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Malware attacks pose a huge challenge

Over the last couple of years, we have seen phenomenal growth in collaboration trends over cloud computing. This growth in technology, has given an impetus to development on various levels, the scariest of them being, collaboration by malware creators with planned and focused attack strategies. In the last few years, players on a single platform, like antivirus and security software, change the rules of the game, by collaborating with each other at different instances for different projects, to fight virus and malware, as also spam and phishing. This year, reports from various corners bring about scary situations of arch rival malware creators, tying hands and working together, to bring about unprecedented levels of damage, is thought provoking.

Some of the targets for malware attacks are websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others. These social networking sites, generally, are used by the young and unaware teen and pre-teen population, making them easy targets. Distribution of fake apps, and hijacking of a browser seem to be the commonest and easiest ways for hackers and malware distributors to spread their wings in a simple and easy manner.

The DDoS attack on WordPress, Mastercard, Visa and PayPal are clear examples of group efforts of cyber criminals waging war with the system. Fake antivirus software, Trojans, attacks on smartphones and tablets and focused attacks on the Macs and Windows 7, seem to be the latest trends. HTML 5 is also a target for attackers. The pre-mature introduction and use of platforms like HTML 5 in their nascent stages, are interesting targets for such cyber activists.

Twitter has launched a free browser plug-in, developed by Finjan Inc. with an aim to aid users restrain clicking on malware and malicious links which could target the click to spyware and malware servers. The Finjan SecureBrowser plug-in has been made available for Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. However, the Finjan plug-in missed out on some links like shortened URLs, while the LongURL Mobile Expander Add-on on Firefox was more effective.

The complex IT environment of today, the new cloud and other technologies entering the fray, and with the smartphones and tablets explosion underway, it has become all the more easy for malware to flourish. The various new manufacturers and developers are yet to incorporate stringent security measures on all their offerings. While various security software and application firms claim to have set their developmental activities, well in advance of products and processes being released, security literacy is yet to see the light of day, amongst enthusiastic new comers, worldwide.

Users need to educate themselves on viruses, worms, Trojans, adware and spyware, malware, rootkits, malicious mobile codes and blended threats. User awareness increase is the only road to safety.

Increased Customized platform in LinkedIn

LinkedIn is actually a business based social networking website that was launched in the year 2003. Its main purpose of the latter is for the Company networking or the Professional networking. The LinkedIn has spurred in more than 200 countries round the globe helping to bring the profession based networking in lime light. The website has near about a gigantic Seventy-Five million users’ world wide. The figures of the users’ world wide are the ones who are registered with LinkedIn website in multiple languages. The site is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese language to aid a wide variety of users coming from different backgrounds and countries.

The LinkedIn giant under the supervision of CEO Jeff Weiner who served Yahoo! Inc as its executive has announced a couple changes to be made in the near future. The Company will update its feature that helps to “Follow” the professional era or other Company’s performance. The website will see a new set of pages that will be talking about the Career, which will be the second change on the LinkedIn webpage.

The LinkedIn initiative towards the Follow feature is to enhance the professional or company’s networking customisation. The Follow feature will have an updated appearance and thus, will help the user feel better in terms of customization. The feature will also have much personalized and enhanced visions for the professional who skim through the website. The new Career pages on the website about to be aired will have tabs for both the Professionals and Companies; who are none other than the registered users’ of the LinkedIn website.

The LinkedIn’s official body Ryan Roslansky threw some light on the latest version of the LinkedIn webpage. He said,”The LinkedIn webpage’s latest version is going to be newly carved and well re-designed web pages that will serve as a new look and feel for the users’ surfing it.” The Customization is enhanced by the companies’ initiative towards the pages which have been updated by the latest. The latest customized feature will help the user to keep a track of updates relevant for the Company that can be a wide variety of bits n parts like Company news, latest jobs, new blog posts or the corporate latest tweet on”

The next latest change that will be witnessed by the user will be the newly personalized and designed view of the Company with a better insight. This feature will help you keep a track of the degree of connections whether it is first or second degree one while you will be researching and skimming through the Company. Moreover it will enlighten you with latest and daily activities of that Company about which you long to know.

Thus, the new definition of LinkedIn professional social networking website is going to be of great deal of help to its users’. The users’ can maintain their track of work in a better and enhanced way by abridging all the quarrels and problems with the latest customization features.

Social Networking Sites a New Way of Recruiting Employees

Those days when you had to wait in long queues simply to get an interview for the job are long gone. Even as internet is spreading its roots to almost every part of the world and the way things are done, the entire recruiting and job finding scenario too is in for a turn. While you may find it hard to believe more and more recruiters are going online in search of prospective employees. What is more, these employers are making use of the social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn more than ever to find the right candidate.

According to a survey, it has been found that almost 78 percent employers depend on LinkedIn to check for prospective recruits. Other social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter share 55 percent and 45 percent space as a medium of recruiting candidates. With the inflation and taxes becoming stringent by the day, more companies are now trying to find cost-effective methods of recruiting people. For the same reason, they are making use of the information provided on the social networking sites about the candidates before making a decision.

This works as a two-way process. By allowing college students to join the company’s page on the social networking site, the employers too pave way of informing the interested candidates of any prospective job openings. Thus, it eases their costs spent after advertising for the job opening, even as the candidates too get complete information with regards to the company and the job opening. Survey reveals that companies which take minimum time in recruiting employees are the companies which are most actively working on recruiting through social networking sites. To date, almost 33 percent companies have agreed that they always search the profile of a potent candidate before taking a final decision.

Analysts are of the view that since most employers are now turning to social networking sites for recruiting people, it is best that interested candidates make their social profiles in similar light. Posting comments of photographs that might work against them in a process of recruiting should therefore be discouraged. Professors and recruiters these days are hence advising the students to make their profile completely professional, while portraying themselves at their utter best. Since anything they do on these social networking sites, including the games they play, remarks they post, pictures they put up etc will either add on or deplete their online reputation, the interested candidates should always be mindful while operating on these social networking sites.

In a survey with employers it was found that almost 80 percent of them wanted to use or were already using social networking sites for recruitment purposes. However, not all from the HR departments agree to the use of these sites. According to some of them, these sites may have shiny profiles and recommendations for some of the prospective candidates, but that does not make them great performers. Rather, chances of fooling a company into hiring them are enhanced if candidates are selected via social networking profiles of the candidates.

Google Strategy Against LinkedIn

Google Needs to Going after Facebook & Twitter and should go after LinkedIn Instead

Digg CEO Kevin Rose sent a message on a tweet that Google is soon to going to start a Facebook Killer; this was reported by Alexia Tsotsis of SF. The Facebook killer is known as Google Me. According to Tsotsis, this is a kind of enhanced and updated version of existing Google Profiles, and Rick Klau will be responsible to support it, who is also the developer of BUZZ. He has been working on Profiles.

Does it mean that Google is going to take on Facebook by building an enhance Google Profiles. If we take it for granted then Google is surely going to a wrong direction and wrong target. It was better if they have plans to run after LinkedIn.

Main reason behind not to target Twitter and Facebook is, they have been developing their wings and growing among masses and class like weeds over the last few years. In addition, they are user friendly; they are very keen listen their users and give them right information regarding anything they want. On another hand, LinkedIn is languishing and not proving up to the expectation of users and its potential. So among all of these, LinkedIn is one of the weakest joints in the social chain.

This is not only the easiest target to be hit as it has been building a so-called service among people’s professional network, but one of the best fit for Google. Google has been showing frequently that it lacks of professionalism to identify right social DNA. However, it has a sharp business mind and very keen for business cut, if it pays attentions to make a social as well as professional network, it makes a lot of sense for the great Google.

If you see “Google Me”, you would realize that it says everything itself. If you are planning to Google someone for special date, you will surely look for information on social networking site like Facebook. This is not so that you won’t find anything on Google. It is because it has lost the war of dating game. But if you have any plan to hire someone or want to meet anybody for the sake of interview, you will surely Google that person very personally. For the first result, no body of you or any web savvy professional is interested to observe or see LinkedIn or respective website. Google has the power to show any search engine results, and this is up to them whether to highlight or show any Google Me profile at the top of any particular page or not.

We can conclude that Google should pay attentions on overcoming LinkedIn just because it is an easier target than overcoming Twitter or Facebook. It is in the blood of people to get to the people who are quick to respond and they can find it only on social networking sites. It also fits into trade practices and business culture.

New Windows Live Hotmail Wave 4

With the next iteration, Microsoft windows live blog on Tuesday declared that next generation version of “Hotmail Wave 4” has started rolling out for about 360 million users worldwide. It is an update which supports new views for the attached documents and photos and can support larger attachments. The updated hotmail also adds the feature of “Sweep” which gets rid of unwanted messages or gray-mail that doesn’t really qualify spam and enables the user to divert the mails from inbox to either a new folder or trash or a g-mail like conversation view. The new outlined changes coming include sharing enhancements, evolution of inbox, fresh synchronization capabilities and new productivity.

Hotmail wave 4 has integrated deeply with a number of offerings such as sharing, social networking and collaboration services. With new version of hotmail, it will filter the e-mails and separate them according to their sources. The updated version is capable of centralizing updates from more than 70 networks which include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and flickr.

With a new hotmail, practical innovations are to be introduced to help people regain their control on inboxes efficiently. They can manage clutter not only on their hotmail inbox but also the inboxes from other e-mail services such as yahoo mail, g-mail or AOL. For sharing photos and documents we have gone a step further and helped to break the limits of past e-mail. Photos or documents are larger in size and sending attachments can clog the inboxes of your family or friends. With hotmail, now you can easily send up to 200 photos of 50 MB each in size through e-mail with the power of Windows Live SkyDrive.

Cloud-based version of Office 2010 plays well with hotmail wave 4 which allows the user to view and edit the office documents right in their inbox. You can send up to 200 documents of 50 MB each in size in a single mail. With the updated hotmail you can attach any document to an e-mail and that document gets stored in the SkyDrive. Hotmail will then send this document via SkyDrive so that you and people you send it to can access the same mail from anywhere. There is no use of Pc or Mac, use Hotmail or don’t or smaller attachment limitation of 10 GB per message. Now you can easily access the document from the computer at the library or at the office or elsewhere.

According to Microsoft over 300 million people are using Exchange ActiveSync and the new Windows Live Hotmail enables users to make the best of their mobile devices. Hotmail wave 4 comes with the push capabilities for smartphones allowing synchronization of tasks, calendar and contacts.

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