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How to connect two computers using a null modem

Have you ever taken a look at all the port and connectors available at the back of your computer tower? You will find connectors like for LAN, Sound, Parallel Port (15 Pin), Serial Port (9 Pin), Serial Port (15 Pin), VGA (15 Pin) and many more. We know that VGA is used for connecting the display device, parallel port is used for connecting printers, serial ports are used for connecting old external dial-up modems, but is there any other use of serial ports? Yes the 9 pin serial port can be used for connecting two computers together so that they can communicate with each other and share data and resources together. The device which is required for making the connection over these serial ports is called a null modem and it is nothing but a simple cable with 9 pin serial port connectors at both its ends. The RS 232 serial port is quite an old component of motherboards and you will seldom find it in motherboards available today. But if you have this port available in your laptop or computer then you can easily use it to connect the two devices together.

Step 1: If you do not have an RS 232 Serial port available in your device still you can make it work over the USB port by getting USB to RS232 convertor. This will allow you to connect you null modem over USB.

Step 2: While connecting the null modem to a laptop not much of precaution is required but if you are connecting it to your desktop computer then better would be if you switch off the computer. This is precaution to avoid any electrical shock. Computer towers are generally metallic and ten to accumulate static charge while they are ON. If the tower is not properly grounded then you may get electric shock on touching it by your naked hands. So please turn off the computer, unplug it from the power supply and only then connect the null modem to the RS 232 serial port at the back of the tower.

Step 3: Now please check the orientation of the pins on the connector. This will reduce the chances of you trying to connect it to the MIDI port which is also a 9 pin connector of same shape.

Step 4: Once you have made the connection insert the disk which you would have received with the null modem cable. This disk carries special software which makes the communication between the two computers possible over the serial port. Windows by default has no way to control null modem and you would need this software installed on both the machines. In case you do not have the disk then search for software called Laplink which is meant for solving the same purpose.

Network Password, changing is a must

In the yesteryears’ Internet world is given a new definition. With network connection coming in to play, the scenario has been altered drastically. With dial-up connection abridging, and Network based connection is flourishing with LAN, MAN, Wi-Fi or WAN etc. But, as we know, development is very fruitful until being taken over by those tech savvy culprits. These network connections specially the Wi-Fi one is very vulnerable of attack.

To prevent these attacks, “Network Password” was introduced. Network Password or key is usually an alphanumeric or numeric only of the form. The Network Password is like a key to a door. Whenever you long to access your Internet connection, you are required to enter your “Network Password”. In order to keep your Network Password from being tracked or followed, one must keep changing them.

Now you may reckon how to do so? It is quite simple and as follows.

Step one: Enter your Router’s IP address or URL in to your web browser’s address bar. By doing so, you can now access to and change any settings of your router. Moreover your computer can now access to and communicate with router and its main page. Keep in mind to use the same computer to access the router’s settings which was used when you installed the router. If you do not know your router’s URL or IP address you can either refer to its manual or check on its official website through some source. Once you enter the URL, either click on “Go” tab of your web browser or press the “Enter” from your keyboard.

Step two: Once you get an access to your router’s main page, you be will then asked to input username and password. If by default username and password was in use earlier, then the same can be entered or otherwise the new one must be entered in the dialogue box. However, if not, then mostly web browsers have default username as “admin” and password as “password”. To be unambiguous about the username and password you can ultimately refer your router’s documentation or its official website. Once you enter the latter you can click on the “OK” tab to continue further.

Step three: Different brands of routers have different page setup, but you are required to access your router’s security settings. Amongst the links available on the main page of your router, there will be an option to alter your “security settings”. Find the link and it will display SSID (network’s name) and two textbox for changing the network password.

Step four: To be on safer side, choose the encryption type and change the network password. Mostly WEP (Wired Equivalency Privacy) is offered these days or the WPA one. One must choose WPA to create the password of alphanumeric form. One can easily change to desired new password by simply typing the two textbox. Click “Ok” to finish.

Step five: Save the changes being made and log out. After changing the password, you must click on “Apply” or “Save”.

Network Password remains at a threat, if you think the default one is enough. But, with the above steps in pocket, things become a piece of cake for you to gulp.

How to get your Playstation 3 connected to a LAN?

With the advent of gaming consoles the definition for indoor games changed. Earlier markets witnessed a “Video Game”, but as time evolved it gave birth to modern era’s PS 1, PS 2 and PS 3. Today we see gadgets getting evolved and a High definition is provided to them. Sony’s Playstation 3 is a hub of highly defined graphics, sound and innovative gaming experience. This gaming console is seen topping the charts, with multiplayer gaming rapidly enhancing. One can not only go for multiplayer experience by connecting two remote controls but also can go for LAN connection with PS 3. Do you want to play with your friend sitting right in front of your T.V and explore a different world?

Then your Playstation 3 console will help you do so by allowing you to connect through a LAN.

Some of the steps that are to be followed to connect Playstation 3 to a LAN network can be viewed as follows:

Step one: Using an Ethernet cable, connect your Playstation 3 console to the LAN router. Ensure that your router & Ethernet cable is functioning properly so as to avoid ambiguity.

Step two: Now move to your PS 3 console and log in to it. From the Settings menu choose “Network Settings”.

Step three: In the “Internet Connection Settings” to detect your network automatically, select the “Easy” option. Once you do so, it will confirm the ‘auto-detection’ of your running network. The earlier you select the former; the sooner your screen will speak about the router’s specifications. After the verification of your network details, make any adjustment if you desire. The moment you are done get your settings saved.

Step Four: Go for testing your connections. From the settings menu select the “Test connections” option in order to reconnect your console to your LAN.

Step Five: From the “Internet Connections settings” choose the “Easy” tab and go for scanning your wireless network signal provided your router supports wireless connection. For scanning the wireless network using your PS 3 console, you can select “Wireless” under the former tab and then choose “Scan” option.

Step Six: Once you are done with scanning your screen will speak about the current “Network access point”. Select your network access point that you long to use. Allow your SSID (Service Set Identifier) to check your identification name for the access point. This will then check you access point for the router of your wireless LAN and host computer.

Step Seven: After you are done with above process, choose “None” if your wireless connection is not under security. However, if it is then you have to enter encryption key. You get your network security settings applied on the current LAN security setting.

Step Eight: Once you save your settings. Ensure by testing your wireless connection that your work is done.

Thus, connecting your Playstation 3 to a LAN will provide you with dozens of merit. You can get an access to online features of gaming, Playstation Store and Playstation Network. Above all, it gives a new definition to Playstation 3.

Seek Help From Citrix to Take Care of Your VDI Plans

Have you been waiting to make a move on your desktop virtualization plans, just because you’re not sure whether you should pick VWWare, Citrix, MS or something else? Well, here are a few interesting announcements that you might have been just looking for.

VMWare has announced the VDI KICK START program targeted at those who’re trying to get started with virtual desktops. So, for those who’ve been looking for a budget-oriented program to enable their users to try out virtual desktops, it is just the perfect deal.

Coming to the pricing part, the VDI Kick Start program costs just about $28 per user for the initial 250 users, for a year. Another good thing about this program is that you get the goodness of XenDesktop VDI Edition and Microsoft VDI Suite Standard Edition at a reasonable price.

Therefore, all you need is about $7,000 to deliver the amazing experience of virtual desktops for as many as 250 users for the entire year.  Your users can use any device on a WAN, LAN, or any other centralized network to ensure enhanced security, and management in an effortless manner.

It includes all the necessary amenities to boost the chances of your virtual desktop implementation, and delivers key Microsoft platform technologies such as System Center Virtual Machine Manager, XenDesktop delivery solution, and Hyper-V, App-V. Hence, you can even deliver image management for optimizing storage, as well as HDX high definition user experience.

On the other hand, for those who’ve already tried their luck with desktop virtualization, and had very little success last time around, VMWare may not be just what they need. As such, Citrix has joined hand with Microsoft to deliver the RESCUE FOR VMWARE VDI PROGRAM, which even allows you to trade your old licenses for Microsoft VDI Suite, and/or Citrix XenDesktop totally free of cost. Indeed, this simply means that you don’t really need to spend even a penny on new licenses.

This looks like a brilliant move from Citrix-Microsoft collaboration, as this program will indeed be a rescue for those who want to make use of desktop virtualization concept, but haven’t been able to capitalize on it, due to lack of a familiar platform like MS System Center. At the same time, Microsoft & Citrix will be able to generate new customers, and capitalize on the Windows 7 release to the fullest extent.

VDI may not be an ideal bet for all kinds of users, but it is definitely worth taking a look. So, it hardly matters whether you’re trying to get kick started with VDI or looking for a rescue plan, it is just the right time to make a move; hurry up, this is a limited-time offer, and there are good chances that Microsoft & Citrix may decide to close it down after building a decent customer-base.

How To Fix a Failed Linksys Wireless Router Set-up

It is very important for a person to have internet connection these days. Most people are online at least for a major part of their working time. These days, it is even possible for you to have many computers connected to the internet because of the WiFi facilities available. These are wireless connections that make it easy for the internet user and give them to move around within the area that is WiFi enabled. One of the most common methods that is used to connect to the internet wirelessly is through the Linksys wireless system.

If the Linksys wireless system does not work, then you will be in a soup. This is because till you get the whole system back on track, you will have major problems. There are certain methods that you can use as tips to get the system up and functioning again. Trouble shooting in times when the Linksys wireless system does not work will help you to rectify the fault.

The first step that you need to take in the process of getting the router working is that you will have to turn on the router and then make sure that you press the reset button on the router for about 30 seconds. You may find it difficult to press the reset button with your fingers and so you can use a pencil tip to reset. You can also remove the router and reconnect it after a few seconds.

Another thing that has to be done is to remove the DSL connection to the computer and then connect the modem to the first port on the router. Once this is done, you should reset the router again and start the browser of the computer. Once this is done, you can add the address in the address bar of the browser. Once you have done this, you are asked to log into the system. In this, though you do not need a username to log in, you should have a password. The usual default password is admin. Once this is done, you should also make sure that you clone the MAC on the PC.

All these processes may take some time and so once this is done, you should enter the Setup and again change the LAN address to After you save the settings, make sure that you remember what you have done as it will help you to make needed adjustments later. The final step is to shut down the system for a full two minutes. Once the system and the router are restarted, they should usually work. If the system works, you should put the system off again along with the router.

After this is done, you should connect and start the DSL modem. The next step is to turn on the router and then finally the PC is turned on. These steps should make you online and because the whole system is wireless, you will be able to work on the internet in any place within the WiFi enabled area.

How Motherboard Works

Speed and capacity of computers is increasing every day, as a matter of fact better processors are being made each day and there is no limit to the speed of a computer. Ideally, the speed of a computer depends on a number of things including Random Access Memory (RAM), Processor and also on Motherboard.


A motherboard is a very complicated circuit board with a number of components like BIOS already installed on it besides slots for memory, PCI hardware devices, AGP (graphic cards) and a slot for processor. Motherboard connects all the components to the CPU and provides power to them. It contains the bus systems in it which transport the data. A bus system can be of 32 or 64-bit.

How motherboard works

Motherboard provides the only path for components to connect to one another and to the CPU. It works like our nervous system and mainly has to transport data of every type. It connects a number of devices but its basic function is connecting the CPU with other parts of the computer. There are two main bridges on motherboard which connect the various components including the processor.


Area motherboard has two chipsets which connect the various components to the motherboard .They are called bridges and their names are North bridge and South bridge.

North Bridge

North bridge is connected to the memory bus, front side bus (FSB), and AGP bus. Memory bus is further connected to the memory, front side bus is connected to the CPU or processor and AGP bus is further connected to the graphic card.

South bridge

South bridge is connected to the ATA bus and the PCI bus. ATA bus is further connected to the disk drives providing a path between the motherboard and the disk drives including Compact disk drive (CD-drive) and Hard disk drive. PCI bus is connected to the PCI-based hardware devices and thus providing the only path between the PCI devices and the motherboard.

For example, when a person presses a key on keyboard, let’s say key “A”, then this information is sent to the motherboard which sends it to the CPU, which further processes the , information and then sends command to the various components. The graphic card gets the information of displaying it on the computer screen.

The speed of a computer mainly depends on its processor but motherboard also affects it as it contains the bus system and transports the data. If the bus system of motherboard is fast then it would be able to transfer information at a higher speed but if it is slow then the speed of computer would surely be affected irrespective of processor speed. This is because if a processor can work  at a higher speed but the information is not being transferred at the same rate, the computer would work at slow speed.

Earlier, everything except the processor came separately and they need to be connected to the motherboard one by one before using them. But now, a number of accessories like LAN, video and sound supports are preinstalled on the motherboard.

Future of Motherboards

Like other computer components, the size of motherboard is also decreasing, as smaller computer chips are being made. It is expected that in future a motherboard of smaller than  a SIM card would be created and the speed and mobility of computers would be greatly increased.

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