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5 best free virus removal tools for your computer

Having antivirus software on your computer is a must. Virus destroys your computer and you always need to check for viruses on your computer if you want to stay safe. You can buy the antivirus software online but why buy software when you can use the free tools that are available on the internet. Here are five best free virus removal tools for your computer.

Symantec Virus Removal Tool

Symantec gives you free virus removal tools, which you can download from here. This is a free spyware and virus removal tool that you can download for free from their website. Download these tools and check for viruses on your computer.

Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool

When you download anything from an unreliable source, your computer might be infected with malicious software that try and modify your computer. Microsoft has a great free tool called Malicious Software Removal Tool, which is completely free. You can download the tool from here.

McAfee AVERT Stinger

AVERT Stinger is a great free tool from McAfee, which can be used to check for variety of threats that your computer might be facing. The virus definitions of this tool are updated regularly by McAfee so it makes a great virus removal tool for your computer. You can download McAfee AVERT Stinger from here.

F-Secure virus removal tool

F-Secure offers a set of virus removal tools that are completely free. F-Secure is another option, another set of virus and malware removal tools for your computer, which can be downloaded from here. Make sure you download these tools and check for viruses on your computer.

Recovery Disk tool

When it’s too late, you always use a Recovery disk to recover the operating system that’s lost to a virus. A recovery disk is an important tool to have ready, always. Do you know how to create a recovery disk for your computer? It doesn’t take much time to create a recovery disk and it helps you in more than one ways. Create a recovery disk for your computer today!

Malware increases by 46% in only one year

According to a report by McAfee, there has been a steady growth in the number of security threats to mobile platforms. Cisco has warned one and all to be cautious about malware as miscreants have become more and more creative by exploiting networks, systems and human vulnerabilities to steal information or do damage. Although phishing attacks decreased in 2010, spam reduced drastically, virus attacks majorly under control, malware still remains a scary aspect with technology development exploding beyond the realms of management.

With the smartphone and tablet utilization increase, almost threatening to make even the conventional laptop extinct, enterprise security will be forced to work overtime to secure their environment. Corporate firewalls and mobile antivirus systems are yet to face situations to improve, while cyber criminals are busy exploiting all possible vulnerabilities on the go. With leading security software and services vendors like McAfee scaring the IT industry with their announcement of record breaking 20 million new malware variants in 2010 alone, appropriate steps are needed definitely in the protection of mobile platforms from vulnerability exploitation.

The smartphone and tablet products today, are really powerful devices, with their use of advanced processors and also web OS kits. In the enterprise environment and corporate infrastructure, the last few years have seen dramatic changes with the use of next generation firewalls, and spam protection facilities. This was feasible with controlled equipment use and structured VPN systems. However the pocket sized gadgets of smartphones and tablets, totally fall out of the gamut of the security applications in existence today.

With social networking on the extreme rise, online dating sites, online gaming and similar high capacity processing operations in use commonly in day-to-day, the worries have multiplied. The Geinimi program, technically a Trojan, is an example of malware introduction through games apps, pirated or licensed being immaterial at this point of discussion, innovative methods of malware, linking your smartphone or tablet and homing it to a remote server are scary. Interestingly, when you try to uninstall it, new malware apps are introduced. Although, Android is Linux based and is less susceptible to malware, the risk still exists due to necessity of various apps needing to intercommunicate with each other, being the weak link in this context.

Buy McAfee Antivirus Software

There are large number of antivirus available today, you can download free or buy one for your personal use. McAfee is one of the most popular and strong virus protection system used by computer users. It is very effective against spywares and computer hackers. If you are frequent internet user then McAfee can be good choice for you. You can download the trail version from the internet but it will not give complete protection from virus. Now a day the competition is very high in terms of quality and the complete protection. We have lot of other brands to choose from like Norton, AVG, Avast etc. but McAfee has good quality in terms of firewall protection and internet security. The advantage of having McAfee antivirus is that it takes very less disk space and also it does not slows the system. McAfee is a light weight and user friendly antivirus which can be use either personally or on commercial level. We recommend you to buy a full and updated version of the software. You can buy from a computer store or online.

We will help you to buy McAfee software online, just follow the instructions given below.

Step1: The first step is to decide whether you want this antivirus for home or office. McAfee also offers a package with complete firewall protection for more than one system and also internet protection.

Step2: If you want you can visit nearby electronics store and checkout different versions of the software. Sometimes you want to protect children online or you may want a guard against security theft. So first determine the needs for the antivirus.

Step3: Now open the browser and go to McAfee website or Amazon website. You can buy the product there and give the address; they take some shipping charge and deliver it to you. If you want you can also download the antivirus directly on the computer.

Step4: Now download the antivirus free version on the system and go to security center link and create an account using the email id and password. Now wait for the clearance of the order and print the receipt for record. After that review the instructions first and start downloading the McAfee antivirus.

We recommend you to review different versions before you buy the antivirus. There are different add- on available with the McAfee antivirus package like firewall protection or internet security. Determine the need of the antivirus and start downloading the antivirus.

When you buy a full and updated version of the antivirus the system is more protected than the free versions of the antivirus. Install it on the system and you will get protection from all the internet hackers, spywares or malwares. Only downloading a complete package of McAfee antivirus does not give you complete protection, you have to schedule the scans and other updates. Try to scan the system at regular interval and update the McAfee antivirus once in a week. In every week you get a new range of viruses, so to nullify viruses and potential threats you have to update it regularly.

How to set up and create security for Web Browsers

In this modern era computer & technology one is encompassed by machines. A chill is sent down spine if one does not find the machine to help the task done at that instance. Machine such as computer not only brought a revolution but was also capable of altering the orthodox approach savvy people to become radical computer users. Although, every bit n part of the computer has an immense importance but one which holds a kind of dominance is the “Internet” world. The Internet world has made business, communication and research work a piece of cake. Today one is at the end of the day completely dependant on Internet to proceed with all essentials. But when a technology related thing is very fruitful, keep in mind that, it may turn out to be a harmful source for you too. The menace adhering with Internet is the “Internet Viruses”, which when enter your computer becomes a cause of headache for you. These headache sources are namely Spy wares, Mal wares, Trojan horses, Worms and malicious viruses. Like for exampled a Spy ware is the one that compromises with the web browsers settings and also with some bits n parts of your computer or the Operating System, thus creates a complete holocaust in your PC.

Can you get rid of such intrusion? Can you give an answer to the malicious programmer?

Yes, you can do so by simply having security related software like Norton Anti-virus, Vipre Anti-virus, McAfee, Kasper Sky or AVG free edition one. These soft wares will act as protection shield for your computer and thus prevent computer from being attacked by viruses, spy wares, Trojans or mal wares etc.


Step one


To protect your computer from the Internet threats while you are busy surfing web using your web browser, while the virus makes its home in your computer. You need to download and install “Zone Alarm Force Field” software on your system. This will maintain a shield for you and thus, prevent any malicious attack on your computer back screen.

Step two

Moreover to ensure better protection you can also download and install McAfee Anti-virus Total Protection. By this you can add a cover of security to your web browser while you are surfing web. Not only will McAfee protect your computer from unwanted back screen intrusion but also will help you for protecting your computer against viruses, mal wares and spy wares etc. Above all, the latter will help you know before hand which website is potentially menacing or which not.

Step three

You can also purchase Norton Anti-virus 360 by Symantec. The Symantec’s product will ensure an all round protection for your computer.  The software will ensure that your computer does not undergo any malicious intrusion of any kind. It also helps to keep your computer bud free by regularly scanning your machine and keeping your computer clean.

How to Uninstall a McAfee Antivirus File System Filter Driver

Anti-virus programs are like a security guard for your computer and they help us to prevent your computer from any possible harm. Everybody is very concerned to give their computer the best security for which you skim through different websites just to find out the best “security guard” for your computer. After searching through the websites and going through the reviews of existing users you end up with software like McAfee, Norton, Kasper Sky and Panda anti-virus.

Once you have this software in hand, you will be required to install it in your computer.  However installing these software is quite easier, but when it comes to uninstalling there arises many problems. Especially software like McAfee are really difficult to uninstall, once it has been installed. It leaves its trace in the registry and task processes, which are difficult to delete from the memory. These viruses can even remain when the program is removed from the PC. The McAfee Antivirus file system filter driver is seldom found on computers of users. But, when you run Kaspersky Internet Security, it can detect it. To solve this bug, McAfee has developed an automatic removal and cleanup tool to remove any traces of it fully from your computer once you uninstall it.

Instructions for how to uninstall a McAfee Antivirus files System Filter Driver?

Step one

Access your desired web browser like Internet Explorer, Mozilla fire fox, Opera and Google chrome etc. Type in the web address and type (, which will take you to McAfee support page and aid you to remove its products from the computer.

Step two

Download the “MCPR.exe” removal tool from the link you have opened as mentioned above to download the tool.

Step three

Access to your web browser’s download directory and find the downloaded removal tool can be found in it.

Step four

To launch “MCPR.exe”, you must go for double-clicking the removal tool application being displayed on the download manager of your web browser. A Windows Vista or Windows 7 user, can right-click the tool and in the drop menu must choose “Run as Administrator” by clicking on it.

Step five

Once you are done with the above step, click on the removal tool to install and run it on you system. You will be required to wait until the removal tool shows “Clean up Successful” and to apply the settings & save the changes you will then required to restart your computer.

Step Six

Once you have re-started your system, you will be confirmed that you have successfully removed all the bits n parts of the McAfee products and thereby, must have given the McAfee Antivirus File System Filter Driver is permanent place in the trash can.

Thus, bear in mind that with certain antivirus softwares like McAfee it is really easy to install them, but quite difficult to un-install. But, since every problem created has a solution, you need not worry for that. But, follow the above instruction precisely and with complete attention.

How to Uninstall Norton AntiVirus 2004

Today our computers have become a home of anything to everything for us. We try to get all our work done by pressing the “Enter” key of the keyboard. But, let us suppose your home is under serious threat of attack. How can you cope up to help your home remain safe and sound?

You will think of some remedy for it. The first and last remedy to hit your brain will be antivirus software. Norton antivirus, McAfee, Kasper Sky, NOD 32, Vipre and AVG are some of the remedies you may think of. But, amongst the list presented Norton, McAfee and Vipre are topping the chart. These software  become the key to the protection of your computer and you then give the responsibility of your computer to them.

But, at times the scenario changes at once and you might find yourself trapped in a cumbersome situation where you do not have any other remedy than to halt your safe guard mode. Situations may be different and it differs from user to user, who jump to the conclusion to uninstall the antivirus software.

Certainly your computer may get corrupted due to some inept files or you may find your computer running slow because of huge amounts being eaten up by the antivirus. Then you may also get irritated by the software which develops amid your usage of the computer and thus, interrupts your performance and the performance of your computer. Moreover, sometime it happens when your antivirus may join hand with some corrupt file, and you are left with no option but to un-install the software and then reinstall the software again to maintain the security.

However, whatever may be the situation the uninstallation of Norton antivirus 2004  is quite simple and easier to tackle with. Please follow the steps below to uninstall.


Step one

You can find the “Start” menu on the extreme bottom left corner of you window based operating system and click on the “Start” tab. A dialogue box will open and choose by clicking on the “Control Panel” button.

Step two

In the prompted Control Panel windows, open “Add or Remove Programs” windows by double-clicking on it. It actually contains the list of applications installed on your system.

Step three

Skim through the list of soft wares and Applications enlisted on it. Norton Anti-virus 2004 is installed on your system access to it by clicking “Norton Antivirus 2004” tab. The moment of click on it, the tab of”Remove/Change” will enlighten and to confirm the removal click on “yes”.

Step four

Restart your computer after the un-installation process and follow.

Thus, removal of Norton Anti-virus or any other anti-virus soft ware un-installation process won’t send a chill down your spine if you follow the above instructions.

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