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Mobile Malware Are on the Rise

Mobile phones are a boom in the 21st century and with their increasing use, threats from malware are on the rise. Nowadays, more and more people are using highly advanced smartphones. According to the latest reports from industry analysis more than 250 smart phones are going to be sold in the year 2011. The year 2010 has shown a drastic increase in malware on mobile devices, around 46% up from the year 2009. More phones means more targets for the troublemakers. Years of being overestimated by experts of security software, mobile malware is finally a real threat. Nowadays worms are spreading fast because smart phones are used for accessing Internet.

Around 15 variant of CommWarrior have been detected. The malware was first found in March 2005. CommWarrior exploits the Bluetooth user interface to influence victims to set-up malware on their phones. As soon as it gets active, it can extend quickly via Bluetooth connections, mails, multimedia messages and memory cards. It automatically replies to incoming messages and MMS messages.

These days some of the common mobile malware are like Cabir which drains down your cellphone battery as it copies itself with constant Bluetooth scanning, as soon as it is connected to your phone via Bluetooth. Doomboot is also a mobile malware which pretends it to be an edition of the Doom 2 video game and so it forces user to download and install it. If a user installs this malware, it would prevent the mobile from booting. This malware may also install Cabir and Commwarrior on a smart phone.

Overall these factors, with an increase in the smart phone usage, suggest that mobile malware is going to pose a big threat. Only time will tell what’s going to happen in future. People need to pay much attention on these types of threats before it is too late. Mobile users should install effective security software on their cell phones.

How Heat Affects Computers

Computers are electronic devices and just like other gadgets, they are bound to generate heat. A computer has some mechanical components as well which in turn dissipate considerable amount of heat. Mechanical devices like the hard drive, optical drive, and floppy drive get heated up in just a few minutes of their operation. All the other components like processor, mother board, input-output devices, memory cards, graphic cards, BIOS and all the other components consist of millions of transistors and flip flops which either manipulate the electronic signals or store them for some time. Heat is also generated by the oscillating circuitry of the motherboard. The digital pulses control the overall cycle of processing. Theoretically the semiconductors which are used in making these chips and other components change their behavior with change in temperature. If the temperature increases beyond the operational limits then you can face problems like slow performance, frequent lockups, blue screen errors, or complete device failure if not taken care. In this post I will discuss effects of heat on various components of a computer system.


A processor generates heat and that is the reason why we install heat sinks and a fan on it to maintain its temperature within the operational limits. Processor consists of millions of micro sized transistors made up of semi-conductors. These semi-conductors dissipate heat when current passes from within them. If you have ever opened a computer tower, you must know how hot the processor becomes after just a few minutes of working. It becomes so hot that without proper cooling it can literally burn itself and melt. Over-heated processor causes system lockups, and shutdowns. This is the reason why it is advised to run keep computer systems in a cool work place.

Memory and Graphics Card

Memory is another component which is in use almost all the times but not in an idle situation as during this time memory just holds the current and this does not cause the heat to dissipate. So not much care is required for cooling the memory modules because memory modules never generate too much heat, but a device which gets enough to destroy it without proper cooling is the graphics card. The operating system and applications available these days are very graphical and require lots of graphical processing and thus it makes the card very hot while operation. Graphics cards available these days have processors of their own and it tends to get hot while processing the graphic signals. Some of the graphic cards have their own cooling systems.

Most of the modern motherboards have heat sensors which communicate with the software installed in the operating system and takes necessary measures in keeping system cool. This could be done by either increasing the speed of the fan, or by intimating the user and shutting down the system. These sensors keep the user updated about the mechanical status of the CPU fan so that if it is faulty then it can be replaced before any further damage occurs.

8 tips for better holiday photos

Digital cameras have given us the liberty to click as many photos as we want without even thinking of the end of the role or the development charges. You can capture every single moment of what you do to make it a memory and preserve it for future. All of us are not photographers or we might not have a born talent of taking great photos but still there is a lot we can keep in mind while taking pictures to make them speak their own story. In this post I will share some tips which one should consider while taking pictures to make your holiday trip a beautiful memory for ever.

Rule of 3: most of the cameras have the feature of displaying a grid on their display screen so that you can better align the object while clicking. If your camera doesn’t have this feature then you can make a virtual grid of 9 squares – 3×3. Keep the focused object in the centre most square to capture what you really want to capture, and this is how the autofocus of the camera works. It sharpens the centre most objects and might blur the other background things.

Capture the moment: you are on a vacation and would like to click the beauty of the place you are visiting and not just the photo of the person who is with you. Your photo should be able to tell a story and should be able to speak of itself. If you are clicking your wife’s photo with a beautiful fountain on her left, then do not keep you wife at the centre of the shot. Keep her in the first column of the grid and the fountain should be in the centre spreading towards the last column. This ways you will focus the fountain as the main object which was witnessed by you and your wife.

Select the correct angle: everything is beautiful and awesome where you are but there can be places from where the beauty gets magnified. This is the reason why we have viewing spots in almost all the vacation places where people go to get the best view of what is offered by the nature. Always try getting the correct angle for your photos.

Blur that you don’t want: if you are at a busy place or if it is a place where your subject is getting dimmed by other object nearby then use the blur feature of the camera. This feature helps you in keeping the focus clear only on the subject and blurs the rest of the objects nearby or in the background. This will add life in your photos because this ways you will show what you really want to show and will hide the rest.

Be prepared: Better photos need better resolution and better resolution requires high space on the memory. Always carry extra memory cards with you or carry your laptop so that you can transfer the pictures and make the memory free in your camera to capture the forthcoming moments.

How Video Editing Works

Are you one those persons who has a niche for personal videos, but often stumble onto bad parts of the video which h you want to remove, but you just cut the bad parts of the film with a razor as in the old days. Now with the advent of memory cards and DVD discs one requires to uses Editing Software to work on their videos.

With video editing you can make your picnic videos more alluring, your child’s first step more charming. For video editing you just need the right computer and the right software for video editing. All is the hand of the video controller to provide you the precision. Through video editing you even add in music to a video, you remove the audio from the video and inset some pleasing sounds in it too. Here a details of how you do it:

  • Amongst the things to be done perfectly is to shoot a video at the highest resolution, so that the picture is of vivid colors, it gives the ease for the person to edit. Firstly there is linear way of video editing, where in you require two video machines and a video controller. A layer of a video tape consists of one video and two audio layers. After copying the video on the second video machine, you use a combination of the 3 layers and create your desired video.
  • Now comes the non linear part, which is also called the high tech version of editing. Here the video is uploaded on the computer screen. The editing is done on an video editing software, using the timeline of the video one can edit, crop and delete scenes from the video where and as required. After this you can even add audio channels on the video version, by simply adding in audio channels. While editing you can drag a part of a clip over the timeline and paste over another section.
  • You can also add in the green screen effects, where in you need to shoot the person as a subject in front of a blue or a green screen. The person can enact the scene, while the background is added in later. The background can be still or in motion. Like the weather reporters video or a moving cars video. One can even add in certain photos, give them effects of zoom in, zoom out and even overlapping on one another. This is the new version of presentations.
  • There are video editing soft wares available from companies like Avid, Adobe, Pinnacle, Sony, and Microsoft at affordable prices to work on your videos. Many freewares are also available for video editing, but they are not as extensive on features as the above listed ones are. Even the problems of Red eye or low lighting can be easily worked on using the video editors.

With the advent of video editors once can make their video memories strikingly memorable and professional too.


The idea to store memories is for us to cherish those moments. The pictures or videos that we shoot with a camera or a camcorder not only take us to the same old memories they also make us feel the bliss we had at that moment. Cameras and camcorders serve us for this purpose beautifully.

DXG (Digital Camera Company), is a company based in City of Industry, California. Digital Camera Company has been in the camera and camcorder industry for years together in making really good camcorders and cameras. They have their unique customer base throughout the world, which is built on trust and for the company’s quality. This company has been in the market since 1988.They won the market with their low cost strategy in this market.

Digital Camera Company today has around 4,000 employees and has been awarded for its numerous innovation and design. They came up with the mini-camcorders which were a good success and now they have come up with a promising high definition camera. The new product DXG 580V HI-DEF camcorder is for the camcorder niche that has been brought to serve people who have higher attitude towards technology. This portable camcorder has a 3.0 in Thin Film Transistor (T.F.T Screen), it has the capability to record High- definition videos up to 1440×1080 at First person Shooter(FPS), it can also be used to take still pictures at a resolution of up to 8 Mega Pixel. This camcorder also supports SDHC Memory cards also the videos are stored in H.264 Mov file format. With all these features this camera is priced starting from $123.89 – $134.50 in while, the camcorder is priced $140.99. This camcorder weighs around 3 pounds when it has to be shipped, whereas the dimension of the product is 6.7×2.9×2.7 inches and 8 ounces.

The camcorder can also be used as a digital voice recorder; moreover the camcorder comes only in blue-black colour. This camcorder has already won a few praises and a few bad opinions from the customers who have used it. The camcorder is available to be purchased online. In this camcorder has been ranked 2,814 in cameras and photos. One of the customers who used this camcorder said that the product is good even when it shoots in very low light. The bad review about the camcorder was that it creates an addiction. One of the users said that he was getting addicted to making small movies. However, one feature that should have been better in the product is the still camera resolution. Though the number of good reviews has been more than the number of bad ones, the product promises to prove it different from the other camcorders and highly capable of seducing camcorder fanatics as the features are really promising. So why does someone have to loose or miss the opportunity to capture the golden moments of one’s own life, when the camcorder from DXG comes at a low price and also with promising features.

Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003