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Review of LaCie 1TB Rugged All-Terrain Hard Drive

The LaCie Rugged XL is a 1 TB Portable Hard Disk Drive. It is built to meet all your storage needs on the go. It comes along with a sleek and stylish design.

This durable Hard Disk drive offers one terabyte of storage space along with a high-speed USB 2.0 connection and eSATA interface of 3 Gb/sec. The aluminum alloy case of the hard drive dissipates heat generated during the operation. An added bonus to LaCie Rugged XL is that it has shock-resistant inner bumper. A colorful exterior rubber that surrounds the hard disk protect Rugged XL when you are transferring the data between machines.

The key features of Rugged XL 1 TB Portable Hard Disk Drive are:

1) 1 Terabyte of disk space.

2) Rugged design for outstanding performance on the go.

3) eSATA and USB 2.0 connectivity.

4) A sleek and stylish design by Neil Poulton.

Let us discuss these features of Rugged XL in brief.

Rugged XL has a plenty of data storage space to accommodate about 1,420 DivX movies, 330,000 photos or 270,000 songs. The Rugged XL hard drive offers a high-speed USB 2.0 connectivity (which is also USB 1.1 backward compatible) with a speedy eSATA interface. Exchanging data between two machines is very simple through this device. For example the data exchange between Macs and PCs is very simple. All your files will get automatically backed up. The Rugged XL hard drive requires no extra drivers installation for Windows XP, Windows Vista or Mac OS X operating systems. This high-performance device features a very fast data transfer rate. The data speed offered by this hard drive device is up to three gigabits per second via eSATA connection. This device comes in a compact size of measuring 5.1 x 1.7 x 8.5 inches. Due to the compact size of the device, it easily install on any desktop. So you can easily transfer the massive amounts of data. Apart from this LaCie Rugged XL comes along with the LaCie software bundles to enhance the performance and functionality of the hard disk drive. The software bundle includes LaCie’s One-Click Backup Software (this works on both, Mac and PC) and SilverKeeper Backup Software (this works for Mac only). LaCie Rugged XL also provides the Protection for Hardware and Software. Styled design of LaCie is exclusively created by the world-renowned product designer Neil Poulton. The Rugged XL is built to give a dynamic performance. It can withstand bumps and scrapes and comes along with a unique look. Its scratch-resistant aluminum shell and the shock-resistant rubber bumper serve as an additional layer of protection. Additionally, an LED indicator alerts you when the system gets overheating or experience slow transfer rates. The setup of this product is effortless. It serves the plug & play features and offers customizable formatting along with LaCie Setup Assistant. This advanced hard disk drive features aluminum casing that gives superior protection.

Its extremely tough and resistive design comes along with a internal bumper, rubber sleeve and heat dissipating features, that makes LaCie Rugged XL both effective and sturdy.

Latest Storage and Backup Servers from LaCie

LaCie is a company that is involved in providing external storage solutions. It has been into this for some time now and has made quite a name for them in this domain. Very recently LaCie launched a new product which they very interestingly called 5big. That’s unusual for a product name but when LaCie named this they had a reason for it. The 5big storage device is not the run of the mill storage device. It is real BIG and unique. It has an Intel D410 1.6Ghz single core CPU, 5 hard drives that are swappable and each can accept drives up to 2TB each. Now that’s some capacity. The storage device consists of a number of software that are both Windows and Mac compatible. All in all it has a total storage capacity in the tune of 5TB or 10TB.

Storage and Backup Servers
The new LaCie 5big backup servers are targeted more towards the small and medium sized enterprises and are a real boon for them. With the help of the these storage and backup servers the companies using it can have a centralized file and bare metal backup for 10 PCs and 25 Macs. It also provides data protection against drive failure and is compatible with both Windows and Mac. It is powered by high performance 64-bit Intel processor 1.6GHz Atom processor coupled with 2G of RAM and Microsoft WHS and has the online file and full system restore facility. It is also time machine compatible.

The LaCie 5big storage and backup server supports all necessary file sharing formats like, SMB, NFS, AFP, iSCSI, HTTP and FTP. Apart from this it also supports the windows active directory. This feature of the LaCie 5big enables it to ensure easy and efficient integration into existing IT set up. The hard disk, which is huge in capacity (up to 10TB) is further scalable which gives it enough longevity in future as well. The LaCie 5big storage and backup server is very user friendly and does not require any specialized IT guy to operate it. It fits into the office environment very easily and helps you store you data and create a back up very easily. The user manuals are also available which are very helpful. Apart from this the customer support is always there who are well trained to guide them user in case of any query.
What makes LaCie 5big storage and backup server a cut above the rest of the small business servers is that it is fully compatible with Mac systems and environments through its support for AFP, Spotlight, and the AppleTalk stack for legacy applications. It has the option for automatic backup and restore and is also compatible with Time Machine.
Other Products from the company
LaCie have also kept in mind the environmental factors in mind and have designed a recyclable aluminum casing, advanced power management options, and power-efficient processor. The cooling system is also very efficient and effective. It is available in many capacities and also extends a 3 year warranty which is a bonus for any user.

Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003