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Minnie Mouse charms as an Apple® App

Developer– StarGreetz
Platform– Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Price– Free

She walks with her over-sized pumps. Every time her pumps slip out of her feet to make a sound, Mickey Mouse skips a beat of his heart. Yes! She is one of the most loved cartoon characters, apple of Mickey’s eye–she is none other than Minnie Mouse. This beautiful damsel now comes as an Apple app. Disney Minnie Mouse is an app that lets all Minnie Mouse fans create personalized ringtones, alerts and mobile greetings.

The most fascinating part of this app is that it is voiced in the original voice of Cinderella from Disney’s Classic Movie. This app is beautifully crafted to create and preview your own Cinderella voiced messages. You can also compose your own customized ringtones and mobile alerts and send all your friends e-greetings from your phone.

Walt Disney created Minnie Mouse as Mickey’s love interest. She shares the same birthday as Mickey Mouse, 18 November 1928. We are not telling you her age (even if you can guess), we respect the fact that ladies’ age should not be pronounced loud! She still looks as fresh as she always did. Minnie Mouse’s costume was created in sync with the then modern youth culture. The white gloves and the short dress were introduced with a feminine bowler hat with a daisy sticking out of it. She was redesigned in the 1940s. Her hat was replaced with a large bow and bows were added to her shoes also. Her most distinct feature always remains her shoes that flip flopped every time she walked.

Minnie first came to the ‘arc light’ with ‘Plane Crazy‘. This was the first time ever Mickey and Minnie came together. Mickey takes Minnie on a plane ride. In the middle of the flight he requests Minnie for a kiss, which she refuses. Mickey forces Minnie for a kiss, which finally results in Minnie parachuting down. This cartoon was followed by ‘The Gallopin Gaucho‘. And then by ‘Steamboat Willie‘, which finally established Mickey and Minnie as a couple.

Minnie Mouse has acted the damsel in distress to perfection, which gives Mickey the opportunity to play the hero with equal ease. Over the years, the character of Minnie Mouse is waning with other characters taking the central role. She can now be seen in the Playhouse Disney children’s television series, ‘Mickey Mouse Clubhouse‘. In the episodes, she is often seen with her best friend Daisy Duck.

Minnie Mouse has charmed us with the tap of her over-sized pumps and has played the perfect mate to Mickey. She can be still found in Disneyland waving and shaking hands. Walt Disney would be a happy man that even after long eight decades of her birth, she still remains fresh and lively.

Bring Minnie Mouse close to you with Disney Minnie Mouse app. It can be downloaded here.

Have a look at this video featuring Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck:


Mickey Mouse turns 84 on November 18

Sometimes it becomes difficult even for the most creative minds to think, that a rodent can become a universal character. But Walt Disney did it; not only in his dreams, but in reality. Yes! Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the universally loved cartoon character Mickey Mouse we are talking about. On 18 November 2011, he will be celebrating his eighty-fourth birthday. Wearing red shorts and long yellow shoes, he will be the youngest eighty four-year-old in the world, without a wrinkle on his face.

The birth and evolution of Mickey Mouse seems to be full of twists and turns. When Walt Disney had to leave his first character, Oswald – the Lucky Rabbit to his producer; Disney with his wife took a train from New York to California. It was during this train ride to California that Mickey Mouse was borne. It is said that it was created after one of the mouse that Disney had as a pet. Before Mickey Mouse was brought to the arc lights, he was named Mortimer. But it was Disney’s wife who rejected the name to be pretentious and asked Disney to name it Mickey Mouse.

On returning to his studio, Walt Disney and his head animator Ub Iwerks worked on the first Mickey Mouse Cartoon, Plane Crazy. But it failed to find any distributor. The second silent Mickey Mouse cartoon, Gallopin Gaucho too met with a similar fate. During those times the history of movies was also changing with Warner Brothers starting to produce talking movies, which ended the era of silent movies. Disney dropped everything and began working on his third Mickey Mouse film: Steamboat Willie in sound. When completed and shown to exhibitors and managers in New York, they decided to take a chance. It was released on 18 November 1928, and the tiny little mouse that is considered to be standing 2 feet 3 inches (69cm) and weighing 23 pounds (10Kgs) caught the fancy of the entire Unites States. Mickey Mouse became so popular that movie goers would first ask if the theater was running Mickey Mouse.

Eighty four years have passed, but this little mouse still remains popular worldwide. When we see this little mouse on our TV screen or on a movie poster, we feel happy. Mickey Mouse denotes the big American Dream to an extent, he was born out of the depression, a very little guy who dreamt, laughed at people and taught them to laugh again. Though this little guy was born in America, yet his dreams were universal, that’s what makes Mickey Mouse immensely popular amongst all the age groups. He is someone we all must have taken a glimpse of, at some point of our lives.

Mickey is often seen with his gang of friends: Minnie Mouse – his girlfriend, Pluto – his dog, Horace Horsecollar , Donald Duck , Goofy and his arch rival Pete . From a mischievous anti-hero in its earlier films to a common man, Mickey Mouse have transformed a lot over the years. He gets into trouble, gets out of it with luck on his side, gets angry at his friends and enemies, and of course gets dewy eyed when he sees Minnie Mouse. He calls her, “my treasure” at times. Minnie on other hand gets irritated with Mickey’s lazy behavior and his addiction to video games, which he sometimes plays for days. But it’s always Mickey who plays the hero, while rescuing her from Pete.

Throughout his career, Mickey Mouse has made his appearance in cartoon series, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse , TV shows, mercantile items and above all as the mascot of Disneyland. He was nominated nine times for Academy Awards, of which he won one for his role in Lend a Paw. Additionally, Walt Disney was honored with an Academy Award in recognition for Mickey’s creation and its immense popularity. On 18 November 1978, in honor of his 50th anniversary, Mickey became the first cartoon character to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

It’s been eighty four years since this tiny mouse has entertained us. Children still love him the same as ever, and adults experience a rush of nostalgia and a lingering happiness of days that went by. It would a be a very rare sight if Micky Mouse cannot make a person smile with his funny acts. In our imagination, at some point of time, most of us must have wished to stay with Mickey and his gang. Mickey Mouse supposedly a Rodent takes us to a world where happiness and dreams are possible. That’s the power of Mickey Mouse, the power of imagination and the power of dreams that Walt Disney has left behind.

Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse!

Here is the ever loved cartoon Lend a Paw. Have a look.

Mickey Mouse will now tell the time on your Mac®!

iPod revolutionized the way we listened to music. The extremely popular music player has been selling like hot cakes ever since it was launched. The mini version–iPod Nano is also among the bestselling MP3 players. These are available in an array of colors with numerous extensive features which further add to their popularity.

The latest one among these features, which is creating hype, is an assortment of 16 brand new digital clock faces, from classic analog to the latest Mickey Mouse clock. The latter is the one which is mostly in demand these days.

This Mickey Mouse clock face is not just limited to your iPod. You can even add the same clock to your Mac Book. Yes folks, all this is possible due to the web clipping feature of the OS X Dashboard, which helps to convert anything on any webpage into a widget.

This Mickey Mouse will now tell the time on your Mac in a full ticking mode. Grabbing the same clock for your Mac is a really easy task. Given below are a few simple steps which you can follow to install the clock.

• Go to the Apple iPod Nano page, while using the Safari browser.
• Right click and select the option ”open in dashboard” from the contextual menu.
• From the available list of clocks, choose the Mickey Mouse clock face and click on the “add” button at the upper right of the window of the Safari browser.
• By hitting “add”, you will be redirected to the dashboard and guess what? Your Mickey Mouse will be displayed soon!

There you go, you have downloaded your favorite cartoon character’s clock on your Mac! Now it’s time to sing some birthday rhymes for him. Mickey’s birthday is around the corner. Gear up and enjoy the occasion!

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003