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LG® smartphones with 3D display coming soon

The smartphone market is largely dominated by companies like Apple and HTC. They have some of the most popular and sought after models like iPhone 4 and the Desire HD. LG has released Optimus X that is getting very popular. The company will launch smartphones with 3D display soon. 3D technology is also in much demand and with TV and other devices, it is getting bigger day-by-day.

At the Mobile World Congress the LG invitation had the banner “Into the new dimension”. With this phrase it seems that these rumors are true and we hope that we will soon get 3D smartphones.

2011 is going to be a great year for people looking forward to 3D technology. With LG’s announcement of glasses-free 3D, the picture is getting really exciting. We already saw the glasses-free television and displays but with the smartphone it is very innovative.

At the CES 2011, LG displayed one of the largest auto-stereoscopic designed for mobile devices with glasses-free 3D screen. It has a 4.3 display featuring WVGA 800×480 screen resolution and it is based on an applied parallax barrier technology. Having this innovation in mind, we can easily hope that LG will move to show off the actual smartphone with this amazing display.

Recently we saw the Carphone Warehouse, a Europian mobile phone retailer tagged a coming soon image of LG Optimus 3D on their website. But as we know that it’s now gone and there are no further details about this model. The all new Optimus 2X has really some of the very catchy and attractive features with stylish design. It is making buzz with the perfect body with a glossy black finish and a large 4’’ screen. It is also known that LG is the first smartphone manufacturer that announced support for the Tegra 2. Now Tegra 3D is also available and we are hoping that LG will be first to use this technology in smartphones.

Tablet computers and smartphones are hot topics this year and most of them are Android based. More Android-based tablets are coming with companies planning to launch more tablets that work on the latest version of Android, Honeycomb. With the 3D-display it will be interesting to see how it will make an effect in the smartphone market.

We also hope more innovation this year and we are eagerly waiting for the same product. As we already said, 2011 is going be a vital year for all tech-savvy products. More features will be added in Android, there will be competition with Windows Phone 7 also, and there will be lot more innovating technology coming soon this year.

LG® Optimus 3D smartphone

LG Optimus 3D smartphone has a 4.3-inch LCD display panel. The LCD display uses the parallel barrier technology to create a 3D effect. The functionality of glasses-free 3D technology was recently showcased by many companies during CES. Following are the basic hardware configuration and capabilities of the LG Optimus 3D phone. LG Optimus is the world’s first Android smartphone which is capable of capturing videos in 3D. This device runs on dual core 1 GHz OMAP4 processor with 512 MB of dual channel memory. At the back of this device there are dual 5 mega pixel cameras to shoot images and videos in 3D. The dual cameras of this device captures scenario in 720p of High Definition (HD). This device provides 8 GB of internal storage to store data.

LG Optimus 3D smartphone

LG is not the first company which has launched 3D display panel in their smartphone devices. Sharp has already launched the technology of glasses- free 3D display in its Android OS enabled smartphones. Just like Sharp, HTC is also going to offer the same technology in their smartphones. Another news about LG is regarding its Smartphone Optimus 2X. This smartphone from LG will be launched in Europe. Following are the basic hardware configuration and capabilities of LG Optimus 2X. It comes with a touch screen display of 4.0 inches. The screen is capable of rendering 16 million colors. As regarding the working capabilities, it is a full-fledged device for performance. It comes along with 8GB of internal storage and 32GB of external storage supported on a micro SD card. Further the device is supported by 512 MB of RAM along with speed of dual core 1 GHz ARM Cortex-A9 processor. It has a GeForce graphical processing unit and Tegra 2 chipset. As regarding the shooting capabilities, the back camera can take 8 megapixel images, and also has video conferencing capabilities.

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