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Sony Digital Photo Frame DPF-D1020/B

Sony is one of the leading manufacturers of home electronics and consumer products. Sony DPF-D1020/B Digital Photo Frame is the latest addition by Sony. The elegant style and stunning view of Sony DPF-D1020/B Digital Photo Frame makes it an amazing product. With Sony DPF-D1020/B Digital Photo Frame, you can discover a large variety of slideshows along with musical accompaniment. Apart from this, there are attractive clock and calendar viewing modes in Sony DPF-D1020/B Digital Photo Frame.

Below are the specifications of Sony DPF-D1020/B Digital Photo Frame:


LCD Screen

  • LCD Panel Size:  10 (25.4 cm)
  • Actual Viewing Area Size: 222 x 132.48mm
  • Resolution: WVGA 800 x 600
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:10

Compatible Image Format

  • JPEG: DCF Ver2.0, Exif Ver2.21
  • TIFF: Exif Ver. 2.21
  • BMP: 1, 4, 8, 16, 24, 32bit Windows format
  • RAW: SRF, SR2, ARW

Compatible Video Format

  • Motion-JPEG: Yes

Compatible Audio Format

  • LPCM: Yes

Internal Memory

  • Capacity: 2GB
  • Approx. Number of Photos: 4,000


  • Still Image Playback: Yes (Full Screen and Entire Image modes)
  • Slideshow Playback: Yes (10 patterns)
  • Index View: Yes (3 patterns)
  • Clock and Calendar: Yes (14 designs)
  • Image Rotation: Yes (Auto / Manual)

Compatible Memory Card

  • Memory Stick (MS): MS, MS Duo, MS PRO, MS PRO Duo, HighSpeed MS, HighSpeed MS Duo, MS Micro (M2) (with optional adaptor), MagicGate MS, MagicGate MS Duo, MS PRO-HG Duo
  • SD Card: SD Card, SDHC Card. To be used with optional adaptor – Mini SD Card, Micro SD Card, Mini SDHC Card, Micro SDHC Card
  • MMC:  MMC, RS-MMC, MMC Plus

Other Inputs & Outputs

  • USB for External Device Connection: USB A-type (Hi-Speed)
  • USB for PC Connection: USB Mini B-type (Hi-Speed)


  • Photo Frame (W x H x D): 293 x 195 x 28.8mm
  • Including Stand (W x H x D): 293 x 195 x 118.8mm
  • Weight (Without AC Adaptor): Approx. 743g

Supplied Accessories

  • AC adaptor: Yes
  • Wireless Remote: Yes
  • Stand: Yes

How to Replace the Power Connector in a Compaq M2000

Laptops have become a part of the regular gadget family of human. Most students and professional carry a laptop with them. It has become a part and parcel of life. If laptops powers humans in their mundane tasks then who powers the laptops? The answer for this question is power cable. Mostly all laptops use power connectors to charge the batteries.

Compaq M2000 – How to power it!

Compaq M2000 is one such laptop which uses power connector for its charge. Often the company gives a working manual to help its customers to get to know the process or steps involved to charge the laptops. This manual also has the pictorial representation of the whole process. But hardly any company tells us what to do when the same power connector jack gets damaged. It is obvious to any company to take the blame when it comes to damage of the gadget.

How to replace the power connector in Compaq M2000

So here are the steps that the users can make can do to ensure that the process of replacing the power connector in Compaq M2000 is made simple.

1. Always make sure that the laptop is turned off when you have decided to open the cover or do anything with the internal of the laptop.

2. The next step involves removal of the battery. This can be done by turning the laptop upside down. Make sure that you do not damage the laptop. Handle the laptop with care in this step.

3. Use the screw driver to remove the screws. This involves a little bit of manual labour. Please make sure that you handle the screw driver properly. Care should be taken not to hurt the fingers. It is always better to take the help of a professional here as many people who do this by themselves get hurt.

4. Now carefully remove the rectangular plate that is placed over the keyboard. This involves a little patience, as often the laptop covers are closed tightly and it is a little hard to remove it. Do not apply lots of force as there is a good chance that you might break it.

5. Lift the keyboard to your side by removing the screws. Make sure that you disconnect the keyboard ribbon. This is the main ribbon that connects keyboard and mother board.

6. Find the two display hinges. This can be found on either side of the computer. One can find this below the LCD screen.

7. Now again, remove the screws and disconnect the LCD from the motherboard.

8. Unscrew the metal plate that covers the motherboard. Proper care should be taken here as this is the vital part of the computer. Do not remove it hard by applying high pressure on the screw driver. There are chances of breakage.

9. Locate the power jack in the motherboard.

10. Now remove the two screws that are present next to the power jack and remove the power connector board from the mother board. This is a part of the mother board.

11. Now use your soldering skills to desolder the power jack from the mother board.

12. Now replace the old power jack with the new one. Solder it to make sure that it gets connected again to the mother board.

13. Redo all the steps in the reverse order.

14. Now it’s time to work with your Compaq M2000!

Power connector is one of the important components in any laptop and proper care should be taken in order to ensure that this component does not fail. So it is highly essential to service the laptops every now and then so as to ensure a better performance.

Troubleshooting your home theatre

There are several problems which might turn up in your home theatre system while you sit down to watch your favourite DVD along with your family and when that happens, everyone’s mood gets bungled up. Buy hey; there is nothing to worry about. Most of the times the problem is very minor and can be solved effortlessly. One doesn’t need to be an electronic geek for solving those problems. Let’s discuss out some of the basic problems which occur in your home theatre systems.

The connections

When we are dealing with a full-fledged home theatre system which includes a LCD screen, a DVD player, Speaker system, the woofer, the remote control, etc there is bound to be a lot of wiring included and I bet most of the times we end up attaching wrong cables to wrong ports and the result is a failure. You might face problems like no picture, no audio, blurry picture, etc. Go slow while attaching the cables, check every wire one by one and see that every single wire is perfectly plugged in its port and see to that, that it is properly plugged as well. Clean the ports regularly and check the wire-heads for any damage, change them periodically with the new ones. Also make sure that no cable is in strained or stretched, because it might loosen up the interior connections and lead to malfunction of that wire. The ultimate way to end this sort of menace is to centralize all your media in a media server which has all your movies, music stored in it and if you have several players in several rooms all can be connected to it wirelessly and you can enjoy your movies, listen to your music, hear the radio, watch TV, etc directly without any thing need to be arranged by you. Let the remote do it all for you.

The woofer and the speakers

These fellows are very important components in constituting a home theatre system. There are several problems which might occur in them as well. You might hear annoying humming sound coming from them – that’s because your woofer or speakers are closer to your power lines and it is due to your power lines AC current that humming sound is irking you. You might even hear distortion in your audio. Well, in that case check the speakers individually to see if the problem is in one speaker or all. Interchange the speaker cables so you can find out where actually is the fault. If still the distortion persists then you need to check your amplifier/receiver system which is sending distorted signals. So you need to get it repaired then. The remedy to this is avoid blaring your system at full volume for long times and try to install the system in a biggest room with windows possible so that the sound waves can diverse quickly.

Other Things to look out for

There are other few easy tips you need to take care of for your home theatre system to work seamlessly for years. If you are watching your movies and listening to your music using discs make sure that you handle discs with great care and clean them regularly. In the room where your system is installed, fit an AC as well so you can keep the devices in cool atmosphere (ESP people in south Asian countries which are humid and temperate). If possible get a universal touch-screen remote control system for all your electronic appliances in your house. It will help you manage your terabytes of media, your smallest of devices, and lots more just by few clicks.

These guidelines will help you for sure to a great extent in reducing your problems in your home theatre and you can enjoy your evenings and weekends with your family without your wife bursting on you or your kids getting annoyed from you.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003