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New Apple® Boot Camp for Microsoft® Windows® 7

Apple is the leader in the smartphone segment and it was a revolution with iPhone and iPad tablets. Apple is also getting a large consumer base for its Macbooks; they have their own operating system, Mac OS, for their computers and laptops. Microsoft is the oldest and one of the most preferred software companies. Windows has still the largest consumer base today; with the latest Windows 7, Microsoft is trying to put its foot forward. In the recent times, there is a good competition between Apple and Microsoft in terms of computer sells. Like Windows, one can use other operating systems with Mac OS and it works well. You can boot either operating system on your computer. During the computer boots-up it will prompt you to choose one of them, just click on the one you want to boot. Dual operating systems are good because there are some applications or software which are not compatible with one of them. In that case, it will really help you.

From the latest news, it was found that Apple is supporting the latest Windows 7 operating system with its new tool Boot Camp. Boot Camp is a utility tool used for dual-booting Macs into Windows. They have now dropped support for older version of Windows and supports only Windows 7.

The latest version of Boot Camp that comes with Mac OS X 10.6.6 has made some changes. The user guide asks you to insert an authentic installation disc of Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional or Ultimate. In the previous version they preferred Windows XP and Windows Vista, but now they are asking for only Windows 7. Yet this move is confusing as it is not clear that whether it represents a complete removal of support for older Windows versions in Boot Camp, or it will just not affect a user’s ability to install the version of Windows they want on Mac.

Some users who were using older version of Mac but now upgraded to the latest version, claiming that they are still getting the original text saying Windows XP and Windows Vista in the Boot Camp wizard. But this new step is clearly indicating that there are only a few days for Windows XP on a Mac.

The newly updated Boot Camp also prompts users to download the latest version of Windows drivers for Mac from Apple’s website. They are restricting users to use drivers included on the Mac OS X installation disc. It is very clear that they are doing it for a smooth experience and also for the latest drivers. For the users who want both the Mac and Windows, it is looking a good step by Apple to get them the latest technologies.

Apple® Mac OS X 10.6.6 introduces subtle changes to Boot Camp

Apple plans to drop support and development of drivers for Windows XP and Windows Vista?  Is it true? Actually, the suspicion emerges from the new demands on the screen from Boot Camp that comes with Mac OS X 10.6.6. The system now prompts the user for a genuine copy of Windows 7. Boot Camp is included with the latest version of Mac OS X 10.6.6. According to the site MacNN, Apple might have in the mind the abandonment of Windows XP and Windows Vista, including the cessation of the development of drivers for these systems used in Boot Camp. With the latest version of the operating system. The software that allows easy installation of Windows on a Mac when you create a partition compatible with Microsoft Windows, the automated tool now asks you to enter only a “genuine installation disc for Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, or Ultimate.”

Windows XP and Windows Vista, although they were mentioned in the early notice are not mentioned again. This suggests that Apple may have broken support for older operating systems.

Boot Camp now requires the download of “additional software specifically developed for the Mac,” which consists of all the drivers necessary for the proper functioning of components such as keyboard, trackpad and webcam. Users are advised to use the software directly from the installation DVD of Mac OS X. Perhaps the change is designed to ensure the driver installation to date, with the consequent reduction of complications and failures.

Apple has released Mac OS X 10.6.6 which is an upgrade and now available through Snow Leopard’s Software Update feature. The focus of the patch is entirely on adding the Mac App Store client, which lets users quickly buy, install and update Mac software while giving Apple a cut of the revenue. There are few other facts recorded changes in v10.6.6 that are it is limited to one security and two bug fixes. Four different versions of v10.6.6 are available. The primary update is 143.59MB which is meant for v10.6.5 owners only. Alternately people can download the cumulative Combo update, measuring 1.06GB. Snow Leopard Server owners can download their own regular and Combo updates, sized at 143.5MB and 1.15GB respectively. The update also deals with a cropping problem when performing postscript printing in landscape mode.

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