and the now a day most of the gaming consoles are supporting HD graphics for games.

In the same way, Xbox 360 and Kinect are the greatest and the most popular gaming consoles ever to be built by the human race and the owner of the Xbox 360 and Kinect is Microsoft itself.

But the funny part of the story is that after the entrance of Nintendo and SONY in the market which were complemented by the arrival of the Nintendo Wii and the SONY PS3 proved to generate quite a competitive atmosphere for the Xbox 360 and Kinect. To one’s great dismay it was found that even after the total sales of 1.9 million consoles by the end of December 2010 the total sales of Wii and the PS3 was higher.

NPD gave the reasons as follows. They said that the above-mentioned decrease in total sales was not actually the result of any kind of lowering of the demand for the Xbox 360 and Kinect but was actually the shortage in supply by the year of 2010, which made most of the customers to shift from purchasing the Xbox 360 and Kinect to Wii and PS3. This was quite a disaster as was told by the Microsoft officials by the starting of 2011, however, the sales have raised again and more than 5.5 million consoles were sold in the starting weeks of 2011.

That was quite relief for the Microsoft officials who later announced that the greatest problem laid with the mismanagement and the demand forecasting that led to the lowering of the supply of the much demanded console which is still loved by millions of hard core gamers, from all over the world.

GeckoSystems uses Microsoft’s Kinect Mobile Self-Navigation

Geckosystems released a statement announcing their recent development of the eckoImager which incorporates technology from Microsoft’s Kinect sensor. Gecko systems specialize in hardware and software inventions for the mass consumer marketplace aimed at usage in homes for safety and social purposes. Its current invention is the CareBot and GeckoNav, GeckoChat and GeckoTrak. These products are designed for the care of the elderly, the ill and children.

They are in discussions with various representatives from Microsoft. Gecksystes claims its sources its motivation from Microsoft’s founder Bill Gates’ article “A Robot in every home”.

Gecko aims to bring revolution in the robotics industry by incorporating elements from mobile robotics to develop Mobile Robot solutions for Safety, Security and service.

Microsoft has to its credit a mobile robot software development environment named as Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 2008 R3. It is a Windows based application for the ease of developers in creating robotic applications across a range of hardware. The carebot is a robotic device with an aluminum frame surrounded by a plastic shell, two wheels which run independently, sensors microprocessors and on board computing device. It is primarily built around 5 platforms the GeckoSuper, GeckoNav, GeckoChat, GeckoScheduler and GeckoTrak. GeckoNav is responsible for maneuvering the device around obstacles and taking care of the motion of the robot, GeckoChat is responsible for interaction with the subject and answering to verbal commands, GeckoTrack using the Kinect technology through its sensors maintains close proximity to the subject.

Microsoft’s had recently stated sale of over 8 million Kinect sensors within 60 days of its launch. The GeckoImager uses sensor fusion interpolates structured light machine vision data provided by the Kinect sensor with sonar range finding data and all this added to the Geckos solid state compass, accelerometer and odometry sensor fusion provides enough data to provide the robot with a situational awareness to make it avoid collisions unaided utilizing its own resources in every conceivable environment setting. Also using the sensors from kinect would be cheaper than the current industry standard of laser range finding systems. It not only is cheaper but an excellent option providing dearth of data required for navigation at a lower cost to money and power stated Kevin O’Connor, Sr. EE Roboticist, Research and Development, GeckoSystems.

These service robots can find multiple utilizations from the home environment to the hospital environment. Can provide care of the elderly and the physically challenged can be used for monitoring the sick and many other uses.

Gecko systems state that the breach usage of Microsoft’s economic Kinect range finding sensor system would allow some approaching business-to-business niche retrofit markets for them. They said they would continue to expect technology-licensing revenues to precede revenues from product manufacturing and sales and have two to three prospective licensees in active discussions. This augurs well for increased ROI and shareholder value for their nearly 1400 investors.

Microsoft Xbox 360 and Kinect May go short of Production

Xbox 360 is a gaming console which is popular all over the world. It has come a long way since it was launched in the year 2001 in November. There is no stop for it as its demand is increasing with each passing day. The name given to it is because user feels a never before 3D environment , which delivers a live gaming experience it is just like you are in another world and living it up. The moment you enter into its world it makes you crazy with excitement. The whole gaming console is designed to give you a whole new experience to the users. This is the biggest reason why it is liked by the people all over the world.

Recently, there has been news is from the gaming world of technology that there is a huge demand of these Xbox gaming consoles in the period of vacation. The reason behind it is that there are new users in this season. People are free to spend their spare time. There is a motion control system which makes it easy to feel the entire thrill. The huge success of Xbox tells the entire story itself.  There is no need to talk much about the details. This is the ultimate winner. These gaming consoles are being sold in a rapid way. Within the 60 days of order it is completely sold out.

For that Microsoft had to expand its production to meet the demands of the customers all over the world. According to the spokespersons of Microsoft the sale of Xbox has risen by 42 percent in a year. It is a booming figure enough to tell the truth. Kinect for Xbox is a device which enables the user to interact without touching the gaming console. It works without touch. There are smart sensors that sense the motion and gesture of the face and voice as well. It is really a game changer. That is the reason why it is sold in such a huge level. The most important thing which works for the Xbox 360 is the experience it gives. Sensors in it are so efficient that if you bent or do any thing like that it will feel like that on the screen.

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