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How to Burn DVD Without Any Paid Software

With amounts of information, needed for normal computer operation, being so big, and growing every day your HDD becomes full in no time. With every game nowadays bigger than 5GB and HD movie collections reaching 100GB, even modern terabyte disk can be overrun in no time. If information is not valuable to you, solution is easy – put it into the Recycle bin. But What if you want to keep it? Well, then you burn it on either CD (for small amounts of data – up to 700MB), or DVD (more than 4GB or more than 8GB, depending on what DVD you have bought). Few years ago, you would have to buy additional software to have full control over what to write and how to write it on the disk. Now, if you have Windows 7 – you don’t need anything else.

How to burn a disk using Live File System (LFS)

There are two standards supported by Windows 7. The live file system disk can be played on computers running Windows XP or later, and some more advanced consumer electronics devices. Its compatibility is not guaranteed, but as it is faster to burn, it is still good for data backups of any type of files, that you will use only on PC. It is simple to backup to DVD using this FS. When you insert the blank disk, Windows Explorer will pop up so called “AutoPlay” dialog. Click on “Burn Files to disk using Windows Explorer”, write your title. Select “Like a USB flash drive” – this selects LFS for burning, and then, after the disk format is completed, you will be taken to a window where you can put your files. Simply copy them to the empty windows the normal way you copy files using Windows Explorer. This completes the operation – yes, it is as simple as that. You may need to close the session after writing is finished – check our site for short how-to on that.

How to burn a disk using Mastered Format file system (MFFS)

MFFS has one main advantage over LFS – disks written using it, are playable on every standard DVD or CD player, as they comply with international standards set for such disks. It must be written all at once, you can not add files once you finish burning, but if you need disk that will surely work on a DVD player – this is your choice. Operations to write in MFFS are exactly the same as in previous mode, except that you must choose “With a CD/DVD player” instead of “Like USB flash drive” in mode selection box. You are then presented with the same empty Explorer window – copy and paste your files as normal. Bear in mind that you can not use this disk to write additional files once burn process is completed, so plan your burn and put everything you need written on this disk.

Lenovo’s and CIT’s grand financial agreement was a remarkable event

On 3rd May 2010, Lenovo and CIT Group Inc., who is one of the giants in providing finances, signed an intent letter to create the efficient Lenovo Financial Services [LFS]. LFS will be a program that will offer not only a wide range of solutions, specifically in vendor financing to business partners of Lenovo but also the customers who greatly avail Lenovo’s highest range of products and services integrated with its efficient technology. The programs of LFS will grandly initiate on 1st June 2010 in North America.

The President and Chief operating officer of Lenovo announced that the establishment of Lenovo Financial Services Program offers various opportunities to avail the alternatives of financial services to the elite customers. In addition, he mentioned that Lenovo Financial Services Program will focus on the financing programs that are specifically made to be in total terms with the effective needs of customers.

However, the President of IT vendor Finances, Mr. Bon Arrington mentioned that it was a great excitement to have the high relationship with Lenovo, who is a developed PC company in industry. The LFS establishment is a leading provider of financing solutions of their vendors. It demonstrates the ability of CIT to offer financial solutions for the customers of the technology companies.

Advantages incorporated

Lenovo customers are benefited the most because they will achieve the technology that will acquire them to increase their purchasing power. It will not only offer protection against obsolescence of technology but will also preserve the capital for other utilizations.

Discovering Lenovo and CIT

Lenovo is popular for its dedication in building the personal computers that are engineered exceptionally. The business model of Lenovo is structured on the efficiency of operation, satisfaction of customers and focusing on the investment in the emerging markets. This was created by acquisition group of Lenovo, former IBM personal computing. This division of the company creates, develops and markets the reliable, secured and easy to use technology products and services globally. Lenovo has many research centers that are localized worldwide from Yamato, Japan, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Raleigh to North Carolina.

Founded in 1908, CIT is headquarters in New York. The company is a holding bank and its approximate assets and finances is $ 45 billion, which offers financial products and advisory services to small and middle businesses. It operates in more than 50 countries and offers an unparallel combination of bonding, intellectual power and capital finance to its customers. CIT is a leader in retail, finances, aerospace, and equipment, rail leasing and vendor finance.

Concluding remarks

Thus, it was a memorable event when the two big technology giants Lenovo and CIT announced the integration of financial services. These companies will offer opportunity for all those customers who are increasing their purchasing power. It is greatly estimated that this program will effectively solve the true needs of customers.

Lenovo and CIT unite to create LFS

Technology product manufacturer Lenovo and financial service provider CIT have joined hands in order to create a new program called LFS, which means Lenovo Financial Services. All the customers and the business partners that make use of the technology products and services of Lenovo will get vendor financing solutions from LFS. The deal between Lenovo and CIT was officially established in the month of May, 2010 and the program is expected to start on operating in June, 2010 in North America. This is a great step to provide the customers with the financing support to get the Lenovo products or services.

Lenovo – the commitment of better service shows

With the introduction of the Lenovo Financial Services, the technology product manufacturer Lenovo has taken a great initiative to provide alternatives of financial assistance to the clients. According to the President and the Chief Operating Officer of Lenovo, Mr. Rory Read, the program is capable of providing excellent vendor financing experience to the patrons. This program is designed in such a way that it can serve the diverse needs of the customers. Now, financing the technology solutions has become easy with the Lenovo Financial Services. If you are looking for such assistance, then LFS could be exactly what you are looking for.

Who will benefit

This tie up between Lenovo and CIT is going to benefit both the companies. Lenovo will be able to get hold of more customers as they can now offer financing services to attract them; while CIT is also going to benefit because of its association with one of the best companies of PC manufacturers in the industry. With this combination, it is going to create a great impact in the market. LFS is expected to take the vendor solution market by storm.

What will LFS do?

The program will provide financing and leasing solutions along with the support of various online services and tools. CIT provides operational support to this program and because of that, the vendors and the partners of Lenovo can easily avail financing for the technology based products and services. With the financing assistance by LFS, the customers can easily obtain financing for their required technology products or services and retain their capital for different usages.

Lenovo is one of the leading service providers in the field of manufacturing personal computers. The business model of the company focuses on integrating efficiency in operation, creativity, and satisfaction of customers along with investment plans in the prospective markets. CIT, on the other hand, provides an arrangement of logical and financial support to the vendors worldwide. Amalgamation of both these market leaders in the form of LFS is definitely going to be a successful proposition.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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