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Apple® readies new MacBook lineup for Retina Display

It is widely being reported that Apple is likely to unveil a series of MacBook Pro models at the Worldwide Developers Conference, which is scheduled to be held on June 11 in San Francisco. Each MacBook is expected to come up with Retina Display-like screens and Intel Ivy Bridge processors.

How Retina Display works?

It is believed that the Retina Display MacBook Pro will feature multiple Retina resolution modes, so that the users are able to adjust the sharpness and image sizes as per their likings. Unlike Mac display settings of today, these Retina Display settings will not be marked with numbers/resolution sizes, but with descriptions such as big, small, or optimal.

Citing various unnamed sources, Bloomberg says that the new MacBook Pro models will be less than 0.95 inch (24mm) thick and sport Intel’s third-generation Core series chips, code-named Ivy Bridge.

MacBook Air Sweep Over The White MacBook

With the arrival of newbie’s like MacBook Pro and MacBook Air lot of cheap quality plastic items worth $999, PowerBooks ,lot of legacy items like iBooks have been replaced along with White MacBook and the range to take decision has been reduced which has made easy for the public too to follow. The new MacBook Air and Pro is fixed with processor of high speed and it already comes with built in OSX Lion.

From the year of 2008, MacBook Air has taken a tremendous path initially being more capable of all others and the one prominent feature of this newbie is that, it is portable and you can carry anywhere and go in a gay with that in your bag. Though the naïve arrival w landed on the end of July, it is the correct time for the students to decide and update their technology with the purchase for PC. The MacBook Pro has already been in the market in February itself when compared to the last year where it reached the market only by October.

The MacBook which has got a 11 inch screen and of the rate $999 is still in the market and it’s rate is similar to that of the usual White MacBook .The core processor which is of 1.6 GHz seems more lively and ready to act when compared to the yester year’s Mac. The disadvantage of the new Air is that, the storage capacity is only definite of about with flash memory of 64GB.Thus only limited data will be dumped into the hard drive .With initial booting of the system, it will deliver 48GB free memory to store, which again reduces the capacity to store even what you can store permanently and keep it. You can expand the 64GB by adding memory up to 256GB at the instant of purchasing itself, but it needs more additional dollars or pounds to fill the need.

After all these defects, the most prominent advantage or promise of MacBook is the cloud storage which can even be termed as the main concept behind the MacBook. You can store immense of libraries of photos as well as music, which can even be stored in the servers remotely and its video serves that it delivers are quite popular. iCloud may deliver more alternatives like music which are re-downloadable which helps in reducing the load in the local directories while Amazon  as well Google are delivering another alternative solutions.

The newbie MacBook Air has got lot of additional ports along with Thunderbolt port which delivers better choice for students with a display which is astounding at the rate of $999 and you can even dock the MacBook Air in an environment having only desktop PC, so as to have all other ports like FireWire, Ethernet and other USB ports.

MacBook® Air Wallet for the 11-inch model

In late 2010, the MacBook Air notebook was accompanied by MacBook Air wallet, a travel case which is very compact and can be used while traveling. Scratch free pockets, foam padding, and impact resistant plastic based inserts, are some of the features of the MacBook Air Wallet for the 11-inch notebook. Other features of the MacBook Air Wallet are that it has self locking zippers, and impact resistant plastic with scratch free foam padding.

The MacBook Air Wallet keeps your MacBook Air super drive, power adaptors, and accessories safe. The pocket at the back provides plenty of storage that you require. For further protection there is are impact resistant insertion pockets which are available in the MacBook Air Wallet for protection.

The stylish MacBook Air cover comes in a choice of 6 panel colors, with brown leather side panels. MacBook Air is the next generation notebook from Apple. It can remain in standby mode for a month. It has a multi-touch track-pad which is smooth and spacious. It also has a long lasting battery. The slim and thin display houses an even thinner camera. NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphics card is provided along with Intel Core 2 Duo processor, which delivers performance that you always wanted and the luxury of going wireless with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

It is necessary to have a protective cover which is provided by Waterfield. If you are taking the MacBook Air on the road, the slim size and light weight is worthy to be taken on road. Accessories consist of mouse, adapters, chargers, Super Drive, cables etc. The MacBook Air Wallet can be easily carried and in the event of outdoor travel, you can opt for the shoulder strap and carry the MacBook Air as a standalone bag with you where ever you go. The MacBook Air Wallet comes in 6 shades of colors and is available with dealers of Apple. You pick up one of the colors namely brown, green, orange, blue, black, and light blue or more. The MacBook Air Wallet is compact, handy and safe to protect and carry your MacBook Air notebook wherever you go.

Apple® MacBook® with new chips

With the disclosure coming from Intel that it is about to initiate its regular shipment of the Sandy Bridge processors, the question arises as to how much time will Apple take to shift the MacBook to the latest Intel chips? It has to be remembered that earlier with the start of the shipments of the Intel Core i5 and i7 processor technology, Apple had started incorporating the processors in its laptops and PCs pretty soon.

It is believed that Apple is sure to upgrade 15- and 17-inch versions of MacBook Pro to the new Sandy Bridge chips as soon as possible. When Intel introduced Intel Core i5 and Core i7 in the market, the processors were very successful. Apple needs to move its MacBook laptops to the latest Sandy Bridge chips and that too very fast. The best thing that can happen after Sandy Bridge is believed to be a chip code named Ivy Bridge. This is likely to be made available by the mid of 2012. In the mean time, Apple therefore needs to upgrade its Mac products with the Sandy Bridge silicon to stand competition with the lighter and sleek versions of the MacBook as produced by other companies.

New Apple® MacBook laptops run Windows® 7 Only

Apple has withdrawn support for the older versions of Windows OS namely the Windows XP and Windows Vista. It has always displayed stubbornness about backward compatibility and providing support for outdated software and hardware. The Boot Camp utility allows users in the Apple Mac OS X to install and run other Operating Systems on it. But now the new MacBook Pros which were announced recently and the newest MacBook Air models will not be provided with support for Windows XP and Windows Vista OS through the Boot Camp.

Boot Camp is a utility for running the Windows operating system on your personal Mac. The applications running on the Windows OS will have complete access to the all the hardware functionalities like multiple processing, accelerated 3D graphics, high speed ports and multiple connectivity options like USB, FireWire, Wi-Fi, AirPort etc. The Boot Camp support drivers that allow you to utilize these options with your Windows operating system on your Mac OS X installation DVD as well as other drivers. These get automatically installed after inserting the disc into a Mac after completing the installation procedure of Windows. What Boot Camp actually does is create a partition for your Windows OS without wiping off your current Mac OS X. It also provides you with ease of switching between the two OS by pressing the option (‘Alt’) key when starting up. You can also use the start up disk control interface in Windows or the Mac OS X start up disk options to set one of the operating systems as the default one whenever you power up your Mac.

Boot camp had been introduced in 2006 and has been a part of the Mac OS X since 2007 with the advent of the Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. Apple released a statement saying that Windows XP and Windows Vista drivers have not been supplied for this range and are not supported. To be able to run Windows 7 on Boot Camp, the following requirements must be met, an optical drive is a must and MacBook Air users would need an external optical disc drive to install Windows 7 successfully. A blank CD or USB storage device or any other external storage device is a must. For the computers running 32-bit versions of Windows, a minimum of 16 GB of free space is a must and for the 64-bit versions of Windows you would require at least 20 GB of free space on your computer. You would also require the Boot Camp Assistant, which is pre-installed in your Mac under Applications/Utilities.

Apple® now largest mobile phone provider by revenue

Apple is one of the largest developers of computers and smartphones. The company is known for its quality products. Apple has grown bigger in recent years with its products like the iPhone, iPod, iPad and Macbook. The company is now making a big impact in the tablet computer market with iPad. From recent reports, it is clear that Apple has now become the number-one mobile phone providers by surpassing its closest rival Nokia. There is huge competition from other mobile phone makers also which are producing mobile phones with the Android OS,

Apple continues to grow bigger. Apple sold $10.47 billion iPhone and iPhone accessories in the most recent quarter, making them way ahead of Nokia. According to AppleInsider, Nokia has earned around $9.7 billion in the recent quarter from its devices and services division. Nokia and Apple both manufacture several devices and offer services for their mobile phones. Nokia has its Ovi music app store for handheld computers and tablets in this division. Apple also has the iTunes store for its products.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs made this observation about a year ago that Apple is the biggest mobile device company today. To compete with Apple, Nokia recently replaced its CEO to counter the rising surge of smartphone competitors. Apple CFO, Peter Oppenheimer also said about iPhone’s rapidly increasing popularity in Europe. Apple is growing due to its high-end phones not by undercutting its rivals. Apple’s dominance is getting bigger and bigger, their phones are also way user-friendly. The new iOS 4 by Apple also has some business features that were desired by the enterprise sectors. Apple has the advantage having a phone with own iOS, that makes a great advantage for Apple App store. As we are seeing the current rise in the application downloads, Apple will soon see its 10 billionth download. In spite of competition from its rivals, they are hoping a great rise in their customer base.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003