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Dell® Latitude E6420 review

The Dell Latitude E6420 laptop is meant for business applications. Its weight is 4.56 pounds and has a four-cell battery. The rugged design as well as smooth finish of the laptop feels straightforward as well as useful. It has a full sized keyboard and a 14–inch display.

The Dell Latitude E6420 laptop has a compact design. There is one interesting thing about the laptop. It is very difficult to find the “Latitude” name on the laptop. It is said that the “debadged” look was a conscious design decision to give the notebook a very nice and smooth appearance. The new Latitudes are designed by keeping consumer preferences in mind. There’s a little curved bezel on both the screen and the chassis. It has an optional HD webcam of 3.2 mega pixels and noise-reducing microphones. It has high quality components, which offer a great experience, either at home or at work.

The Dell Latitude E6420 laptop is powered by the Intel Core 2 “Sandy Bridge” chips. Users have options between Intel’s HD graphics or the NVIDIA NVS 4200M chips. The operating system options include Windows 7 Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Windows Vista and Ubuntu 10.10. Dell Latitude E6420 has a 14-inch (1366-by-768) LED screen and here is also a touchscreen model. Models with screen resolution of 1600 by 900 are also available in the market. There are some user friendly features such as the ‘Delete’ is place the upper right corner, which can be found very easily. The power button’s placement is also near the same location.

The Dell Latitude notebook has a secondary hard-drive option, allowing a user to use a secondary hard drive with a different user. One of the most important things in a laptop is its connectivity; Dell Latitude E6420 has four USB 2.0 slots, an optional USB 3.0 module, Gigabit Ethernet, and lots of Wi-Fi options. This beautiful notebook also comes with a memory card reader, HDMI out, a 54-mm Express Card, and one full and two half-size mini card slots.

The new Dell Latitude E6420 shines as a business machine that can perform faster is reliable anytime anywhere, and has a lot more features that a user can surely love to use.

HP’s new laptops provide easy self-repair

In the last week of the month of February 2011, HP made public some very useful information about is new business laptops. These laptops will now be loaded with features that would make the task of swapping components or fixing the PCs much easier. These business laptops, the new EliteBook and ProBook, will be having Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 processors. They will be shipped worldwide in the month of March 2011.

The most striking feature of these laptops is the panel they would have at the bottom that can be separated with ease to uncover the fan, hard drive, memory and networking modules. What makes this feature so striking is that in the previous models the screws had to be taken out to remove the panel. Now this task would be as easy as just removing the panel and replacing it with the most updated components to keep your system in tune with time.

According to the officials of HP, if a person wants to upgrade the memory, swap the hard drive, add a wireless WAN card, the new models make the tasks very simple for them. For instance, in the previous models where it was required to remove a keyboard to upgrade memory; it was very tough to remove a fan. In the new models, with the placement of the substitutable components at the bottom, the replacement of a part won’t put others components at risk.

Many experts are worrying about the cutting down of the size of the components in the laptops. They tend to give second priority to the accessibility. But the squeezing of the components will benefit HP in terms of the benefits and the reduced cost that its customers will enjoy with the easy accessibility. What makes the benefit of easy accessibility all the more alluring is the fact that this kind of option was till now was the privilege of the users of desktops.

To add to it, the laptops will also have an advanced version of QuickWeb, a quick-boot supporting environment, which enables the user to boot or start the system in flash of seconds. It will make the task as easy as checking the  e-mail. Moreover the laptops are all set to be more rugged. In the EliteBook we can have the luxury of choosing from the two new models of laptops. The first model, 8460p  priced at US$999, comes with a 14-inch screen and 4.57 pounds (2.07 kg) weight. The second model 8560p, priced at US$1.099, has a 15.6 inch screen. Both of them have a nine-cell battery and provide 8 hours standby.

The ProBook series flaunts four models and the screen size ranges from 13.3 inches to 17.3 inches. They boast of having a USB 3.0 and HDMI (high definition multimedia interface) ports.

Sony® brings out new, lighter and faster VAIO S notebooks

Video Audio Integrated Operation or VAIO is a sub-brand of computer products from Sony, the world leader in entertainment electronics, computers, cameras and a wide range of other areas. Over the years, starting from 1967, with their SOBAX Electronic Desktop Calculator as a start, in the field of computing, Sony has been, setting various milestones, in the computer arena. Sony is also on the verge of introducing a Tablet computer in the very near future.

Sony VAIO made a name for itself in the laptop market with their popular, all time trendy, slim, Magnesium body, first generation VAIO notebooks, slowly setting pace, introducing the world’s smallest and lightest laptop, and have never looked back since then. Over the years, trendy, low-priced sub-notebooks mainly for web browsing and emailing, is what Sony positioned itself into, worldwide.

Besides these trendy, powerful, lightweight devices, Sony has always had the docking station as part of its laptop package. Among the many firsts, the CCD camera with the MMX Pentium Processor, 3.2 GB hard drive, the LCD with the double hinge allowing tilting of the screen, sleek less than 10 mm thick notebooks and the first Blu-ray Disk Notebook offered in the world, viewing and editing HD Video in full resolution etc. are some of the highlights of Sony VAIO.

The new Sony VAIO S series, made waves in the market once again with the Ultra Slim form factor, wide range of colors in full flat design, fast boot facility and, twin battery configuration in the exclusive Sony magnesium housing make the Sony VAIO S series, stand out in the crowd. This 24 mm thin notebook, with an aluminum palm rest features a double battery option, doubling the runtime.

The base unit comes with a standard battery, an internal Lithium Polymer based battery, with a life of 7 hours between charges. Sony introduced a second additional battery, which can be added to the base of the notebook, without even switching off the device. This second battery can also be charged separately from the internal on-board battery of the Sony VAIO S.

The 1366 x 768 resolution low reflection coated display, the ambient light sensor, for adjusting the brightness of the display automatically, based upon surrounding light makes this product unique. The Core i7 2620M processor, 8 GB DDR3 memory, and a Blu-ray or DVD Super Multi Optical Drive enhance the performance of the Sony VAIO S.

SSD vs. HDD: How low will hard drives go?

A hard disk drive (HDD) is a random access non-volatile digital data storing device. It has a rigid platter which rotates on a spindle which is motor driven. All this is enclosed in a protective covering. There is provision for magnetically reading and writing the data with the help of a air film that floats above the platter. It was for the first time introduced by IBM in the year 1956 and has been used as a secondary storage device.

A solid state drive very commonly known as a SSD is a storage device. It uses solid state memory to store the data and this data is easily accessible. SSD has no moving parts and contains microchips, which store the required data in non-volatile memory chips. SSDs are commonly used these days and are less susceptible to shock and have less access time and also latency. These have almost replaced the hard disk drives which had many drawbacks. In the year 2010 the SSDs used NAND flash memory. These had the capacity to store data in their memory even without the power. The SSDs with a volatile RAM were also available for times when the requirement for fast access of data was needed. They also can store data when there is no power and hence there is no need for an external battery.

The prices of the hard disk drives are falling day by day while the solid state drives are consistent in the cost part. The price fall of the HDD is such that now it’s even less than the SSD. The fall in the price of the HDD may be due to the growing laptop market in the present time. The laptop market uses the SSD specifically the ones which are flash memory based. This is because this flash memory based SSDs are faster than the HDDs and in some cases as seen in recent times they can prove to be much faster than the HDDs. Purchasing an SSD can be a luxury when compared to a HDD because SSD costs 10 to 20 times more than a HDD of the same magnitude. If we take the example of Apple MacBook, we see that upgrading the drive from a 320GB HDD to a 256GB SSD increases the cost of the system by $650, when we see that the capacity of the HDD is much greater than the SSD. The retail SSD costs a bit less from top tier suppliers still it is nowhere close to the HDD pricing of the same or even higher capacity.

SSDs are a prominent device when laptops are concerned but they have not gained the same amount of prominence in personal computers because of the high price value. HDD has a higher capacity with a lower price and since the question of portability does not arise in case of personal computers, people prefer sticking to the much lower in cost HDDs.

HP Mini 110 Netbook

A big laptop seller HP is now going to introduce its latest notebook Mini 110. HP Mini 110 is actually an update of HP’s netbook lineup. This Mini 110 comes with a lot of different improvements when compared to the previous netbooks of HP as it includes larger capacities of drives, improved performance of graphics and a lot of color options with it.

This Mini 110 is available in 3 vibrant colors: pink, white and black. Its black standard version starts at 329 dollars which comes with the OS Windows XP. This model will be available in the market from June. Its Linux version also starts at 279 dollars.

An antiglare LED display of 10.1” makes this Mini 110 suitable to take outside. With its XP version, a hard drive of 160 GB is attached while a 250 GB hard drive is available with the little more costly models. A single slot of DIMM is loaded with the RAM of 1GB in it. It is most supported by HP officially.  But the users may upgrade it to 2 GB.

The Mini 110 comes with its sleek design which is less than 1” thick, advanced options of wireless, and the battery life of up to 4.5 hours. The users can take this Mini 110 Netbook anywhere with them to stay connected with the instant messages, emails, social media and blogs. All the major and r\essential technologies that you want are included in this Mini 110. It includes a processor of Intel Atom N455 with its energy-efficient performance that can be upgraded up to N475.

The netbook HP Mini 110 also has 3 USB ports, integrated wireless-N for the wireless internet access within a range of hotspot. Bluetooth in this Netbook is optional. A built-in camera is attached by which users can chat with their family and friends. Its QuickWeb is the fastest way for connecting to the email, web and other favorite apps within seconds. A 4 in 1 digital integrated media card reader is is also attached with it by which the memory cards such as SD, SDxC, SDHC, MS, MMC, and MS Pro can be attached for expanding memory.

The HP series is also backed with a limited warranty of 1 year on hardware. Its award-winning customer service and support always provide you surety of better service you ever get from other brands. Its real time email and chat facility offers you quick response facility by which you may ask all your doubts to customer service.

One latest and new feature which catches your eyes is the inclusion of a software app that is called Syncables. This software promises for connecting various machines on the local network that allows you easy sharing of documents, videos, photos, music and sync email accounts, Linux systems and even across Windows.

The mouse buttons of this netbook are set to the left and right sides instead of below its touch pad. The weight of this netbook is only 1.08 kg and it also comes with a webcam with MIC.

Apple® boosts MacBook® Pro speed

Apple with its MacBook Pro is all game to set standards in design and features which are sufficient to attract lots of customers. With its simple and smooth texture, the Apple MacBook Pro is lovable. Apple has launched its laptops with the new Sandy Bridge chips. This ultra fast chip has made it all possible for you to get the data transferred at a never before speed of 10 Gbps. With this never before speed, it is possible for you to enjoy high quality video streaming. It will be great to have a computer like this.

Apple MacBook pro comes at an entry level price of $1199 and has a 13-inch screen. The price varies as the size of the screen increases. The 17 inch screen Apple MacPro comes with a price tag of $2499. The Apple MacPro computers run on the Intel Core i5 or i7 processors. With these high end devices you can enjoy multitasking at a smooth speed.

Apple MacBook Pro is a product of rigorous research and development. Talking about the keyboard, it is all set to give you a smooth gliding experience of typing. Now come to the graphics features, Apple MacBook Pro is a great buy because of good visuals. With its crystal clear picture quality, it is a good experience to view pictures and videos you like. It is because of its NVIDIA graphics can, you can experience a never before picture quality. Apple MacBook Pro has 256 graphics RAM and it has a hard drive of 500GB and 750 GB. Its 2.3 GHz processor is very fast. It means that you are geared up to enjoy multitasking. There are all the connectivity options as there is Bluetooth, 3G, Wi-Fi, all at the same time. It also has a webcam for clicking photos and videos.

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