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How to Include Folders in a Library

Computers have now become an integral part of our lives. They are almost used in every field for bringing speed, accuracy, security and ease in work. In homes the importance of computers has increased over the years. It is of common experience that it is very difficult to find the things from the things in sixes and seven. Same is true for the items in computers also. Thus the effective arrangement is very necessary for the easier access to your files and folders stored in the computer.

Windows 7’s Library feature

Windows seven has the awesome feature of libraries which helps you organize your files and folders. Libraries make it very easier to access a particular file at any time you need it. Four common types of default libraries are music libraries, document libraries, video libraries and pictures libraries. You can also create the customized new libraries easily. These libraries bring all the relevant files in one collection for effective arrangement.

New folders in the library

You can include the new folders in the library. For instance you have a music collection in your external hard drive. You can add new folders in the current music library in your system for the music in the external hard drive. Thus you can always play back your music files from the said folders in your library when your external hard drive is attached to your computer. In order to include a folder in your library go to windows explorer which can be reached via windows task bar. Single click the folder you want to include in the navigation pane. Click “include in library” in the task bar and then click a library where you want to include that folder. If you want to include a folder from an external hard drive, first make sure that your external hard drive is properly attached to your system and windows has recognized it. Click the windows explorer button which can be found in the task bar. Click computer on the navigation pane and then click the folder in your external hard drive which you want to include in the library. Click “include in the library” in the tool bar and then click that particular library where you want to include a folder from your external hard drive.

Including network folder

In order to include a network folder to a library, the network folder must be added to the index or it should be available offline so that the further process could be done. Now go to the task bar and click the windows explorer button to open it. Now click network in the navigation pane and then navigate to the specific folder on the network that you want to include in the library. Click “include in the library” in the tool bar and then click the library where you want to include this specific folder. If you are unable to see the “include in the library” option then it is due to the possibility that the network is not indexed or is not available offline.

It should be noted that folders from some of the removable devices like compact discs and universal serial bus flash drives cannot be included in the library. So you should keep this point in mind while adding folders in libraries.

How to Resolve Disk Error Checking in Windows XP

Disk error checking in Windows XP is an important feature where the volumes will be checked for various problems. Some of the issues that a disk error check detects can be fixed by the utility itself. ‘Chkdsk’ the command line tool tries to fix any problem as and when it finds them and the utility is capable of fixing bad sectors, lost clusters, cross linked files, and directory errors.

What is chkdsk or chkdsk.exe?

Chkdsk is a highly important utility that is currently being heavily underused by many Windows XP users because of ignorance or unawareness. Chkdsk is mainly used in relation to maintaining the system volumes in a healthy manner. ‘chkdsk’ is a command used to executing the utility in a command line interface. Its also a tool that can fix many problems it detects while scanning the volumes.

Why use it?

Disk error checking helps safeguard the files within the system by looking into the errors within system volumes and repairing them. Although chkdsk is capable of repairing some of the problems it detects, other volume related problems can at least be detected using the utility. Overall maintenance of the disks and files within are made easy with this tool.

How to use it?

The most popular method is to use the command line interface and enter the command ‘chkdsk’. However the same process can be initiated by right clicking on the volume that needs to be checked in ‘My Computer’ and selecting ‘properties’, ‘tools’, then clicking on ‘check now’ under ‘Error-checking’. Options for checking the disks can be selected in the ‘Check disk options’ dialog box. Checking the disk can also be scheduled to occur next time the computer is restarted. Whatever the method used, it is advisable to run the disk checking utility periodically.

Limitations of the utility

Chkdsk needs exclusive access to the volumes it checks. For example if any file is open from the volume that is about to be scanned by chkdsk, the utility would not start, instead a message would be prompted asking the user to schedule the scan for the next time when the system will be restarted. Chkdsk may also take a considerably long time if the system resources are limited or the number of files and folders within the volume is comparatively high. Disk error check reports, if run on read only mode, might not be accurate and up to the point.

Overall the disk check utility in Windows XP is a valuable tool that is unfortunately used only by a handful of users who are aware of the utility and its advantages. System volumes and files within being vulnerable to many usage problems, utilities like chkdsk are a must to maintain a healthy system.

How to Change Advanced Indexing Options

It is a common experience that people often forget where they have kept their things. This is also valid when people use the computers. People forget where they placed a particular file or folder in their computer. As a result they get frustrated because any file can be of considerable importance and value particularly if it is needed at the high time. People have one option here which can help them look for where they have placed that particular file or folder. They use the windows search option which can be found under start options in windows.

Advanced indexing

Windows takes the help of index to search for the files and folders that you specify to it. There are some advanced settings for indexing options. You can change the windows indexing settings to advance settings in order to optimize and make the searches faster on your computer.

Adding certain file types to windows indexing

If you are using a certain file type on your computer that windows index does not recognize then you can add it to the windows index easily to perform future searches faster. First of all you have to open the indexing options in windows. Go to start options and search for the indexing options in the tab. Here you can find indexing options. Now click “advanced” in the indexing options. If the systems ask you for a password, (usually administrator password) then provide the password so that you can proceed further. You will notice the “file types” tab in the advanced options. Click on the file types tab. You will notice “add the new extension to list” box. Here you need to add that particular file extension. For instance, you add the file extension “txt” in the “add the new extension to list” box. Now you need to click “index properties only” and then click ok. If you are adding encrypted files to index make sure that you have a “windows bit-locker” ready on your hard drive. There is no need of any kind of maintenance that the windows index requires.


However at times you can note that Windows is not searching for the files and folders that are already appearing in the search indexing. In this case you need to rebuild the index. The rebuilding of indexing can take up to several hours. However your search will not be optimized unless the index is fully and properly rebuilt.

In order to rebuild the index you need to search for indexing options by going to start and then searching for indexing options. Click on the indexing options. Now click the advanced tab and if you are asked for a password, then provide that password so that you can proceed further. You will notice the “index settings” tab in advanced options dialogue box. Click index settings and you will notice a rebuild index tab. Click on the rebuild index. You may be asked for providing a password in order to proceed further. If so, then provide the password so that index rebuilding process is started and your windows search becomes faster.

Hence in this way you can index through your files easily and it becomes a lot easier to search a particular file in your system.

After Windows 7 Microsoft is Scheduled to Launch A “Mouse”

The recent buzz surrounding Microsoft and Windows 7 is an innovative mouse in development at Microsoft, which would have multitouch input capabilities. This is being initiated, according to many rumors, also keeping Windows 7 users who are awaiting on changing their displays. There is nothing official about this yet, although Microsoft has already registered a domain “” and redirected it to Bing.

Revolutionary technology

The innovative mouse, as it has caught a lot of attention even before Microsoft has officially announced anything, must be consisting of some trendy features that users need alongside the new Windows 7 OS from Microsoft. Obviously the standards of products from Microsoft has always been above average and has most of the times provided with some excellent features that are unique to the devices.

Apple magic mouse

Apple magic mouse which has a lot of multitouch features, is expected to have plenty of resemblance to the expected hardware component from Microsoft. Apple magic mouse was a brilliant innovation from Apple to enhance user experience with Apple products and operating systems. Beauty of Apple magic mouse is the seamless integration with the system in both aspects hardware and software.

Windows 7 features

Windows 7 has a lot of inbuilt multitouch features that average users don’t actually have necessary hardware to explore into. One reason why multitouch mouse concepts were initiated. Multitouch mouse peripherals will not only enable users with high end features on its own, but also expand the usage of inbuilt Windows 7 features.

The price range

Some European retailers have listed a “Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse” in their sites for around 70 dollars. Whether it be an indication of the original price or not, 70 dollars for a mouse seems a bit on the higher side given the current situation of an average consumer. Even if the expected piece of hardware is a PC clone of the Apple’s magic mouse, if the functionality would justify the price, no one knows for sure yet.

Early indications

Microsoft registering the corresponding domain and several retailers listing the item in their sites are all clear indications of such peripheral being in the process. The Redmond company has also been involved in a multitouch mouse research back in 2009, which also gives a clue on something happening from Microsoft.

Recent product releases

Several mouse models have been introduced to the market by Microsoft with the average price range of them being around 40 to 50 dollars. These releases from Microsoft too indicates an upcoming high end mouse component slightly higher in price.

Brilliant software features without supported hardware to operate and explore are virtually useless. Microsoft has realized a similar issue with the features of Windows 7, an important reason why a multitouch mouse is on the making, if any exists at all.

How to Troubleshoot Opening and Copying files from the web?

Internet has revolutionized how the things are done in the modern world. The communication and transfer of information from one corner of the world to another corner of the world has become easier and a matter of seconds. Every day thousands of people from all over the world copy files and information from websites for a variety of purposes. It is often a common experience that we are unable to copy the required information from the websites. People come across such experiences from time to time on worldwide web. There are numerous reasons for this cause.

Causes For this Issue

One cause may be that the subject website is critically dangerous in the eyes of windows and that’s why you cannot copy or extract information from that particular web. Generally, windows only allow you to open and navigate the websites which are considered safe in its eyes. Windows uses a methodology to determine which websites is a trusted one. This methodology of windows consists of four security zones. The webs lie in one of the four security zones. These security zones are namely internet, local intranet, trust sites and restricted sites. Windows will assign any of these security zones to the websites.

Internet Security Zone

By default the internet security zone is applied to all of the websites. Normally its security level is medium high which is customizable and you can make it medium or high. As this setting is in default, windows will consider all the websites in this zone unless you put some websites in trusted or restricted zone by yourself manually. Local intranet security zone is applied to all the websites which are present on a local network. There is huge data and information available on the local networks such as movies, agendas and files and allows you to copy files. The security level in local intranet security zone by default is set to medium. But it is customizable and you can set it to any other level low or high manually. Trusted security zone is applied to those websites that you indicate by yourself that they are safe and will not affect your system. Its security level is normally set to medium by default. But it is customizable and you can set it to any level low or high by your own choice manually. The security zone namely restricted sites is applied to those webs which can harm your computer and are considered dangerous. You can add the websites that you might know can harm your computer by yourself manually in the system of restricted sites security zone.

How to Access Security Zones

In order to access these security zones you need to go to control panel and search for internet options. From internet options you can see the security tab. Click on the security tab and you will notice these four security zones.

You can add a URL (Universal Resource Locator) to trusted or restricted security zone. If you are adding a site to the trusted security zone please make sure that you are confident about the web otherwise your system can be subject to a big danger. So by following above given methods you can overcome the problem that you are facing.

Expect an Update from Apple for its Apple TV Soon

Apple TV, initially named as iTV and then later changed to “Apple TV”, has seen only minor changes and developments since the launch of the device back in 2007. Now Apple wants to shed some serious work on the device to make it more than just a hobby for users. Since the most loyal consumers are losing interest on the device as it is now, rightly so Apple plans major updates in relation to both software and hardware components of Apple TV.

Set-top box concept

Steve Jobs the CEO of Apple had confirmed to staff that Apple TV was still a hobby and the set-top box concept as experimental. But the more recent interest of Apple suggests a major shift of Apple TV in the direction of set top boxes in order to compete with the rivals and also to provide the consumers with something useful.

Moving from a hobby to seriousness

The remarks of Steve Jobs in relation to Apple TV is yet to be proved wrong, but it seems that a major shift from hobby to seriousness have been initiated within Apple, possibly under direct orders from Jobs himself. Serious software updates are expected within Apple TV, which is thought to be based on iOS.

Integrating iTunes and iTunes store

Apple may also be looking for ways to integrate iTunes into Apple TV and its subscriptions. A more professional approach towards the device may be possible using only resources within, yet there are rumors that Apple are getting more advanced work on Apple TV done elsewhere. First of all these are only rumors. Secondly these concern Apple staff and not Apple TV, however the point is that something is happening somewhere in relation to the development of Apple TV.

External TV applications

If the new software developments within Apple TV is based on iOS, it could support third party Apple TV apps which would ultimately help in adding diversified and extra content to that of Apple iTunes store, with use of services like Netflix or Hulu.

Overall developments

Although there have been rumors and clues around updates to the software within Apple TV, there is very little known regarding any developments with hardware components of the device. With multi functional hardware consoles becoming more popular and such devices being able to provide TV capabilities as a value added feature, Apple needs to think its strategies seriously if it cares about the set-top box market.

Apple at least now, has started to work on Apple TV, which many Apple TV users feared was not due anytime soon. However there is no official confirmation of work-in-progress or any expressed intentions of a new Apple TV device.

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