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Windows® Live Messenger for Facebook® Chat

Microsoft has integrated Windows Live Messenger with Facebook chat. Recently, Microsoft declared on a blog post that nearly eighteen million people have been connected with Facebook chat through Windows Live Messenger. These people have now accumulated more than 2.8 billion minutes of Facebook chat. Microsoft briefed that four hundred forty million sessions of chatting between Facebook and Windows Live Messenger users has taken place within six months.

Microsoft was the first provider of instant messaging to permit its users for chatting with friends in Facebook from the platform of a third party with the help of introducing the feature in the month of August 2010. Later after three months, Windows Live Messenger app for Facebook presently possesses more than fifteen million active users. As per the third party app service tracking firm AppData, there are nearly thirteen million daily users, making it the number three top app in the social network after FarmVille and CityVille. Microsoft does not serve Facebook users only. The company declared also that connection between LinkedIn and Windows Live Messenger became two-fold after the last updating of the platform when YouTube and MySpace connections have multiplied by approximately fifty percent.

Windows Live Messenger is readying for the Facebook enabled chat in more countries, making the utility available to over than seventy five million users across the world. Microsoft is expecting that this new opportunity will enable their Facebook to Windows Live Messenger chatting figures to grow more rapidly. It is claimed in the company’s blog of Seattle area that about eighteen million people have altogether made over than 2.8 billion minutes of Facebook chatting. However, there is no mention in the post whether this figure is a cumulative number. For the integration of Windows Live Messenger with Facebook, one should first download the latest version of chat software from Microsoft. Then click on the blue colored button for synchronizing with Facebook so that one may chat with friends on Facebook, irrespective of whether one is using Windows Live Messenger. Yahoo! is also integrating Facebook chatting in its recent upgrades so that they do not remain left behind.

How to know if someone is really invisible in Yahoo!® Messenger

Yahoo! Messenger is the most widely used instant messaging tool available these days. The reason why Yahoo! Messenger is considered to be the best is because of its numerous user friendly features. This is the messenger which started voice chat for the first time and later was adopted by others. It provides an amazing interface and support for numerous icons. It provides interactive backgrounds, both static and animated. It has really worked a lot in bringing all the instant communicating needs under one tool. You can share images instantly and can select to send them directly as files or to show them as presentations. You can play numerous games with people online and can have start conferences and stay in touch many friends at the same time. But what if someone in your friends list, always appears to be offline? You send messages but never get any reply. It becomes frustrating when you want to contact with someone but the other person doesn’t seem to be interested in the same. In this post I will let you know how to find if your friend who always appears offline in messenger is actually offline or it is only you whom he or she doesn’t want to chat. Appearing offline to selected people in Yahoo! Messenger is very much possible through its stealth settings feature where the user can select individual users to whom they want to appear as invisible.

To confirm if any person listed in your friends list is actually offline or is invisible please follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Exit from Yahoo! Messenger and open any Internet browser

Step 2: Go to the website of Yahoo! and there select its mail service from the list of various services like Mail, Answers, Flickr, Games, Groups, Movies, Messenger etc.

Step 3: Select mail from the list and sign into it by entering your user name and password

Step 4: Now look for Messenger panel in the left hand of Yahoo! Mail window.

Step 5: Scroll through the list of friends and then select Open Quick view.

Quick View is the sign in mode of Yahoo! which tells you who all in your friends list are actually online, regardless of their visibility status. So if anyone is online but has set his or her status as invisible still quick view will let you know that he or she is online but is not interested in chat or if they are avoiding you. This is a method by which you can check for this and if you wish you can send an instant message at the same moment knowing the fact that the other person is online. If you get a response then well and good else it is obvious that other person is not interested in chatting.

Troubleshooting problems with Windows Live ID

Through Windows Live ID you can access your Xbox game account, mails, messages, photos, media, documents, and much more using one single Windows Live account and its password. But what if you have more than one Windows Live account? You might want to use all the accounts for mailing purposes but how to decide which account you should be using for communicating and connecting with other resources which can be accessed by Windows Live, and on what basis?

A Windows Live ID is an Email ID which can be used to sign in to Xbox Live, Hotmail, Zune, MSN, Messenger, SkyDrive, & Find My Phone. This one single ID can give you access to all these resources, if you were using multiple IDs to access these different portals then you can stop doing it that ways and just use one single ID for all. Your selection of configuring the best ID amongst the few available on your Windows Phone would depend upon your work practice. If you use the ID which you use for accessing your Xbox Live account then all your GamerTag information will get configured on your Phone along with your GamerTag Avatar and the Scores. You can use this ID to play your Xbox Live games on your phone. So if you give priority to gaming then you can configure this ID on your Windows Phone.

Other consideration should be for Hotmail. If you have hundreds of contacts in any of your email ID and you use your phone primarily for Emailing and Messaging purpose then it would be good if you configure this Email ID on your Windows Phone. With this you can also go ahead and share your photos on the web using it via Windows Live Photo Gallery and can also stay in touch with friends of your contact list using the Live Messenger.

Last but not the least the consideration should be given to the Zune. It’s being given last place because the MP3s which you have in your Zune Player under some other account will still work even if you use any other ID, but yes if you have lots of Zune friends then off course you can go with the configuration of this ID on your phone so that you can stay in touch with them.

In terms of best practice, Preference should be given to the Email usage of Windows Live ID because all the other things like Zune and Xbox can be reset with your Email ID but sending a new Email address to all your contacts would not be a good idea.

5min media Acquired by AOL

AOL is a website that integrates news, sports, cricket, videos, downloads, email, messenger, entertainment and much more. Now AOL is going to acquire the video syndication platform of 5min Media. 5min Media is the online video library and a leading syndication platform and AOL wants to take the advantage of 5min Media. Here, I am going to discuss the business philosophy of AOL concerned with 5min Media.

5min Media provides online support for broadband instructional knowledge and lifestyle videos. The library of 5min Media includes tens of thousands of videos. The 5min Media claims to reach over 160 million unique monthly visitors and it has tens of thousands of videos spreaded across 20 categories and 140 sub-categories. The video content from 5min Media includes diverse collection including tech tutorials, recipes, yoga and fitness routines, DIY projects for home and garden, beauty and fashion tips, health videos on specific conditions, video game walk-throughs, etc. It integrates the web content from more than 1,000 of world’s largest media companies. It also had collaboration with professional independent video producers. According to AOL, the acquisition of 5min is the latest in a number of ways. According to them, 5min media is the fastest growing company in online video support and that’s the reason behind their interest in 5min Media. AOL wants to capture the growing opportunity of online video on Web, according to Tim Armstrong (AOL CEO).  AOL is also building a video ecosystem for next decade and for this, they will indulge 5min Media. 5min Media is a perfect complement to powerful video capabilities in this cyber age. Apart from that, it is a missing part of AOL and it could be a right platform for AOL. It could provide a value chain that completes AOL’s end-to-end video offering. It could serve from the content creation through syndication and distribution.

AOL and 5min Media had the same excitement regarding the collaboration of two companies. The content of 5min Media could be a great add-on to the AOL and both the companies are agreed about this direction. Apart from this AOL will introduce the content of 5min Media as a part of its Bolster video content. With this collaboration AOL will take the complementary video capability that makes the website compelling fit.

According to Ran Harnevo (Co-Founder and CEO of 5min Media), the collaboration of AOL and 5min Media will make an attractive combination for the content creators and publishers. The 5 min Media is already a leading online video support website and its next step toward success is the collaboration of AOL. According to Harnevo, AOL’s organization is the horsepower for his company. The combination of these two companies will result in major success. The resulting website will offer the vast library; present compelling opportunities for AOL audience, 5min Media offers syndication capabilities, as well as the content creators will work for the publishers.

How to install Messenger (Skype) in Ubuntu

Skype Messenger, founded in 2003, is another name for text chats and voice calls on internet. With its headquarters in Luxemburg, it is expanded to Europe, US and Asia. Owned by eBay Inc, it is providing the best communication services to more than 521 million users. Skype Protocol, a service of VOIP, allows its users the facility of conference calling, peer-to-peer calling and the chat service having features like group chats, storing chat history and editing of previous messages. It also includes the usual features of instant messaging like user profile, online status indicator etc.

It is a freeware that have some paid features and also keeps the security and privacy of the user. The encryption used in Skype is invisible to the user and hence cannot be disabled. The trusted encrypting techniques used include RSA and Advanced Encryption Standard to encrypt the conversations. Skype is available even on your mobile phones, some series of PlayStation Portable can also make use of it by using Microphone peripherals like PSP-3000.  In Ubuntu Operating System Skype is not included initially, hence required to be installed on the Ubuntu.

To install Skype on Ubuntu some steps are to be followed :

Step 1: For installing Skype the required thing is a Skype Software Repository. You need to install it first and then move ahead. For this, you should click on control panel and a list is displayed. From the list choose system and double click it to open.

Step 2: From System select Administration by clicking it. Now you choose Software Sources and a dialog box opens. Here you click on Third Party Software Tab. In this tab, click on Add button to add Skype Repository. Now type the following line:

deb stable non-free

Step 3: Now you should click on Add Source button followed by Close button. After this you click on Reload button to complete the first procedure.

Step 4: To install the Skype, you click on Applications and choose Accessories. In the list displayed you click on Terminal to open it. In this box you type the following command:

sudo apt-get install skype

Step 5: After this a message is displayed as follows and you need to type ‘y’ here:

Install these packages without verification [y/N]? y

Now to access Skype on your computer go to Applications and then to Internet Menu. Choose Skype by clicking on it and start chatting or calling.

Skype is connecting the world in an instant, helping them to save time and money and keeping them ahead of the competition. Skype is a secure way of communication since it uses proprietary Internet telephony (VOIP). The Skype Protocol is not publicly available and the applications using it are under the closed-source. Skype –to-Skype services are free but for traditional landline phones and mobiles you are charged a little. Skype is working 24×7 and at peak hours more than 23 million people are online. The software is very user friendly and helps you to keep your friends and family in touch.

So by installing Skype, using the above method, be ready for an unmatched communication service.

Tidal Wave 4 of Windows Live

The fastest growing audience of the Windows Live series is now in for a real treat. The Windows Live 4, having been released right after the progressive use of Windows Live 3 is now rushing into the advancement of both hardware and software. Windows Live Wave 4 will be adding new themes to its already growing list from the last batch so you can customize your page on Windows Live. Included are dynamic themes for a more funky and enjoyable visual experience.

Windows Live 4

The Windows Live 4 header will feature a reorganized dynamic navigation menu which will display the numer of the suer’s current online contacts and the number of unread e-mails. It will include a built-in Windows Live Web Messenger service so users can connect easily to the .NET Messenger Service and chat with their online contacts while browsing any Windows Live properties using their installed browser.

The new features that will blow everyone’s minds are considered to be Windows Lives’ latest and most innovative movement towards today’s generation’s obsession with social networking sites and personal computer/laptop features.

One of these is that you can now comment on a Space blog post from the Windows Live home page. This makes it easier than going to the main page and checking your inbox. You can also insert maps stored in My Places in Bing Maps through the Bing Bar. Status updates have been expanded to include sharing photos, hyperlinks or documents. This convenient feature will make status updates more entertaining than before.

SkyDrive folders can now be grouped into Huge and Small folders helping you get a more organized view of the feature. Something that will benefit you immensely as well would be the new feature that’s shows you if and when legitimate emails are put in your junk folder, it will be clear whether that was done by your email client or Hotmail itself. The Windows Live Wave 4 Internet Explorer add-in will show shared links from Facebook buddies as well.

The Windows Live Wave 4 can also synchronize your Internet Explorer favorites as well ass sync Microsoft Office signatures, styles and templates as well. And something almost everyone can enjoy will be the fact that YouTube videos can now be viewed inside of Messenger. For avid photo sharing fans, when clicking a link to a photo album, your Messenger Social feed will launch the Photo Viewer application as well.

These new features will take the realm of Windows Live to a whole new level. The new features are built and designed for convenience; ease of access and to adjust to the ever-changing process of design when it comes to the World Wide Web. The Windows Live Patrons will not be disappointed by the Windows Live Wave 4. Even the supporters of other systems will want to get their own Windows Live Products. The best part about is that all you have to do is go to the Windows Live site, check your system requirements and get your upgrade in the quickest and easiest ways.

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Call Now: +1 315-226-4249
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