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LG® Ally, Samsung® Galaxy S GT-i9000 get Android™ 2.2 updates

It is well known that Samsung has had many a problem sending updates for the Android 2.2 Froyo for their smart phones. The LG Ally from Verizon is preparing to receive the updates. It brings with it a wipe for a remote device and added security measures for passwords, voice dialing from Bluetooth, much better browser performance as well as faster download of Java Script pages, quick reconnection of data after calls on voice, updated directory of contacts with a combo of Google as well as corporate accounts.

The improvements in the update include enhanced audio output, improved EAS syncing; and the ES provisioning feature that is available on Microsoft Exchange Server. The following is the method to use the update on your Samsung Galaxy S:

First of all, download the software 2.2.1 XXJPY version and save the zip file on your system desktop. After installing the file, open the Odin 1.3 client so that you can install this download of firmware in your device. After installing, you will see the welcome screen.

Rooting with super user users rights will give your Android device, the ability to install several applications that are handy on the device. While, this is still Froyo, as its name means, the Android 2.2.1 is a release for bug fixing. It however, means more for Samsung Galaxy S. Many of the Swedish Galaxy S owners are sending in reports of a speed up in the device operation after using this update. This is a nice surprise as the Galaxy S has had its share of lagging issues since the release of its software.

LG Ally will now receive its Android 2.2 updates. An upgrade for the system software will come soon, according to news from Verizon. It will bring enhancements that will be in the mid range of improving smart phone performance and utility. LG Ally debuted during the summer using the Android OS 2.1, but is going to soon move up with an update from a new version of the Android operating system.

LG® Ally Gets OTA Update to Android™ 2.2 Froyo

In one of the recent news update from the world of electronics, LG has actually beat its rival Samsung in updating to Android system 2.2 Froyo on the LG Ally smartphone. Verizon has actually begun to push for over the air (OTA) system for the LG Ally to 2.2 Android Froyo along with other significant improvements. The update of the software is called LB VS40ZVD and it is far better than other types of software system. It has an enhanced system of security settings and an improved Bluetooth. There are many systems and as a result we see that the options that are available with the people regarding this new device is indeed one of the best that one can expect from an electronic gadget.

Among other features of Froyo, a person can enjoy a lot of other useful applications. There are many types of applications that can be available on your cell phone these days, but this device offers unique features like the Adobe Flash system. It enables faster browsing and a person can now avail the services and it is indeed one of the most essential features in today’s world where the usage of Internet is indeed very high. It also offers the features to store various types of application on a micro SD card.

The size of the software update is 52.3 MB, which takes around 12-15 minutes for the download process to end and 5 minutes for the process of updating. There will be notifications available on LG Ally. All you need to do is press the ‘install now’ option and the process of installation will begin.

If you happen to be moving around, you will not get the updates until you are connected via Wi-Fi. During the process of installation or updating, you will not get any calls or notifications. There are a lot of features that you can expect from this latest offering.

It includes advanced security options like the device lock, device wipe, complexity of password and also minimal password length. You can get the list of the last eight applications used by pressing the home key. The process of Bluetooth apps voice dialing actually displays all the voice instructions and repeats then for further accuracy.

The browser is fast, which enables an easy connection to the web. There are various social applications too that can be highly beneficial to the people. There are a lot of options to look forward to and you can enjoy all the necessary aspects of the device.

Android 2.2 Froyo Upgraded for Verizon LG Ally

The famed Froyo update of the Android OS (Android 2.2 ) comes to LG Ally coupled the Verizon carrier. A February 2011 rollout of the software update was planned but Verizon has just started rolling out the update in batches from January 18th according to Verizon’s support site.

Android 2.2 Froyo turns your cell into a Wi-Fi hotspot, and is 5x times faster than Android 2.1 Éclair, also boasts of the fastest browser in the smartphone category, It provides support for flash 10.1.

The Froyo with Ally comes with newer gadgets, better Exchange integration, faster browser and a boosted V8 JavaScript engine, Bluetooth voice dialing, LG social application, enhanced screen rotation feature. It has improved security options, including remote device wipe, device lock and a minimum password length, an updated contact directory, allows you to access Amazon, Mazon MP3 , Facebook and thinkfree office apps.

LG’s Ally is a power packed smartphone using the Android OS, It has a 3.2-inch TFT capacitive touchscreen with 262K colors and 480 x 800 pixels resolution and a full slide-out QWERTY keyboard and was originally based on Android 2.1 Eclair platform.

Has Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n connectivity, 256MB RAM, 512 MB ROM, microSD card slot for memory expansion (up to 16GB, 4GB card included), Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP support, Stereo FM radio with RDS, as well as GPS with A-GPS support.

Ally has the technical specification for a further update to Android 2.3 Gingerbread except for the
NFC support. A speed improvement and a better UI and a more advanced keyboard could be possible with a conversion to Android 2.3 OS Gingerbread. But this is all in the future. Currently Ally users are slowly but steadily upgrading their OS to Android 2.2 Froyo.

Since this and Over The Air upgrade users will be notified that a system upgrade is available, to upgrade your LG Ally smartphone on Verizon wireless, click on Install Now and your smartphone will reboot and start the installation procedure. This latest firmware upgrade is named LG VS740ZVD.

In a move Samsung also stated itself to be working to release the Android 2.2 software update to its end users and stated in a tweet “We are working to make the Android 2.2/Froyo upgrade to all US Galaxy S owners as soon as possible. We want Galaxy S owners to have simple/reliable upgrade. We r running tests due to complexity/unique functionality” The Motorola Milestone is slated to be next in line after LG ally and Samsung Galaxy S to receive the much awaited Android 2.2 Froyo update.

This may bring some relief to the many users who ha been waiting for so long after Google had released the source code for Android 2.2 and the updates have only now been started to be pushed to the end users a reflection of the sorry state of affairs with the android upgrade program.

Aaron launches LG Ally

Verizon wireless and mobile communications announced this Thursday the launch of its new LG Ally. The new Smartphone to be added to the market shelves has been launched in collaboration with the information company LG Electronics MobileComm USA Inc.

The new LG Ally is an Android device using the new Android 2.1 version. The entire package of the Ally comes with the users battery, USB Cable cum charging cord, AC Adapter, instruction manuals and of course the device itself. The new Smartphone has a 3.2 inch touch screen display (with additional touch vibration feature), QWERTY slide out keyboard, 3.2 mega pixel camera and a lot of other applications like built in MP3 and WMA music player. Apart from this, the Smartphone features Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1, miscroSD slots supporting up to 16 GB memory etc. The device also showcases five customizable home screens, offering shortcuts to the users for fast responses such as email, text messages, social networking sites and widgets. Being Android, the entire lot of 38,000 Android applications are supported on the handset and are available in the Android Market. 3D application Launcher, proximity sensor, Live Wallpaper, S-GPS support, luminous sensor meant to adjust the back light brightness, one touch speaker phone, voice commands etc are a few other features supported by the LG Ally, making it all the more viable for the users.

While the Smartphone offers almost everything at par with other medium range Smartphone in market, the camera on offer (3.2 megapixels) becomes extremely inferior to others ranging from 5 to 8 megapixels within the same range. Nevertheless, the presence of flash, auto focus, digital zoom and editing options like white balance, ISO settings and eight effects ensure that the users are not very disappointed! Besides, the quality offered during video recording is pretty decent. Then again, the lack of Snapdragon processor is surely evident as the phone tends to become sluggish at times. The touchscreen is also not as effective as one would have liked, though the keys are quite responsive when it comes to the keyboard.

In terms of call quality, Ally is really well equipped. Call crops are not an issue with this phone while the call quality is extremely good and clear. The data speed offered by the phone too is reasonable, as heavy content and data files open fast and easily.

For all those interested, Ally is available on line for $99.99. The price comes after a record discount of $100. The launch date is said to be May 27, when all the pre-booked orders begin to be delivered. The price though comes with a catch. For all the users availing the discount, you need to undertake a two-year customer agreement in the form of a credit card. Besides, Ally customers will also be required to subscribe to Verizon Wireless Nationwide Talk Plan along with other facilities.

Overall, LG Ally makes for a good buy for all those looking for the features and working of a smart phone in a budgeted profile.

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