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Twitter: A New Portal for Marketing

With the new spreading hype of social sites today, we can never tell the limitless possibilities of exploiting these advances. In making people see the things that we do, introducing new aspects to other people, building communities, and gaining new acquaintances. The link to the world just got broader and the world just got a little bit smaller. With these things at hand, business-minded individuals can now take advantage of these features.

Twitter, for example, is one of the most used application and most convenient way to reach other people. You can:

  • send advertisements,
  • make them check websites, and
  • Let information you have in store available for them to check out.

But, how can we conveniently use this to its full potential, as a tool for our business strategies? Here are some tips that we could use.

First of all, we could learn a few basics of Twitter. If you are a common person that tweets every day, like your life depends on it, you’re good to go. You have all the knowledge on the terms and the things that you can do with it. But if you’re just a starter, or a person who just thinks of trying Twitter because you just knew of the marketing strategies that you can use it with, you have to learn and study. Twitter may be simple and user-friendly, but you have to know the application from the simplest executions to the most elaborate postings to maximize its potential. After all, you can only put 140 characters at a time (just like SMS), so you have to know how to incorporate everything in that one single message. The things you want and need to say, and maybe a little comment or information that you need to imply.

The most popular and most appropriate thing that you can promote over Twitter is websites. Your websites could be for downloading movies to pay sites, the list goes on. The most effective way is to get the website’s URL (short for Uniform Resource Locator, the “address” of the site). Now, URL’s sometimes consist of a lot of characters and you have a 140-character limit. You can use a URL shrinker that lets you rename the URL to a more reader friendly fashion. For example, could be renamed as SEARCH. That’s saving characters from URL’s, making the link friendlier to those who are not accustomed to reading internet stuff, and giving you extra character allotment for more important things. Furthermore, you can register to an account wherein you can keep track on the hits of your URL; the people that clicks on it, the people that visits the site because of your link, and so on. If you have several messages, this determines which were ignored and which were good.

Another thing to consider is sending your initial messages to the people who needs and appreciates your business. Just like with other marketing strategies, you can’t give make people eat meat if they are vegetarians. Same goes here. It makes the re-tweet value higher. Sending the message to the right clientele raises the re-tweet value, giving you less effort on sending but still getting great results. Putting tags on your message is also a good step. Tags put your message to a certain category; so every time a user searches for a website that matches to your message, it will come out with the results; thus, reaching other people furthermore. In Twitter, tags are made by putting “#” before the word. To tag search, just type in #search. Easy.

That leaves us with a few finishing touches. You could always leave a few characters blank. This will be beneficial in cases that a friend might want to add a comment or additional information to your tweet. He/she doesn’t need to edit your message; he could just add the information for you. With these few tips, you could just use Twitter not just as a medium for gossips and talks, but for other benefits as well.

American Express’ SearchManager Consolidates Ad Campaigns

American Express, with the use of its all-new and newly developed Open Forum, was able to launch a new tool for search marketing for businesses that are relatively smaller than the average. This tool actually derives its power from Clickable and is given the name SearchManager.

Through the SearchManager, business owners are able to appropriately manage search campaigns that have already been paid for across:

  • Yahoo search marketing,
  • Microsoft AdCenter,
  • Google AdWords, and
  • Facebook ads from a particular dashboard.

According to the reports released by the representatives from Forrester Research, search advertising is one of the best tactics for interactive marketing. In fact, it is presently the most popular and most widely used. Experts even say that only in the coming four years, this venture could grow to as much as fifteen percent for each year that passes.

Google, alone, was able to accumulate nearly fifty four billion dollars for American-based business only, particularly in the year 2009. Some people are questioning that, if such information is true, then how come today’s owners of small businesses have not yet fully leveraged what search marketing can do?

Experts have stated that the small business monitors implemented by American Express found out that approximately three quarters of today’s online entrepreneurs are not spending the right amounts of money for search engine marketing.

Some business owners, only small time, have answered this, reiterating that the main purpose why they chose to avoid such tools was the opaqueness and complexity that are involved in such entrepreneurial endeavor. Most of today’s sellers have blatantly decided to avoid making use of PPC or pay-per-click tools for their ventures.

Although there are some who chose to try it out and dipped their toes in this venture, they oftentimes came out sad with highly disappointing results. In fact, according to the firm called Borrell Associates, nearly fifty percent of today’s small businesses that choose to pay for search ads oftentimes end up not coming back when the next year comes.

You do not have to worry about being scammed because; first of all, American Express is not a scammer at all. Secondly, the company is also offering its patrons with a trial period that can be availed all for free, and for as longs as thirty good days. This trial period is best for those who are greatly interested to experience what American Express has to offer, with regards to their small businesses.

The SearchManager has actually been purposely designed to house half a dozen ready-to-use user interfaces that you can easily utilize in order to give searching capabilities, absolutely royalty-free, within your own application of Microsoft Access. All you got to do is to contact a search interface from virtually any kind of form, for you to be able to filter the said form. Or, if not that, you can easily contact a search interface so that you can modify the row source for a certain combination or list box.

Google has Fallen for Engineers

Don Dodge, a developer advocate of Google, posted on his blog an amusing story about engineers and Google. He said that Google has been driven by great engineers, that it hires only the best of the bests.

He was all praising and talking about how great the engineers are in Google. He stated that almost everyone in Google has a degree in engineering. Most department heads, managers and the like were said to be former engineers. For him, the engineering background is essential in the decision-making process of Google.

It would be great to know if the one taking out our kidney stones from our body has a background in medicine. This is the same with knowing that the one pulling off our tooth finished dentistry. But I could not fathom why every department in Google should have a person who has a degree in engineering.

Don Dodge’s article really bothered me. He compared Google and Microsoft in different aspects. Though there’s nothing bad about that, I just couldn’t help myself from thinking why the engineers in Google are praised so much. I mean, does Google really need those engineers? What good do engineers bring to Google? Can Google not operate without their engineers? Well, at least this was what Don Dodge was telling us.

I have no ill feelings against engineers. And I do respect them in great heights. However, why would Google need them in the different departments? Dodge wrote, “Engineers are at every level, starting at the top, in all kinds of positions at Google. Nearly all the top management at Google has engineering backgrounds as it involves:

  • Marketing,
  • Sales,
  • Business development, and
  • Product management”.

This is completely absurd.

Is this really true? Does Don Dodge speak the truth about Google? I could not even imagine it. He suggested that engineers are great so they should lead every department in Google, that only engineers have the right to be the leaders of the department. He believed that the complexity of Google can only be handled by engineers alone.

Come on people, does the world need an engineer just to offer them sources when punching some keywords on the search engine? Of course not. How many engineers do Google want in case they want to change what shade of blue the head wants? Don Dodge’s article was truly something, not in a good way. Personally, I do not like it. It is full of opinions and assumptions. He kept on bragging about how great the engineers are in Google. Perhaps he’s also a former engineer. Now, that would be very classic.

This was not written to mock the world’s greatest engineers. For all I know, they could cripple my life. They could shot down my computer or never allow me to browse on the internet ever again. They could stop me from seeing the latest movie trailers on YouTube. They could probably even my hack my e-mails and read all the letters I sent to my friends and exes.

Badges -Emergence of the new marketing model?

When you think of badges you think of the times when you were in Scouts team or when you were important in school by representing the sport house or the school prefect. When you think of social games you probably think of the ones that are a craze on networking sites. Now merge these two together for social-media marketing and you get an entire new concept in marketing making its ground in the business world. At the end of it all, your customers think that it’s a game (good enough to get them addicted to) and they try and better their previous feats and those of their competitors as well. What an in genuine marketing strategy to promote your business with.

Gravity, the discussion site is now letting all of its newly signed in users know that they have got themselves a new batch aptly named, “New Kid on the Block.” They can take it further by putting up a photo for their profile and once that is done they get a badge that is really pictorially beautiful. Now if you are wondering what this is all about then you won’t be surprised at the strategy that HomeRun has adopted. HomeRun offers its customers regular deals, and they have taken a leaf off Groupon who are market leaders.  All they do to entice customers to buy more and get more customers is pretty simple, and we only wonder why this ingenious idea was not thought off earlier. But we do see a huge future in marketing for this brilliant concept, after all its only human to compete and try and outdo the rest.

Now let’s look at what this entire marketing strategy is all about. Loyal customers start earning points that they can rack up and all they have to do is participate in the various deals offered and refer friends as well. They can then utilize a set number of points and redeem it for deals that are “private reserve”   like restaurant reservations, charity ball events and much more. Huffington Post had showed a picture of colorful badges all according to different levels of participation.

The company that started off this concept was Foursquare, and the industry is soon catching up to this new mantra in marketing. Foursquare for all you know might just come up with their own marketing model for the new age market, where people love to mix about work, fun and games. The concept of sponsored badges has soon caught on and the latest marketers to have joined the bandwagon are TV networks Bravo, Zagat, Starbucks and even The History Channel. The Wall Street Journal felt that it was left behind and jumped in too and their latest New York metro section that is in competition with the New York Times aim to win the batter with their badges.  For example readers who view all of the five city boroughs at least once would be entitled to the most deserved badge.

Let’s face it, with social networking taking over our lives; it is only fair that the badges make a fair game of it in business. It also gives customers a good insight as too who these loyal users are.

Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003