As per a report published by Der Spiegel related to National Security Agency documents, the best hacking team of the agency is reportedly intercepting computers and other electronic items purchased via online retail outlets before they will get delivered to the customer. Hacking team of the NSA is planning to inject malware and other spying programs on those computers and electronics before they will be delivered.

The Tailored Access Operations (TAO) division of NSA, which conducts significant hacks so far, is performing sophisticated hacking process to intercept laptops purchased via online retail stores. according to the reports by Der Spiegel, these elite hacking team is capable of hacking any device, from anywhere and anytime. Even this team of NSA has been responsible for hacking a world leader’s mobile phone this year.

Is the Amazon order taking longer than usual?

If the Amazon laptop order you placed this holiday is taking unusually longer then, your device could probably be the target of the NSA’s mission to install spy tools and malware. The NSA is not erratically picking any laptop order placed through any online shopping site, rather they are following a list of targets for malware install.

NSA adopts QUANTUM hacking method

TAO team of the NSA uses a sophisticated system of tools called QUANTUM. This new school of hacking methods uses social networking channels to trace their target. The system focuses on major social networks including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Yahoo! to be able to access target’s computer to do the surveillance. Later, QUANTUM team will alert TAO’s hackers when the tries to visit a particular website and installs malware to the target’s computer. Even to gain access to target, NSA reportedly teams with the CIA and the FBI wherein NSA agents flying by FBI jets to install wiretaps. According to the report by Der Spiegel, “This gets them to their destination at the right time and can help them to disappear again undetected after even as little as a half hour’s work.”