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How to Set up a Windows Media Center Extender

One of the components of Windows Microsoft is the Windows Media Center. This application functions as enabling the computer’s music, pictures, and videos from the hard drives, network locations, and optical drives.

Getting started with Windows 7

The good news is that, the media stored in a person’s Windows 7 computer can be stream to another room in his/her home. The question is how? The right set up and with a use of Windows Media Center Extender, this advantage is accomplished. Primarily, the person’s computer and the Extender should be connected to the home network.

In one Windows 7 computer, up to 5 Extenders can stream its content. The performance of an Extender depends on three factors: computer hardware, configuration, and home network capability. In one Extender, one CPU core and a memory of 1 gigabyte is needed.

Basically, there are two types of connections which include the wired network and wireless network.

Using an Ethernet cable

The wired network is a type of connection that uses a cable port called Ethernet. This is commonly used and recommended because it is generally more rapid and more reliable. To connect the extender to a wired network:

•    One end of the Ethernet cable must be plug into the Ethernet port on the hub, router, or switch
•    The other end of the Ethernet cable must be plug into the Ethernet port on the Extender
•    Then, the power cord of the Extender must be plug in
•    The network activity light must be turned on for the Ethernet cable that is plugged into the Extender

Using wireless connection

Wireless network allows a person to connect the Extender to the home network even without the presence of Ethernet cables throughout his/her home.

Automatically, the Extender will try to connect. If the security protocols of the wireless network have been enabled like the WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) key or WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) password, it must be entered manually. If this is enabled, the network name and either the WPA password or WEP key are only needed to connect the extender.

Also, Xbox 360 and some DVD players can be used as extenders which are compatible to Windows 7.

To set up the Extender

•    Turn on the computer then log on to Windows and must be verified that it is connected to the home network
•    Turn on the Extender device (such as the Xbox 360)
•    Click the Start button then All Programs
•    Then, click Window Media Center
•    Scroll to Task and click Add Extender the follow the instructions
•    Using the Xbox 360 controller, scroll to My Xbox then select Windows Media Center
•    Using the other type of Extender, press the green start button on the Extender remote control
•    On the TV, get the 8-digit setup key of Windows Media Center
•    On the computer, enter the 8-digit setup key on the Enter the Setup Key screen
•    Click Finish after setup process in Media Center has done

The Windows Media Center must first be connected to an Extender then set it up so to make use of its advantage as to streaming the media content.

Paul Allen’s $35 Million Construction Project

One of the masterminds of today’s tech world Paul Allen has come into the limelight again with news of building a multistoried structure in Arizona which is associated with his own Real Estate  firm Vulcan Inc. The co founder of Microsoft is expecting to construct the most attractive building in the Arizona state which will cost $35. Allen is founding it for the official use. The overall construction process has got immense buzz from the people of Arizona.

The Construction Idea Widens an Economic Perspective

The step by Paul Allen already becomes popular in the Arizona state.  As he plans to set up a new office there, it would be great benefit to the people who are living there. People know Paul Allen as a unique Philanthropist due to his previous career record. Thus his ambition to build a new eight storied structure could give the signal of a different look as it is going to a huge project by him. In fact he might be looking to change the financial structure of Arizona State, but till now nothing like this is revealed. Meanwhile official press release from Vulcan Inc. states that this will have a great impact in the long run economy of Arizona. Those who are following Vulcan’s entrance to Arizona say they expect the company will have a strong presence in the community and attract noteworthy office users and shops.

Vulcan Inc. and Paul Allen

The co founder of Microsoft started a new business in 1986. Vulcan Inc. is an investment and project management company founded in 1986 by Paul Allen. In early life Allen tried to make a new feature of software business and then a horizon is stretched to the people by him and Bill Gates. Then he tried to make something more innovative and started a secondary project management and investment corporation. His innovation in the sector endures the industry will high strength and now it’s capable to handle one of the nation’s largest redevelopment projects in its hometown of Seattle, where it owns 60 acres in the South Lake Union neighborhood. In fact Vulcan’s headquarter is situated in Seattle of Washington.

Paul Allen becomes the 37th richest person of the world according to Forbes in 2009-10 fiscal year with $13.5 billion asset. Paul Allen is associated with several social works like medical and computer research grants and many small grants by Paul G. Allen Family Foundation. According Time Magazine he was announced as ‘100 Most Influential People in The World’ in the year of 2007 and 2008.

The endless journey of Vulcan Inc. is showing the way to the people to be associated with businesses entitled with social economy. The new construction in Arizona by Paul Allen could set him as a mastermind of new way in the real Estate sector too. The social perspective of the project is different from the economic perspective of the company. However this would have a great influence in the market of the state.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003