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Speed Up Your Laptop

Laptops are portable and give a big advantage of mobility but with so many heavy programs being used these days one has to also to tune up the laptop regularly so that it does not turn slow. Here we will discuss few tips and trick to make sure your laptop is not turning slow.

Step 1: To check what operating system you are using on your laptop. It can be XP, Vista or Windows 7. To check right click on My Computer for  XP or Computer for Vista and  Windows 7 depending on computers operating system.

Step 2: You can find it on your main screen or in the start menu which you get when you click on START at the bottom on the left hand side of the screen. And then left click on the properties this will give you details of your device .i.e. Microsoft XP or Microsoft Vista or Microsoft Windows 7.

Step 3: Once you know the operating system we will check how many Antivirus you have on your laptop. Many users think more antivirus you have better is the protection which is not correct. As multiple antiviruses can make computer slow, the reason being they conflict and block each other.

Step 4: Laptops when bought have antivirus preinstalled in them Norton or Symantec 60 days trail is the most common one. You need t make sure you have uninstalled it from your laptop by going control panel  and then add remove program in XP and program and feature in Vista and Windows 7.

Step 5: Once you are sure you have only one antivirus in your computer we will clean the automatic loader of your computer. As most of them are not required and are consuming the resources of your computer. To do that we will hold the windows key i.e. a key with Microsoft flag on it, located beside shift and ctrl key simultaneously with letter “R”. This will bring a box called “RUN”.

Step 6: Please type command “msconfig” and then hit the enter key or click on OK. Once you do that it will bring System Configuration Utility. Please look for Startup Tab. Should be the last tab on the right hand side or the second last.

Step 7: You will see a list if application that will load to the memory of your computer whenever you turn on your computer. Many of them are not required like Google updates or Adobe Updates you can also remove messengers from the list as you can login when you need them does not have to be loaded every time you boot the computer. Only keep your antivirus checked and uncheck everything else.

Step 8: Once all this is done please click on apply and then click on ok. And restart the computer. When the computer comes back again you will notice a small box that would read “You have made some changes…” Please check the one that says don’t show this message again and click on close. This should make computer work lot better.

AMD Releases Its ‘Fastest Notebook GPU’ Too: AMD Radeon HD 6990M

AMD has finally announced the release of its much anticipated Radeon HD6990M laptop in the market.  The AMD Radeon HD6990M is the fastest notebook GPU available today.  The Radeon HD6990M is expected to give 25% superior performance than the Nvidia’s GeForce 580M.  The entry of Radeon HD6990M has opened a new arena of competition the market.  The release of Radeon HD 6990M has made the AMD the leader in notebook GPU section. AMD has said its latest release is the fastest notebook GPU in the market and it can be said the crown of being the fastest notebook GPU no longer remains with Nvidia.  If you compare head to head performance benchmarks of AMD Radeon HD6990M and yet to arrive GeForce GTX 580M, then it clearly shows that  Radeon HD6990M is  25% faster than the Nvidia’s yet to arrive latest notebook GPU.

Leading laptop manufacturers have already announced their new configurations with AMD Radeon   HD6990M and Nvidia’s GeForce 580M. This is a great opportunity for users to test these two equivalents; Radeon HD6990M and GeForce 580M side by side and see the results by themselves.  The Alienware M18X is expected to offer configuration that will either have Radeon HD6990M or GeForce 580M in single or dual GPU configurations.  AMD has also announced that besides Alienware M18X, EuroCom and Clevo will also be using the Radeon HD6990M in their latest configurations.  Clevo will include the Radeon HD6990M in its P170HM, X7200 and P150HM lines of notebooks.

The performance of laptops that are equipped with the Radeon HD6990M will be quite impressive. The new GPU supports Eyefinity multiple monitors that allow the user to have complete control of the action and experience undefined realism in games. The user will be able view the content from all angles which will take the user to a new level of ultra-immersive game experience.  The Radeon HD6990M will also support DirectX11 that will present user with unmatched realism and superior performance in terms of graphics.

The GPU will also enhance the performance of GPU accelerated apps. But not all is good about the Radeon HD6990M. The new Radeon HD6990M   will not support the automatic graphic switching that is supported by Nvidia latest GPU. Also the AMD’s HD3D technology is bit different from the popular Nvidia 3D Vision that is used for 3D gaming.

There is also a market speculation that Apple may use AMD’s new offering Radeon HD6990M in its new line of iMacs. The new Radeon HD6990M is an ideal notebook GPU for hardcore gamers.  The new Radeon HD6990M will not disappoint hardcore gamers when it comes to pushing up clock rates, increasing frame rates or extending the quality settings to get superior performance. The AMD Radeon HD6990M   is capable of providing enough juice to demanding games such as Dirt 3, Dragon Age and Shotgun2 that use DirectX11 technology.

HP Pavilion® laptops now have new touch pad buttons

HP Pavilion laptops now come with a new touch pad design. The new design has been introduced because the mouse button model which was used in HP Pavilion laptops was a big hit. The click pad did not work out well from the time it was used in the netbooks. The touch pad was over sized and hence was clean looking but combining the two ideas did not come out well because the cursor movement was not proper. Though the touch pad was considered very fashionable by the users it could not be merged with the click pad. HP made quite a lot of effort to solve this problem and used many software drivers.

It also took the help from company that made the click pads. After this, HP decided to launch a completely new hardware and fix the problem. The new touch pad had right and left mouse button and HP made it look like the classic click pad and hence it looked bigger and better. With the new HP Pavilion dv6, the burden was lifted as it came out to be a really cool one. A feature that can be added by the customers according to their choice is a bright LED light that will surround the touch pad. Also HP added a speaker above the keypad. The new model of HP Pavilion will have hardware and software to increase the audio quality. Another cool feature is that it has let the heat radiating vent to the sides and hence the palm rest area while typing will not get heated. The new HP Pavilion touch pads are available from March and the price will range from $749.99 to $999.99.

Intel® is not worried about the move of Microsoft® towards ARM processors

Intel has announced that it is not worried over the move of Microsoft to port Windows to ARM processors. An Intel spokesperson said that Intel will be able to provide low power Windows which can match with the Atom processor or x86 processor family chipsets.

Intel’s Executive Vice President Dadi Perlmutter also stated that by the time Microsoft manages to get a new version of Windows as an operating system for tablets, Intel would be ready with a competitive Atom processor to power tablets and will be able to be compared to ARM processor in terms of battery life. Intel officials also said that Windows will always run best on Intel and porting Windows to a new architecture, where chips are generally incompatible with each other and require sizable investment in millions of other software code, applications and middleware will be complex and costly.

Intel’s Executive Vice President also said that the biggest advantage for Intel is that as they work on their OS they will now have the ability to have a designed and constructed, from step one a touch enabled operating system for tablets running on Intel that do not exist today. They would have the capability to place their lowest-power consuming Intel processors for Windows 8 operating system or the new Windows operating systems and smartphones as they would have the same OS. They look at it as an opportunity for them to widen their reach.

Microsoft’s ARM move is to create a version of its Windows operating system that runs on ARM based processors, a move widely interpreted as accepting that computing is moving away from a market dominated by Intel chips.

However, Steve Balmer, CEO of Microsoft, said that the move toward ARM is about meeting customer expectations. Now customers expect the same experience on all their devices from PC to laptops and from tablets to smartphones. He said that Windows is able to provide such experience at any level and the company will be continuously working on ARM partners like Qualcom, Texas Instruments and NVIDIA and they would also be joining hands with Intel and AMD to attain their goal.

Gadgets launched at CES 2011

At the 2011 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), several new gadgets such as laptops, tablet computers, smart phones, televisions, operating systems, and more, were launched. Acer introduced the innovative dual touch screen ICONIA notebook. The Acer ICONIA notebook has the Windows 7 operating system, virtual keyboard, SocialJogger, Gesture Editor, and many more advanced features.

At CES 2011, Dell introduced the Dell Inspiron Duo convertible tablet. It has a 10.1-inch touchscreen which can be detached to convert it into a tablet computer. Dell Inspiron Duo is powered by the Intel Atom N550 processor and the screen has a resolution of 1366 × 768 pixels. It has 2GB DDR3 RAM, 250GB SATA hard disk drive, Gigabit Ethernet LAN, and Windows 7 Home Premium operating system. In the original position it is a regular netbook with a full keyboard. On detaching the screen it converts into a tablet with touch screen. It has four-cell battery, which offers back up for four hours.

Samsung Series 9 Notebook will compete with the Apple MacBook Air laptop. The new ultra-portable 13.3-inch Samsung Series 9 Notebook runs on the Windows 7 operating system.  This laptop features a 128 GB SSD, the Intel Core i5 processor, 4 GB DDR3 RAM, 13.3-inch LED HD screen, HDMI ports, USB 3.0, Ethernet, headphone output, two speakers of 1.5 Watt, etc.

Technological innovations

Whether it is your personal life or your professional life, it is the survival of the fittest. You need to know every step of your rival. It is just a comparison between your life and the business world. It is all about the survival of the fittest. There are things known and unknown and the person who manages to know the unknown of the rival outshines as a winner in this battle.

This time it is a battle in the business world. It is a battle which is all about different computers launched and the other advanced ones. It is all about how research and development team works in the laboratory and what is the investment made. It counts and it is the major cause of concern. Several new computers and processors have been launched in the market with advanced features. There are so many companies in the market that if you are not aware what is the latest version of the computer, you are for sure going to loose and going to take an old version and outdated one as well. The battle has entered into a new phase with tablet PCs unveiled by many companies.

It can be remembered easily what the first screen looked like. Those were the cathode ray screens. Those screens were very heavy but still they were in demand and after that came a new kind of screen and it was CRT with flat screen and this made people crazy about it. After flat screen CRTs, it was the turn of LCD screens. They have proven to be a great success. After that plasma screens were launched, which offer a great visual experience. These technologies are like a game changer and nothing can stop it as there are researches on and everyday there is a new launch of computing device somewhere in the world.

It is must for the telecom companies and the computer manufacturers to keep themselves aware about all the developments taking place on the technological front. For example now there are laptops and tablets which have a never before face recognition software and with that it is possible to set a log in password which is your face. It is a fool proof security measure.

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Call Now: +1 315-226-4249
Call Now: +1 315-226-4249