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A New Worm Exploiting Linux-based “Internet of Things”

Leading security software vendor, Symantec has detected a new Linux worm which attempts slithering Linux-based computers and ‘Internet of things’ devices. Then, are too many Internet-enabled “Internet of things” devices unsafe to use until we are get rid of such slithering worms and threats.

How and what devices are most vulnerable to Linux.Darlloz worm?

Researchers at Linux have detected and reported a new worm dubbed as Linux.Darlloz which is capable of intruding a plethora of “Internet of things” devices and Linux-based computers. Though Linux.Darlloz has been classified as a low-level threat, but the malware can make minor modifications and use variants which may include executable and linkable format (ELF) files. Then, the malware will be capable of spreading these ELF files to the “Internet of things” devices such as webcam, cameras, routers, and other Internet-connected devices. Furthermore, Linux has specified devices that contain chips made by ARM and those devices that are based on MIPSEL, MIPS, and PPC and architectures are more susceptible to be infected by this Linux.Darlloz worm.

Kaoru Hayashi, Symantec researcher, has published his blog on Wednesday that –

“Upon execution, the worm generates IP addresses randomly, accesses a specific path on the machine with well-known ID and passwords, and sends HTTP POST requests, which exploit the vulnerability. If the target is unpatched, it downloads the worm from a malicious server and starts searching for its next target. Currently, the worm seems to infect only Intel x86 systems, because the downloaded URL in the exploit code is hard-coded to the ELF binary for Intel architectures.”   

Internet of things or Internet of threats?

Symantec researcher has warned that the Linux.Darlloz worm attacker is now targeting to plant ELF files on other architectures. Hence, consumers are cautioned that they must do their research before purchasing a new Internet-connected device and consumers using such devices must update the device from time to time to be able to block such newly formed worms. They should also change default password and keep changing the password from time to time to prevent intrusion of such worms and threats.

Here’s a great download manager for your computer

Not every web browser has a download manager built-in, so downloads wouldn’t be managed by your browser. Opera browser has a decent download manager in it but most other browsers do not have a manager. So you need to have a download manager on your computer to manage downloads easily. ochDownloader is a great application for your computer if you’re looking for a download manager.

This download manager works well on both, Windows systems and Linux based systems. This application is completely free to download and to use and it doesn’t have any malware or spyware attached to it. You can download this application without any fear of installing the unwanted applications or advertisements. Yes, you heard it right – you wouldn’t see any kind of advertisement on this application.

ochDownloader is a clean and simple interface – a complete no nonsense application that doesn’t waste any time with visual brilliance. It does what it promises, it manages the downloads on your computer without making any fuss. You can find the buttons on the toolbar which are pretty much self-explanatory and in the settings screen; you can change the preferences and the settings of the application as you like.

It also converts links from some websites on the internet and downloads the files to your computer. For example, you can convert and download a YouTube video on to your computer with this application and it is a simple process too! First, you need to enable the option ‘Clipboard’ in ochDownloader and then copy the URL of the video that you want to download and go back to the application. You’d see that the URL is already on ochDownloader, waiting to be downloaded.

This is one of the best simple download managers available in the market currently and you need to use it to see how good it is. Download it today, it is completely free and easy to use!

Mozilla® releases Firefox 14 version

After releasing Firefox 13, Mozilla has lately announced the availability of its newest version Firefox 14.

With priority given to security, the upgraded version of Firefox, Firefox 14 is outfitted with a slew of state-of-the-art features, making web browsing secure and web applications more potent.

To offer superior security, Mozilla Firefox 14 has made Google Searches more secure, protecting your private and confidential data from the prying eyes. Also, the browser includes full screen support for Mac OS X Lion.

In addition to this, Firefox 14 incorporates simplified URL bar favicons, which makes it extremely simpler for users to find the level of connection security of different websites.

On the standard front, the latest version of Mozilla Firefox incorporates support for the Pointer Lock API to make games more powerful.

The newest Mozilla Firefox 14 is available for download on Mac, Linux, and Windows-based devices. If you want to experience the novel features of the browser, download it from the official Mozilla website.

Linux® distributor security list destroyed after hacker compromise

Although Linux has been termed as a secure OS, kernel level malicious attacks can still happen. This is not the first time that the Vendor-Sec distributor security list has been compromised. It happened earlier in 2005 also. Is Linux just as vulnerable as any of the other available operating systems, is a point of discussion.

At the root of it, let us be sure of one thing, practices of the users clearly define the vulnerability of any operating system. We can only say that compared to the Windows platform, the Linux platform has suffered really very minimal attacks. What matters most is the security standards, or rather the lack of it, when defining how secure an operating system can be. Linux is neither intrusion proof, and is definitely not hacker proof. Linux is only extremely difficult for unauthorized entrants to break into.

Linux comes with a whole set of repositories as a part of the standard. If you are careful enough, not installing anything outside of the standard set of repositories, and you are quite safe. Regular updating is a must. The only difference between Linux and others is that the response time for the open source community, patching up of security holes, is extremely fast. Consider this the real beauty of Linux. Besides patching of holes, updates and fixes are rapidly sent out, minimizing whatever damage has been caused, very quickly.

Principally, being a multi-user networked system, the Linux is basically better on security. Linux was basically built to deal with potentially hostile environment. Only last week we saw the Ubuntu and their Linux kernel problems affecting quite a few versions of Linux.

It is absolutely essential that a very careful configuration of your firewall is done. Activating various filters and not allowing remote administration features and tools, can make the Linux environment safe and secure.

Proposed alliance between Nokia® and Microsoft®

The 2010 results of the Finnish cell phone company Nokia show that low cost mobile phones were a major contributor to its sales. It enjoys a comfortable position in the sales of lower end smartphones costing a little over 100 Euros. A major chunk of the profit came from the devices and services unit or from handset sales. With a change in the head of the company Nokia is expected to change all this and make a major play to claw its way back to the top in the smartphone category.

Nokia has recently reiterated support for MeeGo, a Linux based operating system for tablets and smartphones in partnership with Intel. Nokia might head for either Android or Microsoft Windows Phone 7. Analysts say that now that Nokia has a new CEO, they should partner with Microsoft. Microsoft needs support from leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to stand up against Android, and Nokia needs a new strategy to fuel its smartphone market. A combination of Microsoft’s marketing expertise and software expertise with the Windows 7 OS and with Nokia’s brand image and global sales market, could create an impact in the smartphone market. Also Nokia would get a chance to regain its lost market in North America. Microsoft could see Windows Phone 7 come at par with Android and iOS and give them a run for their money. At the moment the open source nature of Android is troubling Microsoft, which might make it just be ready to clinch a partnership with Nokia.

Nokia’s new CEO Stephen Elop is a Microsoft veteran apparently at good terms with the company. This would seem to be a better step than look for third party software. According to an analyst, Microsoft could create a differentiated tablet strategy with stronger enterprise support and Nokia could clearly benefit with a tablet and smartphone combined strategy that is offered by competitors.

HP Mini 110 Netbook

A big laptop seller HP is now going to introduce its latest notebook Mini 110. HP Mini 110 is actually an update of HP’s netbook lineup. This Mini 110 comes with a lot of different improvements when compared to the previous netbooks of HP as it includes larger capacities of drives, improved performance of graphics and a lot of color options with it.

This Mini 110 is available in 3 vibrant colors: pink, white and black. Its black standard version starts at 329 dollars which comes with the OS Windows XP. This model will be available in the market from June. Its Linux version also starts at 279 dollars.

An antiglare LED display of 10.1” makes this Mini 110 suitable to take outside. With its XP version, a hard drive of 160 GB is attached while a 250 GB hard drive is available with the little more costly models. A single slot of DIMM is loaded with the RAM of 1GB in it. It is most supported by HP officially.  But the users may upgrade it to 2 GB.

The Mini 110 comes with its sleek design which is less than 1” thick, advanced options of wireless, and the battery life of up to 4.5 hours. The users can take this Mini 110 Netbook anywhere with them to stay connected with the instant messages, emails, social media and blogs. All the major and r\essential technologies that you want are included in this Mini 110. It includes a processor of Intel Atom N455 with its energy-efficient performance that can be upgraded up to N475.

The netbook HP Mini 110 also has 3 USB ports, integrated wireless-N for the wireless internet access within a range of hotspot. Bluetooth in this Netbook is optional. A built-in camera is attached by which users can chat with their family and friends. Its QuickWeb is the fastest way for connecting to the email, web and other favorite apps within seconds. A 4 in 1 digital integrated media card reader is is also attached with it by which the memory cards such as SD, SDxC, SDHC, MS, MMC, and MS Pro can be attached for expanding memory.

The HP series is also backed with a limited warranty of 1 year on hardware. Its award-winning customer service and support always provide you surety of better service you ever get from other brands. Its real time email and chat facility offers you quick response facility by which you may ask all your doubts to customer service.

One latest and new feature which catches your eyes is the inclusion of a software app that is called Syncables. This software promises for connecting various machines on the local network that allows you easy sharing of documents, videos, photos, music and sync email accounts, Linux systems and even across Windows.

The mouse buttons of this netbook are set to the left and right sides instead of below its touch pad. The weight of this netbook is only 1.08 kg and it also comes with a webcam with MIC.

Call Now: +1 315-226-4249
Call Now: +1 315-226-4249
Call Now: +1 315-226-4249