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Google Hackers Feared Again

Hacking is the largest threat to the tech world nowadays. Hackers work behind the screen to deteriorate the condition of decorated and well balanced site, engine or account. In the present world, it becomes an issue of prestige between the big tags whether they have the ability to hack or protest it! In this tom & jerry run the main victims are the users who need to face severe altering situation or severe threat due to the hackers’ access in different sites. The big power of tech world and the largest search engine provider Google is facing such threats for a quite a long time. After the Chinese hackers, the anonymous hackers start their bugging on Google with different tools.

Questionable phrase “lol n——”

Latest incident comes into projection at 17 June when the phrase “lol n——” appeared in the hot list of Google Trends. But Google claims that they were not attacked by any hacker unless it’s a total gossip in the market. But they were unable to answer logically about the ‘strange’ phase.

In an official response issued late Monday, Google said that “a questionable term” on its Hot Trends list appeared on the list “for a few hours following a surge of search activity for the query.”

Chinese Threats to Google

The main concern of Google is China. China is using their hackers to market out the search engine giants and places their own products in the market. In this context Google decided not to provide service in China and thus Google China has stopped giving service a few days back.

But after trying to ward off attacks, Google is not still safe. It’s getting new threats from unknown and new hackers.

Controversies of Filtering system of Google

Google is concentrating on the increasing threats by hackers and thinking to sort the drawbacks first for solving the issue. Some thinks that it’s the shortcoming of the filtering system of Google but Google denied this though. “While we have filtering mechanisms in place to help prevent objectionable and automated queries from appearing on Google Trends, no filter is 100% accurate. We’re continually updating and improving our filters in order to provide the best user experience possible,” according to the statement

But the main problem is that Google denied letting the people know about the filtering system they follow. This increases the question on the people’s mind and they are looking for more enthusiastic steps from Google to secure the users browsing.



What Google says

After the sudden change on the Google Trends Hot list, users noticed the Google authority very soon. Thus Google try to take some initiative to detect the source. “It’s really impossible to understand motive,” a spokesman of Google said , “but again, Google Trends was doing exactly what it was doing, which was interpreting the rising query correctly.”

The users want nothing but much secured browsing or searching through the virtual world. Google is now concentrating on the security issue more and trying to solve this problem first.

LinkedIn Looking For Acquisitions to Expand Their Market

The virtual world has become more popular than newspaper advertisements for providing the information of jobs and searching the job vacancies. Profile based professional connection site LinkedIn is looking for the modification of their site with more user friendly tools and value added services. Thus they decided to go for some acquisitions which could help them in promoting their sites to more people.

LinkedIn mobile penetration Planning

LinkedIn is the largest profile based professional site where they aim to make a network between the corporate and professional persons around the globe. But currently LinkedIn is not user friendly for the huge interface and large profile. LinkedIn is going to release more compatible version for the mobile users which will increase their customer base.

LinkedIn’s acquisition strategy

Linked is focusing on the number of unique and active users. They are targeting to increase the traffic by some innovative acquisitions as these acquisitions can lead them to access into some new market. Acquisition of a new company permits the use of all old services, data and market of the old company. Thus it can be a great way to increase the traffic of their site along with increasing the user friendly tools and facilities.

Creating the new tools for the users

LinkedIn Corp. is one the largest social networking site of the current market. They are trying to reach more people with more sophisticated tools which can make their site different from others. For this reason LinkedIn CEO announced a master plan to work on producing more tools which will enables the user to try with own formats. In fact they are trying to create a customized option where the user will be able to use their own settings, formats and interface.

Current scenario of the market

Although LinkedIn is dominating in the professional networking market, but they lag behind the Facebook, Twitter and Myspace in the sector of social networking. According to market research agency Comescore Inc. Facebook has the highest number of active unique users. Facebook has around 548.1 million users where twitter has 90.2 millions and LinkedIn has 45.1 million. The average yearly income of LinkedIn users is $107,000 according to Nielsen Co. information. Linked has planned to expand its market beyond the current one with more man powers and strategy. They setup their business offices on Brazil, USA, India and China. They are going to setup a new branch in Canada very soon which is announced by CEO Jeff Weiner.

LinkedIn associated with Twitter Inc.

Short status facility proving social networking company twitter is now connected with LinkedIn. If anyone tweets in the twitter account that will be visualized in the LinkedIn account and any update in the LinkedIn account will be visible in the twitter account.

With all these innovative facilities LinkedIn is going to be introduced to the more numbers of users. In fact they are concentrating on cutting edge technology and user comfort for increasing the traffic and active users of the networking site.

Google And Twitter Takes the Side Of theflyonthewall.Com

Two giants in the Internet market Google Inc. and Twitter Inc. has taken the side of Inc. in the current most talked controversy in the tech world. Inc. is accused of publishing some internal research papers statements which was full right by the Bank of America’s Corporation’s two well established financial agencies Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley. But Google and Twitter terms it as ‘freedom of expression’ where district court ruled against the Inc. by banning their financial news updates service.

Beyond the accusation Inc. is a financial news update agency which provides the latest update of share market to the readers. The upgrades and downgrades of current market are published every moment and they discuss about the current market scenario as well as predict the future of the market. Here the main report against them was filed by two prominent financial agency of USA where the accused Inc. for publishing their research report without their permission.  The financial agencies claim that this leads them to million dollar loss for which Inc. is the only responsible media.

In this context the district court of New York filed a ruling against Inc. and postponed their news update circulation. The district court accuse them of violating the copyright rule where the news media claims it as a ‘freedom of media’ to publish any news.

Flyonthewall’s appeal Inc. appealed in the federal court for the consideration of district court’s ruling. The lower court said that Inc. must follow the market until the official release of the report by the two financial agencies. But Inc. denied to move from their position and decided to go for an appeal.

Stand of Google and twitter

The most popular social networking website Facebook and micro blogging website Twitter entitled the whole incident as ‘nude step on the freedom of media’. They urge to ensure the freedom of media with utmost integrity. Google mentioned, ‘It’s a total mess up between the two parties, but we expect a better environments for the news agencies. Thus we urge the court for the justified dispute of the issue which could ensure the freedom of journalism.’

Twitter Inc. Voiced in the same way as Facebook. In a press release they jointly expressed their hopes of upholding the liberty of media. “In a world of modern communications technology, where anyone with a cell phone may disseminate news throughout the world even as it is occurring, the notion that a single media outlet should have a monopoly on time-sensitive facts is not only contrary to law, it is, as a practical matter, futile,” Google and Twitter said in the filing.”

Financial Agencies’ position

The copyright law enables the authority of the agencies to file the case against the news media where they accused them for “systematically and impermissibly accesses” their own research proprietary without their permission.

Microsoft’s BPOS Hinders the Market of Google Apps

One of the leading giants of the IT sector, Microsoft is looking for another giant leap with their overwhelmingly popular Windows products. Today the world is endowed with the use of Microsoft operating system Windows XP or Vista or Windows 7 along with their online hosted services. After the “Switch” campaign launched by Apple in this decade, Microsoft lost many of its clients. But again the users are becoming interested to switch into Microsoft for enjoying greatly modified service with online orientation. For this reason Microsoft is initiating another campaign to get back the users who are using Google Apps.

Apple’s ‘Switch’ campaign

In the year of 2002, June 10, Apple computer, now known as Apple Inc launched a campaign named Apple’s “Switchers” campaign. It was initiated to highlight the people who threw away their Microsoft Window’s operating system and took Apple’s Macs. With the time being, the Google Apps started getting the market share in a very great extent and Microsoft OS is threatened by the Google Apps. But current scenario in the market shows that Google Apps users are eager to switch into Microsoft’s Business Productivity Online Suites (BPOS) to enrich their performance.

Why Choose Microsoft?

Many well known companies like Serena Software Inc. Capgimini, China Navigation and Intro Real state first used Google Apps but now they decided to migrate to Microsoft’s BPOS.

Experts were wondered by the approach of Microsoft to Serena Inc where they were not provided with any free go offer rather than they were only presented attractive licensing term. Besides these different clients expressed different reasons behind the abandoning of Google Apps and migrating to Microsoft’s (BPOS)

Serena Software Inc migrated from Google Apps to Microsoft’s BPOS not for price or attractive film, rather than the following qualities and features. They are:

1)      Class Capability of Enterprises:  Microsoft works in the way which a business needs.

2)      Cooperation: Applications are used by both by the customers and partners and this makes them easy to work.

3)      Focus: Microsoft covers the business area so it can provide the complete support to the business that they expect.

For enjoying these facilities Serena Software Inc switched into Microsoft’s BPOS last year.

User verse

Another user China Navigation of Asia which deals with Shipping Management Industry has 300 employees. At first they chose Google Apps to communicate with their customers and partners throughout the world by email hub. But in the issue of supporting and reliability they switched to Microsoft Online (BPOS). Joshua Loh, IT and System Manager of China Navigation said, “To us, email is a primary service and we viewed outage as something quite serious. Microsoft’s financially backed SLA gave us a high level of confidence in addressing our enterprise needs  We did not get that same level assurance with Google”

Microsoft windows and Online (BPOS) provides high quality service to its clients and customers. It assures to run the tasks smoothly. Thus for the Apple’s “Switcher” campaign those who chose Google Apps., For better performance now they are migrated to Microsoft Online (BPOS).Microsoft is very happy with the current market status and looking for the more elongated growth of their market.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003